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Morning rose and I was getting Bella's present ready for her birthday. I had made her a scrap book with a gold frame for her Senior year. I was glad that her she could get Bella such a nice gift that could tie in with my parents. The only thing I was still a little iffy about was Edward. I knew that sI he didn't have to impress my sister's boyfriend but I just didn't know how to feel about him. He still kind of gave me the creeps.

This weekend I'm going to the Res to see Jake, Quil, and Embry. She had written a new song and wanted them to hear it and i just wanted to get out of this house and be as far away from my sister as possible.

"Happy Birthday Bella", Dad said I was stood in the door way I was nervous about being here.

I moved back in a few days ago Jake was sad but I promised that we'll hang out loads or he could kidnap me from school.

"Please no gifts." Bella said.

Dad got her a camera and she didn't open mine she just threw it.

"Its a scrap book your sister made it." Dad said, and Bella blinked a few times and shrugged.
"Your welcome." I hissed out, stupid drama queen.

Dad smiled and nuged me "Is that a grey hair?"

"What!?" Bella screamed, scrambling towards her mirror to check out her hair, "not funny."

"Nice one dad." I said laughing at his joke. My sister could be so dramatic sometimes. Bella glared at me.

"Come on well be late." Bella said and I huffed in annoyance.

"I am not getting in a car with him no way." I stated, putting my foot down on the sidewalk.

"Fine walk then." Bella replied before climbing into the silver Volvo.
I huffed texting Jake

Bella got me in the creepy car ;(

Yikes..Quill and Embry say hi

Bella hated my gift :'( worked ** it to

Well she's a bit cold but hey want me to bring you to the Res school

Please get me out of here! I swear creepy can read my mind.

Finished we arrived I do not like the Cullen one bit. Bella's other friends didn't get on my nerves quite as much. I like Mike and Angela just fine, Jessica is a bit fake for me and so is Eric.
"Hey Jamie, you all right?" Mike called to me and I nodded my head walking over to the small circle of friends.

"Take a picture of all of us." Bella said before shoving me the small digital camera. I huffed and snapped the shot for them.

" Let me get one of the two of you." Mike said too cheerily and Bella and I both grumbled, forcing smiles onto our faces so it looked like we enjoyed each other's presence. When the pictures where done Bella glared at me again.

"Jacob's here." She said and I sighed in relief, turning on my heel and heading right for him.

"Jake please get me out of here." I said desperately and Jacob laughed.

"Why do you think I am here Jamie?" He said with a grin and I punched his shoulder affectionately.
"Hey Jacob," Bella said with a nod. I always felt like Bella flirted with Jake when he was round me. I knew the idea was ridiculous becasue she had Edward, but it still got to me. "What are you doing here?"

"To take Jamie out of here, every one needs a day off once in a while." Jacob said and I smiled, rolling my eyes.
"Better hope no one tells Charlie." Bella says and I lick my lips. I couldn't tell if she was implying that she was going o tell dad or not.

Jake was shocked but wasn't mad at Bella. It was something we grew used to after awhile. Bella never called dad dad unless it was to his face. He was just Charlie to her.

"Oh, by the way. Happy birthday, I got you a dream catcher for bad dreams." Jacob said with a goofy grin. He was trying to flirt and the thought was absolutely revolting.

"Thanks I love it better than the lame Scrap book I got." Bella says and I feel my stomach twist. That was a freakin' low blow.

I was angry and Angela and Jessica were shocked at the was Bella treated me. They adored me, which I thought was funny. who would have thought my sister's friends would like me more than my own sister. It was like some bad soap opera.

As Jake and I drove away I felt terrible and I knew as soon as we would arrive on the Res, Jacob would tell the boys what happened back at the school. I knew that they were worried for me and my sudden anger issues. It wasn't normal for me to get like that, I had also sprouted a good few inches making me seem like a giant. I was almost as tall as the boys which was strange since no one in my family was that height. I wrote it off as me being special, perhaps I was adopted or something. That would really add something to the drama of my life.

I climb out of the car and find Sam Uley and Paul Lahote watching us from the other side of the street. They were talking in low voices, giving me a strange look. I smiled at them because I didn't know how else to react. They grew silent after and I shivered, they creeped me out as much as Cullen.