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Chapter 21 Chunin Exams Finale pt 3

You should have seen the fight with Sasuke and my brother. My brother almost beat two monsters in one day. If he didn't fall first, he would have won. Sasuke found a way to make a new element … he's gotten a lot stronger. Makes me wonder if I can beat him. Man I'm itching for a fight! Naruto said. His eyes wondered to Hinata's body as she was breathing softly and gave a sad smile.

For your sake, I'll beat him and make him open his eyes. Your cousin, he won't get away with what he did. Naruto said as he closed his eyes. Once he opened them, it revealed two blue irises.

I'll beat him with my own power and my wit. Naruto thought.

Hinata's body started to stir before her own eyes started opening.

Hinata! Naruto gave a surprised look.

Naruto-kun. Hinata said looking just as perplexed to see him here of all people.

How're you feeling? Naruto asked,

A bit sore but nothing bad. Hinata said adverting her eyes away from him which Naruto took note of.

Is something the matter? Naruto asked.

N-no it's just … I didn't expect you to be here. Hinata said blushing a little.

Why wouldn't I be here, I'm your friend. Naruto said earnestly.

I … um … thank you. Hinata said not knowing what else to say.

Naruto could practically feel the awkward tension in the air and opted to change the subject.

That jutsu of yours was pretty impressive. An ability that eats away the enemy's chakra. The more you hit, the more they absorb and the follow up with that giant fire attack. Naruto complimented.

It's thanks to my friends that I was able to make such a jutsu. When it comes to fire though, Chichi is able to make even more impressive attacks than I can. Speaking of which, how did the matches go … I'm sorry I didn't get to watch you fight. Hinata said feeling a little disappointed.

You don't need to apologize for that, you couldn't help it. Anyway tomorrow's matches are between me and Neji as well as Sasuke and Gaara. Naruto said as Hinata gave a surprised look at him.

Chichi … lost? Hinata said with disbelief.

Yeah, everyone was surprised too. Sasuke got really strong during his one month of training. I'm going to be fighting your cousin tomorrow. Naruto said.

Are you going to be alright? Hinata asked remembering how nervous she felt when she was fighting him. She didn't know why she felt that even though he came at her to kill, he was holding back. She can easily tell, that Neji had more than one ace up his sleeve than the move he demonstrated that managed to block her fire attack.

I'll be fine, I managed to beat the rest of my competition just fine. Naruto said confidently.

Naruto-kun … please be careful when fighting Neji. He wasn't fighting me all that seriously.

Are you kidding, you had him. If he wasn't serious, than what was with all those panicked looks that he gave every time that you even got close to him. If you didn't warn him of your attack I'm sure he would have …. Naruto said but was soon interrupted.

You're wrong! Hinata said surprising Naruto as that was the loudest he has ever heard from her.

Our fighting style, Juken is more of a passive fighting style relying on counter attacks than anything else but Neji … he was being too passive. He was merely observing me, testing me and he wasn't all that impressed. He didn't try at all. Hinata said as Naruto looked at her with surprise before putting on a serious face.

He's just being a cocky bastard. I'll put him in his place. Naruto said.

Naruto-kun … alright then. If you have confidence that you can beat Neji than I'll be rooting for you. Hinata said smiling for once as Naruto smiled that he made her feel better.

Naruto made his way out the door but before that, he made one last remark.

You should smile more often. You look much better when you're smiling. Naruto said as he sheepishly scratched the back of his head and left the room with a blushing Hinata.


I'm here! Naruto said as he entered a different room.

And just where they heck were you? Sakura asked while reading a magazine.

I was at Hinata's room. She's awake now and she looking healthy. Naruto said as he rummaged through his bags and took out a bouquet of flowers and handed it to her.

For you! Naruto said cheekily.

Um … thanks. Sakura said not knowing what to say as she accepted the flowers.

So guess what, Sasuke and I are in the semi-finals. Naruto said excitingly.

