Chapter 11

"Your father? Are you sure it's him?" Taiki asked Seeker.

Seeker trembled and looked down at his hands. "Yes, I was 10 when he left. I know him too well."

Taiki knew that this would be difficult for him to go against his father. Maybe I can talk to him. He was going to try.

Claw was impatient for this young kit to show himself. "Are you afraid of me boy, where are you?" He hoped he was; he'd be pleased if he did. He saw the boy come out from behind the gem tower. His eyes widen. He looks so much like that runt; minus the hair.

"No sir, I'm not. Are you Captain Claw?" Taiki asked.

Claw nodded. "I am. I didn't think you'd call me by my old title." Just looking at him made him want to crush him. Taiki looked small to him and saw he had a sword strapped to his left waist. "So, you have a sword; good. 'Cause you're gonna need it." He smirked.

Taiki didn't like the look Claw was giving him. "I don't want to fight Captain. I want to know how you survived from the Lizard's invasion."

Claw laughed. "I was in an old hut that was standing next to a cemetery, when they came. Tell me, how is your mother? Well I hope?"

Taiki grew sad when he mentioned his mother. "I don't know. We got separated 3 weeks ago."

Claw knew that; he went to a slavery camp in castle Plundarr, where the rats were dealing with the Thundercats. He went there for money. That's where he found Emerald. She was going to have Rataro-the slave trader, as her master, but Claw wanted her. She was going to be used as bait for the boy. But he never got the chance; Emerald and Cleric were sent to a different rat who had taken them to another mine. Or so he thought, he found her here in Thundera, living with the Cleric, in her hut. He just captured her today and knocked out the Cleric on the head. He wasn't going to wake up for some time.

Taiki looked at the cat and saw his fur was fading into silver-gray. Time had taken its toll on him. "Why were looking for me?"

Claw gave him an evil smile, as if it should have been obvious. "You mean, you never got my letter 5 years ago?" He figured that the King must've destroyed it. His eyes glittered with dark pleasures what he had in store for him.

Taiki shook his head. He had no idea that Claw came to his home. "No, what did it say?"

Claw drew out a sword and ran at him. "I wrote that your suffering would come!"

Taiki drew his sword and blocked the attack. "I won't fight you! Seeker and his mom would never forgive me if I hurt you."

Claw kicked him but missed. "Too bad. You will, if you want to live." The boy can move fast, I'll give him that. "For a minute, I thought you would fight me with a staff, like your father did." He hissed.

Taiki had to unarm and subdue Claw, but how? Taiki ran just like a Cliric. I can run like Jaga! Eric apperared at his side. "You can because of me, Taiki."

Taiki looked at him. "What's your plan, grandpa?"

"Aim at his leg. He savors it from being hit there, by your father. When he drops on his knees, grab his sword." He advised.

Taiki scatted to a halt turned around and faced Claw.

He smirked at this. Well, this will be easier than I thought.

Quickly Taiki slashed at Claw's leg.

"Ugh! You'll pay for that boy." Claw said, gritting his teeth. When he fell, Taiki took the sword out of his hands and threw it away. "There. That takes care of that." Taiki looked down at him Claw saw the same look in Taiki's eyes that Enki gave him when he wouldn't finish him off. Disappointment. "I won't be beaten by a child." He growled. He yanked Taiki by his ankle and fell down. Claw stood up and took out a dagger from his pocket.

Taiki closed his eyes, waiting for the worst. An enraged roar came out. Taiki felt someone grab him and heard Claw grunt, then he smelled blood.

"How dare you attack my Godson! You are a coward, for committing such a low act!" The voice roared.

Taiki opened his eyes and saw a long tooth. "Uncle Grune?!" How?

Claw's shoulder was bleeding badly from a blade cut. His eyes reflected fear and his face grew pale. "No, it can't be! General Grune!" His voice trembled. Claw saw revenge and murder in Grune's eyes. He knows.

Taiki felt himself relax in Grune's arms. "Uncle Grune. You're alright." He leaned his head on his chest. "Thank the Heaven's, you are."

