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Hi, I'm Darcy – Darcy Elaine Malone. My name doesn't really fit, because Darcy is just so… short of a name. I always feel like I'm secretly Darcille or Darwin or some shit like that, but according to my birth certificate, I'm Darcy Elaine Malone, born on June 18th, 1996 to Kayla and Brandon Malone, 6lbs, 2oz and 15 inches. Of course I've grown a lot in the past 16 years, now being merely 5"5 and about 110lbs, with chest-length, deep red auburn colored hair. Born and raised in good old Foxfield, Colorado; population 702, as of 2011. So, needless to say, I've grown up with the same 20 kids my age my whole life – give or take some whose parents got divorced and they moved away, or just plain moved away. Not many people like staying in Foxfield – it's not known for much of anything, just the lowly town 10 miles from Denver where everyone knows everyone, basically every known resident owns 10 acres at the least, where gas is nearly $2, and cable isn't the most popular thing around. Oh, and then there's my brother, Austin! Nothing like that pretty-boy Austin Mahone – please don't get them confused. Austin's 2 years older than me, and is going to Colorado State, studying early childhood education, in the fall. He's been my best friend for as long as I can remember, even when he was 12 and I was only 10 and always wanted to hang out with him and his older friends because they were ridiculously cool, and he let me with open arms.

Then there was Victoria. Victoria Camille Malone; my baby sister/spawn of the devil. She's hiding horns behind those platinum blonde curls of hers, and flaming eyes behind her bright green ones and a twisted, sadistic smile behind her puffy pink lips and light dusting of freckles across her face. I'm no stranger to the favorite's game; I'm normally always the favorite – in my group of friends, with my teachers, in sports, to the school, ect. But, at home? It's a different story. Every waking moment revolved around Victoria – She insists on everyone calling her Vicki, but I and Austin alike refuse. Victoria's "cuteness" of an 8 year old has everyone fooled into loving her, henceforth, why I'm sitting here now, on a plane going to California. Because of Victoria, begging mommy and daddy that she wanted to start singing and being on magazines like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. My reaction? Punch me in the goddamn esophagus. But I'm only 16, I have no choice but to do what my parents say, go where they go, and live where they live, and that's more torture than you would even begin to imagine.

I sighed audibly, pulling my knees up to my chest as yet another song on my iphone changed – this time to Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive, Austin's favorite song. A smile spread across my face remembering how Austin always told me the classic 80's were the best, and most music now sucks ass. Of course I disagreed with him to some aspects, not all music sucks – just the pop and rap aspects of it. I thought more about all the crazy times Austin and I had in the past 16 years, and my smile began to falter as I thought about saying goodbye to him just a few hours earlier. He had taken me to Denver to hang out and get lunch before I left, because we both knew that he wasn't going to come visit unless I was dying, and there was no way I could ever get mom or dad to sign off on my getting my license, and there was no way that I could drive across states to see him, no matter how badly I wanted to, so we were both stuck. I knew very well that it was going to be one of the last times I saw him for a long time, so we took as many pictures possible, and just tried our hardest not to dwell like it was our last day together.


The last conversation brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it, but I let the memory flood my mind as I rested my head against a pillow I had brought with me.

As we left a movie and began to walk towards where his car was parked, knowing that mom and dad would be here soon to get me, if they remembered, that was, I grabbed Austin's hand and clung to his side like a scared toddler, not wanting to let go, ever.

"Darce…" Austin murmured, letting go of my hand and throwing his arm around my shoulder and kissing the top of my head, knowing just how upset I felt, and almost mimicking my feelings himself.

"I don't wanna go." I said for about the millionth time since mom and dad told us we were moving to L.A.

"I know. And you know I would do anything I could to keep you with me, here, in Colorado. You're a bit too pale and used to snow for California." He shot me a grin as we approached his car, before he sat down on the curb next to his car and I gingerly sat on his lap, burying my head in his neck, trying so unbelievably hard not to cry.

