Hmm... I realized after I posted the last chapter that I needed to write something about Jamie. :D And besides, after nineteen chapters of pure, glorious angst, I'm thinking this story needs some fluff.

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(PS- I didn't stay up all night D: I feel asleep and totally missed North. But oh well - next year. xD) Well, here is the epilogue; it's going to be a shorty, but I hope you like it anyway!

Snow fell lazily from the impossibly-blue sky only to melt during the decent. Spring had arrived at the small town of Burgess, made known by the tiny flowers poking through the ground and the springs of vibrant green grass that grew in between the cracks in the sidewalk and at the park. The air was still chill but it warmed up as the days went on.

Jamie sighed and thumped his head against his desk. Homework. His mom wouldn't let him go outside unless he didn't finish his homework and, to make everything that much better, he was grounded and Paranormal Activity 3 has been returned to his friend.

He looked up to his sled, forgotten as it leaned against the wall. I wish it was snowing, Jamie thought with a sigh.

As if on cue frost began to lace on the window, covering the thin pane with intricate swirls and designs.

At first Jamie was startled at first - what kind of weird weather phenomena was this? - when he realized what the frost actually was.


"Jack!" Jamie shouted, throwing open the window. The cool air rushed inside, rustling the papers on his desk and messying his brown hair. "Jack, where...!"

"Boo!" said a voice above him, and Jamie jerked his head up to see Jack grinning down at him.

Jamie's grin widened. "Jack! Where have you been?!"

Jack lazily smiled as Jamie got out of his way and he swung inside the window. "Oh... working on stuff," the winter spirit shrugged, then turned back to Jamie with a mischiveous smile. "Hey - you workin' on homework?"

Homework. The mere mention of the cursed name flipped Jamie's smile. "Yeah," he said grumpily, plopping down on his desk again. "Do you happen to know algebra?"

"Is that the one with all of the numbers?"


Jack laughed. "No," he said, looking at homework over Jamie's shoulder. "That looks awful."

"It is," scowled Jamie. "And mom won't let me go outside until all of my homework is done."

Suddenly Jack smiled, a mischievous smile that brought Jamie's own smile out. Without warning there was a gust of wind, and the papers sailed in the air and somehow landed perfectly in Jamie's open backpack. "Well," said Jack innocently, "that looks pretty done to me."

Jamie blinked at Jack, then burst out into a grin. "Yeah," he laughed.

"Then you wanna play a game?" Jack asked, excitement glowing in his icy blue eyes. He twirled his staff in his palm, something that he probably wasn't even aware of.

Jamie's smile widened. "Yeah!" he shouted, then grabbed a pair of mittens and threw on his jacket. "Race you downstairs!" he shouted over his shoulder.

Jack laughed. "You're on!" he shouted back. The air chilled where Jack slid down the stairs, and Jamie's boots clomped all the way down.

"What's the rush?" Jamie's mom asked. She was lounged on one of the sofa's, peering up at Jamie from above her magazine.

"A race, mom!" Jamie replied, throwing open the door. But Jamie's mom beat him there - Jack had always secretly believed that she was a ninja, or had eyes on the back of her head or something.

She plucked a scarf off a hook near the door.. "Well, it's a bit chill today. Don't let Jack Frost go nipping on your nose," Jamie's mom said sternly, wrapping the warm fleece around Jamie's neck.

Jamie turned to Jack, who was already outside coaxing the snowflakes too fall all the way to the ground. The winter spirit glanced at Jamie, blue eyes full of excitement, and smiled wide as the snowflakes began to fall.

"Don't worry mom," Jamie said, turning back to his mother with a grin. "I won't."

Told you it would be short. :) But Jamie needed to show up again; it felt wrong just having the poor kid appear only in the first chapter and drop off the face of the earth after that. I tried to connect it to the movie a little bit and connect it to the story too... hopefully I succeeded at that hahaha :D

Anyway, while it's true that this story will probably be my last full-on RotG story (I can't think of any other ideas haha) I will take on some requests :D

Well -time to mark off this story as 'Complete'. :D Thank you all for reading.