Heads up, I am not always going to call the spells like they are

Mr. J: Welcome back to masterpiece theater

Lawyer: (gleam in eye)

Harry: NO! Mr. J doesn't own anything

Layer: dam, that would have been a hell of a lawsuit

Mr. J: I do to own stuff, my imagination (gets crazy grin)

Harry: (Shudders) oh the horror

Mr. J: its not my fault that you cant see the humor

Harry: whatever crazy

Mr. J: Dam right, on with the story

Three years later

Harry has become an intelligent kid, he potty trained himself and for some reason he knew stuff that no normal 4 year old should. He was smart and talking with a full vocabulary of an adult.

His aunt and uncle and cousin have tried to hinder his learning process. They have tried starving him but strange occurrences kept happening around the house. They would go days without feeding him, but he would always never look undernourished.

One day they looked in his cupboard under the stairs, there were food wrappers. And they were mad that this freak was taking their food. But in reality he was conjuring it.


On his third birthday he was having weird dreams of a man by the name of Tom Riddle. This man was doing stuff called magic. His dreams seamed so real to him. One day he was sitting in his cupboard and just staring at the door. He wanted out so he could stretch his legs and get fresh air…and he was hungry. He remembered his dreams and like any 3 year old decided to try it out. So he focused on the door and said unlock and it did.

So he began to think about what has been happening in his dreams and remembered something called meditation and occlumency. Occlumency was a form of protecting ones mind and helping store information for quick retrieval, while its counter part legitimacy was to invade a persons mind and read their thoughts or look at their memories.

So began the endless work that he set up for himself. However he did have a plan. He was a man with the plan. He quickly looked at the clock when he exited his cupboard and made his way to the kitchen and made a sandwich with his new gift, though it was shaky, and got a drink for himself. Then he got a paper and pen and wrote down a schedule. He heard his aunt coming down the stairs and quickly and quietly ran back to his cupboard. He just shut it as his aunt made it to the bottom step and he noticed that it was unlocked, he wished it locked and it locked itself. He knew that what he had was going to be good.

He got settled and began to write his schedule for the next year. His schedule was going to help him get control over his new gift and sort through the memories of this riddle person.

He usually woke up around 6 in the morning so that gave him some room to work. His uncle would go to work at 7 and drop off Dudley at school on his way. Petunia would do house work and just sit outside reading her book. So Harry began to work on his schedule.

6-7 get dressed, groom, all that jazz

7-8 meditate and go through memories

8-10 begin work on occlumency

10-12 work on his speech to make sure he could pronounce what he needed

12-1 lunch/break

1-2 work on silent casting

2-4 review

4-6 work on occlumency

6-8 review for the day

9 bed.

So that went on for 6 months. He learned so much thanks to his occlumency. He learned things called Transfiguration, Charms, Ancient ruins, Divination, even though in his eyes that was worthless. He also learned about potions and magical creatures. He found he liked casting spells that were from a class called Defense against the dark arts and eventual memories of all the dark spells and the unforgivable.

He liked learning about all of the creatures. Vampires, werewolves, goblins, elves, giants, and the animals. He didn't consider them lesser beings, but equals unlike wizarding England.

However he eventually came across the memories of him making his sole fragments and the eventual prophecy. The prophecy would lead to the eventual deaths of his parents and his own attempt to kill young Harry. He knew he had to get stronger and fast if he wanted to be ready for what he knew what was to come.

So he then began the next six months of his training. Since he didn't have a want, he decided to do wand less casting. His made a new schedule that would get him through till the rest of the year.

So his new schedule went as so

6-7 wake up

7-8 meditate and go through memories again incase he missed anything

8-10 occlumency

10-12 Work on manners for wizards and other creatures

12-1 lunch break

1-2 work on transfiguration

2-3 work on charms

3-4 ancient ruins

4-5 magical creatures

5-6 practice how to apporate

7-8 review

8-9 relax

9 bed

That went through the rest of his time. By the time his 4th birthday he was already on his 7th year material. He was amazed on how fast he learned thanks to his occlumency.

His shields were in his opinion top notch. He decided to turn his mind into a big mansion he saw on the T.V. it was a 5 story mansion complete with pool, garage, basement, attic, hidden rooms, secret passages. His defenses were amazing he had a five layer shield. The person would have to first break the first shield, then fight against angry snakes and scorpions, and bats. If they got through that they had to break through the second shield, which they had to fight giants, ogres, elephants, and angry birds. If they got through that then the third had dragons, the fourth had quicksand, and if they got through that they had to break the 5th shield and go against marines, rangers, S.W.A.T. and other special ops groups that the world has. But that wouldn't be the worst, oh no, not by a long shot.

They would be tired when they got through the shields and awaiting them on the steps of the mansion would be their toughest challenge….Richard Simmons. that's right Richard Simmons making them do those work outs.

In the mansion they had to navigate through the mansion, he put false memories in the library and through the mansion. Under the stairs there was a cupboard where there would be snakes, the halls had motion sensors that would activate a swarm of Richard Simons if they were not invited in.

His full memories were under the whole mansion that you needed a special password to get to. It was a chamber that had his full library of memories, experiences, and all the rest. So to say his mind was safe would be an understatement.

So the training went for the next six months which brings us back to the present.


