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Chapter 1

A Prisoner and

A Shadow

The North Sea

The stormy waters of the North Sea beat against a rocky island out in the middle of nowhere. Of course it wasn't just a lump of stone and dirt in the middle of the ocean. It was also the location of the most well guarded prison in the Magical World.

The prison of Azkaban was a massive three sided structure, rising hundreds of feet into the air and surrounded by miles of ocean. The prison was protected from muggle detection by numerous charms and spells.

Inside, the worst criminals of the British Wizarding Society had been locked away for their crimes. The majority of them were former followers of the Dark Lord Voldemort, known as Death Eaters. The rest were criminals who had committed other heinous crimes.

The walls and the ocean were an impressive measure in keeping the prisoners locked away. But they were not the main form of confinement. That was the role of the prison guards.

In one cell, an emaciated figure with long, tatty hair stared out the window of his cell. It was finally his time. His time for revenge. To kill the one who led to his imprisonment here. He knew he had once chance to escape. He just needed to time this right.

He shivered, feeling the approaching cold that signaled the prison guards making their rounds. He had timed their rounds, when they brought food. He grinned a rather vampire like grin, minus the fangs.

Outside, a shadowy figure approached the man's cell door. The cell door was opened enough for the guard to set a tray of food into the room. However, the guard didn't notice the large but thin dog slip through the open door and make a break down the hallway.

About an hour later, a water logged dog managed to stumble onto shore. Panting, the dog lay there, before transforming into the emancipated figure. The man panted, but grinned as he gripped the sand beneath him. Slowly he got up, before letting out a triumphant yell to the sky, raising his hands up. Sirius Black was free.

UK Battle Mage Sanctuary, Three Days later

Harry James Potter, Harry to his friends, sat outside the Elder's Chambers. He nervously drummed his fingers on his knees as he waited quietly.

It had been a little over a month since the end of his second year at Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardy. A whole month since he had fought a giant basilisk and defeated the memory and spirit of 16 year old Tom Riddle, also known as the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Upon his return home, he had a party with his family celebrating his graduation and his victory in the Chamber of Secrets. This had been followed the next morning by him being grounded for a month by his parents, and his training upped since he had 'extra time'.

He had still managed to keep in contact with his friends though. Hermione Granger and her family were going to France for most of the summer break. Neville Longbottom was visiting relatives for a bit. And his newest friend, Ginny Weasley, was currently in Egypt with her family. Her father, Arthur Weasley, had won the Daily Prophet's Annual Grand Prize Galleon Draw. They had spent most of the 700 Galleon's they had won on the trip to Egypt to visit the eldest son of the Weasley family, Bill.

Yesterday had been Harry's 13th birthday, which he happily celebrated with his adopted parents Marian and Gareth Wallace, and his adopted younger brother Travis. Harry had gotten the first two books of the Ranger's Apprentice book series, as well as a history book on Goblin blacksmithing techniques, and the armor and weapons they forged. That had been from his family. His friends had gotten him gifts as well.

Hermione had sent him a Broom Servicing Kit, completed with many items for cleaning and maintaining his Nimbus 2000 racing broom, as well as a book on maintaining his broom. Neville had sent him a book about rare and unknown herbs, and medicinal potions made with them. And Ginny had sent him a simple necklace with an emblem that was shaped like a shield with two arrows crossing over it. Apparently, it was an emblem that was on the headdress of Hemsut, the Egyptian goddess of fate and protection. The wizard merchant she had gotten it from said that the necklace was supposed to help protect those who wore it. Whether or not that was true, it was still a thoughtful gift, and one that Harry appreciated, considering what he had been through lately.

His last present had been from Hagrid, the Groundskeeper of Hogwarts. The giant of a man, whom Harry swore had giant blood in him, had sent Harry a book, with a note saying he thought it might be useful for this coming school year. The book was The Monster Book of Monsters. As it turned out, the book was actually sentient, or was at least charmed to be sentient. As soon as Harry had unwrapped it, the book tried to snap his hand off. Thankfully, Travis and Gareth had trapped it when it had gone scuttling after Travis's fox familiar, Ghrian. The young fox had barked and yipped at it, and even tried jumping on it after it had been pinned.

