Chapter 1: Wishes

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"Ugh I can't stand this he always gives us purges where the planet life is so ridiculously weak and pathetic. When we get back I'm going to give that man a piece of my mind which means my fist right up his-" "Hey, Chi calm down we've only been here for and hour at the max jus fly and let the breeze flow through your hair, face, tail and just relax."

Bulma was the only person that Chi-Chi ever wanted to be teamed up with for planet purges because one, she was the only one who could calm the ebony haired teen down. Two, because she loved Bulma's brains when it came down to a two-man fight. She was just a genius when it came down to strategic fighting and had some muscle to go with the brains. Lastly she was the only person she completely trusted with her life if she ever was on her death-bed. Chi-Chi loved her other comrades don't get her wrong but besides 18, Bulma was the only other girl she could confide in. Sure 18 was a girl and everything but she was more of the 'I don't like to talk about my feelings much' type of girl.

Now that Chi-Chi thought about it 18 was just like the sister she never had and so was Bulma but she was her favorite of the two girls. She grew to love and respect 18 over their years together purging planets since they were little toddlers and now they were 15 except for Bulma who was 16 by and full year. Yes Bulma's and Chi-Chi's birthday was the same day, July 1. So they believed they were meant to do greatness together.

They were flying back to the rendezvous point after they completed their half of the planet. Which wasn't very long more like 45 minutes ago but Bulma wanted to fly around for a little while longer before they had to meet back up with their other three comrades. She hated being around Yamcha and Krillin after they finished their part of a purge they always smelled and wanted to bother her and Chi-Chi with boring stories about how they killed off the life of the planet. She was done with her detour and they were finally on their way back.

"B, why don't you want to try for the elites me, you, and 18 are stronger than the average elite's as people, so that means that we would be high-class elites and we would be able to train with the guys with respect we deserve and with the three princes and maybe even guard the king, queen and princess?" Chi-Chi questioned she was playing with her hair again not paying attention to the expression on Bulma's face. Chi-Chi was wearing her purple spandex uniform that was like shorts and a t-shirt with her black armor with purple highlights and black boots and gloves. She had long ebony black hair, a long slim brown tail and was well toned for a female with still the right amount of slender that made her look more like a sexy adult Swimwear model than a teenage warrior. Men stared and hit on her all the time especially when her and Bulma went to train in the gym's many training rooms asking if they could come to watch her and Bulma "fight". Still she wouldn't say she was ugly because she knew she was one of the most sexiest girls on the planet. But she stopped playing with her hair and looked at her lightly tan hands then at Bulma.

Bulma looked odd for a saiyan she had natural lapis eyes and baby blue hair, her skin was a creamy milk-white that never tanned or burned no matter harsh the sun rays or how long she stayed in the sun and her tail was long slender and brown. Her eye color changed depending on her mood and she was a genius but preferred to be a warrior and be in the field fighting along her comrades. She was slender with mostly no muscle, had a rack, and a really nice butt she looked like a playboy bunny a lot of men underestimate her until she is wiping the floor with them in a fight. She is very fast for a saiyan and one hell of a fighter. She is very strong, independent, and beyond brilliant, she has a temper on her but not as bad as Chi-Chi's but mostly when guys call her babe, doll, little mama, hot cakes, sweetie, and their eye-candy but the one that irritates her the most is doll. She is a pure saiyan but is just odd a lot of girls hate her because she is one of the sexiest girls on the planet though. She laughed at the thought until Chi-Chi asked her question then she sighed after hearing

She rearranged her armor that looked exactly like Chi-Chi's except the colors were fuchsia and black and she had unwrapped her tail around her waist. She looked at Chi-Chi and gave her a stern look that always made her feel like a child. "Chi you know I don't want to try out and show our true strength then we would be in the castle and never see anyone. I'll see my dad sure but we would be a broken group Krillin and Yamcha would still be third class warrior while we'll be up there with the royal family and they will be being disrespected and treated unfairly."

"But, Bulma we could find them another team that they would like and I've noticed they're getting stronger they are like average second class warriors and my dad is the head of the second class."

"You've really been thinking this through haven't you Chi?" Chi-Chi sighed and shook her head. She really had thought about it for a while.

"Yeah I just really wish we could try because I want to feel like I'm worth something and being in the third class isn't it. I think that if we try we could do something great with ourselves and for others."

"You know what Chi?" Chi-Chi looked at her with a questioning face "We can try out for the elite class when we get back but u know that means were going to have to fight in front of the princes and that means Prince Kakarrot will be there so you can't mess up."

Chi-Chi forgot about that ugh she wished he wasn't going to be there she had the biggest crush on the one prince. She also wished that if she could talk to him to see if he was her mate. They always said that to simply hear the voice of your loved is to know a love that no one could explain. That your love for that person is so deep you would risk your life for that person. They say that if you found your soul mate you would be able to hear each others thoughts you even have a telepathic link but the other thing about being soul mates is that you feel what they're feeling and can even draw power from each other. She changed her thoughts Bulma actually said yes to trying out for the elites!

"Yes I can have everything ready before we even get home all I have to do is call my father from my scouter."

They got back to the rendezvous point and met up with everyone. They told them about their idea and everyone was excited and sad at the same. It was their last time together as a team but bigger and better things were ahead so they celebrated that night like it as their last.

"AHHHHHH of all the people I wouldn't believe YOU would try a sneaky ass trick like that fuck tard."

"Hey all is fair in war my brother you have to keep your guard up and your senses open to any type of attack even from me in training."

"Oh shut up you two let me get a quick spar in then we have to go see Father in the throne room Mother and Vega will be there also so we need to make this quick but I already know that I'm going to win again."