Yeah I heard from Sasuke, congratulations. Sakura said with a proud smile.

Eh, Sasuke was here? Naruto asked.

Yeah you just missed him. He seems … a bit different you know. Sakura said.

Different? Different how? Naruto asked with a confused look on his face.

I don't know, he just seems … different. He still has that confidence of his but he seems … happier. Usually, he likes to keep to himself but he's been talking more and more lately. Theirs more smiles than scowls and I kind of like the new change. Sakura smiled with a light blush on her face.

Now that you mention it, he's been insulting me less and less these days. He even said the he was looking forward to fighting me. Naruto said with a solemn look.

Seriously, he's excited to fight you of all people. Sakura teased.

Hey, I've been training hard thank you very much. You saw how I easily beat that sand-nin. Naruto bragged.

I know I know, I'm just teasing. Sakura said giving a slight giggle making Naruto smile.

Hey Sakura … if I win … would you go out with me. Naruto asked with a serious face.

Sakura stopped giggling before studying Naruto's gaze.

He's not joking this time. He's really pouring all his emotions into this question. What should I say? Sakura thought feeling uneasy knowing she has to tread lightly.

Baka … you don't need to win a tournament/exam in order to win a girls heart. All you have to do is be honest with her and with your feelings. Sakura said making Naruto frown.

That's what I've been doing this whole time and you still say no. Naruto said feeling a little down.

Crap, he's right. Sakura thought feeling a bit guilty.

Naruto I …. Sakura was about to say.

You know what, forget I said anything. I'll see you tomorrow. Naruto interrupted with a sad smile before leaving the room.

Naruto … wait. Sakura said but was too late.

I need to apologize. Maybe one date wouldn't be so bad. Sakura thought.


Lee and Tenten were panting in exhaustion as they stood before Neji.

C'mon, you can do better than this. Neji mocked without even batting a breath. He was still full of energy.

Grr … gate of limit, Tomon! Lee screamed as he released the fifth gate.

He started to move at a rapid rate surrounding Neji with after images. Neji simply closed his eyes as he focused for Lee's presence relying on his ears instead of his eyes. Once Lee was in position, he dove towards Neji knowing where Neji's blind spot should be.

Hakkeshō Kaiten! Neji screamed as he formed a barrier made of Chakra as he quickly spun around releasing a huge amount of chakra from all the chakra points on his body only for Neji to realize that what he just formed a barrier for was only an after image. He quickly activated his Byakugan and immediately located Lee as he blocked his punch, gritting his teeth from the force of it.

Che, guess I wasn't fast enough. Tenten! Lee screamed as he back flipped while Tenten released a scroll revealing a seal. She unlocked it and held the scroll in front of Neji which released torrents of kunai and shuriken. Time seemed to slow down for Neji as he waited for the incoming projectiles to come to him.

Che … they figured out the time gap in which I can use Kaiten. Neji thought as his eyes wandered to Tenten.

Of course she would know since she helped me develop this technique but no matter. Neji thought.

Kenbikyō Byakugan! Neji screamed as there was now a thin white ring in his eyes as the projectiles were coming towards as if time itself slowed down. With one quick motion from his hands, he grabbed all of the incoming projectiles and simply dropped them like it was nothing. Tenten looked surprised as well as Lee before he came in charging towards Neji in a great burst of speed but like the shurken and kunai, Lee was coming towards Neji as if in slow motion in which he simply dodged his incoming strikes before striking him right in the dead center of body locking down all of his chakra and forcing a cancelation of his 8 gate power. Lee clutched his chest in pain before he got smacked across the face sending him flying towards a tree as his back hit across the tree's trunk. Tenten made it by his side to see if he was ok only for Lee to chuckle and smile towards Neji's direction.

Do you find it funny that you lost? Neji asked.

No … losing is not very fun but the fact that I forced you to use those eyes of yours, I can't help but smile. Lee said.

