Lucy's P.O.V

I just want to fall into bed and sleep for ever! I mean come on I had just said good bye to my whole team. They were heading off Tenrou Island to participate in the S class exam. Most of our strongest members where there, I dreaded what would happen if we had one of our guilds major fights with their absence. Who knows what would happen.

Even Loke was gone! My strongest spirit and one of my best friends.

I heaved a sigh as I unlocked my apartment. I hope nothing bad happens on Tenrou Island. I could sense Cana's upheaval but she hadn't explained what it was for. I just hope she's alright. And I hope that whatever she's going through she and her partner, Lillian (Just a random guild member, I'll explain at the bottom), are okay.

I face planted into bed, to exhausted to get undressed. "Probable just my imagination" I muttered falling into a deep sleep.

A skip of time, to one week later

"What do you mean the whole Islands gone!?" I roared at 'Mest', who really was a spy was sent in from the council. He cringed at my harsh toned voice.

"T-the Island it was de-destroyed by the dragon Acnologia. I- I couldn't save them. Couldn't save Wendy." He stammered, chocking out the last word.

I broke.

I fell to the ground crying. How, how could our strongest members been killed by a stupid dragon? I mean 3 of the members had been Dragon Slayers, there were trained to kill dragons. How did this happen?

I felt someone move behind me, then jet's voice chiseled it's way past my tears.

"Lucy. Please keep it together. We have to go look for them. There may still be a chance they survived."

"Y-your right. We have to go look for them." I said standing up, wiping the tears form my eyes. "Maybe we could convince Master Bob from Blue Pegasus to help us?"

"That would be best. After all they have the Christina 2." Macao pitched in. A forced smile on his face. He was trying to be strong for Romeo. I had to too. He was only 6 years old. This couldn't be good for him.

Taking a deep breath in, I nodded, going off to contact Master Bob.

I was stupid to think we'd find them alive and well. What had I been thinking? The Dragon of the Apocalypse, Acnologia, had killed them. There was nothing I could do for them now. I had a problem of my own.

I have no Idea what I should do. I can't stay at the guild. Bad memories where here. I still remember my first time here. Heh. Natsu had barged in starting a brawl. Gray had asked me for his underwear. And I'd first met the master. The kindest, bravest, man I will ever know. I still can't figure out how they had died with him there.

I looked over at the rest of the guild. Tearful faces greeted me. Romeo was crying in the corner. Poor kid. He'd thought of Natsu and everyone as his brothers and sisters. What was he going to do? He's farther wasn't much comfort. He sat on the bar, beer in hand but not drinking.

I couldn't stand it anymore. Without saying a word I stood up and left the guild. I didn't know where I was going, but I was going away.

"I'll be back fairy tail. Don't get into too much mischief while I'm gone" I whispered closing the door behind me.

Time skip 1 year

"What do you mean fairy tail's not here anymore?" I asked the man who had just randomly been walking by. I shifted the bundle in my arms.

"I don't know how you didn't know, but fairy tails gone to the dogs in the last year. I think there new guild hall is somewhere by the north-east woods. But I don't know. Sorry I couldn't be more help" the man tipped his hat to me and walked away.

Gone to the dogs? What could that mean? I mean yeah we'd lost our strongest members, but how could it have lost the guild hall? I mean we still had a lot of members, didn't we?

Following the man's vague directions I headed north-east. What awaited me on that me there I couldn't process.

Our guild hall had gone from being a massive building, with more than enough rooms, a pool, a bar and a snooker table to being a run down, shabby old tavern with a broken roof.

I sighed out loud, heading for the doors. I wonder how they'll react to me coming back after a year of training? I had gotten a lot stronger, both physically and magically. But I had also had my complications in the past year. I hope they didn't start anything over it.

I took a second to compose myself, then pushed open the guild doors. What awaited me was shocked silence. Maybe from me or maybe from-

"Lucy? Is that you?" Jet asked. I gave him a small smile.

"In the flesh" I answered back. I looked around the guild, was it me or had the numbers shrunk?

I looked over and saw Macao sitting at the bar. He gave me a confused looked, and I gave him a worried smile.

"Ummm, I'm back?" It was meant to be a statement but turned into a question.

"Damn right your back, and we aren't handing you over to anyone!" Bisca called running over to me, only yo stop short, staring at what I was carrying. "Lucy, is-" She was cut short by jet who walked over going for a hug, who in turn stopped before a hug.

"Is that yours Lu-" He was stopped by Macao.

"Lucy where have you been for the last year?"

"Well I went off to train. Any way what happened to the guild hall?"

"Saddening news. We couldn't afford to keep it any longer, and had to move out here. At the moment we're in debated to Twilight Ogre." This news saddened me greatly.

"Who decided that?"

"I did. I am the new master of Fairy tail." Wow. Did not see that coming at all. I looked over and saw Romeo with a red guild mark on his left shoulder. I smiled at that.

"Romeo you got big."

"Lucy-nee!" He ran over hugging my waist. "Why'd you go?"

"I went to train. I couldn't be here at that moment so I went off to train, and become a stronger mage."

"And apparently that's not the only thing you've come back with." Bisca observed pointing to my hands.

"Oh, you mean little Emily? Yeah this is my 3 month old daughter" I proclaimed with a smile, staring at the sleeping girl in my arms.

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Oh right Lillian.

Name: Lillian

Magic: Shiki (Sucks energy from opponent)

Age: 22

looks: lung wavy black hair, blue loke eyes. Dark skin

Personality: Sweet but distant. She's your friend but she likes to stay in the background. In a fight she's a support, transferring your opponents magic to you, but this also drains her magic, the magic she drains from the opponent is = to the magic she uses. So she has to be carful around people with a lot of magic.)