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Chapter 15

A Prophecy Fulfilled

Sirius Black sat quietly in an empty classroom on the seventh floor of Hogwarts, watching the sunlight through the windows. They had been magically reinforced so he couldn't break through them, and a pair of Aurors stood outside the classroom. Not that Black had any intention of escaping.

Sirius had awoken that morning to find himself in the Infirmary at Hogwarts, with Aurors standing watch over him. One of them, upon seeing he was awake, called to Madame Pomfrey, who had come to check him over and give him some chocolate to eat. Black had done nothing at first but sit there, eating his chocolate. But afterwards, he began to beg them for answers, to find out what had happened. The last thing he remembered was Dementors coming after them. Sadly, no one had answered him. Madame Pomfrey had declared him to be in fine shape, and he had been hustled to this room and locked away. The only time anyone entered was when a House Elf came to bring him food for breakfast and lunch.

He had paced the room at first, desperately trying to distract himself from the possible scenarios that could have played out last night. Had Pettigrew escaped? Had the Dementors hurt someone? He had seen the four children laid out in the beds, and it had broken his heart to see Harry unconscious. After a while though, he had decided to simply settle and wait for someone to come to him.

And it would seem his patience was to be rewarded, as the door opened and in stepped Amelia Bones, Albus Dumbledore, and Cornelius Fudge, along with two Aurors and a witch carrying a quill and parchment. The witch sat down at a desk while Amelia Bones stepped forward. "Sirius Black, we are here to ask you questions concerning the events of October 31st, 1990, including events leading up to and following said date. Considering the serious nature of these questions, we would like to give you a dose of Veritaserum to ensure your answers are truthful. Are you willing to continue?" She asked.

Black nodded as he sat back. "If it means I get an actual trial this time, then yeah," he said in a cool tone. Dumbledore and Amelia both winced a bit at that, as one of the Aurors stepped forward with a vial of clear liquid. He carefully poured a few drops into Sirius's mouth, before stepping back. Black seemed to shudder, before his posture became more relaxed, and his face a little slack.

Amelia Bones waited a few seconds, before speaking. "Are you Sirius Black?" She asked.

"Yes," Black responded in a somewhat monotone voice.

Amelia took a deep breath. "Were you the Potters' Secret Keeper?" She asked, getting straight to the point.

"No. Originally it was supposed to be me. But I suggested Peter Pettigrew be the Secret keeper. I believed that Voldemort would never suspect Peter of being the Secret Keeper, and would come after me. It seemed like the perfect plan at the time," Black said.

"Please tell us what happened the night of October 31st in the year 1990, as well as what happened the following day," Amelia Bones said.

Black responded again in his monotone voice. "I went to check on Peter Pettigrew, but found that he had disappeared, with no sign of struggle. I traveled to Godric's Hollow to check on James and Lily, but found the cottage destroyed and James and Lily Potter dead. Hagrid was bringing young Harry out of the wreckage. I begged him to let me take Harry, since he was my godson, but Hagrid told me Dumbledore had given him orders to bring Harry to him. So I gave him my flying motorcycle and went to go hunting Peter Pettigrew down, knowing he had to be the reason behind James and Lily's death. When I cornered him, he shouted that I had betrayed Lily and James, blasted the street behind him, then cut off his finger and transformed into his rat Animagus form. He darted into sewers, leaving me to be arrested."

Amelia Bone's eyes widened. "Wait, Peter Pettigrew is an Animagus? But he is not registered as one," she said.

Black gave a small smile. "He became an unregistered Animagus with James Potter and myself while we were here at Hogwarts. We never registered because at first we wanted it to be our secret, but then later to give us an edge over Voldemort's followers," he said.

Amelia Bones shook her head. "We'll need to make sure to deal with that later," she said. "When you broke out of Azkaban, what was your goal? Why did you come to Hogwarts?"

"I learned that Peter Pettigrew was here at Hogwarts, posing as a pet rat to a boy, Ronald Weasley," Black said. "I learned this after seeing a picture of the Weasley family in the Daily Prophet, which I borrowed from Fudge during his inspection of the prison. My intent was to find Peter Pettigrew and kill him," he said. "Thankfully, Harry showed me it would be better to capture Pettigrew, so I could be exonerated."