Those were the eyes you used when you were watching Goku fight those ninjas from Suna village. Your eyes were able to keep up those movements when nobody else could. This is the first in history for a Byakugan user to go beyond with what was considered their limit. Tenten said remembering that Neji was able to not only keep up with the fight between Goku and Vegeta but make perfect predictions to what they would do. Neji released the Byakugan and sighed now feeling tired himself.

After that humiliating defeat in the hands of that boy, I needed to further train my eyes in order to keep up with their movements. Neji said.

That's why you asked Lee and Gai-sensei to fight you at their best so that your eyes would get used to their fast movements. You fought them so many times to the point where their movements became slow to you. Tenten said.

Hmmm … with Gai-sensei's help, I was able to finally beat you but not only that but many times. It wasn't like you to ask for help or even acknowledge defeat so many times. You never turned off your Byakugan even when we were relaxing and when the time finally came, your Byakugan now acts as if it is a Sharingan, no … it's actually better than the Sharingan. It's like you're able to see the future. These days, even sensei is having a hard time beating you in a fight. Lee said.

It's not that I can see the future Lee but with these eyes, I'm able to see the slightest muscle movement and predict their next move. Most people like to take the best course of action during a fight whether it be a punch, kick or a jutsu. All I have to do is predict which one they're going to pick and based on their position, I know which course of action their going to do and properly respond to it. I can see them in a microscopic level and see things in extreme detail. I can see their breathing, muscle movements, body tension, rhythm, etc. Not only that but I can see shatter points. Neji said.

Shatter points? Lee and Tenten asked making Neji sigh.

Shatter points are loopholes in a person's body created when blood circulates. Muscles in the body retract and cells alter, resulting in the creation of these points. These are spots which move along with the body's movements. Whether you know it or not, every single human being has a weak spot in their body. With a normal Byakugan, we are able to see the chakra points in a human body and combined with Juken, we are able to close off these pathways but closing these pathways is not considered a weakness since there are ways around it. Neji said remembering how Goku was able to break free from his palm strikes.

Shatter points are places in the body where I can really do some damage inside the human body. Juken limits itself to the body's chakra points and at times organs but shatter points goes even beyond. The flow of blood, the constrictions of your muscles, by shifting the very cells within, I can cause strain and damage within my enemy's body to the point of it being fatal. Neji said.

The roads that blood and energy flow along … in other words acupuncture. So they're like pressure points right? Tenten asked.

Close but not quite. Pressure points are at constant fixed points on the body. Shatter points are in constant motion, a flowing weak point. Shatter points release all the pain and fatigue concentrated and collected within the body. So even the slightest attack you'll feel incredible pain and sustain terrible damage throughout the body. Neji said.

That's … unbelievable. Lee said.

No amount of discipline or training can protect you from getting hit by a shatter point but it's far from perfect. It's a fixed style. Like Byakugan and chakra points going hand and hand, Kenbikyō Byakugan and shatter points is more or less the same. You can look all you want but if you can't hit your opponent or react fast enough it's rendered useless. It bares the same weakness as the Sharingan. Neji said.

So that's why you suddenly taken an interest in training and fighting Lee as well Gai-Sensei. It's to get around that weakness. Tenten said.

You're … not going to use this in tomorrow's match are you? Lee asked worried for his underclassmen.

There's no need to worry Lee, I'm not going to use this on my own village. Neji said.

Otherwise, you could have really killed Hinata. Tenten blurted out before covering her mouth in surprise.

Neji gave her a slight glare before turning his back on his teammates and giving another sigh.

I'm going home. It would be best if you do the same. Neji said as he left the training grounds and made his way to the Hyuga compound. Lee and Tenten looked at each other and went their separate ways with Tenten returning home while Lee returned to the hospital where he was supposed to be.

As Lee made his way back to the hospital he winced as he felt a strong jolt of pain course through his body.

