Lester stood at the door to the armoury watching Becker. He had not spoken to anyone since he returned to the ARC and now he

sat at the desk resting on his elbows, slowly turning the medieval coin in his blood stained fingers. His eyes were red and puffy.

There were times when Lester really hated his job. There had been too many tragedies.

"What is it?" Becker said flatly not even looking up.

Lester took that as an invitation to enter. "Becker...I am afraid I have to inform you...Sarah is..."

"I know" Becker interrupted abruptly not wanting to hear the words.

"What happened?" Lester asked gently.

"We failed. I failed." Becker yelled jumping to his feet. "We were supposed to rescue the others but instead we lost more men. We

lost Sarah"

"That is always a possibility in this job. They all knew that" Lester said calmly, in spite of the fact he too felt like screaming at


"Well, maybe I can't do this job anymore. I quit" Becker said fiercely. Lester did wonder if the Captain was about to lash out at him

"Captain Becker, I understand how you must feel right now, but you are the only one that can lead this operation." Lester's voice

contained no sarcasm but

was understanding and sympathetic. "Get cleaned up and take a few days and come and see me. I need you on this team."

"There is no team." Becker yelled again. "I let Danny, Connor and Abby get stranded in some godforsaken place and I let Sarah

bleed to death in my arms."

"Neither of which was your fault."

"I should have turned back when we saw those creatures." Becker said more quietly.

"What did you see out there?" Lester asked calmly.

"Helen. We had arrived through a different anomaly into the exact time that they went through. If we could have stopped her there,

we could have found the others. We were so close. Instead I lost them all."

"You had a mission to complete. There is always a risk in that."

"A risk that I'm not prepared to take with other people lives again" The fierceness had returned to his voice "So no I don't want to

be a part of it any more. Didn't you hear me. I quit!"

Becker turned and stormed from the room.

Lester sank back onto the desk and ran a hand through his hair.


"Move! It's coming back through" Matt yelled before firing off a shot from the EMD.

Connor and Abby moved closer, looking at what, or who, had come through. They looked up at each other.

"Danny!" they exclaimed in unison.

They dragged him out-of-the-way and tried to rouse him as Becker joined them.

"Come on Quinn. Get up. Stop faking" Becker said apparently unsympathetically.

Danny opened his eyes and looked at Abby "Becker. Oh Becker you're much cuter than I remember"

They hugged and laughed. All pleased to finally have the joker back.

Danny had travelled through a few anomalies to make it home and was not at all surprised that something big was happening as

soon as he returned. But the last thing he expected was to be reunited with Patrick. But there was a lot that he did not understand.

Why wouldn't this Matt guy let them speak, where was Sarah and what the bloody hell was it that had shot him.

"I'll take Ethan with me" Matt instructed "Becker, take Danny and meet us back there"

Becker patted Danny's shoulder as they went to get in the truck and he passed Danny his EMD to hold.

"Becker what is going on? Why does Matt keep calling Patrick, Ethan? Who does he think he is?" Danny asked as Becker started the

truck and drove off.

"Sorry Danny I can't tell you. Let's get back to the ARC and I'm sure everything will be explained. "

"So this Matt, what's he like? How many times has he shot you? " Danny asked, as he couldn't find out anything about Patrick.

"Just the once." Becker grinned "Matt's OK"

"What is this thing?" Danny turned the EMD around in his hands.

"Glorified tazer" Becker huffed "We aren't allowed live ammo any more"

Danny grinned. "Soldier boy doesn't get to play with the real guns" He teased.

"Shut up Quinn" Becker sulked "You'll notice quite a few changes"

"What else? Where's Sarah? Doesn't she go out in the field anymore? I can't wait to see her" Danny asked.

Becker breathed in sharply. He knew this question would come. But it didn't make it easier to answer.

Danny looked at Becker, his hands gripping the steering wheel and his face blank. "Becker? Did she find someone else?" Danny


Becker didn't answer for a moment. Then he pulled the truck off at the side of the road and removed his earpiece.

"Worse" Becker replied quietly. He took the coin from his pocket and gave it to Danny.

"She wanted you to have this"

Danny took it and looked at Becker in confusion.

"I'm really sorry, Danny. Sarah is dead."

"How?" He asked quietly in disbelief.

"Creature" Becker replied squeezing his shoulder.

"Did you... Were you..." Danny started to crumble. He hadn't expected to come back to any of this.

"Yes, I was with her" Becker answered

Danny nodded as a stray tear rolled down his cheek. He shrugged off Becker's hand and jumped out of the truck. He kicked the

door several times as he yelled, eventually allowing Becker to comfort him.

"When did it happen?" Danny asked as they sat on the grass leaning against the truck.

"About five months after we lost you. She never stopped believing you'd be back."

Danny pulled a battered mobile from his pocket "Any chance you can get this working again?"

"You kept that?" Becker was surprised.

"Mission pictures" Danny explained "And Sarah"

Becker took it. "I'll give it to the techies when we get back"

They got to their feet " I have lost Sarah but got Patrick back. Someone likes playing games with me" Danny stated "I have to see


Becker nodded, patted Danny's shoulder again and they set off after Matt.

Becker still wasn't allowed to let Danny speak to Patrick and Danny took it out on the shutter's behind him, before Lester

found him and took him off to his office where he explained everything. Danny hung his head in disbelief. This was supposed

to be a good day. Instead Sarah was dead and his brother was a murderer. It wasn't supposed to be like this. He left Lester's office

and leant on the railings outside trying to make sense of it all. There were so many questions, so much he'd missed.

Becker walked Danny down to the detention cell.

He returned his phone as they walked "Here. They cleaned it up and stuck a new battery in and surprisingly it still works. You'll

probably need to re-register it"

Danny pressed a few buttons flicking through some of the pictures. Then his breath caught as he saw something else.

"What is it?" Becker asked as Danny stopped walking.

Danny leant back heavily on the wall "Message from Sarah" He stared at it for a moment before handing it to Becker.

"I'll never give up on you.

Love you too

Your Sare x"

"Oh God!" Becker stared at the long forgotten text "I'm sorry. I never expected you to get it" He looked up at Danny "She sent it a

few days after you went through. Just in case you came back to anywhere with a signal and maybe things were different. You were


"Claudia Brown" Danny murmured. The name was more to all of them than just a person. It represented a whole space-time theory

that only Connor understood. "But I'm still me."

"Unfortunately," Becker smiled sarcastically, before becoming serious. "And Sarah still loved you."


As Danny walked back through the anomaly after Patrick, nestled in his pocket, next to his phone, was the Knight's coin. He placed

his hand over them and whispered "I'll never give up, Sare and I'll always love you."