Sour Cherry

Chapter 8: The Final Countdown


The next few weeks were really fucking strange.

And I mean that. Cuz, really, dating sucks.

Always worrying what the other person is thinking, whether they're having fun on dates, whether you're putting enough effort into making sure they're taken care of. Which honestly is a pain in the ass.

The fact that I care whether Ichigo is happy is probably what pisses me off the most. I'm so used to fucking and running that every time he looks at me and I realize I'm holding his hand for NO reason makes me want to punch myself in the face.

I take Ichigo out a lot, you know, to compensate for what an asshole I am. I buy him a lot of shit because I have money to burn and I like the look on his face when I surprise him with something he doesn't need but I know he wants. Sometimes he argues with me until he's red in the face because he doesn't understand why he needs a car or a racing boat or silk thongs.

He doesn't keep the car or the boat, no matter how much I promise to fuck him in both, but I convince him the thongs are hot and he doesn't bitch any more about it.

It takes me another month to realize that him knowing I like him doesn't bother me much anymore. Heh, coming back to school after suspension was like lighting the place on fire with how much attention we got. Ichigo didn't shove it in anybody's face or tell anybody, but the kiss stunt I'd pulled pretty much had everybody staring at us from the get go. I groped him as often as possible just to fuck with him, but I knew he wasn't pissed cuz his lips do this thing where they curl on one side when he's trying not to laugh, and it's probably my favorite thing ever.

Jesus fucking Christ, I'm gone over this kid, aren't I?

I'm disgusted with myself, but my friends say I'm a grinning faggot and my family has been saying how much NICER I'm acting lately, which makes me throw temper tantrums every other day just to keep them on their toes. I think they know the truth, though: that Ichi isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and my mom is MORE than okay with that to the point that I have to threaten her personal assistant's kid's lives so that she'll quit trying to book a wedding planner.

It works for a while, but my mom is a pain in the ass and a business woman, so I know she's already got locations and a fucking date set to go whether we're ready for it or not.

Which, again, should bother the fuck out of me, but really doesn't.

Despite us having almost nothing in common, me and Ichi gravitate towards each other. It's like we can't help it. We'll just find each other in each other's spaces, whether it's at school or on the weekends and we realize we're cuddling on the goddamn couch watching House Hunters instead of going out and partying and being the rebellious youth we're supposed to be.

He makes me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like my maid used to do. It's disgustingly cute and makes me sick but I eat them anyway because he bitches that I need to get fat.

I know he doesn't really mean it. He likes my abs too much.

Actually he likes my everything too much, and one day we're making out like the world is ending when I realize I haven't even fucked him yet.

"What the fuck, why'd you stop?" Ichigo growls, grabbing at my face again, me totally still on top of him. I must look like I'm gonna puke cuz he asks me if I'm sick.

"Uh, no," I say smoothly, so fucking smooth, "It's nothin."

"You're killing the mood," he says with an eye roll as he pushes me off him so he can sit up, "Spill."

And that's what really gets to me; that Ichigo has this power over me. We've known each other for a while cuz of school, but in terms of whatever this relationship thing is? Enough time hasn't passed for us to be whatever the fuck this is. It freaks me out. My boner is gone.

"We haven't fucked," I say tactfully, blinking at him.

"Yet," Ichigo corrects, sighing, "Seriously, dude. Really ruining the mood here."

"We're dating."

"Yeah, genius."

"Shut the fuck up."

"What are you trying to say?" Ichigo says, arms crossed over his chest, "You wanna fuck now?"

Now it's MY turn to roll my eyes, "Ichi, I always wanna fuck you. That's not the point."

"You're a confusing son of a bitch."

"Think about it Ichi," I said, putting my hands on his shoulders, "Me, Grimmjow, as in Jaegerjaques, as in can't keep it in my pants for more than three seconds."

Ichigo is silent for a minute, then smirks at me, "Holy shit, you really love me."

"Tch, what the fuck, not what I'm saying at all. I'm jus'sayin…"

"You've been WAITING~" Ichigo sing-songed, bopping me on the nose like I'm fucking three years old and not a horny as fuck teenager, "Oh my GOD, I didn't even realize. I mean, we fool around and shit, but you've never taken it further, so I was waiting for your lame ass."

