Lucy's P.O.V

"I hate when people talk in riddles like that. Can you just tell us where we have to go" Ren sighed. I guess he didn't like how vague Jay's answer was. She smiled at him.

"I believe I did. You start at the start."

"Alright but where is the start" I asked. This was getting annoying.

"The start? Well that's here" Jay smiled at us. In one movement that was too quick for me to see she grabbed Nina by the shoulder and they disappeared in a blinding green light. Shocked I stared at where she had been only a moment ago. "The only way to win against my comrades is to separate then from there power source. The cans….." Her voice echoed around the room.

Where had she taken Nina!? And what had she meant? This was the start? Well I guess this is where we are starting our mission, but now what? Where do we go from here?

I turned and looked at my comrades. My anger at her shone on their faces.

"What the hell just happened!?" Hibiki yelled.

"I don't know. And what did she mean that this was the start? Where do we go from here?" Eve asked, kneeling down and looking at the slightly darker wood. The light that had taken Jay and Nina had burnt the wood slightly, leaving a foul smell in the air.

I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. Nina my adopted daughter had just disappeared in front of my eyes. I felt like I might go in to a panic attack. My breath started coming out in short gasps, and I couldn't seem to get any in my lungs. Hibiki noticed this, and I think I saw worry in his eyes.

"Lucy calm down, we'll get her back. You know we wi-" A deafening explosion rang throughout the house. I felt my feet lift of the ground as I was thrown into the wall at the far end of the room. My ears weren't working. Only a ringing sound. Slowly the dust cleared.

Not far from where I had hit the wall, I saw Hibiki knocked out. He was never the strongest mage. His magic was more of a support than anything else. I could vaguely see Eve truing to stand. I couldn't even spot Ren, but the again there was a lot of dust and smoke covering half the room.

I tried to stand but fell to the ground almost instantly gasping in pain. My ankle was twisted at an odd angel. Shit. I looked around trying to spot the source of the explosion. And slowly as the air settled I saw a large gap in the wall, right behind where we had been standing only seconds ago.

That wasn't the most shocking thing thought. It was the person who stood there. Well really floated there. Suspended in mid-air was the red haired girl from the photo, the one who had slung her arm around Jay.

She was maybe 15 or 16. Her hair was waist long, and a much darker shade or red then Erza's had been. While hers was a scarlet colour, this girl's was blood red. The same colour as her eyes. She wore a white dress just longer then her knees. It would have been pretty, if it didn't have blood stains running down it. She wore no shoes, she didn't need then after all she was floating. She had a beautiful face, or it would have been if it wasn't twisted into a cruel smile. Her teeth seemed to have been sharpened because they ended in points, a lot like fangs. And just like Jay, she carried a can. This one was made of white wood. At the top a ruby that was weeping blood, or at least that's what it looked like.

She opened her mouth as if to say something. But instead she let out a cruel laugh. It rang out for what seemed like hours, creeping into my mind, bouncing around in side of my head. It had such a dark aura to it. When it final stopped she started at each of us in turn, that same smile plastered on her face.

"You are the people Jaybird has sent against us? You can barely stand, let alone fight!" She sounded like a child. Her voice was so angelic it was hard to believe how dark its owner was. Staring at us she raised her right hand, the one with the can, and the weeping liquid seemed to turn into a jelly like substance. In one swift movement it had shot forward, heading directly for me.

I barley had any time to react, but somehow I got a barrier up. The blood hit it with such force I felt it rattle my bones. But it stopped it. It didn't come any closer.

A frown appeared on the girls face. "You ruined my fun girl. That's not nice" the blood fell to the floor. I was sure it was blood now. It was so close I could smell it.

The girl shot the jelly blood once again, but this time it headed towards Eve. He was too far for me to reach. The blood hit him with so much force; he was sent backwards hitting the wall once again. But it didn't stop there. No, it crawled all around him. Engulfing him. I got one last look at his face. Such fear. And then he was gone. He had disappeared into the blood.

I stared in shock as the blood lit up slightly. Then the light shot back toward the cane, and the blood went slack. Falling to the ground. There was no Eve. He was gone. Killed without even lifting a finger. I can see why no one had yet to come back, and was glared Jay had taken Nina away. She wouldn't be able to handle seeing this.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I yelled snapping out of my shocked state. I felt my magic slipping out, and ever so slowly I lost it, and my magic took control of me.

My hair and eyes glowed gold, the pain in my ankle subsided from the adrenaline and I could stand again. I stared at this woman, no, this devil, and I lost it. I felt my entire magic supply fly towards her in one blinding attack. In the back of my head I was faintly worried about Virgo disappearing and leaving Emily alone, but I didn't care. This devil had to pay.