Guess my body still isn't ready for the fifth gate … even after all that training …. Yosh I just need to train harder! Lee screamed before wincing again not realizing the true extent of the damage he sustained from unlocking the fifth gate.


Gaara was sleeping peacefully in a hospital bed with a few machines strapped to his body.

You idiot, you have no idea how important tomorrow's mission is to me and you got beaten when you had every tactical advantage. No matter, you're lucky that you're absolutely necessary for this mission. The supposed Kazekage said as took out a syringe, injecting the fluids within Gaara as Gaara's eyes suddenly shot open in pain as his body was forcing itself to heal in a much more accelerated rate than normal. His eyes wandered to the "Kazekage" and glared.

Tomorrow, we start the war. Don't fail me this time. The man said.

Don't worry it's not going to happen again. Gaara said as one of his eyes turned a hard yellow with a black sclera.

Like I said, I'll be back. Shukaku said, anticipating on who is next victim is going to be.


Sasuke looked out the window in his bedroom as he felt a sense foreboding. There was a knock on his door and he answered for whoever it was to come in.

Sasuke, are you feeling alright? You hardly touched your dinner? Mikoto said.

Mother … am I strong? Sasuke asked which made Mikoto look at him with confusion.

Of course you are. Mikoto said with a proud smile.

When … Itachi was my age, was he stronger than me? Sasuke asked making Mikoto eyes raise in surprise before looking down in sadness.

That's something your father would know, he did train with him after all. Mikoto said truthfully.

Do you still love him as a son? Sasuke asked and Mikoto didn't even bat an eye.

A parent can never hate their child Sasuke. Mikoto said as she made her way to Sasuke and hugged him tenderly which he half-heartedly returned.

Men and their pride. Mikoto mused before her mind wandered to Itachi.

He choose his side … he truly is a kind hearted boy. It's up to him whether to decide to tell Sasuke the truth behind that night and neither Fugaku nor I share any hatred for him. We could never be more proud of him and because of his actions, he was labeled a villain. After seeing the truth behind his actions, Fugaku and everyone else realized that their coup would have been in vain and end in countless of lives being slaughtered including Sasuke so the coup never happened. Wherever you are Itachi, I hope you are doing well. Mikoto hoped as her eyes wandered to her other child to see that he fell asleep in her arms.

I guess today's fight took more of a toll on you than anyone realized. Mikoto said as she tucked him in his bed and gave him a goodnight kiss to his head.

-On the other side of the country-

Achoo! A man adoring a black cloak with red clouds sneezed as he looked around in the dense fog.

It's unlike you to catch a cold. His companion said.

Never mind that, we have a job to do. The man said.

Going to redeem yourself after your failure the first time around? His companion mocked.

The man looked irritatingly at his partner revealing a perfect set of Sharingan eyes before dismissing it and giving a slight sigh knowing that his partner is someone that likes to personally annoy him to no end but had to admit he wouldn't ask for a better partner than him.

Let's just keep going, we still got a lot of ground to cover before we reach our destination point. Besides we're not even going to the leaf village. The man said as he just kept treading forward as his partner simply followed.

I'm quite intrigued about this boy for him to beat you of all people in a fight within the mind. His partner said.

Genjutsu isn't going to work on him, even with my superior eyes. There's nothing you can do if your opponent counters your specialty. He's a taijutsu expert so you'll be the one to take care of him while I take care of the jinchuriki. That's going to be the plan if we're tasked to get the nine tailed fox. The man said his partner just nodding as he gave a slight yawn.

It seems our superiors are also interested in him. His partner said meaning more ways than one.

Are you talking about our leader or Madara? The man asked.

Yes. He simply answered.

You can be quite infuriating sometimes you know that. The man said.

Really, you don't look all that mad. His partner said.

Anyway, he's not our main objective so there's no reason to get interested in this boy. The man said.

Hai, hai. His partner simply replied as they continued walking in the dense fog.


