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Chapter 13- A Messed Up Birthday Present!

'Where am I? Ugh, why does this hurt so much!... I- I can't breathe! my whole chest hurts!'

Blue eyes opened in panic, everything was a blur, but the pain was surreal. Trying to move her arms she caught the attention of her guards. They stepped closer to her healing chamber, and all she could see was the color of the soldiers armor, they belonged to Cooler. So she kept attempting to get her lead weighted arms to move at her commands, although all the effort she put into the task was for naught. Even though she couldn't see them clearly, she could still hear them.

"She woke up again." The shorter one of the two sighed.

"We need to get her back to them fast or he's going to be pissed she died." The taller one's voiced that floated to her ears sounded like he was in a bit of pain.

"What about those two we left back there on the planet?" Again the smaller one asked another question.

"Who the Hell cares! They can bleed out for all I care. Stupid bastards better die, after all we had to put up with them in front of him." Pressing a hand to the glass of the healing chamber, the taller one growled, while peering into the liquid.

"She's beginning to hyperventilate." Apparently the shorter one was watching her vitals too.


The loud female voice of the Intercom could be heard all around them, alerting her guards to take action.

'God My body is on fire! I need to get out of here! I need to help them!'

"She's moving! She's going to open all her wounds again, and bleed out!"

"Fuck, put her back to sleep! She can't die on the way back!"

'I'd rather die than go back!'

She managed to make her torso move as she lifted her right arm through the healing liquid. She was determined to get to them and go back home, she made a promise. She wasn't going back to the vile lizard!

"Shit she tore open her stitches!" The shorter of the two ran to the healing chamber's control panel, hitting the red button


'NO move dammit!'


'They need my help'


She pushed her right hand against the glass door, but nothing changed, she didn't even budge it.


"Her heart rate is reaching critical levels!"



"Thank you everyone for being here, Tonight we celebrate the birth of the first Prince Vegeta!" The Queen got the sea of saiyans calmed down, only for them to become rowdy again at the knowledge she bestowed upon them.

"Quiet down you lot! Now since my son is now of the proper age, and we believe him mature enough to take over someday. He will begin his formal training to take over the throne, as well as his mate. Through the training of the this new generation of Saiyans, shall the future of our race be as strong as the ones before them!" King Vegeta bellowed, and the crowd followed with cheers.

Vegeta walked up beside his father with his naturally stoic face on the forefront for everyone to see. He looked out into the crowd, proud of how far his people have come from. The next thing to do to truly make them a feared race, take down the Cold family. Then and only then can they become a feared and free race.

His father nodded to him and Vegeta took a few steps forward ready to give his first address to the vast amount of Saiyans in front of him.

"I am only going to say this once so listen up! Once I take my place as King, there will be changes that are going to happen. The most important change will be that we will get our pride and reputation back as Saiyans. We were once a feared and Notorious race, and now the galaxy laughs at us. The Cold Empire took our freedom and reputation from us, but we will no longer have that! The hardest thing in life is not being a slave, but getting out of bed everyday and being fine with life as a slave. They call Us Monkeys, Apes, Barbarians, Inbreds, Monsters, and Devils. Devils are not born naturally in this world, but they are created. We will show them how demented of a Devil we can be. So for those of you who are okay with being a slave can watch as we burn a pathway to our freedom. But for those of you who are willing to stand with me, your names will be carved in the history books of our greatest victory yet! So who's with me?" Vegeta roared as he punched his fist high in the air, receiving a thunderous sound of approval from the crowd before him.

King Vegeta stepped forward and put his hand on his son's shoulder. He was proud to hear those words come from his oldest son. He was always concerned about his attitude for his people when he was younger, but now all of those worries have been laid to rest.

Vegeta stepped down from the platform to walk back to the rest of his family.

"Vegeta that was amazing!" Chi-Chi cheered as soon as she seen his form approaching them.

"Way to get the crowd motivated." 18 gave Vegeta a nod of approval a she was leaning against the back wall that led into the Palace.

Vegeta grunted, but just ashe was about to head back inside of the Palace done with the festivities for the night, he heard his mother and little sister approching.

"I think we don't need to worry about you giving crappy speeches then." Vega teased as she gave a slow and mocking clap to her eldest brother.

"Shut up." He retorted and looked over to his mother, who just so happened to have a slightly disappointed frown on her face.

"Why would you get them riled up about taking down the Cold Empire when we already don't have enough strength as it is? The reason we are still bound to them is because of the massive power they hold. Not just their power alone but the sheer amount of species that are truly loyal to them. You are preparing for a War that will be lost, you need to rationalize ideas before you speak them into being Vegeta! Trust me no one wants to be from under their thumb more than your Father and I, but telling the people false hopes as of right now is no way to build an army. Better yet they still hold almost half of our family as is, your brothers and mate are still in their clutches. They will use them against you if they even think that you are starting an uprising!"

