Chapter 2: Fun And Futures

I know you're standing there
Waiting for me to take it on back down the other road, baby
But I won't let ya down
I know you're standing there
Waiting for me to take it on back down the other road, baby
But I won't let ya down every time you turn around

Every Time You Turn Around-Chris Daughtry

Wow, after only spending one hour in the place; Kagami wanted nothing more than to get out of it, that is if she could even find the exit. No school should be this big, no school! She thought to herself being harassed by a pair of twins, interrogated by some evil 4-eyed genius in a suit and swept off your feet by a damn Frenchman… Well maybe that part actually wasn't so bad. Haruhi and Honey on the other hand weren't bad at all. Mori's safe too, a little too quiet for Kagami's liking (in fact he's more quiet than Minami-san… and that's saying something) but still, cool.

After checking up on Yutaka-chan, Kagami decided that now is the best time to get on out. "Hey Kusakabe, Minegishi why don't we head on back to Ryoo? It's pretty late and my mom should be here any minute." She called from the Music Room 3 or the host club's room where Misao and Ayano were chatting and sitting with the twins. The same ones that Misao was somehow able to tell who's who.

"'Kay Hiiragi, we're on our way! Well guys it was great hanging with you but got to go now, bye!" Misao said cheerfully as she waved and got up to go leave until she felt her wrists being grabbed, "Where are you going?" They asked in unison.

"Hiiragi says it's time to go and besides I do have a school to go to. I mean what's the Track team going to do without me?" She said as she tried to get out of their grip. "But…we just got you guys today…" They whined with an apathetic look. "They're not toys." Kagami snarked, irritated and feeling somehow greatly offended. What are we to these guys, just a bunch of human play-things?

"Right Hiiragi-sempai, they're our toys." Hikaru said, grinning.

Kagami's eyebrow twitched, "Yeah that's not happening, c'mon Kusakabe lets go." She began to pull Misao's free hand but she felt herself be stopped.

"Sorry, but this toy's all ours." Hikaru said, his hand still gripped on Misao's trapped hand. "Whoa Hitachiin be cool now man…" Misao laughed sheepishly.

"She's not your toy, she's a person and besides she can't stay here!" Kagami raised her voice slightly and tugged on the hand of Misao that she had grabbed. "Ow… dang Hiiragi you're strong."

"She can if she wants to!" He tugged on her hand a little harder. "Ow!"

"No way! Kusakabe's coming with me!"

"She's staying here!"

"OWWW! Pretty soon you two will be taking both of me with you cuz you're gonna break my arms!" Misao yelled as she was in the middle. "Okay then she's all yours." Hikaru said as he suddenly let go of Misao's hand and she landed right on top of Kagami. "Ouch…" Was all Misao had to say while Kagami groaned.

Kaoru and Ayano watched from the sidelines, both blushing heavily at what just happened. "What's going on in…?" Tamaki asked as he walked in right onto the scene of the crime and went a bright red. "W-what are you two girls doing?!" He yelled as he covered his eyes. Kyoya who saw the whole thing just kept his smile on, "Nice…" Mori blushed and in quick response he covered Honey and Haruhi's eyes using both his hands.

Kagami then noticed the position she and Misao were in and felt and blushed crimson red, Misao immediately got up and blushed as well her face almost matching Kagami's. "S-sorry Hiiragi…" She said while she scratched her head, embarrassed. "N-No..! It's okay Kusakabe… it wasn't your fault…and besides it's my fault anyway…" Kagami said, looking down her face still a brilliant shade of red. Wow…Hiiragi held my hand…

"Are you two girlfriends?" Hikaru asked.

"NO!" Kagami yelled, and Misao still blushed. "Now…technically that's not really true…"


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" She laughed it off and seemingly forgot about what just happened a few seconds ago.

"Well that was fun." Hikaru said and Kagami looked at him surprised, "That was fun to you?"

"Yeah, I figured you would have done all of that. Play a game of tug a war for Misao-sempai" He said smirking.

"W-well I wouldn't have, I mean it's just that we have to get going." Kagami stuttered, flushing. "Hey guys I guess I'll see you around." Misao said.

"Is that a promise?" They asked in unison. "Well…yeah I guess so, tomorrow then. Oh! we should totally meet at the arcade! There's one by Ryoo! I'll see you guys there and who knows we can even hang out during school weeks or something!"

"We shall see you there!"

"Yes! Now both of you give me some 5!" Misao raised both her hands and received both of their high fives in exchange.

"It was very nice meeting you Hitachiin-kun." Ayano bowed to Kaoru, "Yeah… it was nice meeting you to Ayano-sempai…" He blushed slightly; she's a nice girl…

"Suoh-kun. It was nice to meet all of you here, but it seems that the three of us must leave, goodbye we hope to see you all again another time."

"Oh, it was our pleasure Hiiragi-sempai and return whenever you want the host club will be waiting for you…"

Back at Ryoo:

"Kusakabe that was real nice of you to set up a play-date with those twins, but in case you forgot we have exams this week!" Kagami scolded her for being so thoughtless; though she should have known better by now that was just classic Kusakabe.

"Aww don't get your panties in a knot Hiiragi, I mean we're all just going to study together aren't we?"

"Sorry, I'm already going to study with another annoying person."

Misao frowned, "You know Hiiragi if you're so annoyed with Shorty why do you hang out with her? I mean just out of curiosity."

Kagami blushed, she honestly thought of Konata as a close friend and she promised she would study with her. "I-I just don't want her to rub off on Tsukasa that's all… I mean you've seen her right?"

"Yup, she's something else."

"Well I'll see you girls after lunch."

"What do you mean after lunch, don't tell me you're going back to class B to go eat there? Hiiragi I may not be the brightest gal you know but I'm pretty sure that this is your class."