Naruto was home with his parents eating dinner and by the end of it, they all realized how much leftovers were left now that Goku was recuperating in the hospital which made for a quiet dinner.

You kind of look down son, is there something in your mind? Minato asked which also caught Kushina's attention.

It's nothing dad, I just got rejected again from Sakura-chan. Naruto said.

How many does that make? Kushina asked making Naruto pause in dejection.

27. Naruto said with his head down low in depression.

Naruto, you need to learn that the people you think you like just isn't meant for you. There are plenty of pretty girl you can get. Kushina said.

Yeah but I like her. Naruto whined making Minato chuckle a little.

You're only 13 Naruto, who you like is completely subjective since it seems like you're only basing this on looks alone. Minato said.

Hey I know Sakura, she's in my team after all. Naruto said.

Then I'm sure you know who she really likes then. Kushina said as it wasn't really a secret anymore making Naruto sulk a little.

Gah, it's not fair! How come my brother and my dad get such pretty girls? I lost to freaking Goku when it comes to getting girls! Naruto screamed in frustration.

You think I'm pretty! Kushina exclaimed completely missing the point.

Well like your mother said, there are plenty of pretty girls out there. You just need to accept reality sometimes and move on. Minato said.

Oh what do you know dad, I bet you were a complete chick magnet in your day. Naruto said as Kushina could only sweat drop on how true that statement was. Even today, he still has girls flocking to him considering in the public's eye, he's still single.

Eh, is that so? Minato said with surprise.

IT IS! Kushina exclaimed as she karate chopped his head annoyed from her husband's obliviousness.

As Naruto's parents continued to argue, Naruto just excused himself as he made his way to his bed.

Dad is so going to lose that argument. Better inform Goku and ask what the scoreboard is. Naruto thought as he closed his eyes and went into deep slumber.

-Dream world-

Naruto found himself what appears to be space, filled with stars all around with his feet on the crater of what appears to be the moon.

Where am I? Naruto said.

Yo! Naruto turned towards the voice only to see his brother.

Congrats bro! You're going to the semi-finals. Goku said.

Are … are you real or am I dreaming? Naruto asked as he started pinching his cheeks.

Why can't it be both? Goku simply asked.

Naruto just decided to roll with it and began looking around the scenery before him.

Of all places why this? Naruto asked.

I don't know, it wasn't really up to me. Goku said as he started lying down on the hard surface of the dream world of Kakarot and fortunately enough he wasn't here right now as he was currently with BG to discuss his future.

You should have won that fight. Naruto honestly said making Goku contemplate Naruto's statement.

Eh, that's not true at all. Gaara won fair and square. If anything, I was the one that cheated since I technically borrowed everyone's energy meaning I got outside help. Goku said.

Yeah but, you were exhausted after your previous fight with Vegeta. Naruto said.

Everyone else also had to fight before getting into the second round and honestly, I have no regrets losing. Goku said with a smile.

I'm going to be fighting Neji tomorrow … Hinata thinks Neji was holding back on her but that can't be true right? I mean, he tried to kill her and if it weren't for dad …. Naruto began.

No, Hinata's right. He still had a ton of energy left despite getting hit a few times from Hinata's jutsu. I can't really tell you on how much stronger he's become since the forest of death since he has yet to go all out. I'm sure you'll be the one to change that. Goku said with a confident smirk.

You never stop believing in me. Naruto said with a small smile.

Of course, but I have to agree with Hinata to be careful around Neji. There's a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Goku said.

You think I'm being arrogant … I think you have me confused with my opponent. Naruto said.

Is that why both your eyes are blue right now? Goku asked.

Errr … they've always been blue. Naruto said.

Yeah whatever you say Naruto. Goku said.

You don't sound very convinced. Naruto said.

Well, it's not my style to just to go easy on an opponent. No matter the adversary, I go all out. Goku said.