"I'm gonna miss you so much Aussy."

"Aussy?" I could feel him grinning even without seeing his face, "You haven't called me that since you were 6 Darce."

"It felt fitting for this situation, Aus has just been overused lately, and by lately I mean for the last 10 years." I looked up at him and smiled and he shot me back a grin before leaning his forehead against mine.

I closed my eyes and took a minute to remember this moment; enjoying the silence before he spoke up again. "I love you, you know that, right?" I nodded my head before mumbling an almost inaudible 'yes' and smiling again. "And I love you more." I pulled my forehead away from Austin's and winked.

"No way baby sis, I love you most."

"Highly improbably, big bro, I love you to infinity and beyond, plus some."

This half-assed argument on who loved who more continued on for another minute or two before Austin stopped, inhaled sharply and shut his eyes. "They're here."

"No!" I wanted to cry as I threw my arms around his neck and buried my face in his neck again, only this time, he stood up with me still in his arms and waited for my feet to find solid ground before returning the embrace just as tightly, gripping my waist, to which I actually did cry out in pain and pull away from him, trying not to double over in pain.

"Darce! What… what's wrong?" Austin released his grip like he had just touched scalding metal.

"N-nothing, I'm fine." I gasped out, still clutching my sides.

"No, you're not. Tell me or I swear to god I will never let you leave."

"It's nothing Aussy…" I whimpered, reluctantly letting go of my sides and putting my arms back around his neck, which he waited before gingerly wrapping his arms around my back, but something was off.

"What the hell is that." It wasn't even a question, just an angry, stern, 'I'm going to kill someone' statement.

He had lifted my shirt high enough to see a dark bruise forming over the lower half of my rib cage.

"I ran into a table Aus, I already told you that!" I tried chuckling lightly to cover my ass, but he wasn't buying it this time.

"No, that bruise was on your left side. This bruise is on the right."

"Aus, I have to go. I love you so much." I again threw my arms around him, but around his waist this time, in fear of him grabbing my bad side or continuing to ask questions. "Don't worry about me, I'm gonna be okay, and I'll call you and text you every day and we'll Skype as much as possible." I said, pulling away from him, but he wrapped his arms around my shoulders again and pulling me into his body in a bone-crushing hug, but I didn't care. I felt his lips on my head as he mumbled "I love you so much Darce" into my hair, and then as if he couldn't hold me any tighter, his grip tightened for a second, and then he let go and stared me in the eyes. "You are the most beautiful, strong, talented, brave, whole hearted, amazing, best little sister, best friend," his voice dropped to a whisper, "fucking person anyone could have in their life, and don't let anyone tell you or lead you to believe differently. I love you so much Darce and I will always be here, after everything, no matter what, I promise."

A beep of a car horn snapped us both out of our conversation, as he pressed his lips to my forehead one last time, I felt his hands slip around my neck again, and when I pulled away, I felt different – I looked down to see a gorgeous necklace, the letter 'A' hanging loosely against my chest, with a ruby at the end of the 'A'. I gasped and more tears filled up my eyes, blurring my vision, and Aus brushed them away before they could fall, just smiling at me and saying, "I dipped into my college fund."

"This… is real! Austin, no, take this back!" I quickly moved my arms to unclasp the necklace, but he stopped me, grabbing my wrists and muttering for me to keep it and be happy. "I love you so much baby sister. Don't ever change, and I'll know if you do – because now, whether you like it or not, I'll be with you, forever." He smiled and tapped the necklace with his pointer finger.

I wrapped my arms around him one last time, "I love you too." And then without another thought, I pulled away and dashed towards the waiting car, dad in the driver's seat, looking pissed and frustrated as hell, and I mentally wanted to curse myself, but I couldn't bring myself to – Austin was too important to me, and dad meant nothing.

