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Chapter 2 Resurrection

As Goku finished his scream, he jetted off towards the monster in quick spurts of flashes with his glowing aura. As soon as Goku was within proximity 10 ft away from said monster, he released a barrel of super charged volley shots, pushing and surprising the nine tailed beast back. Once Goku pushed him back to the more destroyed and remote part of the village, he stopped firing and appeared in front of Kyuubi and gave it a solid right hook to the cheek.

TAKE THIS! Kyuubi was sent flat on its back and growled in irritation from the pain this … "lowly human" did to him. At least that's what he thinks. The Kyuubi then saw the man right above him screaming an incantation of some sort.

KA…ME…HA…ME… Kyuubi saw a bright sphere being formed in the human's hands and before he knew it, the little man propelled his hands forward in the direction of where he was.

HA! Goku released a stream of pure energy towards the beast which hit right dead in the center. The Kyuubi hissed in pain as whatever that energy beam was, hurt like hell but in actuality, the beam itself had enough power to probably vaporize 2/3 of Goku's past enemies. (Meaning up to cell)

It was Kyuubi's turn to fight back and retaliate with a vengeance. Kyuubi ignored the searing pain in his body and promptly got back up and started to swat Goku with barrages of tail swings in a stabbing motion as if they were fists and finished with a slam of his claws sending Goku flying to a nearby wall. (Note that a tail swing from Kyuubi can destroy a mountain according to the first episode of Naruto. So yea, it's actually hurting Goku a lot from each tail swing)

Augh. Goku groaned in pain as every bit of his body felt bruised. He felt like he went one on one with Broly again. He then saw that he had spectators nearby watching him and Kyuubi duke it out as if they were watching a movie.

WHAT ARE THEY DOING!? Don't they know that this is dangerous? They need to get out of here right now.

Kyuubi looked at the direction of where his current opponent was looking at and grinned with pure delight on what it was about to do next.

Seeing this, Goku placed two fingers in his head and appeared in front of said spectators/ninjas and was promptly sent hurdling to another wall from being slammed again from another claw.

As soon as Goku got out of the rubble he was under in, he screamed at them to leave the premises.

GET OUT OF HERE NOW! DO YOU ALL WANT TO DIE!? LEAVE, GO NOW! As Goku yelled out his commands the villagers were stuck and glued to the ground in fear.

Goku growled in frustration but then saw Kakashi carrying a few wounded people away from the battle.

Kakashi! Take these people out of here now before something bad happens to them. I can't fight while protecting them at the same time. Goku yelled. Kakashi gave a nod of conferment and summoned up many shadow clones to take them away from the battle.

Goku then faced his enemy again in anger.

If we're going to fight, fight with honor. As Goku said this, he crossed both his arms and tensed his body once more only this time lightning started to form around his aura as well as a big vein at his right temple. Power started to surge around Goku even more as he was drawing and channeling more power to himself.

GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! As he continued yelling, his aura was surrounded by lightning, his golden hair became spikier, and his muscles bulged even bigger.

With his transformation complete, Goku looked at Kyuubi square in the eye with pure confidence written all over his face.

All right big guy, time for round two. It was then Goku's aura burst to life causing a small crater beneath the floor he walked on. Goku sunk in one of his boots in the ground preparing to charge at full speed with a jump start with Kyuubi doing the same only with paws in its hind legs. They stared each other down until both man and beast charged at each other showing no mercy towards the other as it was an all out brawl.

-Forested area of Konoha-

Rasengan! A giant blue ball of energy slammed down on the man with the orange mask's back but before the attack itself finished, Minato Namikazi, aka the Yondaime Hokage left a symbol/mark on the man's back. The attack left a giant crater veiling the two bodies with smoke/dust rubble.

The mysterious man with the orange mask got back on his feet huffing from fatigue while clutching onto his left arm. The arm started to what seemed like goo out or dissolves until the hand just suddenly fell right out of his socket.

