Sandy's POV:

Finding Jack was a complete and utter accident, I was simply doing my nightly rounds when I noticed the snow in Burgess falling a different way than it was supposed too. Taking a side path to the familiar pond that I usually found Jack, but this time was different. The entrance to the cave was darker than usual and it was freezing. I froze for a moment listening to the sound of the storm that was going on, when I herd a small whimper from within the sone fortress. I rushed inside to see Jack curled into himself on the ground. Sending a small amount of my dream sand towards the paralyzed form, I watched as Jack's body visibly relax and give way to a dream.

I waited another moment before walking over to the knocked-out guardian of fun, turning him over I made mental note of the crystalized tears that formed on his face. I shivered, no not from the cold, but from the darkness that emanated from the poor boys body. Pulling him gently into my sand plane I had no choice than to let the nightmare form around Jack's snow white hair. Forcing myself to pry away from Jack, i sent out my dream sand to the corners of the globe, it was official, I needed the day off to help Jack.

I watched carefully as the nightmare formed, hoping to get some answers to the millions of questions that formed in my brain. as the images started taking shape, I noticed how pale the poor boy had gotten, his usually pristine hair was now slightly unkempt and dirty, and on top of that he seemed thinner…a lot thinner.

As the nightmare finally took shape Jack's unconscious body curled into itself, simpering slightly throughout each scene that was being played in front of me. I swore to myself that I would give him dream sand either if the nightmare became out of control, or if I knew what I needed to know, no matter what came first I was not going to allow my friend to be in any real danger.

To normal everyday people, as well as guardians dreams don't make sounds., but you have to see that this is my job. A dream to me is the same as a tooth from under a child's pillow. Dreams have a lot to teach us about who a person is or what they have gone through, which is why I needed to see what Jack needed help with. Granted not all dreams are linked to things, but I've perfected the art of prying through the nonsense to get down to the fact, and the fact was Jack needed my help.

I watched stiffly and silently as the scenario played out in front of me; on the dream it looked like Aster was screaming at Jack. His words were harsh and cut quick, visibly hurting Jack mentally and physically. Bunny was telling him things like he was useless and would never amount to anything, first anger flashed through my mind, but then I immediately calmed myself in fear of missing vital information.

Slowly I watched as all of us, one at a time, walked up to jack and repeated Aster's actions.I was shocked when I watched myself float over and use my pictures to tell Jack that everyone hated him. He ran, which for him is a normal response for danger. When it came to fight or flight with Jack, nine times out if ten he would choose the latter of the two. I frowned as the dream began to end at the place where I had found him. Having seen enough I sent some of my golden dream sand into his nightmare. When I watch anyones dreams, i never change it with a lot of my sand because it is dangerous to switch dramatically from something sad or scary to something happy. No, I only gave Jack enough so he wouldn't dream, MiM knows the kid needed the rest. I shook my head slightly as my sand plane lifted from the ground into the air, I needed to focus on getting to North's as fast I could.

North's POV:

The Yeti's were the first to alert my of Sandy's unannounced arrival. I would be lying if I didn't say that at first I was a little annoyed, considering Christmas was right around the corner, but when I was Phil carrying an unconscious Jack in his arms everything changed, I knew it had to be serious. I nodded at Phil who laid the boy down on the couch, I walked over and pushed his hair to the side grazing his pale forehead. "We should get him into a real bed, yes?" Sandy nodded at my question so I picked up the way-too-light guardian in my arms.

I carried the boy through my office and into my bedroom, carefully I placed Jack beneath the thick blanket hoping it would give the boy some comfort in his dreamless sleep. Turning away from him, only because I knew he was safe, I began trying to pry answers out of Sandy. The task proved to be useless, however, simply because it went against Sandy's code of sharing dreams unless it was absolutely crucial or life threatening in any way. I wanted so badly to know what Sandy had seen, but if he didn't want to tell me all i could do at the end of the day was respect that wish, as much as I didn't want to.

