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Sunlight shone through the hole in the ceiling, illuminated a circle on the gray stones below. The air was stale, but every now and then a fresh breeze would freshen up the air.

Tooth swallowed hard, forced her tiny wings to beat all the fast. She was close; she could see the sunlight now, could feel its warmth on her chilled skin. The sun... she had almost forgotten how bright it was in the few hours she was underground.

She stretched out her feathered arm, splayed the fingers above her as if to grab the sun itself. She took a quick breath - half of the musty air and half of the crisp winter air of the mountains - and tore out of the hole in a green blur.

"Hurry!" she cried out to the Guardians below her. In her hand was her needle-like sword, prepared to wipe out all of the spiders that were inevitably about to poor out of the ground. The Sandman was next, hovering in the air on his golden cloud of sand. Then it was North and finally Bunnymund; the Pooka jumped out of the hole wide-eyed, boomerang held in his hand as if he was ready to club someone with it.

Tooth squinted her violet eyes, peered down the hole underneath the rickety wooden bed frame. But even as she watched the bed began to creak and groan, as if its weight was too much to bear. It chipped slightly, it cracked, and it finally fell apart just as the first of the spiders launched itself out of the dark hole, launched itself into the sunrise of the new day.

Time seemed to slow; Tooth had her sword ready, already streaking out of the canopy to pierce the tiny black spider. Yet just as her sword's tip grazed its head the spider disintegrated into a plume of black sand, then forgotten on the wind that lazily weaved its way through the winter forest.

Tooth blinked in surprise; the other spiders began to disintegrate, the nightmares and the fear inside of them lost forever. The black sand that rose on the early morning breeze was almost - Tooth hated to admit - beautiful. Almost like pieces of the night sky had broken off, crumbled away like the crust of stale bread, forgotten as they traveled around the world.

But, like the night sky, fear would never wholly disappear. But even at midnight the stars still shine and, if it wasn't for the night, the Man in the Moon would never be there to what over them in his entirety. Without fear there wasn't courage, without nightmares no one would know what it was like to dream.

Tooth sighed, closed her eyes as the sun stained the sky a rosy red and brilliant orange, chased the stars out of the sky like how shepherds herd their sheep. She had never noticed how fresh the air was, how nice the sun felt on her skin.

And for a moment, a brief moment, Tooth pitied Pitch Black, pitied the man that lived in the dark and the shadows that hid in the corners. Pitch would never be able to appreciate the sun, appreciate the light that drove his shadows away. Tooth turned away from the sky she loved back down to the hole in the ground.

The sky and that dark hole... though they were side by side, in that moment Tooth believed them to be miles apart. And as the other Guardians cheered their victory, as Bunnymund slapped North a high-five and Sandy smiled at them in his usual jovial way, Tooth turned her head back to the bright-colored sky and let a tear fall.

How sad it all was.


Jack idly kicked at a stray pebble and watched, half-amused, as it bounced off the wall and then careened down a nearby staircase. His footsteps were nearly completely silent, but it was more by habit now. The hollow echoes bounced off of the wall, the noise Jack's only companion. In his grip, his staff flared with the cool blue of life.

It was strange; it seemed as if it had been a lifetime since he last felt that steady pulse of energy in his hand. But now that he noticed it again, the throb of life seemed so obvious, almost as if his staff was happy.

But that's not possible, Jack scoffed at himself. Pieces of wood don't have feelings.

Then his thoughts took a different turn; what was he going to do? No - what was he going to say?

It felt like Jack had swallowed a gallon of rocks, all of them at the exact same time. They weighed down his stomach, twisted around as if they were less rock and more dagger. The realization hit him hard; he just tried to kill his friends. His family.

Maybe Pitch was right, Jack thoughts, his gate slowing. Maybe... the Guardian's won't accept me after all. In the long three-hundred years Jack had been alive, he hadn't heard of any of the Guardian's attacking each other, let alone trying to kill each other.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut, stopping his stride completely. Why did I do it? he asked himself. Another part of him answered: Because Pitch told you to.

"And that's make me feel so much better," Jack muttered out loud, kicking another pebble. The sound of his voice felt strange in the stale dead air; it seemed louder than usual as it bounced off of the walls, practically obtrusive to his ears.

Jack resumed his walk and decided he had better not talk for a while.

So once again only his hollow footsteps were his companion. Eventually he could taste a fresh taste in the air, the crisp taste of new air, and finally the circle of light that danced on the stone floor. Jack swallowed hard, past the lump in his throat, and stopped in his tracks as if his feet had frozen to the floor.

His heart beat wildly in his chest like a caged animal struggling to free itself. What should I say? he thought, gripping his staff all the tighter. Should I start off with sorry... or explain what happened... or...

Jack took a deep steadying breath and turned his head back to the sunlight. Black sand weaved through it, but at the time it didn't look scary at all. Inside, the sunlight glinted off of the sand like hard onyx, and polished black granite shining like moonlight on the ocean. It wasn't the black sand that was evil; it were the intentions behind it, just like any weapon.

