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19 years later

Eponine & Marius

Eponine watched her youngest daughter sigh in frustration as she tried to read her father's largest law book. Eponine and Marius had 3 children. The youngest was a boy that they had named Gavroche, he was only 8. The middle child, the one who was trying to read Marius' law book, was a girl named Azelma, she was 12. Their eldest child was a girl named Mariette, she was 18.

Marius went over to Azelma and smiled as he watched her try to read the huge book.

"You're just like your mother." He told her. Azelma smiled widely.

"Really?" she asked.

"Oh yes," Marius told her "she used to try to read that same book." Azelma grinned.

"Key word: try." Eponine added with a laugh. Azelma looked just like Eponine, except with blonde hair and Marius' blue eyes. Mariette walked into the house, a wide smile on her face. Mariette, like her father had been, was a student. She had just aced an exam.

"How'd it go?" Marius asked, already knowing the answer. He could tell by her wide smile.

"I aced it!" Mariette exclaimed.

"That's great!" Eponine and Marius exclaimed. Mariette grinned. Mariette looked just like Marius, but with Eponine's deep, chocolate brown eyes. Gavroche came running into the house.

"She said yes!" he exclaimed happily. Eponine raised her eyebrows. "Gabrielle!" he told them "She said yes! I asked her out and she said yes!" Gavroche had had a crush on Gabrielle for a while and he had only just gotten the nerve to ask her out.

They all congratulated him. Gavroche looked just like... well, he looked just like Gavroche.

And so, Eponine and Marius had a happy life with their children.

Cosette & Lucien

Cosette watched as her two daughters dug holes in the dirt. She remembered a time long ago when she herself had done the very same thing with Eponine and Azelma. Cosette and Lucien had only the two girls, but Cosette was with child again. Their girls were twins. One looked like Cosette, her name was Marian, and the other like Lucien, her name was Adrienne.

Marian and Adrienna were only 4 years old. They were very beautiful children and all of their neighbour's adored them. They spoke both French and English. They had learned both languages from their parents.

Cosette and Lucien had well adapted to living in England. It only took them a couple of years to learn English.

"Come on, girls." Cosette said. "Let's go inside and get you two cleaned up. Then I'll start making dinner." The girls got up and followed Cosette inside. She cleaned them up and then started making dinner.

Cosette was finished making dinner by the time Lucien got home from work. The family ate together.

That night, when the girls were sleeping, Lucien and Cosette sat down together.

"A heart full of love," Cosette sang

"A night full of you," Lucien added.

"The words are old, but always true." they sang together.

"I saw you in the park, and I knew..." Lucien sang softly

"You were my light in the dark, yes it was you." Cosette sang with a smile.

"And this is not a dream. Not a dream after all." They finished together.

Lucien and Cosette had a happy life together with their kids.

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