Harry and the three Ghosts

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Chapter 4; 2 years earlier

When Harry woke up, he was in bed – but not alone – he looked to where Hermione had slept and saw her lying there! He sat up and checked the calendar on the bedside table: 24th of December 2006…He was back! He could save them all and get their children! He looked around in the bedroom, they had designed together, it was a light room, a writing desk up against the wall, near the door to the living room, there was of course two book cases in their bedroom and then there was the king sized bed, were he presently were sitting on. The window was covered by a curtain, and he could see that the sun was rising.

Harry kissed the woman he saw as his wife until she woke up and asked: "What is wrong, Harry?!" "Nothing, sweetheart! Just wanted to kiss you so badly! I missed you!" Harry replied with a happy tone to his voice. "Harry you talk as if you haven't seen me for years!"

"I haven't! I love you Hermione!"

"And I love you, Harry!"

Harry said: "I am going to stop being an auror. I will start playing Quidditch, so you don't have to worry about me so much."

Hermione asked: "Why did you change your mind about your profession?"

"Because of two reasons; one, I am going to get my family hurt in the end. Two, don't you think I have had enough adventures and dangerous situations in my life to last for a lifetime?" Hermione nodded.

Harry remembered how Hermione had died. They had been in the ministry, to collect Neville because they were going to celebrate Christmas with; Luna, Neville, Hermione's parents, the Lupin's and the Tonks', when a yellow beam had hit Hermione – it had been a cutting curse, she had breathed for the last time in his arms. Harry swore that it would not happen again!

When they ate breakfast – Harry wrote his letter of resignation, because of a better offer. Hermione saw Harry, he seemed more determined than ever, about quitting his job and change profession to Quidditch which had been his dream while at Hogwarts. Hermione asked: "Harry please talk to me?!"

Harry replied: "I am not sure you will believe me, Mione."

"Try me." Harry began the telling of his dream/life/nightmare, "Snape killed Teddy, Tonks and Remus was crushed! The only comfort for Tonks was we would look after him…Hermione…I…I met our children, a boy and a girl – our daughter was a clone of you, and the boy had my eyes and hair but had your facial features. They were so worried; they urged me to beg Snape to send me back to save you!"

"What had happened?"

"You were killed in the auror department when we went to collect Neville – You…you died in my arms…the day after tomorrow…"

Hermione were shocked and said with steel in her voice: "I will not die on you and our future children! Not this time!"

Harry embraced Hermione and kissed her deeply and passionately. He knew that the wedding ring, he had chosen were in the bedside drawer, ready for the day Hermione would be his wife. Harry asked: "Hermione, when can we be married?"

"I was thinking either today or tomorrow after your story, Harry." Harry replied with a brilliant smile which reached his eyes: "Best idea you have had today, Mione."

Hermione smiled and said: "I'll get in contact with my parents, if you will contact our friends?"

"I will, darling Mione!" Harry replied.

Soon after – all their friends were arrived all dressed in their best. Harry had gotten Madame Amelia Bones to marry them – Amelia Bones were Susan Bones' aunt, Susan Bones had attended Hogwarts with them. Harry had asked Dobby to arrange the garden for the wedding – a Christmas fairy tale wedding. And there a day before Christmas Harry and Hermione were married.


37 years old Hermione and 36 year old Harry Potter were sitting with their two children, James and Patricia, in their sitting room, in their home. It was Christmas Eve. The sitting room, were a cosy white room, with lots of pictures of Patricia, Teddy, James, and their friends and extensive family circle hanging on the walls. Outside it was snowing, so everything outside was glistening in the cold and clear weather. The night sky was clear and you could see the stars, but it was half-moon. The fire in the wood-burning stove was glowing orange with the heat, and in the middle of the sitting room was situated a large Christmas tree with many presents under it. A cat was lying in front of the fire, while relaxing; it was Hermione's cat Crookshanks, the cat she had bought back in third year of Hogwarts. Under the dining table a golden retriever were lying sleeping, but still awake enough to listen to the talk in the room.
Harry was telling his story at how he changed their lives. While telling the story, Harry was gazing at his wife, who was pregnant again, with their third child, and funny enough so was Luna, pregnant with her third child. Personally Harry thought that his wife had never looked more beautiful.

The story had become a Potter-family tradition since Harry had told the story for the first time to Hermione. Remus, Tonks, Teddy, Mr. and Mrs. Tonks, Neville and Luna Longbottom were all listening as well as the Potter children and the Longbottom twins even if they knew the story by heart. Tonks said: "Harry, we can never thank you enough for saving Teddy's life!" Teddy Lupin exclaimed: "Mom!" Harry said simply: "You are family, Tonks." Harry still didn't dare call Tonks by her real name; it was kind of a dare in the family.

Meanwhile up under the roof, three or actually four ghosts were listening to the story. James said: "At least he tells the story the right way." Sirius said: "I am glad that Harry got another chance with Hermione!" Hermione Patricia Granger said while she smiled: "I am just glad that my great granddaughter got her wish!" Sirius saw Snape' face and said: "Come on, Snape. You did good…Harry yelled at you and at the same time he forgave you!" Snape smiled at two of his childhood nemesis and said: "Well, he had gotten manners…let's hope he keeps away from dangerous situations now!" James said: "He will, he will never put his family at risk, I think we have learned that much from watching him."

Harry thought he felt the presence of someone he knew but he weren't sure, but he smiled at the feeling of happiness and family love which surrounded him. He looked to the four children, who were sitting on the carpet on the floor and asked: "Will you finish the tale?" Patricia, James, Frank and Marina said in unison: "And so bless us, all of us."

The End

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas! (Doesn't it seem familiar? Sorry I couldn't help myself! )

AU: I have changed a few small things, like Dobby and Mrs. Bones isn't dead and the same with Remus and Tonks! I think it is too sad that Harry loses every link to his parents so I changed it a bit! The characters of Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling and the ghost idea and quote "And so bless us, all of us" belongs to Charles Dickens.