As Harry found out, in a second note from Hagrid inside the wrapping paper, the way to calm the book down so you could open it was by stroking the spine. After Harry did that, the book calmed down and instantly fell open. Unfortunately, it went back to be sentient and hostile when it was closed, so Harry was forced to bind it with a belt, until he found a way to permanently calm it down. Despite the problems, Harry was grateful for the gift, especially when he received his letter from Hogwarts, stating what books and supplies he would need. On the list was The Monster Book of Monster, so Harry wouldn't need to purchase one from Diagon Alley.

Harry was pulled from his reminiscing as the door opened and his adoptive father, Gareth Wallace, beckoned for him to enter the Chamber of the Elders. The red cloaked master's face was neutral as Harry entered, trying not to fidget with his blue acolyte cloak. He had received the summons to the Elder's Chambers that morning after breakfast. Despite reassurances from his father and his mother Marian, Harry was still really nervous.

Inside, the five white cloaked Elders solemnly watched as Harry entered and dropped to one knee before them, head bowed. They were silent for several moments, before one of the three human Elders, Elder Kelly, spoke. "Acolyte Potter. I'm sure you are wondering why you were brought here?"

Harry just kept his head bowed, waiting for the Elder to continue. Elder Kelly soon did so. "Your father and mentor, Master Wallace, informed us of your actions towards the end of the school term at Hogwarts. You fought against a basilisk in one on one combat, and not only survived, but emerged victorious, even if you won without slaying the basilisk. This is a feat of which few can boast, due to the lethal power and abilities the basilisk has."

At this point, the only Goblin Elder of the Sanctuary, Elder Garinok, spoke up. "We were also informed how you did all this to save a fellow schoolmate. And that in the process of fighting the basilisk, you not only acquired but bonded with the ancient sword of Godric Gryffindor. It is not often that goblin crafted weapons will actively choose a new wielder after their previous one has perished."

The Centaur Elder, Elder Rioen, now took over. "We have been considering your actions for some time, Acolyte Potter. And we have also been discussing your actions at the end of the previous school year, when you led your friends to defend the Philosopher's Stone crafted by Nicolas Flamel. We were told you acted with great heroism and determination."

Elder Kelly now spoke again. "Having considered all these things, we have made a decision. One that, while not unusual, has also not been made often. Acolyte Potter, in recognition of your obvious skill, but also in recognition of your honor, bravery, and willingness to fight for others, and sacrifice your own well being for the protection and betterment of others, we hereby award you the rank of Disciple."

Harry's eyes widened at that, as he slowly looked up. Acolyte's usually only achieved the rank of Disciple after undergoing a rigorous examination. Most Acoylte's took four or five years to become a Disciple, though it hadn't been unheard of for some to do it in two or three years.

However, there had been some cases where Acolyte's had been raised in rank based on decisions by the Elders. These events were very rare though.

Harry trembled slightly, as he bowed his head again. "Elders, I do not mean to offend but… you really think I'm ready?" He asked.

Elder Kelly chuckled. "Ahhhh my boy, you are too doubtful of your own accomplishments and skill. I can assure you, we've given this much thought. You have exhibited the skills, and more importantly the qualities we look for in our Disciples. Yes, you are ready."

Harry just nodded. "By your will then," he said.

Gareth smiled as he approached Harry, who slowly stood and removed the blue cloak he wore. Gareth slowly handed him the black Battle Mage cloak of the Disciple Rank. Unlike the blue cloak, which had lighter blue trim along the edges, this cloak was completely onyx black. Harry slowly wrapped the cloak around his shoulders, buckling it into place, before kneeling again, bowing his head. "Thank you Elders."

Elder Rioen spoke again. "Be mindful though, Disciple Potter. Your new rank means new responsibilities. While we will not interfere with your attendance of Hogwarts, we will possibly ask you to return here during your mid year holidays to perform missions that may arise."

"I understand and will not fail you, Elders," Harry said.

Elder Kelly nodded. "We have some additional news for you, Disciple Potter. A letter recently arrived here from the Ministry of Magic, informing us of grave news that concerns you. It seems that a dangerous criminal known as Sirius Black escaped from the Ministry Prison known as Azkaban. While we do not have the full details, we were informed that Sirius Black is a dangerous criminal, and supported of the Dark Lord Voldemort."

