Mr. J: hey everyone (blows nose)

Harry: You ok?

Mr. J: Yea, got a head cold, so not sure how this chapter is going to turn out

Harry: Well try it and lets see

Harry was walking down the street enjoying the day. He still had a few months before he would visit Hermione for Christmas and get the last fragment and he didn't have any missions at the moment so he decided to take a day and relax.

His first stop was to see Tom the bartender. They visited for about an hour but then the bar started to pick up so Harry left.

For the next few minutes he was window browsing when he was hugged from behind. "Hello Harry." Harry turned and was happy to see it was the beautiful Luna.

They had kept in touch over the years since the incident with Will. Harry wouldn't use her for her seeing ability. If she wanted to give input, then he was more than happy to listen.

It was her gift and he was sure others would use her for their own gain. So he would keep an eye on her and keep an eye on paperwork incase her name came up.

He hugged her and took her hand in his and walked with her. "How have you been Harry? Keeping the Wackersport away?" Harry nodded and held up a necklace that she made him.

They made their way down to a ice cream parlor and ate. "So Luna, how are you. I see you are wearing more comfortable clothes." She smiled "Thank you for noticing. I have been working on my self esteem and you are right. I should only worry about my own opinion."

Before she would be walking down the street and hear other people mock her. Or when they would talk to her thought she was a freak. One day Harry told her that it was only her opinion that mattered. So from then on, she let things bother her less.

Once they were done with the ice cream they went to a local park and sat on the swings. They swung for a few minutes then got off and walked around the park a few times. Harry held her hand and she held his while leaning on him. It was comfortable for them both.

Luna told him that her dad was going to have her go to Hogwarts next year. Harry was worried, he knew that Hermione could handle it, but could Luna?

Luna looked him in the eye with a knowing look and a frown. "Luna, I am just worried for your safety. Do you know the right spells and so on. I just don't want anything to happen to you."

She smiled and hugged him, "I know Harry, but you don't have to worry about anyone reading my mind." Harry shuddered remembering what happened when he tried. "We have time, you can teach me." she snuggled her head against his chest, he was done he lost. "Ok Luna. Just know that I want you to help another person who is there spy for me and….my work." Luna agreed so the went to the bookstore to get her books.

For the next few weeks Harry helped her study and take the underage trace off her wand. She was a fast learner. She had a different learning style. She would learn a spell, practice it to profession, practice with want movements while saying the spell in her head. She would then learn to cast it silently then practice focusing her magic to her hands to do wandless magic.

Harry thought her way of learning was a little slow, but to his surprise she speed through it. Harry was proud of her.

They also worked on dueling and target practice. Again she was amazing, she hit every target, just not the center. So they worked on accuracy as well.


Eventually it came time to go see Hermione at Hogwarts. It was Christmas day and the plan went off without a hitch. Dumbledore got called away for a meeting with the owner of a Limon candy manufacturer.

Once Dumbledore read the letter, it was quite a funny scene. It was like a cartoon, there was an outline of his body, but with a dust trail headed towards his office. Everyone just shook their heads at this.

As soon as Dumbledore left the campus, Harry used the floo to come in to Hogwarts with the rest of the visitors. He used his disguise as Max Powers.

As soon as Harry set foot inside the castle, he was tackled by Hermione. "Max, its great to see you!" They stood there just enjoying each others embrace. They then broke the hug and walked to the great hall where McGonagall was making a speech about the holidays, but nobody was paying attention.


A few hours later, Hermione was showing Harry the school. He already knew it from Toms memories, but it was making Hermione happy and that's all that mattered to Harry.

They came around the corner and there was professor Quirrell just going into his classroom. Harry was surprised to feel the pool to Voldemort. So he figured that no matter what, he was always going to be stuck with a link to Voldemort.

Harry then led her to the room of requirement. She was amazed as he explained the purpose of that room. She was defiantly going to be coming here more often for studying.

Harry thought of things that were lost and the room became filled with items. Harry was pulled to a the diadem. It turned out to be a Tiara. Harry called for Dobby.

Dobby was told to go get the soul gem which he promptly did. Harry did the soul bind and the final piece was sucked in. Harry was excited that now all the pieces were in one place.

The rest of the day was filled with just talking. Hermione mentioned what was announced at the beginning of the year about the third floor being restricted.

Harry decided to go check it out since they still had time before he had to leave. They made their way and got to a locked door and unlocked it and went in.

What surprised them was that there was a Cerberus. It growled at them, Harry looked into its eyes and noticed the lack of experience and years, it was still a puppy.

"Hey boy, how are you, who wants a belly rub?" The dogs attitude changed and rolled on his back exposing the belly. Harry rubbed it while Hermione looked on with wide eyes. Here was a dangerous animal and Harry was treating it like a normal dog. She shook her head, she figured it would be less of a headache if she just ignored it.

