Jack's POV:

I fell hard and fast, not having the appropriate mindset or time to collect my thoughts of what I was planning on doing before I hit the frozen ground about fifty feet below me. Even over the howling winds I could make out North's voice calling my name to the large snow banks below the window.

When I hit the ground an immense amount of pain erupted from my left ankle and the first time I had tried to stand on it I fell back down. Crushing under my breath I ignored the pain and began trudging away from the building and North with no intentions of ever going back.

The wind howled and tore though the air like a train. I lost my balance a few times because of how strong it was pushing my frail body. I knew that I needed to move quickly away from North's, but I also knew that with the storm the way that it was now, there was no chance of him following me, it was too dangerous. However, I wasn't just going to sit and wait for the storm to pass for him to be able to drag me back to his office.

I walked for what seemed like hours before I reached an area of the pole that was familiar to me. Limping towards the cliff where I had almost abandoned my memories years ago, I allowed myself to sit and let my feet dangle off of the cliff to the ice ridden waters below. I waited until the snow was began to fall more slowly and the wind had begun to die down before I allowed my mind the ability to travel back to the events that had just transpired.

I fell backwards, my arms stretched out in the snow, hoping the cold would calm my headache, as well as my aching heart. I gripped my chest, hoping no preying that it would stop the pain that came from each pump of blood, when I suddenly heard a dark, slimy voice that I soon recognized as Pitch, "It hurts, doesn't it Frost?"

I simply returned my hand to my side and sighed deeply, "What do you want Pitch, I don't want to deal with you right now."

At first he didn't reply, I heard him walked through the snow, next to where I was laying and sit down. He kicked a piece of ice towards the frozen tundra below and began to speak, but his voice wasn't his normal voice. He almost sounded as if he was telling me the truth, "Jack Frost, Guardian of fun and bringer of winter and ice, I knew you were strong, but you certainly changed my mind about that." I sat up and stared at him, waiting for him to continue, "You see I have been watching you recently Jack, I've seen what you are going through and I am surprised you are taking it this well."

My body relaxed a little as I looked into his cold golden eyes, "What are you getting at Pitch, I'm fine."

He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands, clearly frustrated with the fact that I seemed to have just asked an exceedingly stupid question, but he continued speaking all the same, "You see Jack, we all have nightmares. Everyone does, You, Aster, North, the Toothfairy, and yes I have even seen Sandmans. However, there are few that I can see so detailed as yours. Every nightmare carries a touch of innocence Jack, but yours have always seemed to be lacking in that area, especially as of late."

I sighed and rubbed my forehead with my hand, "Look Pitch whatever plan that you're selling, I'm not buying. Like you said years ago, I was meant to be alone, it was only a matter of time before it actually happened for good." I shrugged slightly before I continued, "It hurts, I can't deny that, but there has to be something more for me than constantly fighting with bunny and Tooth poking around my teeth. There is no reason I should care."

"Oh Jack," Pitch stood suddenly, "I wish things like this were that simple, but in reality they are not. You had a foundation built on top I your loneliness only to have it ripped away. You may not know this, hell you may not want to accept this but that's what your dreams were about." The snow had stopped falling when Pitch finished his sentence. Just as I was about to speak I felt a hand on my shoulder and suddenly my staff had been placed in my lap. "Look I'm not going to tell you what to do I think that you should have a serious conversation with North." I turned to look Pitch in the eyes, but he was already gone. Maybe, just maybe for once Pitch Black, the Boogeyman, was right…


Pitch's POV:

Today was surprisingly a nice day, to me at least. The snow crunched beneath my feet as a light sprinkling of snow fell from the sky. I was just over the hill from North's workshop, why I was there matters not, but I was surprised to say the least to see my favorite young guardian fly up to the window of the building and slip inside. Having nothing better to do I allowed myself to follow my curiosity. I cautiously flew to the same window as jack and watched as he pressed his ear to a door I recognized as North's office.

Flying around the corner I perched myself just below North's window so I couls here what was hoing on. The Rabbit's voice boomed and was as angry as ever, "That's just it Mate, the wanker is out of control! He doesn't understand how much harm he actually does in this world. I can't babysit him anymore! I can't keep cleaning up his messes."

My breath caught in my throat, Jack? Were they talking about him? After a long moment of tense silence North spoke very softly, "You may be right Aster."

The world slowed and stopped, I watched quietly as a broken Jack Frost flew fast away from the building, but before I could follow him North began to speak, pulling back towards the window again, "Aster, you out of all of us seem to forget the most that Jack is but a mere child. Not only that before we found him he was alone for 300 years, without someone to talk to and even more so without himself. You can't expect him to act "normal" if he is only just learning what that means."

After North finished talking I turned and began tacking Jack, all the while having a debate on my personal morals in my head. I know I shouldn't care about Jack, but him and I have more in common either of us would ever like to admit. I know what it feels like to be rejected, cast out, and pushed around by others. I quickened my pace praying that the young Guardian wouldn't do something incredibly stupid, as much as we hate each other it would be a shame to not have him around anymore.

What have I gotten myself into?