Sandy stayed around a little longer, until he deemed it safe enough to send jack some of the good dream sand, which made Jack's scowl turn into a smile as a figure skater danced above his head. I understood that when Sandy left, it was because he had too, not because he wanted too. We can't all work one night a year, I knew that as soon as he could steal some time away he would.

After I said good-bye to the Guardian of Dreams I turned back to the Guardian of Fun, concern still riddling my face. I made sure that I moved Jack's staff to a safe spot in my office so he wouldn't fly away when he woke up. However as I was moving it I noticed that some parts of the wood were stained a deep crimson. Sighing as I placed the staff on my desk I grabbed my mug of hot cocoa and the book I was reading when Sandy came in. Walking over to a comfortable chair I had in the room Jack was in I sad down and began standing vigil for my young friend. I was going to be here when he woke up, and when that happened I wanted my answers right away.

Jack's POV:
When my eyes fluttered open both the nightmare and the good dream came rushing back to the forefront of my mind, clutching my forehead i pulled the covers up to block the light that was coming from the lamp above me. Wait. Lamp?! Blanket?! Where was I? Shooting up in the random bed I took the change to examine the room, the cheery wallpaper and deep red bedspread reminded me of North's place.

It wasn't until I saw the Jolly Giant asleep in the chair did it hit me, I was at North's and he was asleep not ten feet from me. I threw the covers off of me as quietly as possible as I tired to stand. It didn't work, the headache was causing dizziness, if I was going to get anywhere I knew i needed my staff.

I immediately began scanning the room for the possible location of my staff. I stood to check under the bed when I fell and hit the floor hard, stirring North's from his not so deep slumber, "Jack?! Are you alright?"

I didn't speak as he lifted me from the floor and put me back on the bed, "What's going on North? How did I get here?"

"Sandy brought you here, he was worried about you." He paused for a moment before he sat down next to me on the bed, "Jack what's going on? What is wrong?"

I started to stand, pushing the dizziness out of my head I took a few steps towards the door, "It's nothing, I hate to bother you North. Anyways I'd love to stay and chat, but I have places to be. You know, snowball fights to start, blizzards to form, the whole nine yards." I stretched to play it off like it was nothing as I flashed North one of my classic smiles.

However, North just shook his head and stood placing both o this hands on my shoulders, his bright blue eyes pierced into my own like daggers knowing the cold and harsh truth. You'd think I would have perfected the art of lying by now, but sadly that is not the case. "Jack please, I just want to help you."

"Help?" My fake happiness turned to distain fast, "yeah, Im sure that's what you all want to do. Help me. Well guess what North, I don't need your help. I got along just fine without you all, I can do it again."

"Jack what in the name of MiM are you talking about?" He seemed shocked, but I knew that it was all a ploy to get me to believe him, but I wasn't going to fall for it anymore.

"Don't play coy with me! I heard you talking to Bunny, now just give me my staff so I can leave in piece." I held out my hand but he shook his head and took a step back.

"Jack I don't know what is wrong but I just want to help, please let me." He was pleading now, tch that's rich.

My bravado didn't falter, "The staff North, I don't want to have to ask again."

What he did next shocked me, North grabbed my chin and force me to look into his big blue eyes once again, he looked mad. My false shield cracked, causing me to flinch away from the man, here I am again ruining someone's perfectly good day. His eyes made it hard to keep my act up, but I never faltered. Finally he spoke, "No Jack, no." I watched him as he reached into his pocket as he what looked like a very small vial of Sandy's dream sand.

I held up my hand which was shaking horribly, I was horrified that it ended up resorting to this. "Stay away from me North..."

"Now Jack calm down, I won't hurt you." I backed up slowly from the red giant standing in front of me.

"St...stay away." I bumped into a table, causing its contents to spill onto the floor. I felt trapped, like an animal in a cage.

"Now Jack please," My back was against the wall now. I wouldn't go back to the nightmares. I didn't want to relive that moment again, and again. Not thinking I ran towards the only window in the room and jumped into the wind, never once stopping to look back at the place I once called home.