Amelia Bones nodded quietly, turning to Dumbledore and Fudge. "Do either of you have any questions?" She asked.

Fudge stepped forward. "How did you escape from Azkaban?" He asked.

"I was able to transform into my Animagus form and slip through the bars of my cell at feeding time. From there I swam to shore," he said simply. "Afterwards, it was a matter of keeping a low profile while heading towards Hogwarts."

Fudge stepped back quietly as Amelia nodded. "We'll need to beef up that bit of security," she said softly. "I think we're done here. Administer the antidote," she said.

As one of the Aurors stepped forward to administer the antidote, Amelia turned to the other two. "His story is consistent so far with what Peter Pettigrew told us under Veritaserum, as did each of the children and Severus Snape. The only ones we haven't questioned are Remus Lupin and Harry Potter. And frankly, I doubt either of them will say anything different. I think we have enough to exonerate Black and put Pettigrew away for a long time."

Fudge nodded. "I agree. We'll need to make a public apology to Mr. Black, as well as some reparations," he said. "Now Dumbledore, about this werewolf you've had teaching here. After what happened, don't you think-."

"Professor Lupin has already tendered his resignation, despite my protests," Dumbledore said. "He'll be leaving this school with the students."

"It is for the best Dumbledore. Werewolves are far too dangerous," Fudge said. "I've seen statistics on the damage and deaths they've caused in the last year alone."

"Statistics provided by Dolores Umbridge?" Amelia asked, disdain in her voice. "You know how prejudice she is against beings and beasts who are half human, half creature. Are you certain those statistics aren't false?"

Fudge waved off her concern. "I have faith in what she's presented me with," he said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to the Ministry. I need to get to work on Black's exoneration, as well as other pieces of business." With that, he headed off.

Amelia growled softly. "Pompous windbag," she muttered, before turning to Black. "I hope you understand that we'll still need to keep you here, until things have been completely settled. However, I do believe that the evidence alone will allow you to be free by tomorrow at the earliest."

Black nodded simply, a bit woozy from the effects of the Veritaserum. "I understand. But I'd like to see Harry as soon as I can," he said.

Dumbledore nodded. "I'll see what I can do," he said, as he, Amelia, and the others in the room filed out, leaving Black alone in the room.

As they walked down the hallway, Amelia sighed. "We'll need to get Pettigrew to Azkaban as quickly as possible. I'll have him transferred out of Hogwarts within the hour," she said.

"What about the Dementors? Any success with them?" Dumbledore asked, worried about eleven Dementors being on the loose. Amelia nodded in response.

"Surprisingly, at least four of them willingly returned to our custody. They almost seemed eager to return to Azkaban, if it's possible for them to be 'eager'. The remaining seven however are still on the run, though we are tracking them down," she said.

Dumbledore shook his head softly. "We should not be allied with them in the first place. They are too dangerous to be trusted," he said quietly. "Their actions here at Hogwarts should be proof enough of that."

"I agree Albus," Amelia said. "But the Wizengamot won't vote to remove them," she said. "The Dementors are too good at the job they do. I'm afraid that we are stuck with them for now."

Dumbledore just nodded quietly. "I understand Amelia. For now, let's focus on removing the seven that are a threat."

The witch nodded as they headed to Dumbledore's office in order to co-ordinate the search for the missing Dementors.

In the Infirmary, Hermione was madly searching through a book she had asked Travis get for her from the library. "It's just not possible…it can't be possible," she muttered.

Neville just rolled his eyes. "Hermione, what isn't possible?" He asked from his own bed.

"What Harry did," she said. "Killing Dementors. It's supposed to be impossible. The physical body is merely a shell for them to exist and interact in our world. They are really classified as spirits, and most forms of magic are completely useless against them. Even if you attack their physical body, it does nothing more than hurt the Dementor. In order to kill it, you have to destroy the spirit within the body. And I've never heard of a magic that can do that."

Ginny sighed as she rolled in her bed, looking at Hermione. "You never heard of the Battle Mages before meeting Harry. Does that mean their magic is impossible too?" She asked.