The family and Harry were asleep while waiting for the flashback to end. So the wait began. That's when Mr. J got evolved, "Hey, wake up, got a story to do people!" Harry then stirred, "Well asshole, it was a fucking long flashback…" Mr. J sweat dropped, "Well I had to do some back story and I didn't want to go back to the beginning of the chapter and work on it, so there. (sticks out tong) and watch your mouth you little shit. Now I know what's wrong with today's generations." Mr. Dursleys spoke up, "Are you to done yet, one of my favorite teams from France is going to play those stupid hooligans from Manchester united and I want to watch. Mr. J and Harry stopped and turned to Mr. Dursleys and ripped off their shirts to reveal Manchester United shirts. "Oy, your frogs are going to get killed you old fuck." Harry said. Mr. J nodded, "Harry, lets show this Wanker what the mighty red fans do to these tossers!" Mr. J put on some brass knuckles and so did Harry and began to chase Mr. Dursleys.

Time skip

Mr. Dursley was laying a beaten pulp as Harry was watching the game. When Dudley came in he saw his dad on the floor and looked to Harry, "What did you do you freak?" Then he grabbed a cricket bat and whacked Harry upside the head before Harry could do anything knocking him unconscious.

When Harry woke up, he figured out his next step in his training, fighting, however he needed to get out of this hellhole if he wanted to do any serious training.

Scene Break

So now we find Harry waiting for his so called family to go to bed. He had noticed wards around the house which made him suspicious on what kind they were and he found out through his memories that they were blood wards. So before he left he drained a pint of blood and hid it under a loose board so the wards would stay but just in case any body was tracking him they would think he was still in the house.

So he made his way out at midnight and never looked back. He watched a show called WWF (world wrestling federation, now WWE) he saw a wrestler by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He had a certain walk that made him look bad ass. He would adopt a persona of don't care and be a hell raiser. He also remembered a song by Arosmith called "Walk This Way" so that is how he would be from now on.

Scene Break

Harry apporated to the front of the Leaky Cauldron and made his way inside. Inside it was just the barman cleaning some glasses. The barman Tom saw him and came up to him. "Where are your parents? Its one in the morning." Harry did a quick scan on Tom and found him to be a treasure trove of information. Harry also learned that he could trust him…for the right price.

Harry pulled back his hair causing Tom to gasp. "Harry Potter?" Harry nodded. "Yep, now since your up, how bout a mug of hot chocolate?" Tom got out of his stupor and got him a mug and a pint of beer for himself.

"So Mr. Potter" Harry cut him off, "Harry, my friends call me Harry and I have a good feeling that we are going to be good friends Tom."

Tom nodded and took a sip. "Care to explain where you have been and how you are so well spoken?" Harry nodded. He told him his story about everything, by the time he was done Tom was speechless.

"Well Harry, what can I do for you?" Harry nodded, "Well Tom, I am in need of many things. I need a tutor on dueling, a contact at the ministry, secrecy, a place to stay for a while. Don't worry, I will go see the goblins in a few years about when I am eight. I plan to be prepared for what is to come, can I count on you?" Tom nodded, he knew this young man was going to be one hell of a wizard.

Fist, Tom got him a room and went to work on getting Harry what he would need. He got a tutor for him which he knew he could keep a secret. This man was a secretive man. He wore a black cloak, shirt and jeans. He was a underground dulling champion and an underground fighter. This is what Harry wanted.

Second, The contact in the Ministry was a little harder, but he got one. She was a new worker in the Ministers office. She had access to information not normally privy to the populace. She could get him licenses, and other documents that he would need and keep it discreet. So the night finally ended.

Scene Break

The next day Harry met his new tutor. His name was Shade. Harry deduced it wasn't his real name, but he didn't matter. So during the meeting Harry told Shade what he needed and the whole story with Voldemort. Shade told him that the wizard populace didn't say his name because they were scared which made Harry laugh. So this meeting went on for an hour and set a schedule.

M-F alternating weeks (physical)

Wake up at 7 and be ready by eight

8-9 stretches

9-10 talk about what they were going to do that day

10-12 warm ups (run as long as you can, pushups, sit ups, crunches)

12-1 lunch

1-3 Fighting (punches, kicks, grappling, martial arts)

3-6 dodging (punches and kicks and how to get out of grapples)

7 dinner

Alternate week (magical

Wake up at 7 ready by eight

8-9 stretches

9-10 talk about what they will work on

10-12 meditate and occlumency

12-1 lunch

1-2 learn spells

2-4 use learned spells

4-5 recognize spells being cast at you

6-7 dodging

7 dinner

That would be his schedule for the seeable future. Then came the contact at the ministry. Her name was Rose, Again wasn't her name, but he didn't care. She wore a red cloak, jeans, and shirt. She introduced him to the ministry and its working. His schedule was more lax on the weekends.

On Saturdays

Wake up at 7 be ready by 8

8-9 talk about what they would be talking about that day

9-10 law enforcement

10-11 laws

11-12 regulations

12-1 lunch

1-2 important people

2-3 other countries and the international confederation

The rest of the day he would keep up with non magical technology.

So he would be a well rounded wizard world be an understatement. Sundays would be a free day to do as he pleases. So the next few years would be great for him and he would grow to become an awesome wizard.

Mr. J: well that was fun

Harry: Since when were you a football(soccer) fan?

Mr. J: a few months ago, that whole spiel was also an idea from Euro trip. Awesome movie

Harry: And Stone Cold?

Mr. J: what? He was my favorite wrestler

Harry: (Shakes his head) why do I even bother

Mr. J: Because, HAHA

Harry: so what's next?

Mr. J: You will see….(eyes sparkling)

Harry: please don't do any to bad, I got tacos!

Mr. J: ok nothing to bad. (turns to crowd) See you next time(waves and eats tacos)