1 - Seeing

For a moment Harry started, surprised at the first sign of any sort of non-muggle presence in this world. He swore his heart skipped a beat, even as he automatically reached for his wand, grasping the familiar wood tightly under his jacket as he stared at the wolf-man.

The wolf-man turned, as if he could sense the wizard's gaze, and his earlier visage melted away into a human one a long second after their eyes met. The now-man-again blinked, staring at Harry with a small, confused frown on his face. A second later the confusion melted away in realisation and the man took a step back.

But Harry wasn't going to let his only hint of magic get away. Not now that he found something just as magical and out of place as he was in this world. No, he was bloody well going to find out just who or what that wolf-man was. Mind made up, his shoulders straightened and his face blazed with a merciless determination that hid the desperate loneliness and fear of these last few months.

With his sharp eyes not leaving the man's he moved forward.

He had not expected the man to actually run.

(Word Count: 200)