Harry tensed at hearing this. "Do they believe he will come after me?" He asked.

Elder Kelly nodded. "Sadly, yes. They are under the impression that Black will target you for the fall of his Master. They've assured us that they are taking precautions to ensure your safety while at Hogwarts. We felt it prudent to warn you of the potential danger, so you would be cautious in your time at Hogwarts. We would also ask Master Wallace to inform his son, Acolyte Travis, who will be attending again, yes?"

Gareth nodded. "Of course Elders. I'm sure my son will be eager to watch out for his big brother."

Elder Kelly nodded. "Very well then. That is all."

Both Gareth and Harry bowed to the Elders and left. Almost as soon as the doors were closed behind them, Harry nearly collapsed. Gareth grinned as he moved next to Harry, gripping his shoulder. "Well how about that son? Barely two years after becoming an Acolyte and now you're already a Disciple! Keep this up and you'll be a Master in no time."

Harry just shuddered a bit. "I think I can take some time before that dad. I'm not ready to start training others like you do."

Gareth chuckled. "Who knows son. You may find you like it," Gareth said, as they headed back to their apartment within the Sanctuary. Harry just weakly smiled.

The two of them arrived in the Wallace apartment in the Sanctuary. There they found Marian and Travis, who were waiting for them. Marian smiled at her adoptive son, seeing his new black cloak. "Well done Harry," she said, hugging him.

Harry smiled as he hugged his mom, while Travis grinned. "Don't get too comfy older brother. I'll be joining you soon enough."

Harry chuckled. "Take your time Travis. Take your time."

Gareth smiled at his sons. "You two ready to get going? We need to get shopping done for this coming school year," he said.

A couple days ago, two letters had arrived from Hogwarts for Harry and Travis. Each contained lists of what they would need for their next school year, and their Final Exam grades. Travis, despite not having attended for most of the year, had been allowed to take the graduation exams after spending the rest of the school year with tutors. He had passed with flying colors.

The four of them were now gathering to go to Diagon Alley and get the supplies Harry and Travis would need. Mostly, they would require a few new spell books and potion items. Harry required two new course books, for his Care for Magical Creatures class, and Ancient Runes. Thankfully, Hagrid had solved the first book requirement for him.

The four of them headed to the Floo chamber within the Sanctuary. After making their presence known to the Wizarding World, the Battle Mages had enjoyed some of the innovations of their Wizard brethren. The Flood Powder had become a major hit, since it now allowed the Battle mages easy access to not only other magical areas of England and Scotland. The other Sanctuaries were slowly adapting as well, adding their own Floo Rooms. However, to protect their Sanctuaries, each Floo room as carefully guarded by a series of magical wards created by runes placed into the walls and door. Also, at least one master and three disciples were always on hand to assist people with the Floo's, and act as the initial line of defense against any sudden invaders.

Now, the family of four disappeared through the Floo, and appeared in Gringotts. This had been their usual destination the last two years when they had t travel to Diagon Alley, so that they could get gold easily. Today though, they didn't really need money, since they had enough on hand for what they would need. One of the benefits of having two children so close in age was they could pass the books Harry had used down to Travis.

So, the family of four headed out into the busy shopping area that was Diagon Alley. The Alley was crowded with witches and wizards, as well as a few other magical species that had business there. There were lots of people happily chatting with each other over their daily business. However, the Alley also had a slight feeling of anxiousness to it. And the reason why could be explained by numerous pictures placed up on almost every building. They were all wanted posters, featuring the same picture of the wanted criminal in question. Sirius Black was a man with pale skin, a sunken face and long tatty black-brown hair that hung to his shoulders. His eyes were dark, and since it was a Wizarding picture and thus moved, the eyes would occasionally blink. All in all, the man almost looked like some horrible vampire.

But the Wallace family didn't let the pictures bother them. They quietly went about their business, buying up supplies Harry and Travis needed. A clerk working at Flourish and Blotts had nearly fainted in delight when he had gone to get Harry a copy of The Monster Book of Monsters and Harry told him he already had a copy. Sadly though, the clerk didn't have any information on how to keep the things calm all the time, so Harry would wait till he could talk to Hagrid.