Hermione glanced at her, before closing the book. "I…you're right," she said. "It could just be a type of magic that is extremely rare. I need to ask Harry about it when he wakes up," she said, glancing over at Harry's bed. The black haired mage was still unconscious. According to Madame Pomfrey, his body was recuperating from a major loss of magic and a strain on his body from the battle with the Dementors. She said he could be out for a few days. His family was sitting next to his bed, watching him.

Neville just sighed, leaning back in his bed. "I still can't believe Sirius Black was innocent this whole time. The way my grandmother and others talked about him, you would have thought he was V-Voldemort's son or heir," he said.

Ginny nodded softly. "And that Pettigrew was some great hero simply for what happened to him. Now…it's the opposite," she said. "Black is actually the hero and Pettigrew the traitor."

"What do you think will happen to him?" Hermione asked. "They can't lock him away again, can they?"

Neville shook his head. "No. He's been wrongfully imprisoned for the past twelve years. Even if they take into account his breaking out of prison and breaking into Hogwarts, it doesn't outweigh all those years being held in Azkaban. They'll set him free," he said.

At that moment, Madame Pomfrey came over. "And how are you three doing?" she asked, as she began to check them over. She tutted quietly as she did so. "Dementors. First that blasted dog, then the basilisk, and now Dementors. What's next?" She muttered to herself.

Eventually she finished checking them, and nodded. "I'd like you all to stay until tomorrow, and then you'll be dismissed," she said. As they nodded, she went over to Harry and checked him over. "And it's not a normal Hogwarts year without you winding up in here," she said, as she checked him over.

Marian glanced up at her. "He's alright, isn't he?" She asked worriedly. She, like all mages, knew just how deadly and dangerous Dementors were, and despite Madame Pomfrey's constant reassurances, she couldn't help but worry.

Madame Pomfrey smiled softly. "He's fine, Mrs. Wallace. He just needs to rest is all," she said. Marian just nodded, looking worriedly back at Harry.

Madame Pomfrey was finishing her tests, and nodded. "As I said, he's perfectly fine. He's merely resting. But he'll definitely need plenty of it, and his body will likely be sore afterwards for some time."

Gareth nodded at that. "We understand. We'll make sure he takes it easy till he's recovered."

Madame Pomfrey nodded, smiling. "Good. And tell him try and avoid ending up in here next year," she said, as she headed off to her office.

Elsewhere, Peter Pettigrew was being escorted towards the gate on the grounds of Hogwarts. Two Aurors were escorting him, with wands drawn. Pettigrew's hands were shackled, but that was the only form of restraint.

As they exited the gate, one of the Auror's raised his wand. "Stop there traitor," he said.

The other Auror approached him, grabbing his arm. "You should be disgusted with yourself," he said. "Your mother died believing you were a hero. You were honored like you were Merlin himself. And then you betrayed the Potters…to the Dark Lord," he said.

Pettigrew's eyes widened as the Auror holding him turned and yelled, launching a green spell at the other Auror while shouting "Avada Kedavra!"

The other Auror lifelessly dropped to the ground, his eyes wide with surprise. The Auror turned back to Pettigrew, grinning a bit crazily as Pettigrew backed up. "And now…for you…you, the reason our great Master was defeated," he said, wand raised.

"W-wait, please! D-Don't! I-I'm one of you!" Pettigrew blabbered.

The Auror just grinned. "It's too late," he said, as he prepared to launch a spell, only to stop as they both felt a chill in the air. Whirling, the Auror saw a Dementor moving from the trees, aiming for them both. The Auror backed up, holding up his wand. "S-Stay back! Expecto Patronum!"

Silvery mist shot out of his wand, but faltered as the Dementor kept advancing.

Pettigrew shot forward, grabbing the dead Auror's wand and using it to undo the shackles. Quick as a flash he transformed into a rat and disappeared into the trees while the Auror screamed as the Dementor grabbed his face. The screaming soon ended, as his soulless body slumped to the ground. Peter just kept running, disappearing into the wilds.

Ministry of Magic, that night

Fudge sat nervously in his chair at the court of the Wizengamot, as the members of the court filed in. He had plenty of reason to be nervous. The two Aurors who had been guarding Pettigrew had been found outside of Hogwarts. One killed by the other, who in turn had obviously been the victim of a Dementor's Kiss. There was no sign of Pettigrew, so it was obvious he had escaped into the wilds.

