Hello everyone! :D This is Rand0mSmil3z, and I'm back! Everyone had been asking me for a sequel to my first-ever story, Humanity, so here it is! I've read all of the story requests, thought of a decent plot, and - while I have yet to do the chapter outlines - I can definitely start the opening chapter! :D Now, with this story, I'm not uploading two chapters away. That was too hard hahaha, especially with school, so I'll try to upload at least three times a week, maybe more and maybe less. But I don't really know.

Anyway, here is chapter one to Story Two of Humanity, Eternity! Please let me know what you think of it! :D (To those of you who haven't read Humanity yet, I suggest you read that before this story... some things might not make sense, though I'll try to keep it more-or-less understandable anyway. So, don't shoot me. (I shoot back :D)

Link to Humanity: s/8737827/1/Humanity

One Month After Humanity

Pitch Black staggered to his cold, granite throne and slumped heavily onto the seat, gasping for air. It's been one month, only one month, yet he had gotten so weak that he could barely stand without having to brace against something. His legs felt like jello, his eyelids felt heavy, but the King of Nightmares did not sleep. No; he never slept, not with his own nightmares haunting the recesses of his mind. They were nightmares of the cold, of helplessness and pity, of that moment when your lifetime of work crumbles around you and all you can do is watch the fragments fall.

Pitch's gaunt, gray hand twisted into a fist. And it's all Jack Frost's fault, he thought venomously.

Jack Frost, that wretched Spirit of Winter, broke down his world like he breaks down heat and leaves ice instead. Jack Frost betrayed him, betrayed him in a way no one else good. Pitch was once strong, full of fear and life, and one winter spirit took it all away and left him with nothing. Jack tore down Pitch's world with a single phrase - I'm not afraid of you.

And now, while that child was out playing in the snow, Pitch Black was trapped in his own prison of stone and staircases, watching the metal globe as it burning with the flares of belief.

He hated those pinpricks of light, hated how the globe glowed when the sun went down. What he could give to turn everything back to the way it once was, when the globe was a lifeless, dead, hollow thing.

Suddenly Pitch smiled, a cruel smile, a smile that sent the shadows scurrying to their dark places. He did promise Jack that he would regret the day he was born.

He clenched his fist, drawing out the last of his power, and when he opened his hand a tiny Fearling spider scurried in his palm. It was a masterpiece, made out of entirely black sand. "Go," Pitch whispered, feeling drained. "Go find Jack Frost."

The spider leapt off of Pitch's hand, ejecting a thin black spider-web, and landed safely on the cold stone floor. From there it darted down a hallway, scurried up the wall and zipped down the ceiling.

It will find its target, Pitch sneered, resting his head on his hand. It's only a matter of when.

Jack Frost sat perched in his pine tree, then raised his head and smiled at the sun above. He loved the sun and, surprisingly, enjoyed the warmth of the rays as well. He figured it was a side-effect of being human, not that he cared very much. The world around him was blanketed with a layer of white; it coated the pines, the ground, froze over his lake and stopped the creeks in its tracks. The sun sparkled against the snow like a thousand diamonds. Sure, it was a late snow storm, but who cared?

Jack smiled. He loved the snow.

"Wind!" he shouted, turning towards the North. The pine needles lightly shook when the wind came, and with a wild cry Jack was swept right off his feet. His snow-white hair whipped his forehead in the gale, and his icy-blue eyes shone with excitement.

Today was a big day; after all, today was Saturday. That meant Jamie didn't have that stupid thing called school or have to do that weird thing called homework. Honestly, Jack didn't understand the meaning of homework; why learn about something you don't use every day? The concept simply boggled his mind, and no matter how many times Jamie said that 'grades are important', he still didn't get it.

But whatever, he thought, turning down to the streets of Burgess below. A few cars, their tops frosted over, slowly drove down the streets as people wearing thick coats and scarves meandered down the sidewalks. At one time Jack thought if the people were roasting in their thick clothes, but now he understood. A dash of humanity does that to people. Every now and then Jack would put on a scarf, mostly just to look cool, but he refused to wear shoes. The blue shoes he had to wear before were awful... Jack still had nightmares about the blisters.

Then Jack saw it; the perfect prank in the making. Some guy was carrying some boxes into an apartment complex, and with a laugh and wave of his staff, Jack slicked over the sidewalk. The man took a step and slipped, then cried out as he fell. Boxes flew everywhere and the man fell into a snowdrift that was packed against the building. Jack laughed all the harder; the man's expression was priceless.

"What I would give for a camera," Jack grinned to himself, then continued on his merry way.

It wasn't long before he came up to Jamie's house. The kid's room was on the second floor, and Jack effortlessly flew up there and lightly tapped on the window. Jamie, diligently studying inside, broke out into a smile as he opened the door.

"Jack!" Jamie exclaimed. "You came!"

"Of course I came," Jack grinned, lightly landing inside Jamie's room. The carpet was soft on his feet. "I'm magical, remember? And I never break a promise."

