Fairy Tail: Chronicles of Team Lucy

Episode 010: Escape from Clover Canyon!

Arc II: Eisenwald Arc Part 5

New Main Characters:

Chisame Corona: Age 17 Poison Dragon Slayer and her partner Roxie: Age 6

Special Guest Appearance:

Shigeru Sandarov: Age 17 Earth Dragon Slayer and his partner Terra: Age 6

This chapter covers the following episode: Episode 009: Natsu Devours a Village

By the way, I am adding a bit of a twist to this episode. It's something I have to do for the plot of this story.


Previously on Fairy Tail My Way, Team Lucy went to take down Eisenwald, Luna Heartfilia, her flying cat Kiyu, Setsuko Koori, her flying cat Shiro joined Team Lucy in the fight against Eisenwald. It was a tough battle to say the least, but eventually the Lullaby monster was defeated and Eisenwald was forced to disband and all of the members of Eisenwald were arrested for their part in the Lullaby plot to kill all the guild masters. However, the battle between the Lullaby Demon and Team Lucy ended up destroying the Clover Conference Hall. Also joining Fairy Tail were two former renegade wizards Chisame Corona a Poison Dragon Slayer and her partner flying feline Roxie, as well as Shigeru Sandarov an Earth Dragon Slayer and his partner flying feline Terra. Little did Team Lucy know, that they would encounter the two Dragon Slayers and their partners again in the search for something special to Setsuko. Also something special to Shigeru and Chisame as well. Also will Either Chisame or Shigeru join up with Team Lucy? Let's find out.

Our Adventure starts here, in Clover Canyon...

Two Fairy Tail Wizards are searching for Team Lucy. One of them is Alzack Connell, and the other is Bisca Mulan.

Alzack is a young man of average height with long black hair that covers the right part of his face. His eyes are black as well, and the right one is always obscured by his hair. A man from the western country, Alzack's attire mirrors that of fictional cowboys, minus their signature hats. His outfit consists of a long brown coat resembling a poncho with tasseled edges together with a shirt and torn pants with strips similar to the ones on his coat hanging from their edges - these being held up by a studded belt with a skull-shaped buckle. On his feet he wears simple shoes, or boots. He has a case on his right hip, attached to a belt, in which he usually keeps one of his guns, and he also sports an ornament circling his left leg, consisting of a large leather belt, seemingly decorated by concentric circles in its widest part.

Bisca is a young woman with long, straight green hair that reaches down to her lower back, and a set of long bangs framing her face. She has brownish purple eyes, and is always seen wearing red lipstick. Bisca's attire mirrors that of a fictional cowgirl, with a Western-style hat always visible on her head, a light, polka-dotted neck scarf, and a pair of reddish brown boots. Her body is covered by a short, strapless one-piece dress decorated by blue spiraling motifs with white, striped edges.

Alzack is leaning down in a squatting position inspecting some footprints. "There's no doubt about it Bisca, these are their foot prints. It looks to me that it's been two days since they've been through here."

"If that's the case, then they should've reached Magnolia a long time ago." Bisca said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "It could mean trouble, now what?"

"It's probably best if we give our report to the Guild." Alzack said.

"We're going back?" Bisca asked.

The two got on some flightless bird like creatures and started to head back.

She is Bisca Mulan, he is Alzack Connell. As they return to Fairy Tail to make their report of their scouting mission, both carry hearts of uncertainty.

This is all that blue cat's fault! We are hopelessly lost in a natural maze of canyons known as Clover Canyon, the same Canyon that the train line from Magnolia to Clover goes on where Erigor was defeated by Big Brother Natsu.

Fairy Tail Guild Hall...

Al and Bisca arrive inside the guild hall with sad looks on their faces as they report to Mirajane about the status of their comrades.

"We tracked them to Clover Canyon, but it's been two days since they defeated Eisenwald. They should've been back by now." Alzack said to the S-Class Take Over Wizard.

"The footprints we came across in that canyon were more than two days old." Bisca said to Mirajane with a heavy heart.

"This is no good at all." Mirajane stated worriedly in fear. "I need to give them a message from the council right away."

"Don't blame me." Bisca stated with her left hand on her hip and her right hand hanging down loosely at her side. "I wanted to go after them, they are our guild mates after all. They are also the strongest team that Fairy Tail has to offer, I also wanted to meet the newcomers that have recently joined the guild."

"But there'd be no point," Alzack remarked to the green-haired cowgirl. "Clover Canyon is a death trap. Even with someone from a hunters' guild to guide you, it would swallow you up and never spit you out."

"But if it's a dangerous maze of canyons," Bisca stated, then continued. "why would they even wanna go in there?"

"I don't know, but it must be important." Mirajane said while carrying a tray in her right hand, and her left hand hanging down to the side loosely. It was very clear from the look on the Cover Girl of Fairy Tail's face that she was extremely worried as she put her left hand to her cheek, and continued. "I'm sure the Master can handle things, but I'm still a little worried."

"We will go look for them." A female voice said as a dark purple-haired girl stepped out of the shadows. "Let Team Fatal Quake handle it, after all, we owe Lucy, Lisanna and that other girl Luna for bringing us to Fairy Tail and helping us set our lives straight."

"Besides, we Dragon Slayers have good senses of smell and hearing." A male voice said from the same shadows that the female voice came from. "We are all part of a family you know, and family members lookout for each other."

"Chisame, Shigeru you think you bring my little sister and her team back?" Mirajane asked with relief. "I mean Clover Canyon is far away from here."

"Shigeru and Chisame are men!" Elfman exclaimed as he came into the Guild Hall from some training and he pumped his fists as he comes into the Guild Hall.. "We can count on Team Fatal Quake to bring our younger siblings and cousin back."

"I hope you're right Elfman." Mirajane said still in the same position as she was earlier. "You do realize that Chisame is a girl don't you?"

"We have to believe in them Mira." Loke said from his spot with the two girls hanging on him. I really hope that Lucy is okay especially. Something is telling me to protect her for some reason, and I believe Team Fatal Quake can handle it."

"Are you sure about that Loke?" Mira asked curiously as she moved her left hand from her face down to her hip. "You trust them with the lives of my siblings and my cousin?"

Loke nodded toward Mira in acknowledgement.

"Good." Mirajane said as she gave Team Fatal Quake the thumbs up, "Go bring our Nakama home!"

Team Fatal Quake nodded as Roxie and Terra wrapped their tails around their respective partners and flew off.

Back in Clover Canyon...

Happy arrives at the edge of a cliff as he kicks a pebble down into the canyon. Luna and Setsuko are fuming.

"OH GEEZ!" The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail exclaimed angrily. "Don't tell me you got us lost again Happy!"

"We have been walking forever and a half, and we still haven't made our way out of this canyon!" Lucy exclaimed angrily. "Do you have any idea where we are? Why did we decide to follow you anyway?"

"I knew it was a bad idea for us to follow you!" Liz fumed with her bad girl tone. "Why didn't you let one of us take the lead, or let one of the Dragons direct us to Magnolia?"

"L-Liz c-calm down, y-you do realize that Dragons are supposed to have disappeared s-seven years ago don't you?" Yuki asked her sister. "W-we also promised not to call them ourselves u-unless i-it's an emergency b-because th-they are training."

"So, getting hopelessly lost in a canyon is not emergency enough?" Luna asked curiously. "I think it is a very good time to call them."

"I have to agree with Luna." Kiyu stated. "I mean they could get us out of here in no time."

"So why aren't we calling them?" Setsuko asked curiously. "Doesn't this qualify as an emergency?"

"Or not?" Shiro asked just as curiously as her partner did.

"I've heard of this place, " Lisanna said. "This is Web Valley. An even bigger maze than the canyon itself. Isn't that right Big Sister Lu?"

"That's exactly right Lis." Lucy said to her younger sister. "However thanks to Happy we got hopelessly lost."

This is Web Valley, hidden deep within Clover Canyon. Here, countless fissures produced by ancient earthquakes form a fearsome maze.

Many adventurers either brave or foolish, have entered this place, only to decorate the landscape with their bones.

"What do you mean again?" Happy exclaimed angrily, then continued his rant. "How rude! I wasn't lost the last time, so this is the first time I've gotten us lost."

"Puh!" Liz scoffed angrily. "As if. We have been lost for a while now. What brought us here anyway?"

"F-first time or n-not, l-let's t-try t-to m-make i-it o-our l-last time okay?" Yuki asked timidly as she took refuge in Lisanna's hair. While the other female cats tried to take refuge in their partners' hair.

"Hold on a minute, do you see what I see?" Setsuko asked as she saw three glows inside one of the fissures. "I think we may have found something. Come on Shiro, fly me down there please. Lucy, Lisanna, Luna come with me to investigate, Natsu, Gray, Erza stay here to keep intruders away."

"Right." Every one said as Lucy and Lisanna motioned for Liz and Yuki to lower them down there, Luna also motioned for Kiyu to help her down there as Setsuko looked toward Shiro the same way.

All three female cats nodded and did as they were told.

All of a sudden Natsu smells a familiar scent. It smells like Orchids and Lilacs, as well as Fresh Cut grass and Dirt.

"I know those smells." Natsu said. "I think we met them at the guild before."

"Who is it Natsu?" Erza asked.

"I think it might be Chisame and Shigeru as well as Roxie and Terra." Natsu said. Confirming his assessment two Dragon Slayers and two flying cats arrive at Team Lucy's location.

"So Gray, where are Lucy and the others?" Chisame asked.