At the exact moment she finished admonishing her son King Vegeta decided to voice his opinion on the matter.

"Calm Down Kiomi, the boy is onto something here. Granted the manner in which he brought forth the subject was unexpected, and a little short-sighted. He still had the best intentions and must have a plan to tell us about concerning the matter. Am I right Vegeta?" The King wrapped an arm around his spouse and locked eyes with his son.

"Yes, I have Father." Vegeta nodded his head as he crossed his arms, widening his stance.

"See my love, Now we will meet tomorrow about this plan you have. But until then enjoy-."

"King Vegeta!"

A servant ran up to the family, clearly distressed about something. His glasses were sliding down his nose, and his cheeks were a pale red.

"There is a foreign ship coming in for landing, it has came within our security alert systems and will be here within 10 minutes. We have tried to contact the crew of the ship but it seems their radio and Video transmission is down or shot. What would you like us to do Your Highness?"

A look of surprise flashed across the King's face, but then his features hardened as the ruthless Saiyan King came forth.

"Send the first responder team out to the Public landing bay's to block the path of the person(s) on the ship. They will know what actions to take depending on the hostility level of the passengers." King Vegeta grunted his response as if it was an obvious choice, while the servant checked his tablet for information.

"That is the problem Your Highness, the ship isn't headed for any public landing bay. It is headed for the Palace's landing bay. And from the speed it is coming in at, it will be here in less than 5 minutes. How would you like us to respond to the situation?"

Vegeta having enough of this bickering and whining pushed past the servant, "Chi-Chi, 18. Let's go check this out."

"Right." They both responded and moved after Vegeta's lead.

By the time they made it to the Landing Bay the ship had already broke the atmosphere. It would be landing in less than two minutes, so they were prepared to face whatever was in that ship.

"Have you heard anything from Bulma since two days ago?" Chi-Chi asked her Brother-in-law.

"Now is not the time to be asking this sort of thing Woman. We need to be focused."

"It's a yes or no Question Vegeta. Besides whoever is in there, their Ki is low." 18 rattled off as she took her position on the back left side of Vegeta.

"Alright! No I haven't, all I got was my name out of her when I last heard her, she hasn't spoken to me since. Every time I've tried to talk to her it's like there is this wall that up, and I can't get to her." He watched as the ship got closer, lowering into his fighting stance prepared.

As Chi-Chi looked up at the ship, she noticed that it was coming in quite fast, she a sudden stabbing pain in her left leg, ribs, back, and chest. It was like someone had taken a white hot metal plate and pressed it against her chest, and her leg felt like she just broke it. Her back felt like someone took a whip to it and broke open the skin and rubbed salt in the wounds. Her ribs felt broken and bruised as well, but that pain didn't compare to the pain in her chest.

She began to wonder why she began to feel this way, but as she thought o it she heard 18's voice. "Shit, my sight just went blurry. I can barely see anything at all! It's like I'm fading in and out of consciousness."

"Move!" Vegeta pushed the two girls back when the ship landed roughly onto the dock. Causing it to slide towards where they were standing, sending metal and spark flying in all directions.

They all stood back up and got back into their battle ready stance. The Door to the ship opened letting out steam blurring their vision, so all they could see was a limping form of a person and the colors of Cooler's armies.

"State your business or we kill you for trespassing on the spot." Vegeta shouted getting the attention of the person.

Just then Vega, Queen Kiomi, and King Vegeta made their way out of the Palace and onto the Dock the ship landed on. The person's head tilted in their direction, causing them the grab their side and grunt in pain as they began to fall.

Chi-Chi had instant recognition register across her face as tears sprang forth from her eyes. She darted past Vegeta and towards the person standing in the entryway to the ship. "That's Kakarrot!"

Suddenly relief filled everyone until they heard her gasp when she got close to her mate.

"He's hurt! Someone call for the medics!"

Queen Kiomi looked to her daughter, but she was already on her way back into the Palace to get them. They all rushed to Chi-Chi and Kakarrot, praying it wasn't as bad as she was implying, but it was worse.

Kakarrot had blood seeping through the front of his shirt, and the leg of Chi-Chi suit that was supporting Kakarrot's back. He had a cut running into his hairline from his right eyebrow, and his breathing was labored so that meant his ribs were broken. His left leg had a makeshift splint on it to keep it straight.

"Kakarrot where are the others? What happened to you?" Vegeta interrogated his brother.

"Inside the ship. We- We were ambushed... By Cool- Cooler's men, on an Assignment. They said he no long- longer needed us. They are inside, hurt badly. We tried to- to keep her sa- safe, but s-she took the mos- most damage. She's in the only tank on the ship s- sleep. She had wor- worse wounds than us, and not in he- her right mi- mind."

Kakarrot finally passed out after informing them of what happened as best as he could. Although not too long after he passed out the medics came with three gurneys to get them to the Med-wing of the Palace.

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