Harry then cast a sleeping spell on the dog which fell asleep. Harry noticed a trap door. So he examined it and opened it up and looked down. It was pitch black so he cast a light spell and saw devils snare.

Harry told Hermione to trust him and they jumped down into it. Hermione started to struggle, but Harry told her to just relax. She did and was amazed that she sunk through it.

They walked a little ways and found another door that needed to be opened by a key. Harry heard buzzing and looked up and saw a bunch of keys flying. One looked as old as the door and he summoned it and opened the door.

After a little walk they came to a board game of wizard chess. Harry rolled his eyes and used a destruction spell on the opposing pieces. They then came to a room where they needed to know a potion to walk through fire. Harry again rolled his eyes and conjured a fire extinguisher. Why no wizards thought of this was beyond him.

Once they got through they came to a big chamber. In the center was a mirror. Harry walked up to it. He read the words on the bottom which said Erised. Harry remembered reading this. It showed the person greatest desire. Harry looked into it and saw an open meadow with a lake in the center. Harry got it, it was piece of mind. His mind was always busy, he just wanted to relax.

Harry looked at Hermione who was staring at the mirror. She saw her and Harry side by side. Harry shook her shoulder and she snapped out of it.

Harry then looked at it again and felt a weight in his pocket. When he took the item out, to say Harry was surprised would be an understatement. It was the philosophers stone. It was said to make gold and to make someone a life elixir. It was supposedly in the possession of Nicholas Flammel. Hermione was shocked that an item like that would be here at Hogwarts. It would surly drag Voldemort out and cause danger to the students.

Harry shook his head. Dumbledore probably thought that the school was the safest place, oh how wrong he was. The thing that bothered Harry was why was it there?

Harry and Hermione then made their way back to the exit and got back down the great hall. Harry and Hermione said their goodbyes and Harry left.


The next day Harry decided to get answers about the stone from Flammel himself. So he ported to his known address and his wife answered the door. "May I help you young man?" asked the lady with a kind smile. "Yes, I have found something that belongs to your husband Nicholas."

The lady smiled and led him into the house and sat him at the study. She told him to wait while she went and got Nicholas. While he was waiting, he was looking around the room. There were pictures of him and the woman who he deduced was his wife. They were also fish mounted on the walls. What caught his eye was a picture of a sunset, it was beautiful in Harry's opinion.

A few minutes later Nicholas came in. "My wife says you have something of mine? I didn't know I was missing anything." Harry shrugged and took out the philosophers stone. Nicholas jaw dropped then narrowed his eyes and asked in a angry voice. "Where did you get that and don't lie?"

Harry had to hold back a laugh at the threat, he wasn't scared one bit. "Lets just say that the security Albus Dumbledore thinks he has at guarding items is a little, shall we say…lacking." Harry tossed the stone to Flammel who fumbled with it for a few seconds then had it secured in his hands.

"Why did you bring it to me? Who are you?" Flammel asked wondering if there was an ulterior motive. Harry just looked him in they eye, "I read it belonged to you, also there was no mention of you giving it to Albus to hold onto, so I decided to give it back to its original owner. As for my name, Harry Potter, but don't tell anyone I helped with this. I am trying to keep a low profile."

Flammel studied him, looking for signs of not telling the truth, he found none. "Well thank you. I did lend it to Albus, but when I asked for it back, he was taking his sweet time in doing so. Thank you for returning it."

Harry just nodded his head, "Your welcome." Harry was about to walk out the door but was stopped by Flammel when he called Harry's name. "if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, I may not have much, but experience and insight I have in bulk. Harry nodded and left, wondering what would happen next.


The next day Harry was reading a news paper, Dobby came running out of breath. "Sir, please help me, hide me." Harry looked at him with a questioning look. "Why Dobby what is going on?" Just then he heard footsteps and grabbed Dobby and hid him under a blanket next to him.

A minute later the girls came in with some clothes in their hands. "Harry, do you know where Dobby is? We got some work clothes for him, but he wont try them on for us and show us what it looks like. Harry understood perfectly, it wasn't about getting let go as an elf, but the trying on clothes part."

Harry shook his head, "Sorry girls, but I haven't, maybe he is in the kitchen." The girls thanked him and left. Dobby came out from under the blanket shaking. "Dobby had never been so afraid, there were clothes everywhere." Harry nodded and patted him on the back.

"I understand Dobby but the thing is they will keep this up. So be ready to hide at all times if need be." Dobby nodded and ported to Harry's room to hide under the bed. Harry shook his head, poor Dobby and went back to reading the newspaper.

Mr. J: For a head cold I think I did a good job

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