"I think they went down into one of the fissures, it seems they found something." Gray stated.

"Really, we better go investigate." Shigeru said as he motioned for his partner Terra, and Chisame motioned for her partner Roxie.

The two cats nod and wrap their tails around their partners' waists as Team Fatal Quake followed the scent of the other four Dragon Slayers and went down into one of the fissures.

Lucy, Luna, and Lisanna hear familiar footsteps and smell familiar scents as they turn around. Setsuko also turns around as well.

"Chisame, Shigeru?" Lucy asked with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What are you two doing here?" Lisanna inquired with her hands on her hips.

"We found something strange." Luna said from behind Lucy and Lisanna.

"I think one of these is what I am looking for." Setsuko said as she points to some keys sticking in the wall of the fissure. One has a light blue outline on the top of the key, one of them had a green outline at the top of the key, and one of them had a purple outline at the top of the key. All three keys were Platinum in color. The three newcomers looked at the symbols and gasped. In front of Setsuko was the symbol for ice, in front of Chisame was the symbol for poison, and in front of Shigeru was the symbol for earth. There was no doubt about it now, these keys belong to Masshiro, Chiyoe, and Jimen. The Ice Dragon, Poison Dragon, and Earth Dragon. These keys were Platinum Keys similar to Lisanna, Lucy, Luna, and Natsu's.

The three newest dragon slayers gasped as they each put their hands to the top of the key. They were easily able to remove them. Once they did this, they flew back up to the top of the fissure.

Meanwhile in the Dragon Realm...

Chiyoe, Jimen, and Masshiro felt something. It seems their slayers have finally found their keys after seven long years of searching for them.

Chiyoe is a dark purple dragon with lighter purple scales and wings on her back and tail. On her head is a pair of horns that look kind of like ram horns. She also has purple hair similar to the color of Chisame on her head.

Jimen is a green dragon with green hair on his head and brown scales lining his back and tail. He also has a pair of brown and green striped wings along with a pair of horns on his head that are reminiscent of the horns of an antelope.

Masshiro is a female dragon, her body is similar in size and body to Igneel, light purple scales with purple hair sticking out the back of her head with yellow horns.

"It seems our slayers have found our keys." Chiyoe said excitedly. Her voice sounded like that of a 25 year old woman. She still had that teenage lilt to her voice from time to time.

"I was wondering when my foster son would find his key." Jimen stated. His voice is similar to that of a 25 year old man. He seems to have a surfer tone to his voice which is surprising considering that he is an Earth Dragon.

"I had no doubt that Setsuko would find my key." Masshiro said to the rest of the group. Her voice was reminiscent of Ur's voice, who she knew very well and was very close to. She wonders how Queen Layla knew this would happen.

All of a sudden a blond woman about maybe 29, well 36 now wearing a pink elegant gown that goes down to her knees. She looks like an older version of Lucy. Her hair is tied up in a bun like she wore when she lived in the human world. She has on a golden tiara as she came to the three dragons that were gathered. This nearly middle-aged lady is none other than Lucy's biological mother and Natsu and the Take Over Siblings adoptive mother. She is also Luna's aunt. Her name is Layla Heartfilia

"It seems that my plan worked." Layla said. "I knew that making keys for you would let you be reunited with your proteges. I mean, Grandeeney and Metalicana also have their keys safe in the hands of Wendy and Gajeel, though I am concerned about my former husband."

"Why is that my queen?" Masshiro asked. "I mean he doesn't seem all that bad."

"I wouldn't speak too soon Masshiro." A snow white dragon said as she flies in. This dragon's name is Miyuki, the teacher of Lisanna. "He is going to do whatever he can to get Lucy back."

"I fear for my niece." A golden yellow dragon said as she flies in. Her name is Celestia, she is the teacher of Lucy. "Jude is a businessman and wants a worthy heir to pass on the company to. He is trying to marry off my niece."

"We have to do all we can to prevent that." A red dragon said as he flew in, this dragon's name is Igneel. He is the Foster Father of Natsu. "I fear he may have already hired someone to try and get Lucy back. We can't let that happen."

"When you three are summoned by your students you must manifest your human forms. In the human world you are considered Celestial Spirits, even though you are actually dragons. So be ready when the time comes for you three to be called by your students. I must return to the palace and check on my children." Layla said as she used some of her magic to return to the palace.

Back in the human world...

The five Dragon Slayers that went down into the fissure come back up with smiles on their faces, especially the three newest recruits. The group is confused and couldn't figure out why they would be so happy. They then notice the platinum keys on Chisame, Setsuko, and Shigeru's belts. They have found their dragons. Now the only problem is that they need to get out of here. Shigeru turns to the dark purple-haired girl and smiles.

"I will miss you as my partner, but I can still borrow you when I need you right Chisame?" Shigeru asked.

Chisame giggles and blushes. "Of course you can Shigeru. I just want to train with the ones that brought me to Fairy Tail. I knew you weren't really one to be part of a large team so I stayed with you for a while. One of these days I will go with you on something that isn't a mission to get to know you better."

Chisame then goes up to Shigeru and gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for everything you helped me with when we weren't part of any guild. I just feel that I could get more done in developing my magic if I were to join Team Lucy."

Shigeru touches his cheek, blushes and smiles. He then hugs Chisame back and kisses her on the cheek. "Sure, I will take you up on that over sometime. I just feel that Terra and I can get more done if we go solo for a while, don't worry we are still Team Fatal Quake, we are just taking a break for a while so you can develop more. Terra, are you ready to go?"

"I sure am Shigeru." Terra chimed as he wrapped his tail around his partners waist. "Let's go find a solo mission to go on for a bit."

Shigeru nods then waves to Chisame with a blush on his face. "Be sure to get strong for me okay Chisa?"

"You can count on me Geru, I will see you around." Chisame said with a blush on her face that matched Shigeru's

"It was nice to meet you Shigeru." Shiro and Setsuko said together.

"The same with you Setsuko. Welcome to the guild. Be safe all of you." Shigeru said as he waved good bye to everyone as Terra flew with him off into the horizon.

"Now," Chisame sighs as she puts her hands on her hips. "Thank you for letting me join the team, but how do we get out of here?"

"We need to get back to the guild soon." Roxie said as she mirrors Chisame's pose. "Mira is really worried about you. It's been two days since you all defeated Eisenwald. By the way good job on that by the way."

"Thanks." The group chimed together.

"Man I want some food!" Natsu exclaimed while holding his growling stomach in hunger.

"We all do." Gray scolded the Salamander. "Talking about it just makes us hungrier!"

Natsu and Gray get up in each other's faces and glare at each other.

"I can't help it if I'm hungry jerk!" Natsu exclaimed as he continued to glare at Gray.

"No, but you can stop running your mouth can't you?" Gray asked angrily.

"Listen up!" Makarov exclaimed angrily as he popped up between the two feuding mages. "We need to find some food."

"Yeah! We know!" Natsu and Gray exclaimed angrily together toward the master.

Lucy, Lisanna, Luna, Setsuko, and Chisame are all holding their stomachs in hunger as Chisame rolls her eyes.

"If I would've known you guys were lost, I would've brought some food along. I didn't eat anything before Shigeru and I left the guild." Chisame said in embarrassment as she put her hands behind her head and sweat dropped.

"YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T BRING US ANY FOOD?!" Lucy, Luna, and Lisanna exclaimed angrily toward the dark purple-haired girl. "We are starving!"

"We already went over this." Setsuko said calmly. "I just wish we could eat our own attacks. Lucy, your lucky you've got all kinds of pebbles and rocks around here to eat. The rest of us dragon slayers have nothing."

"Yeah, yeah, you're right, but I'm not in the mood for pebbles, rocks, dust, and debris right now I want some real food." Lucy said sadly.

"Enough!" Erza exclaimed as she stood up and her stomach growled.

"Your stomach's trying to tell you something, isn't it?" Natsu asked as the rest of the group looked on and glared at Erza.

"No it's not, you're hearing things." Erza said.

"Yeah, yeah real convincing Erza." Gray said.

The six cats saw something and their eyes lit up as stars surrounded them.

"Ahhh!" The six cats all chimed together cheerfully.

"What are you six so excited about?" The six dragon slayers asked as they looked at their partners.

"Look down there all of you!" All six feline partners exclaimed. Yuki was not her shy timid self. She really wanted one of those fish.

"Those are winged fish!" Kiyu exclaimed.

"I can fly, we can fly, I can fly!" All the fish in the fissure exclaimed happily.

"Their a legendary delicacy." Shiro said.

"And they're super yummy from what we hear." Roxie exclaimed.

"Yum, yum, yum, yum!" Happy, Liz, and Yuki exclaimed happily as their mouths watered and a little bit of drool came out of their mouths.

"A legendary delicacy huh?" Natsu asked of the six cats.

"Liz, Yuki?" Lucy and Lisanna asked as they rolled their eyes and put their hands on their hips. "Have you spent a little bit too much time with Happy?"

"Well done Happy and everyone." Makarov said with tears in his eyes. "You all make this old man very proud."

"Oh come on guys!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed. "Enough with the growling stomachs already."

After Lucy and Lisanna stop talking, their stomachs growl as well.

"You were saying?" Gray asked.

"Shut up!" Both sisters exclaimed together as Luna, Setsuko, and Chisame's stomachs growled as well.

"Time to fish!" Happy, Liz, and Yuki all exclaimed as they pulled out fishing rods. Deciding to go with it, Kiyu, Roxie, and Shiro also pull out their own fishing rods.