"W-Why do you care all of a sudden? And besides I just want to check up on Miyuki and Tsukasa…"

Misao raised an eyebrow, Right…the same excuse she used just so she could go be with that diminutive blue-haired otaku. "Meh…alright, I guess. See you afterwards then…"

"Yeah, see you…"

"See you Hiiragi-chan…" Ayano said good-bye politely.

Misao sighed, "Aya, it's not fair. I mean the three of us have been together since middle school, we graduated together, how could we just be left as the side characters?"

Ayano smiled and patted the girl's head, "Don't worry Misa-chan, Hiiragi-chan's our friend too and I'm very sure she won't forget that. She's just a little…preoccupied…at the moment with her other friends at Class B for a while…"

The brunette smiled, thankful for Ayano sticking by her side. "Thanks Ayano…"

"Always Misa-chan."

"No I mean thanks, I know why Hiiragi's a little annoyed by me, I mean I'm quite the handful… aren't I?" She smiled awkwardly and scratched her head.

"D-Don't say that! You're incredible Misa-chan, Hiiragi-chan is just a little…impatient that's all but you are most definitely not a handful, you're a great person to be around…I enjoy being around you and I know that anybody else would be happy to have you as their friend, just like those Hitachiin twins we met earlier…"

Misao blushed and began to stammer, "Aww… come here Aya" Misao brought her hands out for a hug and Ayano happily complied. "Now how about I go bake you some cookies?"

"Awesome! Yes! You're the best Aya!" Misao beamed, back to her cheery self.

The Next Day (Exam Hell):

"Hey Hiiragi!" Greeted the happy-go-lucky athlete. Kagami turned to see said athlete, with a slight but genuine smile on her face, "oh hey Kusakabe."

"So how did you do on your exams? Great as usual?"

"Eh, I did pretty good, 90%. Konata wasn't much help last night but I'm going to find out today during lunch."

"Wow! 89?! Nonetheless expected from you Hiiragi, hey guess how I did?!" Misao said happily, though she heard the fact that Kagami would yet again go over to Class B to eat lunch with the otaku, she chose to ignore. Less it ruin her day.

"Let me guess you did much better than how you normally would do right?" Kagami said with a knowing tone; based on experience Konata is the type who wouldn't score normally good unless it called for it such as exams today. Yet she could slack off on the other days, much to Kagami's irritation. That was what really ticked her off.

Oh, and Misao was absolutely no different from her…

"Haha! Lucky guess! I scored with an 87% how great is that?! Now me and you can both go to college!"

"You just scored good this time because you asked Minegishi for help last night didn't you?" Kagami taunted her with a smirk, that was one thing she knew well about Misao is that she always needed Ayano to help her out with almost anything, almost.

Misao pouted and flushed a bit, "Hey…give me my moment of glory will ya?" Kagami snickered and Ayano came amongst the two. "Misa-chan, Hiiragi-chan."

"Hey Aya, why don't you brag about your score to Hiiragi?"

Ayano chuckled at her friend's energy, "89%"

"Wow, so we all did pretty good this time huh?" Kagami smiled, happy for her classmates.

"Yeah, aren't we awesome? And on top of that we can all go to college! Not together sadly but still from time to time we can still see each other!"

"Kusakabe, are you really sure about that? I mean we're going to be so busy during our university years, that'll almost be impossible to have any free-time." Asked Kagami, a hint of realism in her voice.

"Oh Hiiragi you seriously need to relax sometime, of course we'll have some free-time."

"You're just saying that because all you do is slack off."

Ayano cleared her throat and looked at Kagami with a slightly stern look, "Hiiragi-chan, let her finish please."

With that sudden little 'outburst' Kagami agreed and proceeded to listen to Misao, "Well you see yeah you're right I'm not the working type, but even so there'll always be time to have fun and then work later."

Kagami was ready to criticize her even further but she was slightly afraid of what Ayano might say or do if she did…

"But, Hiiragi if it means that much to you I'll study my ass off in college and when I'm done the three of us and your friends can all hang out together!" Misao said with a thumbs up, with a shy blush on her face.

Kagami looked slightly surprised, she knew that Misao was no worker, but with the way she's saying that now almost sounds like a promise. At first she assumed Misao would probably go back on that promise but then again Misao looks too honest right now for Kagami to even assume that.

She remained slightly skeptical but she still blushed, "Kusakabe… do you really mean that?"

"Well yeah! I mean I know I've said things before like 'Oh I'll totally get down and study this time' or 'No I got it, I won't need your homework to copy or study from' but I'm not kidding this time! I swear, scouts honor!" She gleamed with a big bright smile.

Kagami was speechless, and not to mention blushing big time. Misao would do all of that…

For her…

"Okay Kusakabe, I believe you…" Kagami said twirling her hair in a nervous response. "I-I mean you'd better mean it this time..! Less I have something to be irritated about…"

"Awesome! Hey me and Aya are going out with the twins today you wanna come?"

Kagami went blue with shock, "G-Going out?!"

"Well yeah we're going to go hang out at the arcade today, what were you thinking of Hiiragi..?" Misao smirked and teased.

"H-Hey! You're the one who said it like that! Anyone else could've gotten the wrong idea!" She yelled as she blushed.

"So you coming?"

"Um… well you see thing is…"

"Oh yeah that's right you got company…" Misao said with a slight frown on her face and Ayano by her side, ready to reconcile her if Kagami did indeed have plans with her friends from Class B, again.

"N-No… I guess I can go, I don't really have any company actually…" Kagami stuttered, sure she would like to go see if Konata and the others had company but she assumed it would be okay to hang out with Misao instead this time.

"Yes! Arcade right after school!"

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