"I remember," Jamie said, then suddenly clapped his hands excitedly. "Jack Jack Jack - check it out!" he nearly shouted, digging into his DVD collection. Jack arched an eyebrow; he wasn't used to this high-tech stuff. Sure, he could handle a microwave, but all he really knew how to use the thing for was to make instant popcorn. That, and the refrigerator. Who knew those things could only be opened from the outside? North had to pry him out of one once after he hid in there. But for good cause; he scared the living daylights out of a few unwary yetis digging around for the ice cream.

Jamie turned to Jack, handing him a DVD with strange red letters splattered on the front. "Paranormal 3," Jack read, then scowled and turned to Jamie. "What's this?"

Jamie's jaw dropped. "It's only, like, the scariest movie ever!" he exclaimed, then added in a quiet voice, "but don't tell my mom. I borrowed it from a friend and she, uh, kinda doesn't know. Okay? Keep it a secret?"

Jack smirked; he loved secrets. "Of course," he said. He still didn't really understand though; this stupid disk wasn't going to hurt anyway. He studied the DVD a little more; maybe it was some sort of fancy Frisbee that... scared the living jeepers out of people?

Jack scowled; he couldn't picture it, honestly.

"Here, give it to me?" Jamie asked, more like demanded, but Jack forked it over anyway. "I'll put it in, and... you close the door, okay?" With a small gust of wind, the door shut. "My parents are at Sophie's preschool," Jamie explained, grinning mischievously. "It's a parent-teacher conference thing or whatever."

"Cool," Jack said, plopping on the bed. He wasn't sure what that was either, but he figured that it was probably something stupid, like homework.

The small TV in Jamie's room suddenly flickered on, like magic, and some sort of menu button popped up. But soon that disappeared and was replaced with previews of stuff. Jack watched the screen, fascinated. He had only seen movies from windows, and even then only for a couple seconds as he passed by. Tooth didn't even know was a movie was, and Easter Bunny called them 'magical boxes of light.' North called them 'movies, for da childran,' in his Russian accent, but shooed Jack away everytime he asked about it. Why? Because 'I need dem for Chreestmas,' as North liked to put it.


"Hey Jack, have you ever seen this movie?" Jamie asked, plopping on the bed next to him. His brown eyes were wide with a little bit of excitement, but also a little bit of nervous energy.

Jack shrugged. "Maybe for a few seconds. I don't really know."

"Well," Jamie grinned, "my friend said it was awesome."

Jack grinned, got comfortable, and began to watched the movie.

The Fearling could smell the frost in the way. It wasn't too hard to follow the scent; after all, all it had to do was follow the ice patches, assorted chaos, and a path of snow.

Then, as the setting sun was just beginning to stain the sky orange and red and color the snow like frozen flames, it found the spot. It snuggled up against the window frame and dangled one long, black thread in front of it. When Jack barreled out of the room, the spider would be ready.

It just had to be patient.

The character on the screen nervously opened up the front door. "Hello?" she whispered, peeking this way and that? Jamie was hugging his covers, eyes wide, glued to the images on the screen.

Jack, however, was not as easily impressed. "Hello?" he scowled, turning to Jamie. "Hello? What does she mean, 'hello?' What's the ghost or whatever supposed to say? 'Hey, I'm in the second floor murdering your family, want some ice cream?'"

"I-I dunno," Jamie mumbled, then jumped when something flew past the camera and disappeared down a hallway.

Jack scowled. This girl is stupid, he thought. If she listened to me, she wouldn't be about to die right now. But he continued to watch, commenting here and there about how dumb the main character was and what she should have done.

Without warning Jamie's bedroom door slammed open. Both boys shouted in surprise and jumped ten feet back on the bed, utterly freaked out. But Jamie's horror was multiplied by a hundred when he saw his mom there, leaning against the door with a scowl painted on her face.

"And what are you doing, young man?" she scowled, getting up and turning off the TV. Jack let out a breath of relief, thankful that the scariest thing in the room, Jamie's mom, couldn't see him.

"Uh... nothing?" Jamie squeaked out.

"You know you're not allowed to watch these kinds of movies," she pointed out, scowling at Jamie the entire time.

Jack glanced at the both of them, then whispered to Jamie, "I'm going to go, okay?" Jamie nodded, and before Jack left he placed a small frozen snowflake on the window before jumping into the night air.

Something stuck to his face, but Jack casually wiped it away without a second thought. The sun was setting now; when morning came, all of his snow would melt. It was a sad thought, but the seasons changed. Jack took a deep breath of the cold air; next year he'll come back. Maybe do it with a bang, he thought, grinning at the thought. "It could be the great blizzard of '13..."

Suddenly something small bit him. Jack flinched and slapped at his neck. When he drew his hand back, black sand crumbled down his fingertips.

Instantly panicked seized him. Pitch Black, he thought, worms squirming in his gut. He turned towards the North Pole and began to head there, flying faster than any regular airplane. He had to tell North, had to tell the other Guardian's, that Pitch...

Then the pain hit, the head-splitting pain that knocked Jack out of the sky and sent him tumbling to the frozen ground below. He hit the snow, sending the white powder flying everywhere, and gasped. It felt like fire ran through his cold veins, searing him in a way that didn't seem possible. His staff trembled in his hand as he fought to stay conscious.

I have to warn North, he thought, repeated to himself.

I have to warn North.

I have to warn North.

I have...

Jack's head limply fell into the snow and he sank into unconsciousness.

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