"Wow, gee, thanks so fucking much," I mumble, not willing to admit how embarrassed I am over this whole situation. What the FUCK Jaegerjaques, you used to be a smooth motherfucker. People practically lined up for my dick, or used to, anyway. I think Ichigo got me throwing off 'taken' pheromones.

"Grimmjow, I think it's really cute," Ichigo said, sliding into my lap and kissing me, "It's downright adorable, even."

"Shut up," I say, because I am the MASTER of pouting. Fuck you very much.

Ichigo taps at the frown lines between my eyebrows, looking way too fucking pleased with himself, "I can't believe how anybody is intimidated by you. You're really just a giant, adorably awkward dork."

I growl at him, hands on his hips as he laughs in my face, "You are such an ass hole to me."

"Quid pro quo, you idiot."

And then he's kissing me, and that gets me to shut the fuck up, so I guess it's great. The awkwardness of this whole situation has me on edge, so it takes Ichigo a while to get me to unwind and get my dick back in the game. He starts moving his hips gently, all these clothes suddenly a huge problem for me.

"Get naked," I order, miffed when he just laughs.

"Sure, dumb ass."

God I love this fucker.

It takes us less than sixty seconds to strip, Ichigo not bothering to remove his socks, and for some reason that's ridiculously sexy to me. They're Spongebob, the random ass ones he stole from my room one day on a whim.

Our first time and Ichigo wants to wear fucking kid's socks.

But whatever, this is happening now, and I really, really want him.

He fumbles for the lube stashed under my couch, and I raise an eyebrow cuz I don't remember ever telling him I had shit stashed in certain places.

He must read my mind, cuz he looks at me with one eyebrow raised, "Like a pervert like you wouldn't have lube absolutely fucking everywhere in his ridiculously huge bedroom."


Enough talking now, though. He takes my fingers like a pro, like I know he can, since maybe we haven't full out fucked yet but we've fooled around enough to learn each other's bodies to a decent point. I accidentally make him cum too soon, which seems to piss both of us off, so I gotta get him going again.

Not a problem in the least. We're seventeen fucking years old. Talking about a fucking pizza can get my gears grinding, so having Ichigo spread out on my carpet with those stupid socks and his moaning voice is enough to have me like a cinderblock until Armageddon.

He's sensitive, so sensitive, so I bite and lick at his nipples until he cusses me and my mother, which, gross, don't talk about my mom when I'm trying to do you, okay? It kind of makes me panic for a minute, cuz my mom is so crazy over Ichi she's already planning honeymoon destinations (she already bought him a flat in Paris for his birthday, but it's a few weeks away yet, and I'm not about to ruin the surprise).

Anyways, fucking.

Ichigo cusses me seven ways to Sunday as I finally wiggle my way inside him, sans condom, because I'm a god like that.

Not really. But I'd been tested and hadn't slept with anyone since meeting Ichi, and his stupid ass had believed me, which was just crazy. Not that I was lying, but the fact that he trusted me enough to just go with it made my blood crazy.

So I was rough, probably rougher than Ichigo had been anticipating, and I should feel sorry about it, but fuck that. I was loving it, and so was he, eventually. He was gonna have INSANE carpet burn on his back and thighs (not to mention my KNEES, JESUS CHRIST) but it was definitely fucking worth it.

We were slapping together, him getting breathier and louder, and me, I don't even know the kinds of sounds I was making because I was trying really hard not to cum before him. I wanted to tease him later about him cumming twice without me and me having insane stamina (because, really, since I knew how much he dug the semes in my manga, this was a point of pride but also a point of turning him on to the point of shame).

He was digging his fingers into my sides now like he was trying to get at my ribs, "G-guh, Grimm, fuck…"

"Shit, Ichi."

He kept making these squealing noises, his legs wrapping tighter around me as I drove into him. I was sweating like a pig, our bodies making disgusting noises that were fodder for my writer's brain.

Shit. I shouldn't be in work mode right now, but this was definitely going in my next manga.

Ichigo screamed as he came, his cum shooting up his stomach and some hitting his chin, which seemed to do it for me, cuz I came like a fucking geyser not even a minute later.

"Get off me, you dick," he finally breathed, and I realized I was lying on top of him with my full weight.

Shit. I'd fucked us both stupid.