That's because you fight people that's around your league. It's either those who are stronger than or just as strong as you are. Naruto said.

Are you saying that Neji isn't in your level? Goku asked which made Naruto go silent.

This is what I mean when I say arrogant. Goku said.

I don't need the fox's power to beat him. I'll do just fine on my own. Naruto said.

Why would you purposely handicap yourself? Goku asked.

Hey, this form has its own merits. Naruto said.

Perhaps but what's the use of utilizing all that chakra of yours when your opponent can prevent you from using it if given the chance. You're going to need something a bit stronger than normal chakra. Goku said as he remembered the feeling of when he himself momentarily lost the ability to use ki through Kakarot's senses. Although he wasn't in control he felt the same feeling as his current mentor.

I can't believe it! Even you don't think I can beat this guy by myself! Naruto exclaimed.

I never said that, what I'm saying is don't let your pride get in the way of what could possibly be a victory over your opponents. You were given a gift but refuse to utilize it for something as simple as pride. Goku said.

Like you're one to judge. You almost gave up your life because of your pride. Naruto said.

I'm … different from you. Goku said with his back turned from his brother.

IN WHAT REGARD! Naruto screamed.

Goku slowly turned to face his brother as all anger dissipated from Naruto's face as he saw the sad smile on his brother.

You have no idea how lonely it is being me. Everyone … even you has placed me on a high pedestal. The looks everyone gave me when they saw my stats during the testing part of the exam. Being the reincarnation of a great hero and being thrown into an arduous scheme in their future plans. What makes me different from you is the fact that I'm not one of you. No matter how much I want to be, I have to accept the fact that I'm not, my tail is proof of that. I can't help but like fighting, I can't help but being prideful and I can't help the fact that I was born to follow a fixed path. You have no idea how much I envy the rest of you guys who can follow whatever path they want however they please. I thought my future dream was to be a hero but it turns out, it's nothing more than what my past life wanted being carried to me. I'm not my own person. Goku said.

Goku I …. Naruto started but Goku started laughing.

Just kidding. Of course I'm not lonely I have you as a brother after all. It may be true on what I said before but I don't care. I don't sweat on all the details but I understand my roll. It's fine if I'm to follow a fixed path since it coincides with my dream to be a hero. Even if this dream was something that was carried over from my past life, I can be a different kind of hero then what they were and even if I'm different from you, that doesn't change the fact that you're my brother, mom and dad are still my parents and that I have the best friends in the whole wide world. Goku said.

That was a mean joke. You made me really feel bad. Naruto said with a pout.

Sorry sorry but what I'm trying to say is that everything can be looked at different angles. I could have choose to be all broody and dark if I saw it the way that I explained but I didn't. The reason you don't want to use the fox's power is because you think you have something to prove, that you are just as strong without it. You believe that being bestowed with having its powers is a curse rather than a gift. Goku said which Naruto slightly nodded to.

Look at it this way, the fox, Kyuubi, is something only unique to you. You are one in a million and that's what sets you apart from everybody else. Mom told us that she was once its carrier and that the life a jinchuriki must face is a hard one but whether if you're happy or not is up to you. After all this struggle, we made irreplaceable friends and we're surrounded by all kinds of wonderful things. You may not like the Kyuubi now but if you begin to understand him instead of dreading him, you'll find all kinds of possibilities laid out for you until his powers become your own. Goku said.

I know I certainly didn't like Kakarot in the beginning. Goku thought.

But … he's scary and filled with so much hatred that you can't even imagine. How can I be friends with that kind of monster? If it weren't for you who knows how many more lives he could have taken. Naruto stated.

Because Naruto, I believe … that you can make anyone your friend. You truly understand the value of friendship and comradery and above all else, you never give up on anyone. Goku said.

The same could be said for you though. Naruto said.