Much like how Pitch used Jack Frost.

Jack closed his eyes. I'm not a weapon, he thought. I'm Jackson Overland Frost, he added with a small smile, remembering his past. But no longer were the memories dark and dangerous, twisted and corrupted; no, these memories seemed warmer than before for some reason... not that he minded.

Jack opened his eyes once again, gathered whatever courage he had left, and let the wind carry him out of the hole underneath the broken bed.


Pitch sat on his throne, though it was slick from the multiple layers on ice that covered the hard stone. Frost laced through the air and up the walls, the constant reminder to how badly Pitch failed. Jagged ice sprouted out of the pale stone like deadly flowers, others curled up delicately like spring-time ferns.

It was the single-worst thing that Pitch had ever seen.

"Why?" he asked himself out loud. "Why?"

No one answered, only his echo.

But Pitch was expecting that. Instead he turned his head to the ceiling above him, reached up and cracked off the tip of another jagged ice piece. Inside the ice was one of his nightmare spiders, frozen over in the pale frost.

Pitch laughed at the irony; to think that his device to control Jack was controlled - and defeated - by Jack himself was a terrible, horrible joke.

Finally the echo of his laughter faded away, bounced off the gray walls and into oblivion. "Maybe... I should end game," Pitch thought out loud as he rolled the spider, forever frozen, in the palm of his hand. It was strange; giving up was a new concept to him.

But not giving up, Pitch realized.

Simply moving on.


Though Bunnymund was the first to shout Jack's name, Tooth was the first to reach the winter spirit. She wrapped her arms around him before he could say a word, before he could even take a quick breath to begin. Tears fell freely from her eyes now, tears created from polar-opposite emotions. Half of the tears she cried were because she was so happy Jack was alive; the other half were because she was sad, so sad an apologetic and upset, that this happened to Jack in the first place.

"I'm sorry," Tooth sniffed as they were lowered - either by the wind or her wings - to the snowy world below. "I'm so, so sorry Jack." And she was; if only she paid more attention to the winter spirit maybe this never would have happened. It were times like these where she looked back, saw what had gone wrong, and wondered if she could had prevented them. Wondered if she could learn from them and make the next couple centuries or so a little smoother.

In her arms, Jack laughed. It was a short laugh, a forced laugh, a laugh tore out from a constricting throat. "You're sorry?" he whispered, pulling away from her. "I'm sorry, I..." he turned to the other Guardians, all looking at him with wide eyes... almost as if they were seeing a ghost.

Jack nearly laughed - nearly laughed, but didn't. But I just might be a ghost of the Guardian's end up killing me right here or something, he thought, the irony biting into him.

North was the first to break the silent. In an instant the big man was in front of Jack, gripping the winter spirit's cold shoulders as if he was afraid Jack would slip away. "Are you all right?" he asked sternly, blue eyes piercing.

Jack bit his lip, eyes clouded over, and turned away. "I'm alright..." he mumbled, then turned to North with a different expression. His sapphire eyes were wide, almost desperate. "But... But I attacked you guys, I tried to kill you, I..." Jack lowered his gaze. "...I would have. I would have, a couple more seconds and...!"

"No you wouldn't have," North whispered, then suddenly had Jack in a tight bear-hug. Jack was nearly swallowed up in the embrace. "I trust you, Jack. We all do."

"B-But I...!"

"But you nothing," North said with a grin, looking into the winter spirits eyes. "Jack," he said softly, "you did just fine."

Jack's breath hitched in his throat. This wasn't supposed to happen. But Bunnymund only nodded approvingly, Tooth was beaming at him, Sandy's soft smile encouraging. No - they were supposed to banish him, banish him forever, send him far away or kill him off completely. Jack made sure that his heart was frozen solid, to prepare himself.

He wasn't prepared for the warmth, the acceptance, the family love. No; for the first time, his frozen heart, the side of him that didn't care what everyone else thought about him, simply melted away.

Jack rushed to pull his blue frosted hood over his face, trying to hide underneath the cold fabric. He could feel North hugging him again... it reminded him of his father. And then Sandy was there, cheerful as could be, making tiny little golden snowflakes and exploding them like a firework celebration.

Tooth beamed; beamed to nobody and to everybody at the same time. Jack was alive, Pitch Black would leave them alone...

She couldn't imagine a happier ending.

"Group hug!" she shrieked, wrapping her small arms - or tried to, at least - around the whole gang.

Bunnymund nearly gagged. "Gah, no! Get away from me!"

And just like that; with Bunnymund struggling to get away from the laughing Tooth, from North shouting at them to not ruin the moment and Sandy grinning above him... to the snow on the ground sparkling like diamonds to the sky above painting a rainbow of warm colors, Jack wanted to freeze this moment. Freeze it solid so that he would away remember, forever, for an eternity.


The End.


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