As they were leaving the bookstore, Harry saw a crowd gathering around Quality Quidditch Supplies, a store that catered to Quidditch players and fans alike, as well as also offering a variety of state of the art brooms. Curious, he headed over that way, and tried to find out what the group was gathered for. When he was able to move up enough to see, his eyes widened.

There on a podium lay a broomstick. But it was unlike any Harry had seen before. The handle was smooth and sleek, and the twigs of the brush were straight and perfectly aligned, giving the broom an incredibly aerodynamic appearance. It practically screamed speed. Harry's eyes moved from the broom to the sign that informed curious customers what this beautiful broomstick was:

The Firebolt

Harry grinned as he read the information below the broomstick's title. The broom had been carefully crafted for the ultimate combination of speed and handling, making it the ultimate mount for any Quidditch Player. Capable of reaching 150 miles an hour in ten seconds, and then almost braking and turning on a knut.

Harry sighed as he moved away. It was the most beautiful broomstick he had ever seen. But he didn't actually need it. His Nimbus 2000, a broomstick he had been given after joining the Gryffindor Quidditch in his first year, was still a very good broom that had yet to let him down during a match. Still, it might not be a bad idea to have a spare broom. He smiled as he followed his family. It was something to think about, he finally decided as they entered an Apothecary shop to get potion supplies.

Having concluded their business, the group started to head towards the Leaky Cauldron, the tavern like bar that acted as an entranceway between muggle London and Diagon Alley. Harry was moving aside to let a group of gossiping witches pass when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It felt like something was watching him. Or someone. He quickly turned, scanning the area. His eyes stopped on a big black dog that was sitting in a small side alley. The dog was massive, almost bear like. It seemed to be thin, which wasn't odd since it was probably a stray. Yet it wasn't really acting like a normal dog. It wasn't panting, it wasn't barking or scratching. It was just sitting there, watching him with its dark eyes.

Harry just stared at the dog, before another group of people passed between them. When they cleared, the large canine was gone. Harry blinked at that, before shaking his head and turning to follow his family. Unaware of the now human eyes watching him from the shadows deeper in the side alley.

Platform 9 and 3/4th's September 1st

Smoke billowed from the scarlet steam engine, as it sat waiting to take the students to Hogwarts. The platform was bustling with families saying goodbye to their children, and various familiars hooting, meowing, and croaking.

Harry was currently scanning the crowd for his friends, while Travis was busy chatting with one of his friends who had found him almost immediately after he had entered the platform. Colin Creevy was a muggleborn student who was in Gryffindor, like Harry and Travis. The now Second Year had followed Harry around during the previous year, being in awe of The-Boy-Who-Lived. He had made friends with Travis, but then Travis had returned home after his humiliation and Colin had ended up petrified due to a basilisk.

Eventually, Harry grinned as he saw the bushy brown hair of his friend Hermione, and headed that way. He grinned as he tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to yelp and whirl around. "Harry!" she shouted, hugging him, then playfully smacking his arm. "You shouldn't scare me like that!"

Harry just chuckled. "I would think you'd be more aware of your surroundings, especially after Tutella got the drop on you last year," he said, referring to when the basilisk, whom they now knew was named Tutella, managed to surprise and petrify both Hermione and a Ravenclaw Prefect named Penelope Clearwater.

Hermione just pouted, before smiling. "It's good to see you again," she said with a smile.

Harry just grinned. "You too. Have you seen Neville or Ginny around here?"

Hermione nodded. "Neville's actually looking for a compartment for us. I haven't seen Ginny yet though. Her family may not have arrived."

Harry just grinned. "Well I can't wait to hear everything you three have been up to. I've got a story or two to share myself."

Hermione smiled. "Me too. Oh but first, I want you to meet someone!" She said, as she knelt down to a basket at her feet, and opened it. She pulled out a ginger furred cat with an oddly squashed face and bandy legs. "Harry, meet Crookshanks. I got him at Diagon Alley."

Harry smiled at the cat, which looked grumpy. Probably because he had been sleeping in his basket. "Hello there Crookshanks," he said, gently petting the cat's head. It seemed to relent a bit, tilting its head to get more of his hand. He just smiled as Hermione gently put the cat back into its basket.

Eventually, they were joined by a round faced boy with black hair, who grinned as he saw Harry. 'Harry! Good to see you again mate!" He said, grabbing Harry's hand and shaking it. Harry grinned at his male best friend.

