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The young gamine lay there in his arms, dying, bleeding out. Marius held her close, dreading the moment that the light in her eyes would go out, dreading the moment that her spirit would leave this realm of existence, the moment she would leave him. Then he'd be all alone. Eponine, his best friend, would be gone, and he'd be all alone. He would have no one. His beloved would be far away, unreachable... and Eponine would be dead. What would he do when Eponine died? Who would he become? Was there any way to save the petite gamine that he held in his arms? If there was, he would have to find it. Eponine had to live. The young woman looked up into Marius' periwinkle blue eyes. Rain poured down on them

"Don't you fret... Monsieur Marius... I don't feel any... pain..." pain spread through her body as she whispered this to him, as if reminding her of the lie she'd just told him. Her raised a hand to caress his face. Her touch was soft, despite her calloused hands. Marius held her close to him. If she was going to die, she would die in his arms and, for that, she was grateful. "And you will keep me... safe... and you will... keep me... close..." she rasped, writhing in pain. She coughed. Blood splattered. Marius fought back tears.

"But you would live, 'Ponine, dear God above! If I could close your wounds with words of love." He whispered to her.

"Shelter me... comfort... me." Marius could tell from the sound of her voice that she was in immense pain. She looked beyond him, almost as if she were looking into the heavens. "The rain that brings you here... is heaven blessed. The skies begin to clear... and I'm at rest..." she looked at him, her face inches from his. "A breath away from where... you are..." she whispered. "I've come home, from so far..." her voice was filled with tears. He held her as she became so full of pain the she could barely speak anymore. Eponine didn't want to die, but if she had to choose a way to go, this would be her choice. Not so much the pain and suffering, but being in Marius' arms. She would die happy as long as she was with him, in his arms. "And rain..."

"And rain..." Marius echoed

"Will make the flowers..."

"Will make the flow–" Eponine cut him off with a kiss. She kissed him with all of her strength, with the last of her strength. Marius was shocked by this. Did Eponine have feelings for him? Or did she simply want to say goodbye this way? Eponine fell back. "Grow..." Marius whispered, finishing their song. He gently rocked Eponine back and forth. She was dead... or so he thought.

"Marius, look! She's still breathing!" Joly exclaimed. Marius looked down at Eponine and noticed the slow rise and fall of her chest. She's alive! Thank God, thank God! Marius thought as he picked her up. He sneaked her away from the barricade and to the hospital where she was seen immediately. Marius waited at the hospital until he knew that she was okay. Soon enough, the doctor let him see her. Marius went into Eponine's hospital room and sat in the chair next to the hospital bed. Marius held her hand. Unconsciously, Eponine squeezed his hand. Marius smiled lightly. As soon as the doctor would let him, he carried Eponine to his home where his housekeeper, Mme. Pourlesgens, promised she'd take care of her. Marius returned to the barricade and fought alongside his friends. He couldn't just abandon them. He promised himself that he'd return to Eponine.

When Eponine awoke, she found herself in an unfamiliar room. She tried to think of what had happened, but she couldn't remember. She looked around. Then she remembered being shot at the barricade and... and something else... what was it? Marius! Where was he? Was he okay? Did... did he live? Eponine tried to sit up and winced. She laid back down. It almost hurt too much to bear.

Mme. Pourlesgens came into the room. Eponine looked at her cautiously. She didn't know her, nor did she have any idea who she might be. Mme. Pourlesgens saw the look in her eyes.

"There, there deary. I'm not going to harm you. I'm here to help."

"Is Monsieur Marius okay?" Eponine asked worriedly. If Marius died... if Marius died, then Eponine would be dead. Maybe not physically (although that would most likely change), but mentally.

"I don't know." Mme. Pourlesgens admitted. Eponine started to hyperventilate. What if Marius died? No, he couldn't die... he just couldn't! He was everything to her... he couldn't die... could he? No... "Calm down, no need to have a panic attack. I'm sure he'll be fine." Despite her words, it still took Eponine a while to calm down. She needed Marius to be alive. She couldn't bear it if he died.

Mme. Pourlesgens helped Eponine get cleaned up; she scrubbed the dirt and blood from her hair and she found her a clean dress to wear. Eponine wasn't used to being treated this kindly. Or to being this clean... at least, not for a long time. When she was younger, her parents were a lot nicer towards her. She was always their favourite. But then she ended up being her father's favourite one to take out his anger on. She still had many scars and bruises from him... and from some of the members of the Patron-Minette whenever they were angry. Although Mme. Pourlesgens had noticed them, she didn't mention them. She had a feeling Eponine wouldn't want to talk about them.

Eponine didn't really talk much over the course of the next few days. She was too worried about Marius. She also wasn't getting any better. Worrying wasn't helping her heal, the stress made it worse. She was starting to become ill.

Every night she prayed. She prayed to God on high to bring Marius home. She needed him to live. He was her best friend. And she was in love with him. But he was too infatuated with Cosette to even notice her. But still... if he asked, she'd be his.

As the days passed, Eponine started to fear that Marius wouldn't return. But that night, he did. He was carried to the house by none other than Cosette's father, Valjean. And (thank god, Eponine had thought) he wasn't badly injured. He would live, he would be fine. Though, it looked as if the same couldn't be said for Eponine...

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