Carol had run to the fence as fast as she could. Was out of breath now and trying to comprehend what she was seeing. Rick was inside with Glenn and Maggie, they were safe and she felt a rush of relief. Her eyes then sought out and found Daryl. But he was between the fences, pacing like a caged animal. Rick had locked the gate, trapping him there.

"What?" Carol began, but the question died on her lips. Standing beside Daryl, watching him pace, was Merle.

"Let him in!" Carol cried out at once. "Let them in!"

"No!" Glenn yelled. "He's not welcome here."

"Let's just take a minute to calm down." Rick said, attempting to cool things. Attempting to think, by the looks of it. Carol didn't understand what the debate was. This was Daryl.

Carol reached the fence and laced her fingers through the chain link. Daryl was there immediately, facing her but not meeting her eye.

"What happened?" Carol asked, confused.

"Merle happened." Daryl growled under his breath. "But I ain't leaving him."

"You can't leave." She said automatically. It was unthinkable.

"Come with us." Daryl said then, so low she almost didn't hear it. His fingers met hers through the fence and she felt a jolt shoot up through her arm.

"You're not serious. Rick won't let you go. We need you. You're one of us." Carol felt her heart quicken in panic.

Daryl shifted on his feet and squeezed her fingers tighter. "They ain't gonna let Merle in here after what he done to Glenn. It's done." He met her eyes for a moment, then cast his gaze down again. "He's my brother." He said, as if this was explanation enough.

"Aren't you even going to try?" Carol tuned out the others, struggling to gather her thoughts. "We could keep him in D block, or lock him in a cell. We'd keep an eye on him."

"Merle ain't gonna sit in no cage." Daryl said sharply. "We went through all this with Randall. There's no point. Are you coming or not? I ain't got all day."

Carol didn't answer immediately and she felt Daryl's grasp on her hand slacken. She reached through the fence and grabbed his arm, desperate for more time.

"What about the baby?" Carol asked, blinking her sudden tears away. "She needs me."

Daryl met her eye then and she understood what he wouldn't say. "Why did you come here at all, then? If you were just giving up?"

"Came for my bike." He said after a moment.

"That's a lie." Carol whispered.

"You coming?" He asked, ignoring her accusation.

Carol shook her head and let go of his arm, pulling her hand back through the fence. She couldn't breathe. She turned from him then, and started walking back to the prison. She heard him curse and begin kicking and shaking the fence. She quickened her step. She ran.