"Good to see you too Neville. Got quite a grip there. Still boxing?" Harry asked.

Neville nodded. "My great uncle is actually thinking of having me enter some fights next summer. He thinks I have a real shot at making a name for myself," he said with a grin. "Anyways, I managed to save us a compartment at the end of the train. We'll have to share it with an adult though. I think he might be the new Defense Teacher."

"Well hopefully he'll be better then Lockhart. Or who am I kidding, anyone's better then Lockhart," Harry said with a grin. Neville chuckled while Hermione tried not to laugh. Their previous Defense Against Dark Arts teacher had been a wizard named Gilderoy Lockhart, famous for his numerous books on his various adventures and the creatures he had defeated. However, the man in the books and the man in person were utterly different people, as the Lockhart outside the books was practically incompetent.

The truth had eventually come out at the end of the year though. When Harry had gone to face the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart had followed, hoping to earn some extra glory. Instead, he ended up being ripped in half and eaten, ending his career. A search of his belongings revealed a personal memoir revealing the whole truth about his career, and leading to him being publically discredited and humiliated. If Harry remembered correctly, there had been massive bonfires across Magical England, upon which Lockhart's books had been burned.

Harry just chuckled, as he shook his head. "Well I'll meet you two there. I'm going to go say goodbye to my parents and make one final sweep for Ginny."

His two friends nodded and started to head towards the back of the train, while Harry returned to his parents. Travis was already gone, apparently going to join Colin for the train ride.

Marian smiled as she hugged her older son. "Now you take care Harry, and for goodness sake, try to stay out of trouble! You're going to give me grey hairs."

Harry smiled up at her. "I'll try mom, but trouble just keeps finding me it seems," he said with a grin. He turned to his dad, and hugged him.

Gareth grinned as he patted his son's back. "We'll see you for Christmas son. Take care," he said.

Harry nodded, as he grabbed up his trunk and the cages for Blaze and Hedwig. "I'll see you both for Christmas!" he shouted, as he headed towards the back of the train.

He was starting to make his way back there, when he spotted a flash of red exited the portal between the Platform and the Muggle World. He grinned as he saw a twelve year old girl with long red hair stumble a bit, before heading towards her. "Ginny!" He called with a grin.

Ginny looked up, and blinked, before smiling shyly. "H-Harry! Hi!" She said, moving to meet him.

Ginny Weasley came from a huge family. She had six brothers, two of which were already out in the world. The other four were still in Hogwarts.

And speaking of which, said four brothers were emerging from the portal now. The first was the second youngest Weasley child, Ron Weasley. Ron and Harry had gotten off to a bad start the first train ride to Hogwarts when they were eleven. Ever since Ron had held a grudge against Harry, convinced he was just an attention seeking prat. However, after Harry had rescued Ginny at the end of last year, Ron's opinion had changed of him. They had managed a truce, though they still weren't friends.

Behind Ron were the twins Fred and George. Fred and George were notorious pranksters, now entering their Fifth Year of Hogwarts. Each was identical in practically every way. They even finished each other's sentences.

The last was Percy, who like Ron, was tall and lanky. He also had horn-rimmed glasses, and had a badge pinned to his shirt with the letters HB on it.

Behind them came their parents. Mrs. Weasley, who was short and stout, and Mr. Weasley, who was balding, wore glasses, and was somewhat thin. Like their children, both had red hair.

Mrs. Weasley's face lit up when she saw Harry, and she immediately came over. "Harry, it's so good to see you again!"

Harry smiled back. "It's wonderful to see you too Mrs. Weasley. My mother wanted me to thank you again for inviting us to that get together last week, after you all returned from Egypt."

Mrs. Weasley smiled. "Oh it was absolutely no trouble at all. I was just glad to have someone to gossip with. Being out in the country like I am, it gets a little lonely."

Harry smiled, before the train whistle blew, signaling the train was almost ready to go. Harry nodded. "Well it was great seeing you again," he said with a smile, before turning to Ginny. "Hermione and Neville got a compartment towards the back of the train, if you'd like to join us," he said.

Ginny smiled. "That'd be great," she said, only to blush when Fred and George made some catcalls. Mrs. Weasley immediately began to reprimand them, as Harry led Ginny towards the back of the train.