Kakarrot and Raditz let Vegeta join them in their training while Kakarrot was wiping the blood from his left shoulder where Raditz hit him with a Ki blast. They have to be in tip-top ship if they were going to be in charge of the new three troops to join their team for purging planets. The only problem was that no one in the elite army was good enough for them so they had to hold try outs for the position in a week. The people who were trying out didn't know that they were going to get an offer if they were good enough to fit the team. Everyone always thought the princes were a team of themselves but they always had a secret team go with them in case of back up but the last team was needed in the army so they were alone together on purges so their mother thought it would be best if they let some people onto the team so they could bond with someone other than each other. She was right in a way but it was hard to find people to fit in with their group in strength.

After they were finished training they went straight to the throne room to meet their parents and little sister. Vegeta got his name from their planet and their father but that's not the only thing he got from him. He got his looks and hair from his dad as well. Vegeta was short for that average saiyan but made up for it in power he hated it when bastards called him short and they ended up paying for it with their lives but he couldn't kill his fucking brothers for calling him short because then his mother would be pissed at him and he would be punished for it. He had hair that swept upward in a flame defying gravity and it was the same color as his eye ebony black with tan skin he was wearing is usual attire his blue spandex suit with his white gloves boots and armor. Kakarrot and Raditz wore the same thing as Vegeta they couldn't stand being younger than him they were just 15 and he was 16 just a year and some odd months older than them so he gets to rule planet Vegeta but then again they will at least get to rule the army and some other pathetic planet that they over took. They were twins but looked different in some ways they had the body type and same tail length and width, they had some similarities like the skin which was tan like Vegeta's but in the face Raditz looked older than Kakarrot while he still had a baby face., Kakarrot's hair was spiky and it defied gravity as well while Raditz hair was long and wild.

As they entered the throne room they saw their mother and sister Vega sitting their seats while father was meeting them in the middle of the room. Vega looked a lot like their mother. She had long ebony black hair and had a medium tanned skin color her eyes were as black as space and she was well-built for a 11-year-old but she was slender and lethal if you dared to fight her' she was wearing a crimson red ball dress her tail waving gently back and forth to show her content mood. Their mother wore a similar dress but it was more flowing and was forest green. Her hair was pulled up in an elegant up do upon her head with curling strand falling down framing her face she wore a thick silver necklace to highlight her eyes and well-defined body having four children certainly didn't do her body any damage. Her tail was lying by her side lazily to show boredom but quickly swayed back and forth as she was happy to see her three strong boys.

King Vegeta was wearing the royal Cape with his planet and race's insignia on it while wearing a black spandex suit with white armor. "Hello my sons I am happy to see you."

"Hello Father", they said in unison then each one of them said hi to their mom and sister.

"Ah yes well my boys have you finally found some people to be on your team?"

"No." they said together with straight faces.

"Well I know you are looking for men but we have three female warriors who are going to try out next week for a position in the elite army. I want you to test them to see if they are good enough. They are coming form the third class and want to prove they can be of good service on the elite army. One of them is the second class army Commander's daughter her name is Chi-Chi I want Kakarrot to test her , another is the daughter of the Weapon Specialist Gero her name is Juu but she likes to be called 18 Raditz you're evaluating her, and lastly the daughter of our very own special scientist her name is Bulma she would have been a scientist along with her father because she is actually smarter than him but she chose to be a warrior instead Vegeta I know you like a challenge and her brains have proven her to be quite the adversary she has never lost a battle yet so you will evaluating her." he looked at his sons and said "I hope to see them on your squad they have quite the record in their army never losing a planet and a clean record. But until then you can rest and do as you please it's about time for dinner so we will eat then be off for the night."

"Yes father." they ate dinner with their family, then headed to their rooms for a much-needed shower but first they wanted to talk about the women their father had them evaluating in a week. "So how do you want to test them guys?" said Kakarrot. Vegeta was the first of the three to say something "You two dumb asshole better not mess this up and let them get punches in because they are girls." Raditz spoke "Okay short stuff we wont mess this up but how are we going to test them one by one or altogether?"

"We'll do it altogether and don't ever call me that again or mom will be missing a son and Kakarrot a twin." Vegeta said with menace

They separated ways went to their rooms and went to sleep.

It is a week later and Bulma, Chi-Chi, and 18 were excited about the tryout. They made their way to the palace with their tails wrapped around their waists ready for the fight with the soldiers and the royal family watching. As they were inside the palace a servant showed them to the evaluation/ largest training room in the castle but they were to get ready before entering the room.

Chi-Chi was wearing an all black shorts spandex suit with black boots and gloves she had her black and lime green armor so she could show off her rack and butt a little before they fought in front of the princes she also had her hair up in a loose messy bun with some strands falling around her face tail around her waist. 18 was taller than the other two girls and had nice butt and rack but it was smaller than the Bulma and Chi-Chi's. She had shoulder length blonde hair that she let hang, blue eyes, and white skin not as pale as Bulma's though with a long slender brown tail wrapped tightly around her waist ready for battle. She had on her all black suit, gloves, and boots just like Chi but her armor was black and orange with it at her side too. Bulma had on the same suit, boots, and gloves as the other girls but instead of all black it was all navy blue to symbolize her as their leader since they were to fight three soldiers at the same time her all black armor at her side and her hair held up in a pigtail and tail tight around her waist. They were ready. As the trio made their way to the room they stopped in front of the door and looked at each other with excited but serious expressions. Bulma in the middle with Chi-Chi on her right and 18 on her left and being a bit ahead of her comrades she pushed open the giant doors and they walked into an unusual evaluation. 'HA at least Chi-Chi will get one of her wishes today' Bulma thought.

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