Fudge quietly wished he could just make this all go away. The Dementors, Black, Pettigrew. But it was too late for that now. Now, he would simply handle the situation and deal with the fall out that came.

As the last member sat down, Fudge nodded, before standing. "This session of the Wizengamot is gathered to handle the case of Sirius Black. Please, bring him in," he said clearly.

A door opened and Sirius Black entered, flanked by a pair of Aurors. He was led to a high back chair that sat in the center of the room, facing the raised stadium like seating where the members of the Wizengamot sat. The chair was adorned with some shackles and chains, but these remained inert as Black sat in the chair.

As he did, Fudge spoke again. "The man who sits before you was accused and imprisoned twelve years ago for the crime of serving He Who Must Not Be Named, a treasonous act against the Magical Community of Great Britain. He was also accused of the death of the Wizard Peter Pettigrew, as well as twelve muggles. However, we recently have discovered this is not the case. Recently, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, Peter Pettigrew was found to be alive, hiding in the form of a pet rat. Sirius Black, as well as Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Ginevra Weasley, and Harry Potter confronted Peter Pettigrew. They brought him to Hogwarts, where he was taken into custody. An interrogation of Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black under Veritaserum, as well as question the others present revealed the truth of the events of October 31st 1990, and November 1st of the same year." (1)

The members of the Wizengamot began to murmur at this, as Amelia Bones stood. "It has become common knowledge now that James and Lily Potter utilized the Fidelius Charm to hide from He Who Must Not Be Named. It was believed that Sirius Black was their Secret-Keeper, but as we learned, it was Peter Pettigrew who was made Secret-Keeper. Pettigrew was the one who betrayed the Potters to his new true master, leading to their death. Sirius Black tracked Pettigrew down to confront him, and Pettigrew destroyed the street, using it as cover to escape. We have testimony from those we mentioned to support this, as well as the Veritaserum induced confessions from both Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black."

An uproar swept through the Wizengamot, as people began to yell or talk to each other excitedly or agitatedly. Eventually peace was restored, and Fudge spoke, this time addressing Sirius Black. "Sirius Black, while your actions in escaping Azkaban and breaking into Hogwarts and its surrounding grounds on no less than three separate occasions are hardly the work of an innocent man, the fact that you were unjustly arrested and imprisoned for twelve years forces us to press no charges against you. As such, I move that you be exonerated of all previous charges, and be set free an innocent man. However, I also move that as an unregistered Animagus, you be fined for not registering, and that you register with the Animagi office no later than one week from now. All those for this motion?" He asked.

Unanimously, the members of the Wizengamot voted in agreement, and Fudge nodded. "Very well! Sirius black, you are hereby exonerated of all charges. The Ministry of Magic wishes to extend our deepest regret and apologies for what happened to you, and will make reparations in the form of five hundred galleons for your time unjustly imprisoned."

Sirius Black nodded, a she stood. "I thank you, members of the Wizengamot, for this," he said, bowing to them.

Fudge nodded in return. "With that, our business is concluded," he said. He banged a gavel on the desk in front of them, dismissing them all.

Sirius Black grinned, as he turned and left. He had quite a bit he needed to do, now that he was free.

Two Days Later

All he could see was darkness. Harry didn't know if he was awake or unconscious or dead. Though the aching soreness and exhaustion he felt pointed towards unconscious.

The young Battle Mage Disciple slowly tried to open his eyes, with his eyelids feeling like they each weighed the same amount as a large boulder. Eventually, he managed to open them a crack, only to find the world was blurry.

Harry slowly blinked a few times, his eyes eventually opening completely. He slowly began to look around, trying to figure where he was. As he did, he heard someone start to yell out excitedly, which made him wince as the noise caused his head to pound.

At that moment a gentle hand touched him on the shoulder. "Take it easy Harry," a female voice said. It took him a few moments to realize it was his mother's.

At the edge of his vision, a new blur appeared, leaning over him. "Good morning Harry," came the elder voice of Madame Pomfrey. She was using a few spells to check on him, before nodding.

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but coughed instead due to his throat being dry. He felt someone help him sit up, as the rim of a glass was pressed to his lip. "Here, drink slowly," Madame Pomfrey said, tipping the glass up a bit.