Ginny shyly glanced at Harry. She was still a bit…..overwhelmed by his presence. Ever since she was old enough to understand that Harry was responsible for defeating Voldemort, she had a crush on him. In her mind, he was a hero, a shining prince on a white steed, off to slay the dragon and rescue the princess. Her brothers Fred and George had told her all about him in the summer vacation before her First Year at Hogwarts. In a way, he had almost seemed like the hero she had envisioned.

But then she actually met Harry, and realized he wasn't quite what she thought. He was heroic and noble, given his attempt to thwart Quirrell from stealing the Philosopher's Stone and him risking his life to save her. But he wasn't some legend inspiring hero. She had found that he was a normal person, behind the legends. He laughed, he joked, and he got angry. And now, she was getting to know this new Harry, the real Harry Potter. Of course, him saving her life did still make her shy around him. After all, it's not every day you have someone risk life and limb to save you.

They soon arrived at the back of the train and got on, glancing into the compartments for Hermione and Neville. They eventually found them in a compartment with a sleeping figure next to the window. The two of them entered and sat down as the train started rolling.

Harry glanced at the figure. "So any idea who he is?" He asked quietly.

Hermione pointed to a battered briefcase in the storage racks above the seats. Stenciled on it in peeling gold letters was Professor R. J. Lupin.

Harry nodded at that. "So he must be the new DADA teacher. You think he's okay?"

Professor Lupin did seem rather thin and pale. His hair was brown, but seemed touched with quite a bit of gray. His robes were somewhat shabby.

Neville sighed. "I hope he'll be up to the task. He looks like even one small push will knock him out or something."

Harry smiled. "Well at least we know he'll be better then Lockhart. Now c'mon, I want to hear all about your guys' summers," he said eagerly.

They grinned as each of them began to share their tales. Hermione had visited quite a few places in France with her family, and added them to a History of Magic report they had been assigned for homework, on Ancient Witch Burnings. Neville had spent quality time with his extended family, fishing, picnicking, and training in boxing. And Ginny's family, as stated in the newspaper, had visited Egypt, and her older brother Bill. Bill worked as a Curse Breaker for Gringotts, dealing with wards and protections put upon ancient tombs. The Weasley's had toured a few of those tombs, though Mrs. Weasley had refused to let Ginny into the last one, which contained skeletal remains of tomb robbers who had been cursed to grow extra heads and limbs before dying.

Harry told them all about being promoted to Disciple in the Battle Mages, which was the highlight of his summer.

As the city and villages gave way to rolling hills, talk turned towards the escaped criminal.

"The Elders told me what the Ministry told them," Harry told his friends. "That Sirius Black apparently was a supporter of Voldemort. And that he might be coming after me."

Ginny shuddered at hearing Voldemort's name, while Hermione and Neville didn't react as much. They were use to it at this point.

"It was horrible, what he did," Neville said. "My Gran told me about it when I was old enough. He blew up twelve muggles and a wizard, not even a day after Voldemort failed to kill you. And then he just stood there and laughed. Laughed amongst all that carnage he had caused."

Ginny shuddered a bit. "How can a man be so cruel," she whispered, looking at the others.

Harry shook his head. "I don't know Ginny. Sometimes, there's just no understanding some people."

Hermione shook her head. "Let's talk about something else, please. How about Hogsmeade? Are you two excited to visit it?" She asked Harry and Neville as she let Crookshanks out of his basket, since he had been meowing from inside it. The ginger cat leapt out, looked around, and promptly curled up on Hermione's lap. Ginny gasped happily, petting Crookshanks, who looked smug at the attention he was receiving.

Neville nodded, grinning, while Harry blinked. "What are you talking about Hermione?"

Hermione blinked. "In our letters from the school. We got a permission slip for our parents to sign. Third Years and above get to visit Hogsmeade on certain weekends, if our parents sign a permission slip. Didn't you get one?"

Harry slowly shook his head. "No….I didn't," he said quietly. He sat back, looking down a bit. "You don't think it's because of Black, do you? That they don't want me leaving the castle?"

Hermione bit her lip. "Maybe….but that seems totally unfair. We should talk to McGonagall about this when we get to the school."