It was then the Hokage made himself known and stepped out of the smoke/dust rubble. With a sudden flash, he was in front of the mysterious man with his hand coming in contact with the other's chest and with a flick of the wrist, a seal formed around the body.

The man with the orange mask seems surprised but one can't really tell as… well because he's wearing a mask.

You wounded me by marking me with your Flying Raijin Jutsu and managed to free my control over Kyuubi with a contract seal … as expected of the Yellow Flash but the Kyuubi will eventually be mine again. I am going to rule the world…. With that, the man with the orange mask was within a swirling vortex as his body started to fade and disappear.

It was then that the Yondaime Hokage started to show his fatigue from constantly fighting without break but he knows he must do this and keep fighting to keep his family and the village safe. He loomed over to the open area and went to look at the state of the village and see how it was holding up. He was surprised to see that not much of it was destroyed but was even more surprised that from what appears to be a small speck of light was actually damaging and fighting off Kyuubi all on his/her/it's own. (He can't really tell from that distance)

This is no time for gawking and resting right now. I need to help. With that, the Hokage dashed towards the battle scene.

-Remote village area-

Kyuubi was then feeling strange as it felt like someone or something possessed him/her/it. Ugh … my head. Kyuubi was then punched in the left cheek and saw a man with spiky gold hair with a lightning like aura. He then growled in pain and stared at the man with contempt. Kyuubi swung one of its nine tails and swiped it at his mysterious opponent only to be surprised that he caught it without flinching.

Goku then started to spin the Kyuubi's tail in a circular motion while lifting the creature up. He sent it flying through the gates of Konoha into the forested area.

Kyuubi started to get really angry, no, angry is too small of a word to describe how much contempt he had to the mysterious man. Let's just say that Kyuubi was feeling beyond livid from one, waking up from something only to get punched in the face and two, having been swung around as if he/she/it was a rag doll. The insolent bastard!

Kyuubi opened its mouth and started to charge up an attack.

Goku saw something forming as the monster he was facing opened its mouth. It looked like blue and red balls of energy forming together to mash up a highly condensed ball of energy of mass destruction. Plus it was purple Goku noted. Well whatever it was, Goku can sense that this attack is going to have the same destructive capabilities of Vegeta's final flash or big bang attack.

Goku didn't have much time to prepare a kamehameha wave as Kyuubi released the giant purple ball of energy. Goku closed his eyes and crossed his arms and prepared himself for the attack but it never came.

Once Goku opened his eyes he saw a man with blonde hair adoring a white cloak that had the kanji for Yondaime Hokage on the back with red flames on the bottom of the cloak. The energy ball seemed to be suspended in the air as it looked like the ball of energy was getting sucked in by something. Once it was completely gone, the mysterious man looked at the forested area and pointed the knife horizontally at the direction he was looking at. After that, an explosion was seen from where the mysterious man was looking at.

I'm glad that I made it in time. As soon as he said those words, he stumbled to his knees.

Hey are you all right. Goku asked in concern. The young man nodded as he groggily got back up. He was huffing and sweating from what Goku could see as pure exhaustion. He himself felt it before when he fought cell for the first time and the after math of fighting Majin (fat one. The first time he transformed to ss3) Buu.

Both Goku and Minato saw that Kyuubi was preparing to fire another one. Minato stepped up and was preparing to make another dimensional warp hole but was pushed back from the newcomer.

I can see that you're pushing yourself to your absolute limits but if you go on like this, you're going to die. I'll handle this.

Goku flared his ki and his aura to life as he cupped both hands together and started to cite his all time favorite move, created by his first sensei, Master Roshi.

Super KA…ME…HA…ME… Goku was charging his attack while staring down at Kyuubi with full concentration.

