A:N: I've decided. It won't be a different ending to Buck's temper tantrum, but rather an epilogue. Won't be long, just a bit of an after view of Bunny, Tooth, and Jack after the incident.

If you're a fan of Creepypasta or Hypno's Lullaby, pay attention to me. I've decided I'll write a story based off the poem, and not the crummy 'I found a game with this creepy hack'...

Also, if you like Toothiana and creepy stuff, my mom gave me an idea to make her seem... a bit more... what's the word? Disturbing. Trust me, you'll like it... I'll post it in a few days.

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Three days after the event of Buck Burrow's tall-tale worthy fit, Jack Frost was finally allowed to be let out of Toothiana's spare bedroom. He ran a hand through his blue-tinged hair the moment he was allowed to even sit up; though he loved Tooth to death, she was so overprotective.

He sighed as he kicked his legs to chase away the numbness and approached the door with a marble-white knob, likely to represent teeth. He opened the door, yet then slammed it shut as he remembered his staff, which he couldn't survive without.

The Guardian of Fun quickly snagged the oaken staff from the foot of his bed, then seized his sweatshirt from off the floor.

If the hummingbirds fainted over him just standing there, who knows what would happen if they saw him running around topless...

The Guardian soon floated over to the door, perfectly situated, and pulled it open without freezing the handle off.

Afterward, all he had to was find his way through the maze that was Toothiana's castle, and without being eaten alive by the hummingbirds, who were relieved to see Jack okay. One even flitted up to him and excitedly chirped, pressing a tiny hand to his forehand, acting concerned, then nervously flew down into the palm of his hand before he could object and checked his pulse.

"Flosser! Get back here!" Toothiana's voice was then a haven to him.

The faerie in his hands twittered unhappily, then began to sulk as she floated out of Jack's palm and flew after Tooth, who had a clipboard in her hands, scribbling down a few notes. "Go check on Jack and see–"

"Right here," he said, waving his hand to try and catch her attention.

The faerie queen glanced up, then her face broke out into a grin. Tooth handed her clipboard to four faeries that had been hovering near her head and her pen to three, yet each hummingbird sunk under the weight and let out startled squeaks of disapproval.

She flung herself at Jack, who managed to catch the rainbow in his hands and kiss her lightly on the cheek. She giggled slightly, then clutched herself to his chest.

Only after a few short moments did she pull away, still holding onto his staff-free hand. "Bunny says we're not to mention the incident to North. If we do, Bunny and I will be in some serious trouble. North told us not to trust him and not to have anything to do with him."

That was easy enough for Jack, who simply smiled, careful to show his teeth. Toothiana loved his smiles when he showed them. "Easy enough. He is a bit annoying, after all."

"No, Jack, that's not why," she said, a worried glance on her face. "Didn't North tell you about him yet?"

Jack cocked an eyebrow. "No."

"Well, just don't go near him. North said he might have had something to do with Pitch's shadow army," Toothiana's voice was nearly at a whisper. "And he's gotten into lots of other things with the others."

Jack sighed. That was awesome. "You know he was in your tower to apologize to me, right?"

Tooth sighed, her feathers rustling. "Jack, listen to me. Buck was supposed to have died several years ago in a mine cave-in, Jack. You are to stay away from him, you hear? He messes with the black magic."

Jack snickered at the thought of the groundhog with bigger teeth than his brain messing around with evils. Yet...

A shadow flitting out of the corner of his eye did catch his attention...

Yeah, short, sweet, and to the point.

I swear, Toothiana's hummingbirds are designed after fangirls. Seeing Jack even walking around, I drool.

Seeing him shirtless...

Bye, my lovelies! This is the grand finale of Groundhog's Day! Thank you for reading!