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Jamie and Sam stood in the clearing. She was nervous about discussing with him about being a wolf and what it entails. "So why do we turn anyway?"

Sam chuckled at his new found sister. "You'll hear the legends at the bonfire."

"Okay, but what are we doing right now though, Sam?" she asked. She felt nervous. All this was new to her. Even though she knew Sam and the rest of the pack since she was a little girl, finding out she was Sam's half-sister just recently, was like a bombshell. She had felt more at home with the pack than she did with Rene and her family. Even though Charlie had raised her like his own, she had still felt out of place when she lived with him.

Sam smiled at Jamie. Getting to know her was hard. Enabling her to form some kind of bond was hard due to Bella as trust was an issue. "Whenever you're angered, it might cause you to phase. Training you will help just in case."

"Has that ever happened? I mean phasing uncontrollably?" she asked.

Sam kept quiet. He didn't know if Jamie knew about the incident with Emily or not.

Jamie noticed his look. "You mean Emily? But Sam she's says it was an accident and she's still loves you and she's still wonderful too."

Sam was shocked what shocked him more was that she was hugging him. Sam wrapped him arms round her taking In her scent jasmine and ruby and wild flowers rare in wolfs sweet and elegant strange.

"Thanks kiddo. How about a run?"

"Really? Honest? Yes, yes, please!" Jamie exclaimed, sounding excited.

Sam laughed at her excitement. He could tell right then and there they would get along easily.

Jamie phased into her red wolf form, which resembled a fox. In her wolf form, she was smaller than Lea. To the others of the pack, she looked like a pup. She did have a couple advantages though the others didn't. Her speed was ten times faster and she was more flexible.

Sam phased into his wolf black fur and dark eyes.

They ran through the wood racing.

*hurry up slow poke* Jamie taunted.

*that's it pup your going to get it*

Jamie yelped and ran high speed.

After a few hours, they went back Jamie still in wolf and Sam in human form. Sam shook his head. "change back pup."

Jamie rolled over jumping hyper actively shook her head took off Sam rolled his eyes

Paul said, "I bet she smelled Jacob nearby."

Sam laughed, "Damn, she's good poor Jake."

Quil spoke, "She's damn fast and she's small too. Strange. Alpha females are small. Plus she's half and her color is due to her hair."

Sam said, "To the pack. But does she know? She will let her have fun. She's a kid. After the bonfire, she's going to be acting on edge and with Bella, she's going to have a different option on her sister"

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