Kyuubi released his attack, the tailed beast ball and launched it towards Goku. As the giant ball of energy came closer and closer, Goku waited until the last minute and released his own attack at the purple ball of neutral energy. (Note that the tailed beast ball is made from both negative and positive chakra, I know, it sounds pretty weird)

HA! The ball of energy made by Kyuubi started to crack as Goku's super Kamehameha wave was starting to pierce right through until the ball was shattered entirely. The energy wave then came in contact to Kyuubi pushing him 50 meters away from the village completely knocking it out.

This time it was Goku's turn to catch his breath but it seemed the fight was over.

Who are you? Goku turned around to see it was the man that saved his life…sort of. I mean Goku would have survived the blast but it might have turned the tides of battle towards Kyuubi's favor.

Goku then calmed down to his normal state and greeted the Hokage with friendly banter as well as introducing himself.

My name is Son Goku. I originally came for noodles and then suddenly that fox attacked and I had to debate whether to help you or not considering this isn't really my village and all but choose to fight the monster anyway soooooooooo, how's it going? Goku said all in one breathe.

Minato couldn't help but laugh at Goku's personality as it reminded him of his own wife. One who acts childish but within that childish like mind lays an infinite amount of strength and will power.

My name is Minato Namikazi, this village's leader and protector but it seems that you were doing my job for me. You have my deepest gratitude.

Goku gave Minato the family Son grin look feeling a bit sheepish as he's not used to being praised.

No problem. Let's just say … you owe me one.

There was a loud screeching growl come from the forest outside of the gate.

Man, he just doesn't learn to give up does he. As Goku was just about to go to stage three of his transformation to end it quickly, he was stopped by Minato as he raised his hand.

Minato was stuck in finding away to stop Kyuubi. He had to admit that Goku is powerful but you can't stop something that just can't die. The only way to kill a Bijuu is to seal him within someone and kill the host but even that can't keep a Bijuu down as it would come back a century later and even if Goku managed to KO Kyuubi then what? … There was only one option he had in mind in order to end all this. He looked at Goku as he looked like he was about to transform again but Minato knows that with every transformation, comes exertion of energy from transforming as that is the law of the celestial gates assuming that his transformations and the celestial gates are similar. Minato stopped Goku before he wasted precious energy that hey might need later.

Stop. I think I have an idea in stopping this once and for all. If you would Goku, take me to where Kyuubi is. Forgive me Kushina… Naruto…. Goku nodded and placed a hand in Minato's shoulder while placing two fingers with his other hand.

Get ready Minato. And just like that, they vanished from the eyes of the spectators.

Goku and Minato arrived in front of Kyuubi only to see it in … chains?

Kushina! What are you doing here? You should be in bed with Naruto. How did you even get here before us? Minato said in panic.

In order, I'm here because Kyuubi's my problem and responsibility as I am its previous host, Naruto is here with me and I feel fine enough to walk around. How I got here before you, I used one of your kunai and teleported here. The screeching you heard is from me chaining him up. Kushina said simply with a proud smile on her face.

Since … when did you learn Flying Raijin Jutsu? Minato said in a dumbfounded expression.

My little secret. She said in a sing song voice but she started to cough and clutch her stomach. Minato immediately came to her side.

You really shouldn't push yourself. Minato said while placing his cloak on her for warmth.

Where's Naruto? Minato asked. Kushina pointed to a tree and he picked up a baby basket that laid a sleeping blonde baby boy.

Goku couldn't help but smile looking at the small little thing as it reminded him of his own two sons. A sudden frown appeared on Goku's face and he quickly turned away so no one could see him.

Minato what are you doing? Kushina asked. Minato gave her a serious look as he placed little Naruto in the middle of the forest as familiar looking seals started to surround the basket.

Kushina's eyes widened in horror and tried to stop Minato.

Minato STOP! Please don't do this to him, don't do this to our son. You can't do this to him or to yourself please. You'll die! Kushina wailed in agony as she watched Minato about to summon the death god and use Shiki Fuujin.