Jumping in the car and slamming the door shut, I pressed my hand against the window and turned to stare at Austin, who just smiled sadly and waved one last time, before dad sped off, muttering to himself about how he wishes Austin and I would be more like his angel, who's always on time and never making him wait, and how we're just good for nothing spoiled brats. I tuned him out as I stared out the window, a few tears dripping down my cheeks as I fingered the new pendant resting against my neck – Austin David Malone, you are my best friend, and I'm going to miss you so much.

I must've fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, a flight assistant with bright green eyes and long blond hair was gently shaking me awake, murmuring something about how the flight would be landing soon and I needed to buckle my seatbelt. She then moved on to the next person sleeping, waking them the same way as she woke me. I let out a yawn and moved my knees from their resting position against my chest to the floor while I fumbled around looking for my seatbelt, which I shortly found and with a 'click' I snapped it in place. I stretched my arms out, being careful to not hit the person sitting next to me – an older lady with grey hair and a sweet smile who had offered me some hard candy when the plane had first taken off, which I politely declined. Oh, yeah, Mom, Dad and Devil were all riding first class; did I forget to mention that? Irrelevant, regardless, but worth mentioning. They left me stuck here in… generic seating, even though I know damn well that if they could afford 3 upper class seats, they could do four, but I'm pretty positive that they forgot up until last minute that I would be joining them on this new life. But as I looked out the window, I couldn't stop a small grin from spreading across my face – California really was beautiful, from the sky at least, and a small twinge of hope snapped in my gut, and I had the sudden feeling that maybe California would turn out to be a good life for me.

After I got off the plane, I stood near baggage claim waiting for my small duffel to appear, also waiting for mom, dad and Victoria. I shrugged my cardigan tighter around myself, suddenly feeling very exposed, and a part of me felt watched. Folding my left arm around myself, I brought my right hand up to play with my hair in boredom, a nervous and bored habit of mine. No sooner than I spotted my duffel, I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and hoist me into the air, spinning me around. I was frozen with fear in their arms at initial contact, but quickly yelped and thrashed my legs around in attempt to free myself from their grip.

"Bre, Calm down!" Came a laugh from near my head, it sounded like a guy.

"I'm not Bre!" I squealed, and he quickly set me down on the ground, while I whipped around to look at him in disbelief. But my hard gaze quickly softened as I took him in – 5"9, soft brown hair, deep hazel eyes and the most breathtaking smile I've ever seen in my life.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry!" He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck before taking an actual look (and by look I mean checking me out) at me, grinning and continuing, "What's your name?"

"Uh…" I wracked my brain for something cute to say, but quickly snapped out of it – he's my first LA boy – the first of many. "Darcy." I said, smiling brightly.

"Darcy…" He pondered the name for a minute, still smiling before looking back down at me and responding, "James. James Diamond." He winked at me cockily.

"Should that name mean something to me?"

He laughed, but I was serious and he realized that quickly. "You're not from around here, are you?"


"Did you live under a rock or something?"


"Are you always this sarcastic?"

"Are you always this forthcoming to strangers?"

"Only when they're as adorable as you are."

I stopped the blush I felt spreading warmth across my cheeks and responded. "I could be 30 and you'd never know."

"You're definitely not 30, because I'm not into the whole 'cougar' thing."

I laughed out loud at that remark and he smirked. "What are you, seventeen?"

"Sixteen, actually."

"Told you you weren't 30."

"I already knew I wasn't 30, dipshit." I laughed and lightly poked his shoulder.

"Well I figured," he smiled, "Which one's yours?" He pointed to the baggage claim.

"The blue duffel." I walked over and went to grab it, but he beat me there and grabbed it for me, slinging it over his shoulder. "Where to?"

"James, gimme my bag, I'm still not sure if you're some psychopathic killer." I smiled and tried to grab my bag from him, but he was much taller than I am and I couldn't reach it, until I backed down and sighed with a huff. "Te odio."

"What?" James questioned me, clearly not understanding.

"He estudiado español durante cuatro años, y me acaba de decir que te odio porque eres un extraño molesto, magnífico quien acabo de conocer y me encantaría conocer más de si sólo me diera mi mochila, James , por favor." I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him sweetly.