Everyone is sitting on the ledge fishing while all the flying fish stayed as close to the bottom as they could. It's as if they were mocking the fishermages.

"Come on you stupid fish, stop squawking and let me eatcha." Natsu said.

"You have to fish harder guys!" All six flying felines exclaimed to the group.

"I don't know are you sure these things really taste that good?" Chisame asked from beside Erza.

"Be quiet and fish." Erza ordered to the dark purple-haired girl. "Anything edible will do."

"I didn't know you were that hungry." Setsuko said from the other side of Erza.

"You're going in my belly! Right now you here?!" Happy, Liz and Yuki chimed together. "Happy/Liz/Yuki is going to eat you fish!"

Lucy and Lisanna just roll their eyes at the antics of their daughters. Happy certainly is a bad influence on them. The other three cats roll their eyes as well as they looked toward the three.

"Whatever we give up." Happy, Liz and Yuki said sadly.

"Well that was fast." Lucy, Lisanna, and Natsu all said together as they hugged their partners.

"W-we couldn't c-catch a-a single f-fish." Yuki said sadly with her head down. It was plain to see that Happy and Liz felt the same way.

"You really want your fish don't you?" The five female dragon slayers asked their six cats. "You can do it little ones."

The six cats have tears flowing from their eyes as they hear the words the five dragon slayers said to them. "We can't help it if we're little."

The six cats run away. Eventually, they managed to catch six of the flying fish. They were really too small to split 14 ways.

"That was harder than we thought." The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail and the Triple Orchids of Fairy Tail(1) chimed together.

Natsu then cooked up the six fish and sighed.

"Those fish are too small to split among all of us, you six eat them." Natsu said.

"I wouldn't feel right about it though. You guys are the ones who caught them." Happy said sadly as he looked at the fish.

"Yeah, it wouldn't be fair." Shiro said.

"They are too small, if we each took a bite we would just want more." Gray said dejectedly.

"Just go ahead and eat them already before we change our minds!" Makarov exclaimed angrily.

"Okay!" All six cats exclaimed with stars in their eyes. "Don't mind if we do!"

The six cats began eating them and eventually finished them as well, only to gag.

"Ooooh! Gross!" Happy, Kiyu, Liz, Roxie,Shiro, and Yuki chimed together in sync.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Chisame, Luna, and Setsuko all chimed together.

"I hate to say it..." Natsu started.

"...but all that fishin'..." Gray continued.

"...made me hungrier. Makarov echoed.

All of a sudden Lucy is literally knocked off her feet and onto her but along with Lisanna as the ground underneath the both of them breaks open. The broken ground reveals Virgo curtseying apologetically.

"I'm sorry my Princesses, but I couldn't help but overhear you were hungry, so I brought you a picnic lunch." Virgo said as she spread out a blanket with all kinds of delectable delights on them from burgers, to strawberry cake which is Erza's favorite. "Here are some of your favorite foods to keep you going. Punishment now Princesses and Prince?"

The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail shook their heads no and smile in thanks to the maid spirit. Setsuko, Chisame, and Luna introduced themselves along with Shiro, Roxie, and Kiyu.

Virgo curtsies gratefully and smiles. "It's nice to meet all of you, now take care of yourselves and drink plenty of water."

Virgo then produces several canteens of water and handed them to Team Lucy and quickly returned to the Celestial Spirit world.

The Triple Dragons and Triple Orchids sit together with their cats while Erza, Gray, and Master Makarov sit next to each other. It is then that they dig into the delicious food that Virgo provided for them. Their stomachs will be full in no time now.

"Now, let's get out of this stupid Canyon!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed as they took the lead. The group then came to a village.

"Well look it's a village!" Erza exclaimed. "Maybe we can find a way to get out of here."

"I want some food!" Natsu exclaimed as his stomach growled again.

"Big Brother Natsu, you just ate a big meal thanks to Virgo." Lucy scolded. "How could you still be hungry when you ate most of our food?"

"I need a lot more food than you because I am stronger than all of you are!" Natsu exclaimed mightily.

"Oh really?" Makarov asked as he activated his Titan Magic and smashed Natsu.

Lisanna, Lucy, Luna, Chisame, and Setsuko all laughed themselves to tears seeing he high and mighty Salamander smashed by a little old man.

"Except for Gramps." Natsu said as he faints something comes out of his head and begins to float around.

"Something came out." Chisame giggled as did the other girls. Even Gray and Makarov were laughing their heads off.

Happy flew up and wraps his tail around Natsu's soul and somehow manages to put it back inside of him.

"Wh-what happened?" Natsu asked with a puzzled expression on his face."

"Big Brother Natsu," Lisanna giggled and smiled while hugging him. "You said you were stronger than everyone and Master Makarov smashed you."

The rest of the team all nodded together in sync.

"It's a village!" Erza exclaimed happily.

"Houses!" Gray exclaimed.

Everyone's stomach is growling because Natsu ate most of the food that Virgo brought except for the Strawberry Cake, which Erza quickly scarfed down before anyone else could get their hands on it. Natsu had managed to eat all bit a few little salads that Virgo brought.

"That means there is food!" All six cats exclaimed as they flew into the village.

The group rushes through town and comes to a giant mushroom statue. The Triple Dragons of Fairy Tail and the Triple Orchids of Fairy Tail look around confused.

"There's no one here." Setsuko remarked to everybody.

"It does seem awfully quiet doesn't it?" Chisame asked curiously.

"Maybe they're taking an afternoon nap or something." Luna suggested and shrugged.

"Hey! Is there anybody here?" Natsu asked as he called out for anyone that might be listening.

"We're starving like crazy out here! Someone fix us some dinner!" Happy exclaimed.

"Big brother, if they are taking a nap they won't want to be disturbed. " Lucy stated to her older brother then turned to the blue cat. "And you Happy, have you ever heard of the word please?"

"Do you really think whole town is taking a nap?" Gray asked.

"Well it's either that," Makarov stated, then continued. "Or they all got drunk and passed out."

"Master, I think that only happens back at the guild." Lisanna remarked factually.

"Well, we do love our spirits don't we?" Makarov asked.

Natsu then bursts into a sprint and takes off. "You guys can hang out here all day if you want, but I'm going to find a kitchen to raid!"

Gray then runs to catch up and eventually passes the pink-haired dragon slayer. "Shame on you for even thinking of robbing this place Natsu!"

"You're just mad I thought of it first!" Natsu exclaimed as he ran to try and catch up with the Ice Make Wizard.

"Cousin Lucy, do we really have to follow those boys?" Luna asked her cousin. "You know they are going to just end up destroying this place anyway."

"I really am not sure if that's true or not, but we better follow them so they don't get lost again." Lucy stated, then continued. "We need to get back to the guild together."

"Big Sister Lu is right." Lisanna stated. "We really needed to keep tabs on our brother and Gray."

"That's right." Chisame said. "Now that I am part of this team now, I want us all to make it home together."

"So do I." Setsuko said. "I want to meet Mirajane and the rest of the group."

Shiro nodded in agreement with her partner.

"You are both going to love it at Fairy Tail." Kiyu said as she looked at the light purple-haired girl and the light blue cat."

"And the way you helped take down that Lullaby monster a few days ago just shows that you will be a perfect fit for Fairy Tail." Luna said with a giggle.

"I heard about that." Chisame said. "I sure picked the right team to join, although I do sort of miss Shigeru."

When Chisame said Shigeru she blushed. Roxie noticed this and nodded.

"It sounds like my partner likes someone." The dark purple cat said.

"I do not!" Chisame denied with a blush. "It's just that we have been traveling together for the past seven years and are best friends."

"You Looove him!" Happy, Liz, and Yuki chimed together as they rolled the o.

"Why do you always roll your tongue like that?" Chisame asked confused with a blush as she sweat dropped.

"Enough talking." Titania Erza said. "We have to catch up with Natsu and Gray before they destroy something."

The group nodded and followed Erza after the other two.

Natsu and Gray were the first ones to the house and they knocked on a door with a rounded top.

"Hey is anybody home?" Natsu asked as he knocked. "Come on give us something to eat! We're dyin'!"

Eventually, Natsu knocked the door open and in front of the door way was a table with two chairs, and what looked like hot soup and fresh bread on the table. The table was square as Gray noticed something odd.

"Hey look nobody's here." Gray stated.

"Who cares, there's food!" Natsu exclaimed as he picked up a piece of bread and sniffed it. "Good it's still fresh! Open wide!"

Natsu was about to eat it when the Armored Mage interrupted him.

"Not so fast." Titania said as she came into the house, closed her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest deep in thought.

"What is it now?" Natsu asked with an annoyed tone to his voice.

"There's something strange here." Erza said to Salamander.

"She's right, who would leave a table full of food just sitting here like that?" Gray asked.

"Something doesn't add up Natsu." Lucy said as she placed her right hand to her chest right in front of the necklace she was wearing.

Lisanna sees this and nods as she goes up next to her older sister and puts her hands on her hips. "We can't be too sure, but what if something happened to the people who live in this house and they couldn't eat their lunch?"

"We need to investigate further." Luna said to everyone in the room, her arms crossed over her chest. "Something is seriously wrong here."

Kiyu and the rest of the cats nodded in agreement.

"If somebody cooked this," Chisame pondered then continued. "then where the heck are they now?"

"Agreed." Setsuko said putting her left hand to her chin in thought.

"How should I know?" Natsu asked as he looked toward Happy. "Ready to dig in Happy?"