I don't have a choice. Minato said remorsefully. Kushina tried to get up herself but couldn't find the energy to do it as she spent all her energy into chaining Kyuubi. Goku watched with his eyes bulged from hearing that someone was about to die.

Wait what's happening? What's Minato doing? Goku asked in panic.

Goku please don't interfere on what I'm about to do next. This is for safety of the village as well as the well being of my family. Minato said in a dead panned voice.

It's not going to be family if Naruto doesn't grow up with a father! Please Minato don't do this. If you're going to seal it to someone, seal it in me. Kushina begged. Minato shook his head.

I don't think you'll be able to handle the stress have having been sealed again Kushina. If I sealed it to you again, then we both might end up dead. Minato said.

Goku! Goku's your name right? Stop him please. He's going to kill himself if he goes through with this. Stop him! Kushina screamed.

Goku didn't know what to do or who he should listen to but a loud feral growl interrupted everyone's thoughts and movements as Kyuubi was about to reach for Naruto and impale him with its finger. Both Minato and Kushina leapt forward in order to protect their son but someone managed to beat them to it. Goku was holding Kyuubi's finger with both of his hands held tight.

Oh no you don't. Goku said with a disapproving look. Both parents sighed in relief for the safety of their son. It was then Goku spoke that interrupted there moment of peace.

If you're going to seal someone with something, maybe you should let me do it. I know a sealing technique thanks to my sensei. It doesn't hurt the one being sealed nor does it hurt me in any way or at least it didn't hurt … anyway last time I did this it kind of had a side effect and I was only lucky my sensei Shenlong was there to undo it. Goku said.

Both Minato and Kushina looked at Goku with hope in their eyes.

Unfortunately sensei isn't here right now nor will he ever be able to come here. I hope I can trust in you to take care of the situation once it's completed. Goku said

Kushina and Minato nodded and promised Goku that whatever happens that they will take care of it. To Minato though, it seemed like he was saying goodbye, and it saddened him even though they only knew each other for a short period of time.

Goku gave them the Son grin and started his technique.

The earth started to shake violently as Goku started to power up to his very limit. Both Kushina and Minato watched in fascination as Goku kept on changing and changing to all these various transformations. They saw Goku with the longest, shiniest and most ridiculous hair piece that they have ever seen on anyone ever before. Kushina had to control herself from laughing as it was a serious situation. Goku then started to tense as his teeth suddenly became fangs and his muscles as well as his height started to grow at an alarming rate. With a bright yellow flash, no longer was Son Goku there, but something completely bizarre. Goku's hair was no longer blonde but jet black. The hair style seemed like a different variation of his normal form. His eyes were no longer teal nor was it onyx, but golden with a black center which also possesses a shadow trim around the eyes and over the eyelids. His chest was covered in velvet enriched fur and was wearing yellow khaki pants. (I'm guessing its khaki) In other words, it didn't look like Goku at all.

It was then Goku tensed again as many bulges started to appear in his chest. What came out were seven orange balls with stars on them. Each ball had different number of stars on them with seven being the highest. Goku looked at Kyuubi in the eyes and for some strange reason; Kyuubi seemed to be …shaking, shaking in fear as the cold, merciless looking eyes lay upon him. A look that was even more terrifying then a demons stare. He gave Minato and Kushina a final look and smiled at them in what he was about to do next.

Here it goes! Seven Dragon Seal! The balls on Goku's chest started to glow in a red hue until the red light started to get brighter and brighter until it shined all over Konoha. Once the red light was gone, so were Goku and Kyuubi. Minato and Kushina immediately checked their son and on Naruto's stomach had the kanji word for dragon on it. The mark soon disappeared into the little baby's skin and became a normal pale stomach. As Minato and Kushina were about to leave, they heard something in the far corner of the bushes. When they went to check it out, they were shocked at what laid before them.

A sleeping baby with spiky black hair sucking on his thumb while hugging what seemed to be his … tail.

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