Not really, I have chosen to follow the path of a hero and sometimes … a hero has to face a difficult choice. Based on my memories on my past life, my predecessor so to speak, had to kill one of his friends or at least tried to because his friend became possessed and was a big threat to the world. If I was to follow the same path and if one of my friends were to become a big threat to the world, then I have no choice but to end them because any villain that a hero faces, they have to bring down without any prejudice or bias. Goku said.

So what you're saying is … if someone like Sasuke were to become a serious threat …. Naruto began.

Then I have no choice but to end him. Goku said with all seriousness.

You can't be serious. Naruto said.

We have yet to reach that road though … but if a day comes where something like that were to happen …. Goku started.

No I don't want to listen anymore, you're not my brother. This is all just a dream. My real brother would never say those things. Naruto said.

You didn't let me finish. Like I said, if we were to reach that road, than … I have complete faith that you will be the one to change his or her mind. Goku said.

Huh? Naruto said.

Like I said, I can be a different kind of hero than my past life granted that I might give some leeway to my friends if they were to become evil but if I acknowledge that they become something beyond saving, you know the rest. I'll stop anyone as much times as possible and any amount of time but if they were to go past the line of no return, then I have to respond appropriately. Which is why I'll be counting on you, to save them before I have to make such a choice. Goku said.

What makes you think I have that kind of power? Naruto asked which made Goku smile.

Because you're my brother and I know more about you than anyone else. Goku said which made Naruto smile.

Friends with Kyuubi huh … can it be done? Naruto asked.

The first step is to trust him and acknowledge that he's a part of you now. Goku said.

I'm still going to fight Neji as I am … but it's not going to be because of my sense of pride but to measure myself on how far I can go by myself without him. Using his power is dangerous and I don't like to seriously hurt people when it doesn't have to be that way. Any weaknesses I find by fighting by myself, I'll find a way to fix them so that I can be less reliant on the fox's power. You might not know this but the fox is … kind of lazy. All he does is sleep all day and when I need his powers he gets super annoyed. Naruto said which made Goku chuckle.

Is that so …. Anyway, I've been meaning to ask. Goku started.

Hmm, what is it bro? Naruto asked.

I think it's about time I meet this fox. I'm the one who placed him where he is … I think I should at least know what kind of well … being he is before you do anything else. I usually have a good read on people. Goku said.

You sure, he's not exactly the nicest guy to be around and he's huge. Naruto said.

Goku was having flashbacks to his first dream with the ten tailed monster.

Trust me, I've seen some big things and the thing I'm thinking of is probably bigger than the fox. Goku said. Naruto just shrugged on what Goku said and trusted his brother knew what he was doing and if not, he reminded himself that it's still a dream.

Here we go! Naruto said as the dark area of space started to disappear as both boys reappeared in a sewer like place in front of a giant cage.

Sheesh Naruto, your mind is dirtier than I imagined. Goku joked.

Ha, ha very funny. You write that one yourself? Naruto said sarcastically.

You … WHY ARE YOU HERE! Kyuubi screamed as he bashed his head in the cage as hard as he could only to prove futile.

Hello fox there's some things I need to discuss with you. Goku simply said.

And why would I listen to you. Kyuubi said.

That's a good question. By all means you have every right to be angry with me but I am here on business. Goku said.

Business? Naruto and Kyuubi thought.

I want to know your current relationship with my brother. Goku said.

I hate his guts. Kyuubi said.

Same here buddy. Naruto said as he turned away from the beast.

But that doesn't change the fact that you're still working together. Goku stated.

Only because I made a deal with that brat. Kyuubi deadpanned.

Speaking of which where is Omega? Goku asked.

He said he has two shift so I just sent him back to his original post wherever that is. Naruto said.

Goku crossed his arms in thought thinking of where he could be but for the life of him he couldn't think of another place within the confines of his shared mind.

Well whatever the case is you're partners now and you guys need to work together. Goku said.

And why should I work with the one that imprisons me. I only do what is necessary to stay alive and it's for my benefit not his. Kyuubi said.