"You complain too much," I offered, kissing him sloppily before pulling out of him and rolling off of him. I didn't bother to clean us up since there was NO way I was moving after that.

We dozed for a while before I got tired of lying on the floor and picked his lazy ass up and put him in my bed. I cleaned us up with some tissues before throwing them on the floor. Let my family find them, like I gave a shit. There was no guarantee nobody wasn't home, the house was huge, but I doubted it as it was a weird time of the afternoon on a goddamn Tuesday.

Later I force him into the shower, which was stupid, honestly, cuz we just ended up fucking again and making a mess. Again.

But then we finally got clean, and he smelled like my shampoo and body wash and that made me too fucking happy and that's disgusting.

"Falling in love is annoying," I decide, nipping the back of his neck.

He's dead asleep again, wearing one of my tees and those stupid socks and I have a giant smile on my fucking face and if anybody ever witnessed how smitten I am right now I just might kill myself.


Grimmjow is a fucking dumb ass.

We fight a lot, but we make up a lot, which leads to amazing sex, so I guess it's not so bad.

I punched him in the face for taking the last pop tart at my house once. Really. I did. Karin witnessed it.

Five minutes later we're screaming in each other's faces. Twenty minutes later, we're tearing each other's clothes off in my laundry room. Thirty minutes later, we're lying in laundry and wondering how my old man hasn't come running in here yet to protect his precious son's virtue.

It tickles Grimmjow to death that my family accepts him almost immediately. I thought I'd have to deal with more backlash, but really Grimmjow can be a suave motherfucker when he wants to be. He bonds with my sisters ridiculously fast, but it's not fair that he's richer than god and buys Yuzu a truckload of stuffed animals and Karin a bunch of video games she's been wanting. He even buys my dad a new tv when he complains about how small the screen is, and then they bond over sports, which just pisses me off to no end because Grimmjow apparently knows every team ever and I start to worry that my dad's got stars in his eyes.

But anyway.

School isn't that much different, to be honest. We don't have many classes together, and the ones we do, he just kind of stares at me when he thinks I'm not paying attention and he tries to slap my ass in the hallway and say rude shit to get reactions out of people. Sometimes I'll kick him hard enough to make him regret it, but most of the time I just pull him into a random empty room and kiss him until he agrees to behave.

It's disgusting, really. How much we shouldn't work but somehow are.

His dates are fucking stupid.

Honestly. He took me to an arcade one time and the place was empty.

"I bought it. So we could have some alone time," Grimmjow announced, running to Dance Dance Revolution, "Now prepare to be destroyed, Kurosaki."

So he's stupid, and ridiculous, and over the top, but he does it to make me happy, so I can't get too pissed at him. He does stupidly sentimental shit sometimes without even realizing it. Like when he bought out the movie theater and he got me sour candies without me even having to ask. He just KNEW, which was crazy cuz I'd only mentioned once how much I loved sour candy. It made my heart pound so hard I didn't hear the first fifteen minutes of the movie.

He's stupid insecure sometimes too. If I talk to a dude, especially a class mate, he wants to start shit. He doesn't even know the kid's name, but he has to suddenly destroy him. It'd be cute if it wasn't so damn annoying. Women, too, even though he knows I'm gay as a fucking rainbow.

But it IS a little bit cute, since he acts so arrogant all the time.

But. Whatever. I love him, I guess.

"It's more than a guess," Grimmjow says to me after our first year anniversary, "Don't be an ass hole."

"Can't help it. I've been hanging out with you too much."

He wraps his arms around me and chuckles into my hair and it makes my bones go gooey.

"Aw, come on, sweetheart. I'm not that bad."

"Call me sweetheart again I'll rip your balls off with my teeth."

He full belly laughs, pushing me into the road. I could've gotten hit by a CAR, the ass hole.

"You wanna grab somethin' ta eat?"

"Sure. But none of that fancy ass shit! You're gonna eat like a commoner tonight."

"Tch, don't act like you don't love the places I take you."

"I do, but normal people don't fly to other provinces and countries for a dinner date, ass hole."

"I just haven't spoiled you enough yet," he said, nipping my nose with a devil grin and yup, he's getting laid tonight.

"You're a cocky piece of shit."

"You love it."

It's my turn to push him into traffic. A car honks. Grimmjow flicks them the bird.

"Yeah. I kinda do."

The End.