Grune felt happy that Taiki was glad to see him, but also uneasy. I'll worry about that later. But first, He glanced at the cat that killed his best friend. He bared his fangs at him. "I'll make you pay for what you did to Enki." He hissed. He put Taiki down. "Stay here, Taiki. I'll handle him."


Grune put his helmet on his head and ran at Claw, with his hammer extending outward. Electricity swirled around the metal.

Claw backed up. He never wanted to deal with one of Claudus's best Generals; even one who was friends with Enki. I got more than I bargained for. He thought. The power went through him. He gasped at the power going inside his body.

Grune smacked Claw hard with his hammer. On a roll, he slashed and smacked him non-stop.

Taiki knew he was mad. Eric came to his side. "You better help him. Claw is known to cheat in battles."

"Right." He agreed. He ran to them with his sword out.

Claw managed to get behind Grune's back, ready to stab him. He felt little feet hit him in the face.

Grune heard him groan; he turned and saw Taiki protecting him. He grinned. This was just like old times.

Taiki landed by his side. "I won't stand by and let my friends and family get hurt." He said.

Grune rubbed Taiki's head. "Thanks, Enki. I owe you one." He said in a kidding, fatherly way. They fought with team work. Since Taiki read his father's journals, he already knew how Grune fought.

Grune smiled. "So you know how I fought alongside with your dad, huh?"

Taiki nodded. "Yep. I thought it be cool if we paired up. And it is."

Taiki, I love you. Grune wanted to say that, but it would have to wait.

Claw was beaten badly. Breathing hard, he glared at them. "You're just like your father." He spat.

Grune punched him in the gut. His armor was in tatters now. "That's a good thing. He's just like a Thundercat should be. Unlike you." Grune retorted.

Claw was really getting mad. In a flash, he caught Grune by surprise; he jumped up in the air and kicked him in his chest.

Grune felt breathless, landing hard on his back, he tasted blood in his cheek.

Taiki roared like a little kitten and used the flying crane kick.

Claw got hit and was blown back. He snapped. "I've had it with you two!" He got up, got behind Taiki and shoved him into the ground.

Taiki hit the ground hard. Grune saw him raise the knife over Taiki. He grabbed Taiki into his chest and turned his back on Claw, waiting for the blade to meet his flesh. Something flew by and hit Claw in his chest. It was an arrow. Claw made a whimpering sound, Grune and Taiki looked at where it came from. Taiki grew cold. "Seeker!"

Seeker's bow was quivering, but not the way he was. He shook with anger. He had to stop him from hitting two legends. He glared at his father with tears streaming down his cheeks. "I can't believe this! All this time, I thought you were innocent; but you're not. You killed him because he was better than you!" He shouted. How dare you say that about Commander Enki? How dare you kill one of Thundera's greatest protectors! I thought you cared, but you only want to beat people up. All he wants is violence and blood. Something inside him snapped; and it wasn't going to leave. "You are no father of mine!" He drew 3 more arrows and shot at him.

Two went into his shoulders, and one in his arm. Claw staggered. "Seeker…Why? Can't you see they are the enemy? They work for Mumm-ra."

Grune's heart froze. How did he know that?

Taiki wouldn't listen to this. "That is not true! We're going to stop him!" He said strongly.

"That's right!" Said Seeker.

Claw was speechless. My son has become friends with him. "How can you be like this Seeker? How can you be friends with this-this-?"

Seeker's eyes dimmed with guilt. "I just did. Taiki saved us from Mumm-ra, by having him chase him into the forest. He blew the emergency whistle to warn us. But I thought he was trying to make a joke. Cornflower proved me wrong; she went after him when she knew that she could be killed. I…" He trailed off, and spoke again. He told him what he saw and how the whole thing made him feel different about Taiki. Claw fell to his knees.

Taiki felt shame. "Seeker, you didn't have to do it. He's your dad; no matter what he's done." They all heard pattering feet coming. Taiki saw Cornflower with someone by her side. "Taiki!" A woman said. The voice was quiet, but strong. "Mom!" She was alive.

Author's note: Yay, she's back Emerald is back! I feel sad a bit that Seeker shot his own dad, but what could he do? But now that they mention it, how did Claw know? Could he heard about it from the Lizards? And where has Emerald and this Cleric gone to, not the mines of Plunn-dar!

To be continued...