42 - Detectives

"Harry! Are you alright?" Nick burst into his bakery, where Harry was admittedly just doing busy work.

He would really rather have just remained open but… well, the bloody message on the door and the broken window probably wouldn't be too inviting for customers.

If only this had happened in the weeks leading up to Halloween, then he would have been able to write it off as rather too enthusiastic decorating. Besides, unfortunate things did tend to happen to him around Halloween and it would have been nice if the only thing Harry had to deal with this year was a simple death threat.

"Detective," he greeted and then corrected himself when he noticed Hank following at a more reasonable pace, "Detectives. I came looking for you earlier."

"I heard what happened," Nick said, all sincere concern. His eyes swept up and down, as if he was trying to discover some sort of hidden injury on Harry. The baker shook his head at the man but couldn't help a fond smile. "I'm fine, Nick. Do you guys want a coffee?"

His friend ignored the offer in favour of pointing out the obvious. "You left the bloody message up on the door?"

"Sergeant Wu said someone would come by to take a sample of the blood," Harry explained, and then continued with a hint of petulance, "your police captain bullied me into filing a report."

Hank let out a short laugh at that. "A threat written in blood is a legitimate incident to report," he pointed out. "I just don't get why the captain would get involved in this?"

"He's been here a few times. Usually a latte macchiato or dark roast, if I remember correctly. He recognized me, I suppose," Harry answered with a fake casualness, feeling strange and uncomfortable with the half-lie. The wizard paused for a moment and, though rather unwillingly, continued. "He didn't ask any questions about why I wanted to tell you about this, right?" If his voice came out a little wooden, it was the best he could do.

Nick shook his head. "Harry, a threat like this is frightening, I get that. It's not strange at all to want to inform a friend, especially one who works at the police department."

"And if there's anything we can do to help, you let us know," Hank offered with that calm certainty that must be comforting to every victim he came across in his work. "We can even arrange for a patrol officer to keep watch during the night, if you're worried."

Harry just stared at the two of them for a moment. It was a kind offer, he guessed, but why in the world would he even need that? It was just a threat and not a particularly frightening one at that - they hadn't even entered the bakery. Besides, Harry wasn't the actual Grimm, now was he? The whole reason he'd even bothered to go to the police department in the first place was to tell Nick. To warn him.

"Nick, you do realise that this says death to all Grimms, don't you?" the wizard checked, because it kind of seemed like they were both missing the point entirely. "I came to the police station to warn you. About a threat that might also be meant for you. Because it's kind of rude to not tell a friend when his life is being threatened."

The Grimm visibly stalled, tilting his head as he considered that, which meant that no, the man hadn't realised the implications at all. Instead he had just come over here like the big protective idiot that he was.

Harry let out a breath and shook his head with far too much fondness. "No-one needs to keep watch. I doubt it's anything more than some teenagers being brave but stupid what with the dramatic message written in blood, but I felt that you might want to know. Alright?"

Nick considered his words for a long moment and finally nodded. "I suppose it might be the kind of thing teenage Wesen get up to," he said slowly. "But I'll drop by on my way home anyway to check on you. And call me the second anything seems off, even in the middle of the night."

"Don't worry about me," Harry said, because, well, to him bloody messages were hardly anything new or overly frightening. Still, he appreciated the man's concern.

Now if only Nick would be a little more worried about himself for a change.

"Keep an eye on your partner, Hank," he tried appealing to the more reasonable of the two, "just in case."

"Always," the man immediately answered, "And let me just point out that all of our lives are way too weird."

At that the wizard couldn't help a rueful shake of his head. "Story of my life," he commented and quickly turned away to make coffee for what would likely be his only customers today. Harry might as well send them off with most of the cakes and pies from the cold storage too, because he wasn't going to be selling any today and he had plenty of time to make new ones.

He didn't tell Hank that his life had never quite been this peaceful before and that actually that was probably the weird bit for him.

"Coffee to go," he offered both men instead. "I'll get you a bag full of pastries as well. Wouldn't want them to spoil."

"The Portland Police Department thanks you," Hank responded with a smile.

"Make sure to save some for Sergeant Wu," Harry said, "Though I'm not sure if making me go through unreasonable amounts of paperwork is actually something that deserves a reward. Still, I suppose he did suffer them with me…"

Nick laughed. "We'll save him some, I promise." The man's formerly tense stance was looser now. The light banter seemed to have melted the concern, to some extent.

Good. Free baked goods would do the rest, one could hope.

(Word Count: 1000)