He closed his eyes tightly and when he opened them, he looked at me like I had two heads. But then he cocked his head and smirked. "Así que crees que soy atractiva, Darcy? Pues bien, a pesar de que eres hermosa que no está recibiendo su bolsa de nuevo en un futuro próximo."

"¿Crees que soy hermosa?"

"Extremadamente" He winked at me, and began to lean his head in towards mine, when I finished closing the gap between our lips, thinking 'what the hell' about it and holy damn was he a good kisser. My arms snaked around his neck, tangling up in his long locks while I felt his hands creep down to lock tightly onto my waist as he kissed me. I heard someone clear their throat but I didn't think much of it, until I heard someone say out loud, "James!" And then I pulled away from him, breathless.

"H…hey Bre!" He stuttered, taking her in, her stance looked frustrated but not angry – I doubted she was a girlfriend.

"What's up cousin?" She asked slowly, eyeing me as she walked over to James and wrapped her arms snugly around his waist. "Who's this?" She seemed to lighten up as she smiled at me.

"I'm Darcy."

"Bre." She extended her hand for me to shake, and I did, returning her smile. "So you know Jamie?" She poked James in the ribs, clearly using a nickname for him because he just rolled his eyes.

"Uh, yeah, I guess…" I laughed,

"Oh, I get it. You're new to LA and you wanted to see about your first LA boy, right?"

"Damn, how'd you know that?"

"Trust me, I'm from Minnesota, so I was the same way before I started coming out here one week a month, but I bet Jamie was just thrilled to oblige."

"What can I say? The ladies all want a slice of the diamond." He grinned at Bre cockily, I just rolled my eyes.

"Well," I played with the sleeve of my cardigan awkwardly, "I'm gonna go… try and find my parents… it was nice meeting you Bre… James." I smiled at them both, and began to walk away.

"Darcy!" I heard James call from behind me.

I turned around, "yeah?"

He walked over to me, and shrugged my duffel off of his shoulder. "Forgetting something?"

"Oh… yeah, I guess so, thanks." I smiled at him, grabbing my duffel from him. "Nice lips, by the way." I winked at him and smirked before turning on my heels and strutting, not walking, fucking strutting, away. I heard a muttered "damn" under James' breath and that just made me giggle and cross my fingers that he wouldn't be the first or last LA boy that I meet today.

I made my way through the rest of baggage claim and stood near another conveyor belt and scanned the crowd for my mom, dad and devil. I spotted them exiting the airport, none of them concerned where I was or who I was with or anything along those lines, and I rolled my eyes as I made my way after them. Waiting outside for us wasn't a taxi, but a limo – classy. You get fucking first class plane tickets and a damn limo, too? She's not a celebrity – just an annoying good for nothing bitch. I slumped my shoulders and handed my duffel to the concierge/driver of the limo before sliding into the backseat, snatching my iphone out of my pocket and putting my headphones in. The Ataris, Boys of Summer came in playing through my phone and I smiled, how fitting. I looked out the window as the rest of my "family" filled into the Limo, laughing and discussing something that I could give two shits about, and then the limo lurched forward and we drove off, and I watched the LAX sign shrinking in the distance as more airplanes took off. I couldn't help the smile on my face that seemed to never fade since we landed here.

