Walking through the hallways pretending nothing was wrong seemed easy, it wasn't. Nine months they'd been broken up, somehow they'd survived. Seeing other girls hanging and drooling all over him, each time feeling her heart twinge, a pang of jealously through her veins, as they touched his bicep or stroked his hair, but each time breaking her piece by piece. It had been the same for him, even the way she screamed at guys that tried to approach her and they ran off crying, he couldn't help but feel deprived off her voice, yelling at him, him trying to calm her down, controlling her.

As she walked past him at his locker that day, he knew something was wrong, instantly, just something about her usual frown wasn't right, she looked worried like something bad would happen to her. Thinking nothing more of it he returned to Sikowitz's classroom, but even through the class he couldn't concentrate. Throughout his eyes stayed fixated on her pale features, her distinct ghostly skin, crimson red lips, the fluorescent purple highlights and ebony locks cascading down her back. Her eyes seemed glassy and distant as if she was in a daydream, but she still wore the same timid, frail look she did earlier…

As Sikowitz and the rest of the class filed out of the room, Sikowitz shouting something about coconuts in the cafeteria, he took his shot at finding out was up with her. Walking a few steps towards her, where she was packing her things away, he tapped her on the shoulder with a look of concern on his face.

"Hey, is something up? You just don't seem like you for some reason?"

"Why would you care? And for your information Imp fine think you very much."

A knowing look appeared across Beck's face, he could tell straight away she was lying. He knew her too well.


"Come on Jade, we dated for three years, I think I can tell when something's wrong."

"It's nothing really, it doesn't matter, honestly, just go on hurry up or there will be not food left." She said gesturing to the door.

"No, stop. I couldn't care less about lunch, not when you're not okay. We may be broken up but I still care…"

A pained expression appeared on her face, when he mentioned being broken, then her face changed deciding whether or not tell him, fighting an internal battle.

"Erm… well-"

Just as she was about to tell him, Cat burst in followed by a huge person in a Gorilla suit and came whizzing through the classroom.

"I gotta go." Jade stated.

"No! Jade, wait!" Beck yelled, but she was already out the door and heading towards the asphalt café. He sighed, walking out the classroom, oblivious to Cat being wrestled by the Gorilla. He'd have to try later, he wouldn't stop tell he found out what she was hiding from him…