So here is the alternate ending. This is just a random idea that popped in my head. I'm sure a lot of people will either be like "What the hell?!" and/or hate it. But, I figured I'd give it a shot!

If I do and epilogue or sequel, they will not be on this ending unless a lot of you actually want it to be…then I will reconsider…but, that is up to you guys!

Hope you enjoy and don't hate me too much after this! :)

Next thing I knew something hit me and I felt nothing but pain.

I sat up gasping. I reached over and felt nothing but air and mattress.

"Dimitri?" I hollered wandering where he went. Tears were streaming down my face and I started sobbing as I replayed parts of the dream over and over again in my head. I started to think maybe it hadn't been a dream but, then I felt one of the babies kick. I patted my stomach soothingly reassuring myself that it was just a dream. "DIMITRI?"

"I'm here!" Dimitri said rushing into the room. He rushed over to me and I immediately latched on to him. He started rubbing my back and hair soothingly. "I'm here everything is fine. Calm down sweetheart."

"I…Had…A…horrible…night…mare," I said between sobs.

"It was just a dream. Everything is fine. I'm here and you and the baby are safe. Calm down and you can tell me about it if you want to," he said softly trying to calm down. Eventually the sobs subsided but the tears were still pouring out.

"I dreamt that I miscarried one of the babies and we didn't know about the other one. Then you left and told me you didn't love me anymore. I had the other baby but never told you and you came back when he was 4. You were trying to get me to give you another chance but I was too upset. Finally I told you about the baby and you stormed off. Then I got hit by a truck," I told him trying not to break down again. I could still feel all the emotions vividly as if it really happened.

"You know I'd never leave you Roza. I'm going to be here forever," he said holding me a little bit tighter.

"I just felt so real…I could feel all of the pain and anguish as if it were real. Don't ever leave me comrade! I don't think I could take it for real…you see how I'm acting when it was just a dream," I told him with a small smile at the last bit.

"Never, I'll always be here for you."

So there it was…the alternate ending. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed, alerted, favorited, or even just read this story. You all have been so amazing I really can't even describe how happy you have made me while writing this story. I'm sorry it took so long but, at least I've finally finished a story!

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