Harry and the three ghosts

Chapter 1; Christmas Past
She had died on the day after Christmas.

A man was standing silently at her grave – He blamed himself for her untimely death, - she was not supposed to be dead!

Harry Potter was sitting alone at his auror desk - Again – it was the second year where he had asked to take the Christmas Eve guard at the auror floor of the ministry. He was alone, not for the first time at this time of year. He couldn't think of celebrating Christmas without the woman he loved, and he would never be able to, because she was dead.

It was just after dinner time, and Harry had eaten and taken his round, and were sitting quietly at his desk when a candle flickered and Harry grabbed his wand and asked: "Who is there?!"

When he wasn't answered he relaxed just a little and turned to sit back down, when he saw the figure of his father. James Potter said: "Hello, son." Harry paled and said: "Hello, dad. Why are you here? Are you a phantom of my imagination?" "No. I need you to listen, because you need to hear what I have to tell you." James Potter said. Harry were silent and watched his father, he didn't exactly look like he did in the painting at Potter manor, but almost. James Potter said: "You will be visited by three ghosts." "Why? Why will I be visited by ghosts, Father?" James replied: "You gave up on your friends when you should have held them close. You have lost the people you called friends and family. Now you are all alone, and that was not supposed to happen – you were not meant to lose so much; your family, friends, classmates and allies. You will be visited by three ghosts who will show you what you have lost for trusting the wrong people." And with that, James Potter disappeared. Harry sat down in his chair again, and thought about what his father had said, he wondered why he would be visited by ghosts, it wasn't very normal, was it? But after pondering that question for a while, he fell asleep. When he woke up, a voice said: "Hello, pup." Harry rose and saw Sirius, his godfather and asked: "Sirius, are you one of the ghosts I have been told about?" "Yes, I am. Come with me, and I will show you your parts Christmases." Harry took hold of Sirius' robes and then they flew out of the window. Sirius said: "Open your eyes, pup. You need to see these." Harry did open his eyes and saw his first Christmas at Hogwarts with Ron. Harry still remembered this Christmas – It was the first time he had been given gifts; it was also the year where he had received his father's invisibility cloak. Harry said: "I remember this Christmas, 1st year at Hogwarts, Ron stayed with me – because he was my best friend. I received my first gifts that Christmas and Dumbledore gave me my father's invisibility cloak." Sirius said: "Look at Ron's face when you received your father's cloak." Harry saw Ron's face show rage and a deep jealousy and a deep detest. It shocked Harry to see his best friend show such rage, jealousy and detest towards himself. Harry said: "I don't want to see anymore!" "Let's see another Christmas." Sirius said. The scene changed. Harry now saw one of Hermione's Christmases with her family in Crawley. Hermione said: "Mom, Harry and I saved his godfather, - we flew on a Hippogriff and that is half a horse/half bird. Harry was so brave and he so wanted Sirius to be free so he could be away from the Dursley's! But mom – Harry's so the best friend and I am sure Sirius would say he is the best godson." Emma Granger said with a smile: "Darling, I have noticed that you have talked of Harry since November in your 1st year. You barely talk of your other friend, that Ron guy. Why is Harry so important to you?" "Mom…well, Harry and I are close because we have saved Sirius together. Ron is my friend, but we are not close as Harry and I." Sirius said: "Let's see another Christmas." What Harry saw next were the Christmas fourth year at Hogwarts – The Triwizard tournament and the ball. Harry saw Hermione cry when he hadn't realised that she were a girl, and the happiness of Hermione dancing at the ball and the anger at Ron. She had thought that he had looked good. Harry felt sad but happy to see the woman he had cared for. Sirius said: "My time is growing short, watch this Christmas to the end." Harry heard Hermione whisper: "I love you, Harry." Sirius said: "My time is finished. The next ghost will come to you when the clock strikes one." Harry realised that he was back at his desk – alone.