My attack shocked her. She raised her cane and the blood formed a shield. But still my attack continued. Braking through and hitting her head on. She fell to the ground. Pulling herself to her feet, I saw she didn't have a scratch on her. All my strength gone, I fell to the floor.

"Wow" she whispered, staring at me. "I've never felt an attack like that. You even broke my shield" she walked towards me. Stepping over broken bits of wood and glass. I saw her feet start to bleed but she didn't seem to care that much and just kept walking. She came and stood in front of me. She held her hand out to me. "I'm Samantha. But people call me Sam" I stared at her in disbelief. Her hand just hung in front of me. Slowly she started to get irritated. "TAKE THE HAND YOU FUCKING BITCH!" She screeched at me. I didn't have the strength to fight her so slowly I grabbed her hand. "Good girl" She pulled me to my feet and looked me up and down.

I started to feel unconfutable. I mean I was proud of my body, hell I showed it off more than most girls. But under her gaze I felt like I should be dressed like my grandma. With only my hands and face showing, instead of my stomach and legs. Gulping I pulled my jacket closed over my bra. A smile crossed her face.

"So shy, but you have a beautiful body. And such a power, oh I love it. I, want it" And with that she grabbed me and kissed me. Ah gross this woman was kissing me! But what was worse is that I felt my magic being drained from me. I couldn't feel it anymore. Oh god she's stealing my magic!

With fear I try to pull back, but she holds me in place. Her eyes stare at me with dark insanity. Oh god, I'm going to lose my magic! With a one last desperate attempt I kneed her in the stomach. Shock covers her face, obviously no one's done that to her. But still she held on. My lips start to burn, and the worlds going black. I've lost. I'm losing my magic and there's no one to help me.

Just before everything goes black, I feel the air shoot past me, knocking Sam off her feet. She was sent fly off to the side. Gasping I fall to the ground. I looked over and saw Ren panting. Air magic, of course. I felt like hugging him.

"Lucy I know that almost killed you, but damn that was hot" I smiled at him.

"Somehow I knew you'd saw something like that" I manga to rasp out. He comes over and offers me his hand. I take it and lean on him. "We got to get Hibiki out of here, that lady's strong as shit."

"Thank you sweetie" I involuntarily shiver. I painfully turn my head to see Sam getting up.

"We got to go. Now" I whisper, before Ren starts to lead me out of the building. "Wait Hibiki-"

"I already got him out" Ren says pulling me out through the bustard up wall.

"You could have told me."

"Didn't have time. Now hurry lets go" He dragged me out into the surrounding woods.

I could hear Sam on our trail. She didn't seem to care if she caught us or not, because she was only walking. I don't know why she wasn't flying, seeing as it would be faster and quieter, but I was happy she wasn't.

"Do you even know where we're going?" I ask Ren. We've been running for quite a while now, and I don't think he knows where we're going.

"Of course I do. Hibiki woke up not too long ago, so he sent a map to where he was."

"Uh-hu" I nod not really believing him. But follow him none the less.

After what seemed like hours we finally met up with Hibiki. We'd somehow lost Sam a while ago.

"You guys okay?" Hibiki asked, taking up other arm. I still couldn't walk by myself, and the extra support was really helping.

"Been better, but I'll live" I said learning ageist a tree. "You?"

"Slight headache, but it'll go" I nodded at him, tears welling in my eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't save Eve, h-he's dead" I stopped holding back the tears and they ran down my checks. My body was riddled with heavy sobs.

"Hey Lucy, it's not your fault, you couldn't do anything to stop it. It's alright" Hibiki said hugging me. I cried into his shoulder.

"I hate to brake this touching little scene, but we have unfinished business Heartfillia" I pulled my head away from Hibiki's shoulder and looked over to see Sam standing not too far away. She looked really pissed. "I want your power girl!" She snapped at me.

Grunting to myself I stood up. "Ren, Hibiki get out of here."

"What? No Lucy, we'll stay an fi-" I cut Ren off, while I appreciated what he was saying, they had to go on.

"No. You guys go on. I'll beat this chick and come help you fight the other 3. Alright" I didn't turn my head to see their faces. I might not be able to do this if I saw them. I knew there was a high chance I wouldn't come back from this fight. But I'd take it on any way.

"Lucy' Hibiki whispered.

"GO!" I yelled. Ready to fight to the death.

I didn't turn my head but I heard them run off into the forest.

"This is brave of you. Taking me on by yourself" Sam smiled that smile at me. "You know I'll kill you, right?"

"Yeah, probable, but I'll take you with me, if I have to" I held my most loyal spirit's key in my hand. Ready for this fight. "Let's get it on!"

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