"Aye!" Happy said as he was about to eat it when six very angry females glared at him, the Dragon Slayers with glowing eyes matching their element and Erza with glowing gold eyes.

"NATSU!" The girls all exclaimed together as they glared at the Salamander their eyes very angry and suspicious toward Natsu.

"Y-yes ma'ams?" Natsu asked in fear of the six girls that are staring him down with a frown on their faces marring their lovely features.

"We have to investigate the village first. We've held out this long, we can hold out a little bit longer." Erza said just as her stomach growled loudly enough to wake the wild animals sleeping really far away.

"I think your stomach has other plans Erza." Setsuko remarked.

"Yes, but which one do we listen to?" Makarov asked curiously.

"Search the area for mushrooms or anything that looks edible." Erza ordered. "And don't eat anything in the village okay?"

"While you're all doing that; Master, Chisame, Erza, Lisanna, Luna,and I will try to figure out what's going on." Lucy ordered after Erza and Lisanna nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. Come on Happy, Shiro, Setsuko." Natsu said with a sigh of annoyance.

"Wait, why mushrooms?" Setsuko asked with a frown and annoyance lines under her left eye.

As the group went to search for mushrooms it showed a ton of them in an area of the town that looked as if it was untouched by human beings. A lot of mushrooms were seen in a common area.

With Setsuko, Shiro, Natsu, Happy, and Gray...

"Stupid Erza!" Natsu exclaimed very unhappily with his hands to his hips. "How am I supposed to get full on a bunch of mushrooms? That food back there looked really good too."

"Hey look mushrooms." Gray stated as he looked around with Natsu at all the different kinds of mushrooms there were.

Natsu notices the mushrooms and takes his hands off of his hips and points his palms up to the sky with his fingers curled toward him. "I take that back! These look tasty!"

"But why Mushrooms?" Setsuko and Shiro asked together as Happy popped up in front of them.

"It's so obvious Setsuko and Shiro." Happy said.

"Oh yeah?" Setsuko asked.

"How is that?" Shiro asked curiously.

"Natsu's going to eat a poisonous mushroom and something weird will happen to him." Happy stated, then continued. "You know the cliche right?"

"Give me some credit Happy, do you really think I would fall for some lame gag like that?" Natsu said, then asked as he turned around with his mouth full of mushrooms. "No way."

Back with Erza, Lisanna, Lucy, Luna, Chisame and the rest of the cats...

Clothes are hanging on a clothesline drying in the wind while the sisters, their cousin and the dark purple-haired girl are looking around the area trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Why would all of these people just up and disappear like that?

The four younger girls with their hands on their hips can't seem to figure things out so they turn to Erza who seems to have her arms crossed over her chest and seems to be equally as confused as the younger four are. She just shrugs and motions for the younger wizards to follow her to a house that Master had gone into shortly after Natsu, Happy, Gray, Setsuko, and Shiro left to search for mushrooms or anything edible.

In another house with Master Makarov...

Master Makarov is sitting at the table with a pot of stew being cooked up on a hot plate. His eyes are shadowed as he is deep in thought with sweat pouring down his face. He seems to be deep in thought when he feels five pairs of eyes right at his back. They seem to be glowing red as the Scarlet Haired Requip Wizard draws him out of his thoughts.

"Master?" Erza asked curiously from right behind him with the other four looking on.

"What do you think you're doing Master?" The Snow Fairy asked curiously with her hands on her hips.

"So Gramps, why are you cooking some food from the village?" The Celestial Princess asked with a bit of annoyance to her voice as she crosses her hands over her chest.

"Grandfather, aren't your forgetting our plan to investigate this village and not eat the food in the village that just seems to be mysteriously sitting on a random table in a random house?" The Lunar Empress inquired of her grandpa.

"You aren't really following the plan are you sir?" Chisame asked curiously as she looks on.

The four cats are also looking at the master curiously trying to figure out why he looks like he is about ready to eat as he cracks an egg into the stew. Makarov turns around and looks at the group of his assembled children as he sweat drops while sitting at the table. "Er, I was just investigating kids, no need to be alarmed."

Back with the rest of Team Lucy...

"These mushrooms aren't very big, but if I keep eating a ton of them I'm bound to get full sooner or later." Natsu remarked as he continues to eat the multi-colored mushrooms.

"As if you didn't eat enough of the food that Virgo prepared for us?" Setsuko asked curiously.

"After all that food, you still weren't full?" Shiro asked just as curiously as her partner and best friend did.

"And here comes the set up." Happy said.

"Better start pickin' faster." Gray said with his mouthful as he too is eating mushrooms.

"Ha ha ha ha ha." Setsuko laughed with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open in her laughing.

A dark shadow appears in between Natsu's eyes as he held his throat and began to cough as if he was choking.

"Hey are you alright Natsu?" Setsuko and Shiro asked together.

"And here's the gag!" Happy exclaimed as what looked like a power up mushroom from the many Super Mario Bros. Games(2) popped up with a ton of smaller mushrooms underneath it.

"That was scary." Natsu remarked suspiciously, or was it fearfully. It's hard to tell with him.

"Your head is scary!" Setsuko and Shiro exclaimed together as they looked at the top of Natsu's head.

Happy had a confused look on his face as he saw the result wasn't what he thought it would be and speaks up about it. "I was hoping they'd turn him purple."

"Ugh, that's what you were hoping for?" Setsuko and Shiro asked together with a frown as their eyes appeared wide and devoid of pupils.

Gray then walks over to Setsuko, the two cats, and Natsu as he has a questioning look on his face. "Hey what are you all worked up about?"

Setsuko and Shiro have their backs turned to the rivals as they are waving their right hand/paw dismissively.

"Why don't you..." Setsuko started.

"...just take a look at one another okay?" Shiro finished.

"What?" Both Gray and Natsu inquired as they looked at each other suspiciously.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Natsu laughed, then taunted his rival. "There's a mushroom on your head!"

"Oh yeah well I bet yours is bigger than mine!" Gray said as he and Natsu start to berate each other over who looks more ridiculous.

"This could be bad! Who cares how you look?!" Setsuko asked in annoyance.

"Hey guys." Shiro said trying to get the two wizards attention as Happy spots a mushroom as well. An arrow pointing from mid-air down to it.

"Hey droopy eyes, what the heck are you laughing about huh?" Natsu asked with a glare to his rival.

"Me? What are you laughing about shroom-head?" Gray asked as the two wound up wrestling on the ground with dust being kicked up all around them.

"You two can fight later!" Setsuko exclaimed as she swung her arms up and down rapidly as Shiro has her wings out and is flying beside her.

"Worry about the mushrooms first!" Shiro exclaimed also moving her arms up and down rapidly.

Meanwhile back in the village...

Lucy, Liz, Lisanna, and Yuki are coming from one direction while Luna, Kiyu, Chisame, and Roxie are coming from another direction; and Erza and Makarov are coming from a third direction. All three teams meet in the middle of town where everyone met before when they first entered the town.

"Did you four find anybody?" Lucy asked of the Lunar Empress, the Poison Dragon Slayer and their partners.

"Nope not a single soul cousin Lucy." Luna said, then continued. "How about you four any luck?"

"Nope, no luck at all." Lisanna said.

"Master, Erza did you two find anybody?" Chisame asked curiously.

"We didn't find anything either." Erza stated.

"It seems awfully odd." Makarov said as he put his right hand to his chin in a thinking manner. "The whole place has been deserted."

"But if that's the case..." Liz and Yuki started together.

"...why do all the houses have freshly cooked food on the tables?" Kiyu and Roxie finished.

Lucy and Lisanna look down below their feet followed by Chisame and Luna. The cats also look down as well. There seems to be a giant crack in the pavement underneath the giant mushrooms in the center.

"Hold on," Erza said as she followed the gaze of the four younger girls and their cats. "What is that?"

Makarov looked at the crack in the ground as well.

"I don't think this is an ordinary crack in the ground." Lucy and Lisanna chimed together.

"It must serve some kind of a purpose." Luna and Chisame chimed together as well.

Back with the rest of Team Lucy...

"Come on guys..." Setsuko said with an annoyed tone to her voice.

"Turn off the stupid would you?" Shiro asked with an equally as annoyed tone as the Princess of Ice(3)

"Setsuko, Shiro!" Happy exclaimed happily. "Looky, I found a big one!"

"Holy cow that's big!" Setsuko exclaimed in surprise with a perplexed expression.

"I don't even wanna know what that will do to ya." Shiro said with a perplexed expression on her lips just like Setsuko.

"Wow! It's huge!" Natsu exclaimed in shock as Gray appeared beside him.

"Yes, it's so big we could eat off of it for days." Gray remarked.

"How about we hold off on eating anymore of these things today." Setsuko said to the group.

Happy then takes a bite of the giant mushroom he has in his hand as Shiro panics and grabs his cheeks. "After all that's happened you still shove one of those things in your mouth?"

"Come on spit it out Happy!" Setsuko gasped in surprise.

"But it's yummy." Happy said about the mushroom he ate as a yellow and pink mushroom sprouts out of the top of his head.

"Well I guess that happens to everyone who eats one of these things huh." Natsu said to the group with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I wonder if the villagers knew someway around this problem." Gray wondered.

"Who knows? Maybe they like the way it looks." Natsu replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Yeah, maybe we'll be in style when we get back to town." Gray said.

Natsu and Gray then begin to laugh while they both look at Happy as the blue cat is staring up at his head.

"It's not as funny this time!" Happy exclaimed as he runs away with tears in his eyes with his little arms being held out to the side as he runs.