Minutes and minutes passed while the limo was stuck in traffic and we weren't really sightseeing, but then we arrived at our apparent destination, the Palm Woods apartment complexes. Holy shit this place is huge, my eyes widened and I pulled out my headphones in surprise, and when the limo came to a stop I didn't even wait for the driver, I just opened the door and stood outside the limo in awe. The driver had apparently already opened the trunk and he walked over to me, holding my blue duffel and a room key, handing them both to me and saying, "You and your family are already checked in, and you're in room 4H, but they asked me to tell you to take all of yours and their stuff upstairs and unpack, because they have a meeting with a producer regarding your sister, but they'll be back in the evening." He sweetly smiled, clearly trying to understand what I'm dealing with, but not to the fullest extent. I thanked him as he walked back round to the car and got into the driver's seat and drove away, leaving a pile of luggage on the ground and a scared sixteen year old standing on the sidewalk, alone. I sighed and looked around for a luggage cart, when I spotted one near the front doors, and I walked over to grab it when another hand grabbed it at the same time. I let go like scalding metal had touched me, and a little girl that looked my age with blonde hair and a short dress on glared at me, before talking it and walking away with it. Exasperatedly, I threw my hands up in the air and groaned; I just wanted to get all this shit upstairs and go explore – this place was giving me so much inspiration for lyrics that I thought my brain was going to explode.

Then I heard a voice.


I whipped my head around and saw James standing a few feet away from me, Bre following a few steps behind him, just staring at me.

"James? What are you doing here?"

"I live here." He said questioningly, slowly walking towards me.

I laughed out loud, "You've got to be kidding me." I groaned and walked over towards the entrance, still determined to get a luggage cart.

"No?" He yelled, coming after me and following me inside. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here now, too, apparently." I looked around for a luggage cart, but didn't see any and I sighed again, rolling up my sleeves and throwing my hair up into a ponytail, before turning around and looking at James again. "Can you help me?"

A genuine – looking smile spread across his face again and he nodded. I walked over to the pile of luggage that had stayed untouched this entire time, filling him in on how I needed to take all of these up to my room, which was 4H, and that there was literally no way I could do it all by myself. He laughed and said he would, but then he pulled out his phone and pressed a button – apparently a speed dial, and waited until another voice came out the other end. "Kendall?...Yeah…No, I'm not… No, we're back… yes… Look I need… Kendall shut up!... Thank you. There's a new girl here, and she needs hel… hello?" He laughed again and pressed the end button on his phone. "He'll be here soon. I don't think 6 things of luggage is gonna be easy with the two of us."

I nodded in understanding and I grabbed my duffel off the ground and slugged it over my shoulder, along with grabbing one of Victoria's suitcases (She had 4) and held it in my hand, while James grabbed the other 3, and then a tall, blonde haired, skinny-jean wearing, bright green eyed, gorgeous guy that looked James and my age. He was somewhat out of breath, from running down the stairs I suppose, but stop dead in his tracks when he saw me – staring just like James did when he first saw me. Damn these LA boys and their good looks, because if this kid had the same charm and swag that James did, then I'd be screwed.

"I'm Kendall." He smiled and extended his hand, which I just stared at.

"Darcy… and I'd totally shake your hand or give you a hug or whatever right now, but I have no hands at the moment." I shrugged and laughed, which made him blush slightly and grab the last suitcase, which was my mom and dad's and look at James, who looked at me, and I laughed and walked ahead of them – again strutting and hearing James chuckle slightly… or maybe it was Kendall… I couldn't figure out which one yet, but I got to the elevators and hit the 'up' button and waited for the elevator to open, and when it did, I stepped inside, James and Kendall following closely behind.

"Uh, I'm in 4H… what floor is that?" I looked at both of them expectantly, and Kendall laughed.

"7th floor, fourth room."

"Thanks," I smiled and hit the '7' button and waited for the doors to close and the elevator to move. However, we only got to the fourth floor when the elevator stopped and the doors slid open – revealing the same blonde haired, bitchy looking girl that took the luggage cart earlier, with her arms folded across her chest, but her face lit up when she saw James.

"Hi Jamie!" She smiled, holding her hand out to stop the elevator doors from closing.

"Jennifer." He groaned, then plastering a smile on his face.

"Come to the pool with me!" She giggled, grabbing his arm, causing him to lose balance and dropping all but one of the suitcases – I just laughed.

"Jennifer, I can't I promised Darcy that I'd hel-"

"Oh who cares about the new girl, she's not even talented, it's her little sister that's going to be a star!"