Well I don't mean to brag but I remember clearly that I so kicked your ass without even using all my powers. Goku bluffed knowing it technically really wasn't him but he needed to bait the monster into an argument and he took it.

Bullshit you're different from the person that I fought. You're no longer as strong as you once were. Kyuubi said.

True but it won't be long until I catch up while you're still stuck until Naruto grows old and dies.

Gee thanks bro. Naruto deadpanned only to softly get elbowed in the stomach giving the universal sign of following his lead.

While I get stronger, you'll be stuck forever being complacent as you are. Goku said.

GRRR … get to your point already! Kyuubi growled in anger.

Naruto has the potential to be every bit as strong as I am. What my point is that you invest some of your powers to him so that one day, the both of you will have the strength to conquer any of your future enemies. I said that I was going to follow the path of a hero but nothing is set in stone that one day that I might turn evil and by then, who's going to stop me? Goku asked as this got surprised looks from both Naruto and Kyuubi.

This could be your one chance of revenge against me because as I am, there's no way my brother would have any reason to kill me that is if he could do it alone. Plus you're going to be stuck with him for a while now mind as well get used to him and help him out now and then. Goku said trying to persuade the monster before him.

What makes you so sure that this brat will be as every bit as strong as you? Kyuubi asked.

Because I believe he can as a brother and a friend. If you're going to be forced to be merged with someone, you mind as well be merged with the person with the most potential, you get what I'm saying right? Goku asked.

Just because you believe that he can doesn't make it true. He'll never be anything without my help. Kyuubi said.

Is that why he mastered Kage bunshin, Rasengan and the wind chakra element at the age of 13? He mastered attacks that only a few select people can do just think what he can do once he grows up? Just the thought makes my blood boil in excitement and because of this feeling I know that he can become someone truly strong. With your combined might, who's to say that one day both you and Naruto surpass me? Like I said, this could be your one chance of revenge against me and the first step is to trust each other and accept the other for who they are. This is a personal lesson from BG, the guy that beat you, you the unstoppable Kyuubi. Goku said.

Both Kyuubi and Naruto stayed silent as they both looked at each other and now had determined looks now facing towards Goku now that they have a similar goal.

I've already given him some of my strength with the contract I made with him of sending that blasted dragon away. When I was merged with your mother, as much as I hate to admit it she used my powers relatively well enough to be considered as a possible candidate for a Hokage, the strongest position a human can hold. If you say that this brat has just as much potential as you, count on the day that we will beat you. Kyuubi stated as his pride was overpowering his hatred ever since he was tossed around like a rag doll by none other than the person in front of him.

I will be number 1 and I will be Hokage one day just wait and see brother. I will surpass you. Naruto said looking directly at Goku with all seriousness making Goku smirk.

It's a challenge then. Let's give it our best shot. Goku said as he held out a fist.

Naruto smirked and returned his gesture with a fist bump. Goku then turned to Kyuubi as he held out his fist.

C'mon you know you want to. Goku said with his trademark Son grin.

No …. Kyuubi said too prideful to return the gesture.

Well whatever. Goku said as he placed his hands on his head while still sporting his grin.

Anyway before you guys can fight and beat me to the ground, you still have to fight someone or did you forget? Goku asked.

Huh? Naruto asked until a loud banging sound erupted within him.

-End dream-

Naruto jolted awake and looked around only to find that he was alone and in his room with the alarm clock blaring loudly against his ear.

Was that a dream? Naruto asked himself and realized that he still remembered every bit of the dream. It was until he suddenly felt a surge of power well within him for a second only for him to realize it was the Kyuubi chakra making Naurto smirk.

Is that your way of saying it wasn't a dream … friend. Naruto stated out loud before getting out of bed and putting on his usual get up feeling a lot better than the night before.

Let's do this. Naruto said confidently as he headed straight for the arena.

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