Setsuko and Shiro stare wide-eyed at the departing blue cat. "Were you trying to be funny?" They both asked at the same time.

"Um Natsu?" Setsuko asked, then continued. "Is it just me or is your mushroom growing?"

"Uhh." Natsu said with curiosity in his tone.

"Wa hah! How come he always gets the good gags?" Happy asked with tears in his eyes as he wipes them.

Back in the village with the others...

The part of Team Lucy that stayed in the village looked at yet another seam that looks exactly the same as the other one looked.

"This looks just like that other seam." Erza said as Makarov and the four younger girls looked on.

"This is getting weird." Lucy remarked factually. "I don't think these seems occur naturally."

"Neither do I Lucy." Lisanna said to her sister. "We need to figure out what these seems mean and fast."

Luna and Chisame nod in agreement as they looked at the seem. All of a sudden they hear a low roar emanating from all around them.

"What's that sound?" Erza asked curiously.

Back with Setsuko, Shiro, Gray, Natsu, and Happy...

The four wizards and the blue flying cat hear a roar emanating from all around them. They can't help but wonder why there is something roaring for no reason at all.

"Hey did you hear that?" Natsu asked.

"What is it?" Setsuko asked as she turns toward Natsu and Gray as their mushrooms disappear.

"Yay! The mushrooms are gone now!" Happy exclaimed happily.

Shiro then looked toward Happy and shook her head no as she gave the blue cat a frown. "Not quite, it looks like yours is still going strong."

"Erza, Gramps, Everyone!" Natsu exclaimed as they sprints back toward the town.

"Get this thing off of me! It's not funny when the jokes on me!" Happy exclaimed frantically while waving his arms.

Back in town...

The rest of Team Lucy are looking at the seam in the pavement when it starts to glow an eerie red color. "Master! Erza!" Natsu exclaimed.

"It looks like all the houses are having a dance party." Happy said a bit too happily as the houses started to shake.

"It can't be!" Master Makarov exclaimed.

"Looks like it's time to rumble Gramps!" Gray exclaimed as he started to power up his Ice Make Magic.

"No! Not right now!" Makarov exclaimed.

"What's the problem Grandfather?" Luna asked with her partner on her shoulder.

"We have to get to higher ground, I have to look at something." Makarov exclaimed worriedly.

"Right! Let's move!" The Heartfilia Sisters exclaimed as they followed Master Makarov and the others.

Up on the higher ground...

All the houses and everything glow the same eerie red as before as they all transform into several serpent-like monsters with multiple heads.

"Oh man!" Natsu exclaimed. "It looks like we got out of there just in time."

"Now I see what it was, it's a magic circle." Erza exclaimed.

"That's right those lines we saw in the village were carved into the ground to form a massive magic circle. A circle used for a type of magic that was banned many years ago." Makarov explained, then continued. "A form of sealing magic that is known as Alive."

"What does it do?" Setsuko and Shiro asked curiously.

"See for yourself you two." Lucy stated.

"It's exactly what it looks like." Lisanna stated.

"My mother told me about this magic." Luna said. "It has the ability to turn inanimate objects into living creatures."

"Wow!" Chisame exclaimed. "I never thought I would get to see something like this in real life since it's been banned for so many years."

"It looks like the villagers cast the forbidden spell only to be eaten by the very things that they brought to life." Makarov said to the group.

"But why would they use magic that's been banned?" Setsuko asked curiously.

"This village, was home to a Dark Guild." Erza stated.

"No way!" Natsu exclaimed in disbelief.

"While investigating, I came across magic tools tucked away in a shed." Erza explained as a flashback in her mind appearsabove her head as in her minds eye she is looking into a shed as she's explaining the situation. "Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were tools used to practice black magic as Makarov interrupts Erza's story by frowning, his eyes closed and teeth clenched with the pointer finger on his left hand pointed up.

"Knowing how reckless dark guilds can be, they probably thought up some crazy plan and wound up getting burned in the process," Makarov said. He then opens his eyes and tears the picture within Erza's mind apart. "but..."

"huh?" Everyone exclaimed at once.

"There's one thing we should be grateful for." Makarov said with a wink. "

"Oh yeah, what would that be?" Natsu asked toward the master.

"The Dark Guild's Mischief brought these things to life." Makarov said as he crossed his arms over his chest "And most living creatures can be turned into... food!"

"Ahhhhhh! Ohhhh!" Setsuko exclaimed in disbelief at Makarov words.

Lucy and Lisanna roll their eyes. "You guys are all the same! All you care about is food!"

"Yeah! What's up with that?" Chisame and Luna asked.

The cats roll their eyes in disbelief at how nonchalant Makarov is being at the prospect of these creatures trying to destroy them.

Natsu and Gray are smirking mischievously and Gray is well, without his clothes again.

"That smirk makes your nakedness creepier Gray." Chisame remarked as she rolls her eyes.

Everyone's stomachs growl loudly even Natsu and Gray's stomachs.

"Yeah! Time to chow!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm right behind you Natsu!" Happy exclaimed with his mushroom still on his head.

"At this point I don't even care what they taste like!" Gray exclaimed as he pops up out of nowhere, shirtless as always.

Erza then runs down the side of the cliff as Setsuko gasps with her eyes devoid of pupils and irises and her mouth hanging open. "Even Erza's going to eat those things?!"

"Time to get my grub on!" Natsu exclaimed as he, Gray, and Happy make their way down the cliff shortly after Erza.

"Hey wait, you're crazy!" All the female Dragon Slayers exclaimed together in sync. The five female cats nodding in agreement.

"Save some for me you two!" Makarov exclaimed

"You know what, I think we better just get back to the guild!" Lisanna and Lucy exclaimed as they pull out their Platinum Keys along with Luna, Setsuko, and Chisame. Chisame and Setsuko all of a sudden knew what to do as they take their keys off of their waists, spin them in mid-air and swings them through the air in front of them.

"Open Gate of the Snow/Celestial/Moon/Ice/Poison Dragon!" The five female Dragon Slayers exclaimed. "Miyuki/Celestia/Yue(4)/Masshiro/Chiyoe!"

Five doorbell chimes sounded as a snow white, golden yellow, silver, light blue, and dark purple magic circles appear in mid-air and all of the girls take their keys in their right hands except for Setsuko, who takes her key in her left hand since she is left handed and they all turn their keys to their right unlocking the gate and letting the Dragon Spirits(5) appear in mid-air.

The dragons immediately knew what to do and picked up their dragon slayers after appearing from their gates underneath their students.

"Let's get back to the guild as fast as we can!" They all said.

Celestia and Miyuki took the lead as the rest of the Dragon Spirits follow suit.

"Um shouldn't you guys help your guild mates and your master?" Celestia asked to Lucy. Lucy wanted to get back to the guild as fast as they could, but then realizes it wouldn't be right to leave their Nakama behind.

"Auntie Celestia has a point guys." Lucy remarked sadly. "We are all part of the same guild, so we have to help each other out. "

Lisanna nodded as her, her sister, and her cousin jumped off of their Dragon Spirits and landed back on the cliff overlooking the monsters and sent them back to the Dragon Realm. Setsuko and Chisame saw this and nodded in agreement and jumped off of their Dragon Spirits. They too then swing their keys through the air sending them back to the Dragon Realm.

"We are Nakama! We have to help them out." Lisanna pointed out to everyone. "It's the only fair thing to do."

The remaining female dragon slayers nod in understanding and apologize to their dragons before sending them back.

They then turned toward their cats. "You five stay here." Lucy stated.

The cats nodded toward the Celestial Princess and did as they were told. The five female Dragon Slayers then hand their cats their Platinum Keys for safekeeping.

Natsu lands in front of one of the serpent-like monsters and glares at it. The monsters seem to have mouths only and no eyes whatsoever.

"Listen up dinner!" Natsu exclaimed as he looked straight at the monster's face? "Before I eat you, there's something I wanna tell you."

The serpentine monster then reeled back at the sound of Natsu's voice wondering what Salamander was talking about.

"I'm an awesome chef, and I like to flambe!" Natsu exclaimed as he lights his hands aflame. He then bangs his fists together as his magic circle appears in front of the fists that are smashed together. The red magic circle also has the face of a dragon on it.

"Fire Dragon's..." Natsu started as he bent foward with his arms folded at the elbows as flames formed a ring around him and he jumped up in the air cocking his fist back and went full speed toward the monster ready to strike with his flaming right hand. "Iron fist!"

His other hand is also lit aflame as well as he continues to yell at the monster. "Sorry pal but you're toast Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu exclaimed as he strikes with both of his hands he then knocks the monster around some more as he starts to head toward the monster feet first. He then cocks his right foot by folding it at the knee and kicks the monster knocking it out for the count as several rocks fall on top of it.

"We'll cover him up and let him steam for a bit!" Natsu exclaimed as he did the peace sign with his right hand.

Gray was encountering another one of the monsters as he is looking at the monster. The monster is roaring in anger.

"Normally I'd save dessert for after the meal, but not today!" Gray exclaimed as two heads start to head straight toward him. Gray then puts his left hand down flat with his palm exposed and smashes his right fist into the palm of his left hand as a blue magic seal appears in front of him with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes and executes one of his attacks. "Ice Make Fishnet!"

As Gray said that a stream of ice turns into what looks like a net being thrown on top of a whale or on top of many fish in an ocean or bay. The Fishnet attack encases one of the monsters in ice.

"Anyone wanna try a monster Popsicle?" Gray asked triumphantly taking his handy work in.