"Jennifer, stop being such a bit-"

"Don't. Even go there James. Come on. Let's go." She grabbed the suitcase from his arms and tossed it to me, which I caught between the two suitcases I already held, stumbling backwards, and looking up to see James being pulled out of the elevator and towards the stairs, and then the elevator doors shut. I looked at Kendall and just shrugged, laughing it off as I dropped the suitcase on the floor of the elevator and hit the '7' button again, before picking up my duffel, and attempting to pick up the rest of the suitcases, but Kendall stopped me, by inadvertently putting his hand on top of mine when we both reached for the same suitcase. I looked up at him, and neither one of us moved our hands, but he broke the silence, telling me that, "You shouldn't have to carry everything, Darcy." Which caused me to move my hand back and let him take the remaining two suitcases and throw them on top of the one that he already carried. The doors then slid open again and I walked out, scanning the hallway for room 4, and then when I spotted it, I smiled and dropped the suitcases, rolling my shoulders back and reaching into my back pocket, fishing for my key card. I grabbed it and opened the door, pulling the suitcases behind me, and then holding the door open for Kendall.

"Damn, I remember when our apartment looked like this." Kendall chuckled, setting the suitcases down and taking in his surroundings.

"Does your not look like this?" I asked, again grabbing my duffel and walking into an empty bedroom and setting the duffel down on the bed, taking in my surroundings. Kendall followed closely, leaning against the doorframe, smiling down at me.

"No, we had some… renovations done." He laughed.

"Well lucky you; this place sucks." I laughed, flipping my hair over its part with my hand and then running my fingers through my hair and again looking around my new room – bland, grey walls, a single window and bed, a basic dark wooded dresser and a door leading to a bathroom, which just contained a porcelain white bathtub, toilet and sink.

"Trust me, I know."

"How long have you lived here?"

"Well the guys and I-"

"The guys?"

"Yeah, it's Me, James – who you already met, and Carlos and Logan. We're in a band."

"No way! What's it called?" I grinned, jumping up off my bed in a new excitement.

"Big Time Rush."

"Hmm, never heard of you." I shrugged.

"Really? We just got back from a world tour…" he muttered in surprise.

"Well, where I'm from, there's a population of 702, so don't take it personally that I have no idea who you are."

"Damn, you're really not from here."

"No, I'm from Foxfield, Colorado."

"Don't worry, I'm from Duluth, Minnesota – small town, kind of the same instance." He smiled at me again.

"Well, that's seriously amazing!" I smiled, "I bet you're really talented."

"Meh, maybe a little bit," he shrugged – this guy was really, really not cocky.

I laughed, but then changed the subject. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but don't forget that I still have to unpack everything or my parents are gonna murder me… so you can help me out if you want, but I'm not forcing you to stay here if you don't want to." I smiled, got up, walked past him and grabbed one of Victoria's suitcases, then walking into yet another room and dropping it down on the bed. A few seconds later, Kendall followed in, carrying the other 3 suitcases and setting them down on the bed next to me.

"Well, Darce, can I call you Darce?"

I inhaled deeply, thinking about Austin again, and my hand flew up to finger the A resting on my chest before meeting Kendalls gaze, "Yeah, you can call me Darce." I smiled.

"Well then, Darce," He grinned, his eyes sparkling in the light streaming in from the blinds. "I would absolutely love to stay and get to know you – all about you." He stood up off the bed and unzipped one of the suitcases, occasionally looking up and meeting my gaze, and I would always look away and try not to blush – his gaze was just so intense, and I don't know, there was something about this guy… something different than any guy I had met in Colorado, and he seemed so much different from James already. I stood up and unzipped another suitcase, beginning to unpack, and I started talking.

"Well, I'm Darcy – Darcy Elaine Malone…"

And all the while, I forgot about the fact that my family didn't love me, that I was without Austin, that I had known Kendall for 15 minutes, anything; it was me and him and that's all I focused on, because that's all that mattered in these moments. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I wouldn't be forgetting them anytime soon.

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