Harry just nodded a bit, feeling a little depressed. "Y-Yeah….I guess so."

It was at that moment, that a distraction appeared at the door, in the form of a blonde haired boy with two massive gorilla like boys behind him. "So, we find Potter and his entourage. And look, you picked yourself up the Weaslette. I guess you could stoop lower, Potter," Draco Malfoy sneered.

Harry growled as he stood up. Draco Malfoy had been a constant nuisance to Harry the past two years, ever since Harry had stopped him and his minions from beating up Ron on the first train ride. Draco Malfoy came from a rich 'pure blood' Wizarding family, and so he automatically felt he was superior to all others around him. It didn't help that his father encouraged that belief. The two massive boys behind him were Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe. The both of them were absolute idiots, but provided Draco with all the muscle he needed. Except when it came to dealing with Harry and his friends.

Harry glared at Draco. "You know, I would think that after two years of getting nothing but pain and humiliation, you would have learned not to bother me and my friends Draco. But then again, you'd have to pay someone to drill that lesson into your head, wouldn't you?"

Draco sneered at Harry. "I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you, Potter. Not with Sirius Black out to get you. I'll bet you'll just be dying to go after him, won't you?"

Harry snorted. "Why on Earth would I want to go after a madman trying to kill me?"

Draco gave off an evil grin. "Oh? I guess you're too much of a coward then, to get revenge on black for what he did."

Harry's eyes narrowed at that. "What are you talking about?"

Draco just chuckled as he turned to leave. "I guess the mighty Harry Potter doesn't know everything," he said as he left.

Harry growled as he slammed the door shut, causing the still sleeping Lupin to snort in his sleep. Harry sat down, glaring at the floor, before looking up. "What did he mean by that? What did Sirius Black do that would make me want to get revenge on him?"

They all shrugged, as Ginny moved next to him, and slowly put a hand on his shoulder. "I bet he's just trying to get under your skin Harry. You shouldn't let him."

Harry let out a shuddering breath, and nodded. "Right. Thanks Ginny," he said, giving her a smile. She smiled back at him, blushing a little.

The train continued on its way to Hogwarts, as the sun slowly began to set. As it started to get late, Harry grumbled a bit, his stomach rumbling. "I hope we're almost there," he said.

As if hearing his words, the train began to slow down. Harry grinned, only to blink when he saw Hermione's face, which was confused. "We can't be there yet," she said.

The train screeched to a halt in the middle of the tracks, and then all the lanterns that illuminated the cars went out, leaving the train in pitch black. Harry tensed, sensing something was wrong. Slowly he got up, drawing his wand. Neville had moved to the window and was peering through it.

"There are…some type of shadows out there. I can't make them out but…they're getting on the train," he said.

Harry gripped his wand. "I don't like this," he said.

At that moment, a gruff voice echoed from behind him. "All of you, be still," the voice said.

Harry turned in time to see what look like a ball of fire being held in the hands of Professor Lupin. The tired man stood up. "I'll handle this. Please sit down," he told Harry.

Harry nodded and moved to sit down, but was stopped by a sudden cold sensation filling his body. He stiffened, and turned as he heard the door open behind him. Before him, illuminated by Lupin's flames, was a massive shadowy figure in a dark cloak. Where its face would be was nothing but shadow, hid by its hood.

Harry slowly looked down, and nearly gagged as he saw what looked like a hand sticking out of the cloak. It was corpse like, but slimy, as if it belonged to that of a drowned body. The figure seemed to sense Harry was seeing its hand, as it twitched and the hand disappeared into its robes.

Lupin held up his wand at the figure. "Leave now. Sirius Black isn't here," he said.

The figure just watched him, before a sucking, rattling noise, like something take a long wheezing breath, could be heard. Harry felt his body going rigid, and his legs wobbling, like he was going to collapse. Struggling, he raised a hand, whispering an incantation to create a fireball. The flames appeared around his hand, and he felt marginally better.

The figure seemed to instantly lock onto Harry, its hood staring at the flames. And then a dark sinister voice echoed through Harry's head. "Battle Mage," the voice echoed, before the effects from before was doubled. The flames in Harry's hand went out, as he felt himself falling, his body going cold. His last conscious thought was hearing a woman scream, then nothing.

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