Happy is holding what looks like club with nails in the head of the club. He is fighting a chair, and yes he still has the mushroom on his head.

"Even if you are a chair, you can't taste worse than a wing-fish!" Happy exclaimed as he continues to swing his club at the living chair.

The chair jumps up in the air and kicks, yes kicks its left front leg toward the blue cat. Using his max speed, Happy successfully dodges the kick, but then is kicked again. He then jumps on the seat of the chair like a Rodeo Cowboy and starts riding it while the chair is acting like a bucking bronco trying to buck the blue cat off.

"Erza!" Setsuko exclaimed.

"Now stand back, it's time to start cooking!" Erza exclaimed.

"Cooking with what?" Setsuko and Shiro asked together.

"Requip!" Erza exclaimed as she was once again engulfed in a golden light as she moves her golden light cloaked arms in a downward pattern. Her clothes then finish changing and she appears to be clad in a one-piece blue swimsuit with a Chef's hat on her head and a white frilly apron worn around her neck covering her chest. She then also requips several butcher knives. Two of them are in her hand. With ease she jumps through the air and starts slicing up the monster with the skill of a professional chef. Once she is done slicing about, the monster she is facing is now slashed up nicely into french fries.

"Oh oh!" Setsuko and Shiro exclaimed with their mouths open in a circle with a surprised expression on their faces. The way the two are holding their hands is as if they are playing a flute of some sort. Once all is said and done the monsters that Titania was facing are now sliced up nicely into a humongous order of dark gray french fries.

"The trick is to cut them into perfectly bite size pieces that are five centimeters long and four millimeters wide." Erza said as if she is a hostess of a cooking demonstration.

"I think you got a little carried away," Setsuko said in disbelief.

"And what's with the weird outfit you're wearing?" Shiro asked as well.

Throughout the air echoing off of the rocks are calls of several attacks from Natsu and Gray.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu's voice exploded through the valley echoing off all of the rocks.

"Ice Make Knuckle!" Gray's voice also echoed throughout the entire valley. As Makarov is sitting on the cliff overlooking it all.

Erza's voice also echos throughout the valley as she continues to fight. Also Happy's voice is echoing throughout the entire valley as well.

"I wish they would hurry up, I'm starving here." Makarov said impatiently as he puts his right hand to his chin.

Seeing that just three members of their team have managed to take down or incapacitate most, if not all of the monsters in the valley the female dragon slayers and their cats except for Setsuko and Shiro decide to fly up to the cliff overlooking the valley and sit around Master Makarov.

"What are you four doing here?" Makarov asked. "And where are Setsuko and Shiro?"

The four female dragon slayers sigh and yawn together.

"Those three took all the fun away from us." Lucy sighed with annoyance. "I wanted to fight too. There just aren't enough monsters."

"Which is weird considering the size of this village." Lisanna stated. "And Setsuko is with Erza."

"Why do they have to take all the fun away from us Grandfather?" Luna asked, then continued. "Aren't we part of this team too?"

"I'm beginning to think I would've been better off staying with Shigeru and Terra." Chisame stated with an annoyed tone to her voice, her eyes twitching.

The four female cats all nodded in agreement with their partners. Their stomachs still growling.

"Those three tend to take up all the fights." Makarov sighed. "You and Lisanna should be used to it by now Lucy. Luna on the other hand I can see why you and Chisame are annoyed. You two just joined after all."

"Do they always do that Master?" Chisame asked as she pet Roxie in between the ears earning a purr from her. Lucy, Lisanna, and Luna were doing the same thing to their cats as well.

"Maybe it wasn't a good idea that we joined this team Chisame." Luna stated as Kiyu nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry my girls, there will be plenty more fights that you will encounter." Makarov said. "Considering that the team you just joined, Team Lucy is the strongest team in all of Fairy Tail."

Lucy and Lisanna smile in happiness at Makarov's remark.

"Aye sir!" Liz and Yuki exclaimed together.

"You two have been around Happy too much." Lucy and Lisanna remarked as they roll their eyes and giggle at the antics of their best friends.

Meanwhile with Natsu...

Natsu is on top of a pile of rocks as he jumps down off of them and reaches for one of the tentacles he fried and breaks it off.

"Alright! Now it's time to dig in!" Natsu exclaimed as Happy is behind him running on a bucking chair that he is using as a bronco. Yes, Happy still has the mushroom on his head.

Natsu looks behind him at Happy riding a chair.

"What the heck is going on with Happy?" Natsu asked while holding the tentacle in his hand. "I don't care how hungry he is, he can't eat a chair."

With Erza, Setsuko, and Shiro...

The two young women and the light blue flying cat are standing in front of the pile of french fry looking things.

"Setsuko, Shiro," Erza stated, then ordered. "Go ahead you two try it first."

The Ice Dragon Slayer and her cat have their arms crossed in front of their chests and are frowning as they speak up. "No way, not a chance!"

"Fine I'll do it." Erza said with a sigh.

"That's cold Erza," Setsuko exclaimed. "And I'm the one that uses Ice Dragon Slayer Magic."

"You were trying to use us as your personal guinea pigs weren't you?" Shiro asked as her and Setsuko are shaking their fists at Erza. Shiro is the first one to look back and see Happy trying to gain control of a chair. Her eyes devoid of pupils and irises in disbelief. Setsuko also glanced back at Happy riding a chair with the same expression in her eyes as Shiro.

"Um do you think we should help him?" Setsuko asked curiously as she looked back.

"I'm sure he'll figure something out." Erza said as she looked at the dark gray french fry thing. "Here goes."

Erza then takes a bite and chews it.

"So how is it?" Shiro asked.

Erza looks at the two and breaks the remaining piece in half and hand Setsuko one half and Shiro the other.

"Alright..." Setsuko said as she reached for one of the pieces.

"...you win." Shiro said as she too reached for the other piece.

They both look at their pieces and start moving them toward their mouths to take a bite.

Meanwhile with the Ice Make Mage...

"Well it ain't pretty." Gray remarked as he breaks a piece of the frozen monster off. "Hope it tastes better than it looks."

Happy then rides by on the chair still with his mushroom on his head. "Oh!" Gray blanches

"Gross!" Gray, Natsu, Setsuko, and Shiro all said at the same time their displeasure heard throughout the entire valley.

Back with Master and the other female Dragon Slayers and their feline partners...

"Huh?" Everyone inquired together curiously.

"You're lucky you girls didn't get a chance to take part in it." Natsu exclaimed as he looked toward Chisame, Lisanna, Lucy, and Luna as well as the other four cats, he then looks angrily at Master Makarov. "What were you thinking Gramps? There's no way we can eat this nasty stuff!"

"You trying to kill us you Old Geezer?" Gary asked just as angrily as Natsu did.

"True, I would hardly call this edible." Erza exclaimed as Setsuko and Shiro popped up with angry looks on their faces as well as an annoyed blush.

"If you knew this was hardly edible..." Setsuko exclaimed angrily toward Titania.

"...then why did you force us to eat it!?" Shiro asked just as angrily as Setsuko did.

All of a sudden Happy, riding on the bucking chair, slams into the wall of the cliff above them. His mushroom finally falling off of his head. This earned a look from everyone.

"Your mushroom finally came off! Look!" Gray exclaimed.

Happy then got up, an angry expression on his face as he scolded the Salamander and the spiky-haired Ice Make Wizard while waving his arms frantically in anger. "I don't care about the stupid mushroom, I wanna know why you guys didn't help me! How could you be so mean? I thought we were friends."

"We are!" Natsu exclaimed.

"You were just goofing off right?" Gray asked as Happy fell to the ground his left arm twitching and his body completely white.

"What are we going to do now?" Erza asked with her right hand on her hip. "I would rather starve than eat more of that stuff."

"Guess that's what we get for trying to cook up a bunch of monsters." Gray stated with an irritated tone to his voice.

"Man this sucks!" Natsu exclaimed. "All that barbecuing made me even hungrier than before."

Happy is depressed as he trembles in anger. He also has his mouth slack-jawed nearly to the ground.

"Oh I see how it is," Happy said with disappointment, then continued. "even after all we've been through you're ready to throw me out like yesterday's garbage!"

Yet another monster pops up behind Happy as he looks back and panics screaming his head off. Not too mention all of the other cats are surrounding Happy as well. They see the monsters and they panic.

"Happy/Kiyu/Liz/Roxie/Shiro/Yuki! Look out!" All the Dragon Slayer exclaim as they use their dragon slayer magic to punch the giant monster behind their partners.

Fire, moonbeams, ice cubes, water droplets, shadows, rocks, dirt, dust, debris, stars, deadly acid, poison, ice magic and mist, snowflakes, and icicles fire off from the six Dragon Slayers' fists making short work of the monster behind their best friends. The monster went down in about one-sixth of the usual time since all six of the Dragon Slayers are working together. The monster is then blown to shreds thanks to the six pronged attack.

The six Dragon Slayers rush over to their partners, pick them up, and hold them close to their respective hearts.

"Natsu/Luna/Lucy/Chisame/Setsuko/Lisanna!" All six of the flying felines exclaimed in relief as their partners manage to save them again.

Several tentacles and monster heads surround the group as they all look on.

"Man these things are nasty!" Gray exclaimed.

"In more ways than one!" Erza exclaimed in agreement with Gray.

"I'm going blow you to pieces!" Natsu exclaimed as he smashes his fists together and cocked his arms behind him. "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

Streams of fire came from Natsu's arms and hands as he jumped up in the air and slashed his arms down in an X-shape striking one of the monsters with what seemed to be wings of fire slashing one of the tentacles in half.

