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It was too hard for her, to seem him like this, while she sat there helplessly as they tried to force the life back into him. The journey taking what seemed like decades to get to the hospital. With Beck's limp lifeless body on the stretcher they rushed him in, running full speed through the double doors. She followed. Never wanting to leave his side, this was all her fault, I did this too him, she thought to herself. The nurse's hands were bracing his chest, (good job she wasn't pretty jade thought) allowing air to flow back through his lungs. Breaking down at the sight of it all Jade was advised to leave. She sat alone on the chairs outside tapping her foot impatiently and pacing just thinking about the verdict of his health. Mr and Mrs Oliver had gone on an anniversary trip to Venice for a week so Beck was by himself; no one else would visit except from maybe his friends after Jade had called them. "Hello, Andre?"

"Jade? Hey girl what's up?"

"It's Beck, he…he came to the airport, when he was hit by a van and-"her speech was interrupted by her breath hitching up mid-sentence.

"Woah. Woah Jade it's okay, um… where are you? We'll all meet you there."

"I'm at the one downtown by the airport… sorry I don't know the name umm…"

"Don't worry I know the one you mean. Right, we're on our way."

After hanging up the phone, Andre told the guys the news indicating they had to make a move fast. Their friend needed them. Both of them did.

"Excuse me? Miss…Oliver?"

"Yes? What is it, is he okay?"

"Yes he's fine, he drifting in and out of consciousness, aside from a couple of broken bones he'll should be fine"

A huge sigh of relief left Jade's lips, it was the best news she had possibly ever heard. "Well. Can I see him?"

"Of course, right this way."

Jade practically ran into the room and settled herself at his side. Understanding privacy between them was needed the nurses and doctors headed out of the room, admiring how loyal she was to this boy.

"Quick, they should be up here somewhere!" Tori exclaimed to the rest of the group.

"Excuse me? But are you all looking for someone?"

"Yes! Is there a Mr Oliver here?"

"I'm sorry but can you confirm your relation to him?"

"We're his friends, his parents are on vacation, please can we see him?"

"I suppose, I shall show you where he is."

The group filed down the hospital corridors, eager to see their friend and in what condition he was in. They stopped dead in their tracks as they approached his room, gazing at the sight they saw. Beck apparently unconscious and jade kneeling at his bedside, his hand in hers as she spoke softly to him. Never in their lives would they have ever expected to have seen such phenomena…

"Beck… I'm… I'm sorry for everything. Not just this but everything I've ever done to you. All I ever did when we were together was mess things up for you. Got jealous, ruined everything. I just need you to know how sorry I am and that I… I… I still love you. I never stopped; I guess I just hoped that somewhere along the line, that was it. We'd be together always, get married and start a life together. But with me moving away and... And after this I really don't think I could do that to you, let's face it, you were thinking it, and so was everyone else. You've moved on and just don't want me anymore."

Jade heard his voice, raspy and broken but still his… "Jade… I…I…