"Moon Dragon's Roar!" Luna exclaimed as a silver magic circle forms in front of her face and she gathers up moonbeams, shadow, water droplets, and is shards into her mouth causing her cheeks to puff out she then opened her mouth wide as she used her hands to direct her roar through the magic circle that she created sending a Crescent Moon-shaped beam of magic through her silver magic circle straight at another one of the tentacles.

"Ice Make: Ice Wall!" Gray exclaimed as his blue magic circle appears on the ground in front of him. Gray then creates a giant wall heading straight for the monster trying to freeze him.

"Open! Gate of the Golden Bull! Taurus!" Lucy exclaimed as she takes out Taurus's key and slashes it through the air creating a magic circle in front of the key and causing a doorbell to chime while she turns the key to her right. Taurus then appears out of the magic circle and looks at Lucy with hearts in his eyes.

"Moooooo!" Taurus exclaimed as he appeared out of the blue magic seal that formed in front of his key and cracks his knuckles and poses. He then stares at Lucy. "You're looking smooooth as usual Miss Lucy."

Lucy points toward the monster. "Less passion more bashin'!" Lucy exclaimed toward her perverted spirit.

"She loves my moooves!" Taurus exclaimed as he jumps up in the air. He then grabs his axe off of his back and spins it in the air. He then brings it down toward the ground. Upon impact, it sends a tidal wave of rocks, dust debris and pebbles straight toward the monster. Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, Lucy sucks in some of the flying pebbles as her eyes glow red.

"Now it's time to more than just fight with Taurus with my whip!" Lucy exclaimed as she slams her fists together creating a golden yellow magic circle in front of her. Her cheeks puff up as she sucks some of her Celestial Magic from deep down inside of her to create the power she needs to use her breath attack. "Celestial Dragon's Roar!"

As soon as Lucy calls out her attack, a golden yellow star-shaped beam of stars, rocks, pebbles, as well as the dust and debris that Taurus sent her way before she sucked some of it up is expelled through her magic circle. She uses her hands much like Natsu uses his hands to direct her breath attack through the magic circle onto the ground combining her Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic with the minerals inside the ground. The star-shaped beam then heads straight for yet another one of the remaining monsters destroying it on contact.

"Hey there is no way I am letting you guys have all the fun!" Chisame exclaimed as she slams her right fist into her left palm immediately prompting her dark purple magic circle to appear in front of her. Then she immediately goes from calm to dangerous as a dark purple aura engulfs her entire body. Coating her entire body in a lethal poison and aims straight for one of the monsters. "Poison Dragon's Sword Horn!"

Chisame directs her aura engulfed body straight toward one of the many remaining monsters. She slams through her target with ease while poisoning it in the process. She also manages to destroy an entire plateau in the process with her magic.

"Whoa! What a rush!" Chisame exclaimed as her right fist glows purple while it's being coated in poison. She then cocks it back and slams it forward "Poison Dragon's Lethal Fist." Engulfed in the dark purple energy of her Poison Dragon Slayer magic, her fist easily eats through one of another monster's tentacles cutting it off and also poisoning it in the process, this time however she went all out with her punch, unlike she has done before on missions with Shigeru and Terra and kills the monster instantly.

"Now it's time for the Princess of Ice to take a freezing stab at it!" Setsuko exclaimed while removing her kimono to battle as she slams her palms together creating a light blue magic circle with a Dragon's face in front of her. She then places her arms behind her as she bends her knees in a horse riding stance to give her more stability before using her low center of gravity to leap high up in the air as blue energy and mist forms on her hands. Thanks to this, twin streams of ice magic are being generated by her hands. She then directs her movement toward one of the monsters. "Ice Dragon Wing Attack!"

Once her energy is built up she slams her arms down in an x-like pattern dealing immense damage to one of the monsters.

"Now it's my turn!" The Snow Fairy exclaimed angrily as she claps her hands together forming a snow white magic circle in front of her. "Takeover Tigress Claws!"

As Lisanna said that her hands turn into Tigress claws complete with pads and fur. "Snow and Icicles in my right claw," Lisanna started "Snow and icicles in my left claw!"

Lisanna then crosses her claws over her chest in an x-like formation. She then flips up into the air and aims straight for another one of the monsters. "Put them together and what do you get? Snow Dragon's Tigress Claw Slash!"

Lisanna then slashes her claws in an X-like pattern effectively cutting one of the monsters in half and freezing both halves.

Erza, in her Heaven's wheel armor with her swords circling behind her, slashes the monster with the two swords in her hands and the other swords stabbing the monsters at the same time as well. Nearly 200 swords are slashing into the monsters at the same time.

The attacks continue as Snow Dragon Slayer Magic, Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, Ice Make Magic, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Poison Dragon Slayer Magic, Celestial Dragon Slayer and Celestial Spirit Magic, Moon Dragon Slayer Magic, and Sword Magic continue to beat the monsters up causing extreme harm to each and every one of the monsters. Even destroying several, but they take a lot of damage and continue to attack the group.

All of Team Lucy is surrounding Makarov in an effort to protect him. He is like a father to them, as well as being Luna's Grandfather as well. Taurus is standing behind Lucy with his Axe at the ready to strike again at any second.

"They just keep coming!" Natsu exclaimed as all six of the flying cats were trying to do what they could to fend the attacks off. Liz had her sais out and slashed with them, Yuki had her butterfly knives out and slashed with them as well. Kiyu was spinning her scythe around trying to strike out at the monster as much as she could. Roxie has her KisariGama out and is swinging it around and trying to slash the monsters as much as she could. Happy and Shiro are doing the best they can to help as well.

The ground shakes and Setsuko notices. "Great what's happening now?" Setsuko asked as she put her hand to her face in fear.

All of a sudden a purple and red glow emanates from the ground.

"The Magic Circle!" Gray exclaimed worriedly.

"Are you kiddin' me?" Natsu asked.

All of a sudden the six cats seem to smile and wave their arms happily much like Happy. "So pretty!" All six of the flying felines chime together almost mesmerized by the bright lights of the multi-colored magic seal.

"You're all missing the point again!" Setsuko exclaimed as she points to each and every one of the cats in a teasing manner, she doesn't mean anything by it. "What's going on in those mixed up little heads of yours?"

Erza, in her Heaven's Wheel Armor with a piece of her right bang covering her right eye gasps. "This is bad."

Several monsters appear as the magic circle surrounds the entire valley engulfing the plateau that all nine of them, well fifteen if you count the cats are standing on.

"Run for it!" Erza exclaimed in fear as all six of the cats wrapped their tails around their partners' waists, activated their Aera Magic and fly off. Erza picking up Makarov and flying away from the cliff while Gray just runs for his life.

However their efforts are futile as the entirety of Team Lucy and Makarov fall into the magic circle themselves. They are unable to get away from the magic circle.

On the road again with hot sun shining brightly above the group...

Team Lucy and Makarov are making their way out of the valley heading back to the Guild Hall.

"I'm starving!" Natsu complained as he was walking slowly in exhaustion. "Like for real."

"We can't walk another step you guys." All the flying cats exclaim in sync at the same time with their white angel wings extended, tired looks on their faces.

"Well good thing you all have wings, unlike the rest of us you show offs!" Gray exclaimed angrily toward the flying cats.

All the remaining Dragon Slayers are just walking quietly with exhausted looks on their faces. The Princess of Ice then spoke up breaking the silence created by the Dragon Slayers. "Um, yeah, I still don't get what happened."

"Um Master?" Erza asked.

"Yes?" Makarov asked.

"I'm still not satisfied with your explanation sir." Erza stated.

"Is that so..." Makarov said.

Flashback #1 begin, right after the group fell into the magic circle and the monsters vanished revealing a whole village full of people...

Team Lucy and Master Makarov encountered the Villagers that had cast the magic spell.

"Now spill it." Natsu ordered. "What were you trying to pull?"

"We were using the magic circle to cast forbidden spells." A short-haired woman with earrings in her ears and wearing a light brown hooded robe stated, then continued. "But those monsters appeared and took over everyone in town."

"So the monsters we fought, you were all trapped inside of them?" Erza asked.

"Ugh!, you made Shiro and I taste one of those things." Setsuko blanched in disgust.

"When you stepped into the circle, it activated the spell, and we no longer had any control of ourselves." A man with a palm tree growing out of his head wearing a purple robe said.

"Well you won't have to worry about that happening again." Makarov said.

"What?" The villagers all asked together.

"What do you mean by that Gramps?" Natsu asked.

"There's no need to sweat the details my boy." Makarov stated as he then used his left hand to point at and berate the villagers. "Now as for all you villagers, you should be grateful that someone came along to free you from your possession."

Makarov then put his left hand back behind his back and continued his berating of the villagers as the six flying cats can be seen standing behind him. "I assume you've learned your lesson from this gross misuse of magic, and as long as it doesn't happen again, I won't report you to the council. Is that a deal?"

"Yes of course," the short-haired woman responded. "We never wanna go through that again Thank you so much."

The short-haired woman then bowed apologetically.

"You have our word." The man with the palm tree growing out of his also said as he bowed in agreement.

"Ha ha ha." Makarov said in response to the promise made by the villagers.

End Flashback #1.

Back to present time... Team Lucy and Makarov are making their way back to their guild...

"When we defeated the monsters, it seemed to activate some sort of self destruction spell within the magic circle." Erza said as she continues to walk beside Master Makarov. "That's when you came in."

Flashback #2 begin... Right after the group was about to fall into the magic circle...

"Run for it!" Erza exclaimed while clad in her Heaven's Wheel Armor.

The group all screamed as Master Makarov was floating down has he opened his eyes saving everyone.

Flashback #2 Continues while Erza's voiceover confirms what she saw with her own eyes...

"In the blink of an eye, you saved us, freed the Dark Guild from the Take Over Spell, and destroyed the magic circle before it flattened the village and everyone in it." Erza said.

Flashback #2 Ends .

Back to Present Time... Erza is walking next to Makarov, everyone else is in front of them and the flying cats are still flying in the sky...

"How did you do it?" Erza asked after she confirmed what she saw with the Master.

"I'll tell you someday," Master Makarov said. "but what matters now is..."

"We're still hungry!" Everyone exclaimed together in sync.

Once again out of nowhere, Virgo pops out of the Celestial Spirit World using her own magic and sets an expansive picnic lunch, long picnic table and all with all kinds of food on for everyone to chow down on.

"Thanks Big Sister Virgo!" Lisanna, Lucy, and Natsu all chimed together insync along with the rest of Team Lucy as well as Master Makarov.

"Anything for my Princesses, Prince, and their friends and family." Virgo said as she looked toward Lucy. "Punishment now Princess Lucy?"

"Not now Virgo, thanks for saving us from starving." Lucy said to her maid spirit.

Virgo curtsies, smiles, and returns to the Celestial Spirit World. Once Team Lucy and Makarov finish their expansive meal provided by Virgo, they all head back to the guild full and ready to continue.

"Erza! Be warned! I won't lose this time!" Natsu exclaimed. "I'm all fired up!"

"We will just see about that Natsu," Erza said, "we will just see."

Meet Team Lucy(As of the end of the Eisenwald Arc):

Name: Lucy Heartfilia

Rank: Co-Leader of Team Lucy

Age: 17

DOB: July 1st, X767

Gender: Female

Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic, Celestial Dragon Slayer Magic, Animal Take Over Magic.

Bio: Lucy Heartfilia is the only biological child of Jude and Layla Heartfilia. On July 7th, X777 Layla Heartfilia died of an unkown illness, however unknown to her and the rest of her adoptive siblings Layla is alive and well looking over the Dragon World.

Siblings: Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia, Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia, Elfman (Strauss) Heartfilia, Mirajane (Strauss) Heartfilia, Cousin: Luna Fate Heartfilia V.

Partner: Liz

Equipment: Golden Zodiac Gate Keys, Silver Constellation Gate Keys, One Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Celestial Dragon Celestia, leather whip with heart-shaped end.

Name: Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia

Rank: Co- Leader of Team Lucy

Age: 16

DOB: July 1st, X768

Gender: Female

Magic: Animal Take Over Magic, Snow Dragon Slayer Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic

Bio: Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia is the youngest adopted child of Jude and Layla Heartfilia. Her biological parents are both deceased her Mother Ellejane died giving birth to her on July 1st, X768.

Siblings: Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia, Elfman (Strauss) Heartfilia, Mirajane (Strauss) Heartfilia, Cousin: Luna Fate Heartfilia V.

Partner: Yuki

Equipment: One Silver Constellation Gate Key, One Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Snow Dragon Miyuki, Purple and White Sword with a scroll like cloth spiraling around it.

Name: Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia

Rank: Co-Leader of Team Lucy

Age: 17

DOB: April 1st, X767

Gender: Male

Magic: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic

Bio: Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia is the second youngest adopted child of Jude and Layla Heartfilia. He was originally raised by Igneel, until he moved in with the Heartfilia family at the same time the Strauss Siblings did in X768. Igneel continued to train Natsu in Fire Dragon Slayer Magic up until Layla passed away on July 1st, X777.

Siblings: Lucy Heartfilia, Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia, Elfman (Strauss) Heartfilia, Mirajane (Strauss) Heartfilia. Cousin: Luna Fate Heartfilia V.

Partner: Happy

Equipment: One Silver Constellation Gate Key, One Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Fire Dragon Igneel

Name: Luna Fate Heartfilia V.

Rank: Co-Leader of Team Lucy

Age: 16

DOB: March 1st, X768

Gender: Female

Magic: Moon Dragon Slayer Magic, Ice Make Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic.

Bio: Luna Fate Heartfilia V. is the cousin of Lucy Heartfilia, Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia, Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia, Elfman (Strauss) Heartfilia, Mirajane (Strauss) Heartfilia. After her family disappeared on July 7th, X777; Luna found a waterfall to live behind and eventually joined Fairy Tail and moved in with Lucy and Lisanna.

Cousins: Lucy Heartfilia, Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia, Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia, Elfman (Strauss) Heartfilia, Mirajane (Strauss) Heartfilia

Partner: Akiyuki(Kiyu for short)

Equipment: A pair of Katana with one katana sheathed on each hip, One Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Moon Dragon Yue

Name: Erza Scarlet

Rank: Co-Second in Command of Team Lucy.

Age: 19

DOB: January 1st, X765-July 4th, X765

Gender: Female

Magic: Requip, Sword Magic, Telekinesis, Lightning Magic(while in Lightning Empress Armor), Fire Magic(while in Flame Empress Armor), Water Magic(While in Sea Empress Armor.)

Bio: Erza Scarlet is an S-Class rank wizard of Fairy Tail with mastery of several forms of magic.

Family: None known, parents deceased.

Partner: None

Equipment: Hundreds of armors, and hundreds of weapons.

Name: Gray Fullbuster

Rank: Co-Second in Command of Team Lucy.

Age: 18

DOB: January 1st, X766-July 4th, X766

Gender: Male

Bio: Gray Fullbuster joined Team Lucy right before the group went to take down Erigor and Eisenwald and keep them from unleashing the Lullaby Song on the Guild Masters. Sees Natsu as a rival.

Magic: Ice Make Magic

Family: Ur Milkovich(Foster Mother Deceased), Lyon Vastia(Foster Brother), Biological parents deceased, killed by Deliora

Partner: None

Equipment: None

Name: Setsuko Koori

Rank: Member of Team Lucy

Age: 16

DOB: June 25th, X768

Gender: Female

Bio: Setsuko met up with Team Lucy in Onibus when the group was chasing after Eisenwald trying to stop the Dark Guild from unleashing Lullaby's song on the guild masters.

Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic

Family: None.

Partner: Shiro

Equipment: A Silver Katana sheathed on her right hip, One Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Ice Dragon Masshiro.

Name: Chisame Corona

Age: 17

DOB: July 3rd, X767

Bio: Abandoned by her parents at the young age of five, Chisame was found by Chiyoe the Poison Dragon and taught Poison Dragon Slayer Magic. Chisame joined Fairy Tail just before Lucy and Lisanna went on the Mission to take down Lullaby and Eisenwald. She joined Team Lucy after meeting up with them in Clover Canyon after finding them with Shigeru Sandarov, an Earth Dragon Slayer and his green flying cat Terra, who she traveled with for about seven years before finally joining Fairy Tail thanks to Lucy, Lisanna, and Luna. Shigeru Sandarov and Terra joined Fairy Tail at the same time that Chisame Corona and Roxie did, also thanks to Lucy, Lisanna, and Luna.

Magic: Poison Dragon Slayer Magic, Celestial Spirit Magic

Family: Flare Corona of Raven Tail(Younger Sister)

Partner: Roxie

Equipment: Platinum Gate Key that summons forth the Poison Dragon Chiyoe

Exceeds/Flying Cats of Team Lucy:

Name: Happy

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Partner: Natsu (Dragneel) Heartfilia

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of Choice: A pair of Kama

Special Ability: Max Speed

DOB: X778

Name: Liz

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Partner: Lucy Heartfilia

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of choice: A pair of Sai.

Special Ability: Mind Reading

DOB: X778

Name: Yuki

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Partner: Lisanna (Strauss) Heartfilia

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of choice: A pair of Butterfly Knives

Special Ability: Invisibility

DOB: X778

Name: Akiyuki(Kiyu for short)

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Partner: Luna Fate Hearfilia V.

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of choice: A Scythe

Special Ability: Telepathy

DOB: X778

Name: Shiro

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Partner: Setsuko Koori

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of choice: N/A

Special Ability: Long distance hearing

DOB: X778

Name: Roxie

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Partner: Chisame Corona

Magic: Aera Magic

Weapon of choice: KisariGama(A Kama attached to a chain)

Special Ability: Able to pass through solid objects with ease

DOB: X778

To Be Continued...

Next Time:

Arriving back at the guild, Natsu remembers something that Erza promised him at the beginning of the mission Team Lucy just completed. Erza promised to battle Natsu in a rematch. Will Natsu emerge victorious or will Erza win again? Only Time Will Tell.

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Author's Note:

(1) This is the name I am going to give the three purple-haired female dragon slayers. It fits them perfectly. OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09 came up with the idea, I just shortened the name a bit.

(2) When I watched this Episode on DVD, that's kind of what Natsu's mushroom decoration popping out of his head reminded me of, until I saw the smaller mushrooms pop out as well.

(3) The nickname of Setsuko. OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09 came up with this idea as a nickname for his character. If you have any ideas for a nickname for Chisame the Poison Dragon Slayer say so in a review of this story or a PM to me.

(4) Yue the Moon Dragon looks like a twin of Acnologia, except she is silver with violet purple lines throughout the scales of her body.

(5) Since Dragon's are supposed to have disappeared on July 7th, X777 I am going to refer to the elemental dragons that all the dragon slayers summon as spirits.

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