Harry began drinking the water in the glass, relief flooding through him as the water moistened his throat. When the glass was pulled away, he coughed a couple more times, before speaking. "W-what happened?" He managed to get out in a still somewhat raspy voice.

This time he heard his father speak up. "Well let's see. You and your friends were attacked by Dementors, and you somehow managed to kill nineteen of them with one single spell. Then Peter Pettigrew was arrested, and Sirius Black was exonerated. And then you woke up, two days later," he finished.

Harry nodded weakly, before glancing around a bit. "T-The others?" He groaned out. "Are they okay?"

"Yes, they're all alright," Marian said. "You were the worst out of the group, given your exposure to the Dementors and the drain on your magic."

Harry lay back, closing his eyes. "Good," he said softly.

Madame Pomfrey nodded. "Yes well right now, let's worry about you. You'll need to stay here and rest, and you'll need to take it easy after I release you. If you're good and rest up, I'll release you for the End of Year Feast," she said.

Harry nodded tiredly. "Sounds good," he said, as Madame Pomfrey left.

Travis grinned as he scooted his chair closer. "I can't believe it, you actually killed a whole bunch of Dementors," he said excitedly.

Harry just chuckled weakly. "Trust me Travis, it's not something I want to do again," he said. "I'll be happy if I never run into a Dementor again."

They all chuckled a bit at that, only to look up as someone entered the Infirmary. Sirius Black nervously approached them, as Marian put Harry's glasses on him.

As the world came into focus, Harry glanced at his godfather. Unlike the last time he saw him, Sirius looked better. He was dressed in clean robes, and had trimmed his hair. His skin was still pale, but healthier looking, evidence that he had gotten a shower and a few hot meals into him. And his eyes how had life to them that wasn't there previously. Though currently, they betrayed nervousness as he approached them.

"Ummm…hello," Black said, looking at the group. "If this is a bad time, I can come back later. I just...I wanted to check on Harry."

Gareth just nodded. "Please, join us," he said.

Black hesitantly moved near Harry's bed. He nervously glanced at Harry. "Harry, I uh…I…I'm sorry Harry," he said softly as he looked down in guilt. "I was supposed to watch over you, but instead, I ran off after Pettigrew. I'm sorry I failed as your godfather."

Harry just nodded quietly. "It's okay Sirius. I think I understand what you were feeling. When I heard people say you had betrayed my parents…I felt like I had to avenge them, like I would be betraying my parents by not going after you."

"T-Thanks Harry," Black said, giving a weak grin. "I have to say, your folks here raised you right."

Gareth and Marian just smiled at each other. "We did our best for him. Though we could never truly replace his real parents," Marian said.

Black nodded in understanding, as he glanced at Harry. "If…if it's alright with you and your family…perhaps I could come visit you? Tell you about your parents?" Black offered.

Harry smiled at that. "I think I'd like that. If you are okay with it," he asked his parents. They both nodded, as Gareth looked to Sirius.

"We've had a few wizards and witches visit us, so I'm sure the Elders wouldn't have any problem visiting us," he said. "Though you might want to call ahead first."

"I will," Black said, smiling more. "And you're welcome to visit me whenever you like. Once I find a place that is," he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

"You don't have somewhere to live?" Harry asked with some concern.

"Well I have my family's home, but I don't ever want to return there." Black seemed to shudder as he remember his family home. "I'm looking for my own place."

Harry glanced at his parents, who looked at each other, and nodded. "Well…you could maybe stay with us until you found a place of your own," Gareth said. "We have room and you could spend time with Harry."

Sirius bit his lip. "I couldn't impose…even if I really want to," he said.

"Then you will stay with us," Marian said with a smile. A smile that said she wouldn't accept any arguments or disagreements. Sirius recognized it from his time visiting Lily and James, as Lily often used it on James as well during their time together.

"O-Okay then," Sirius said, grinning. "Thank you for letting me stay with you all."

The Wallace's all nodded, as Sirius looked at Harry. "By the way Harry, I saw you play Quidditch. I have to say, you definitely would give your father a run for his money. Though that Ginny definitely has some skill as well."

Harry chuckled softly. "She is really good, isn't she?" He asked.

Sirius just smirked. "Be careful Harry. Potter men are notorious for falling for red heads," he said, causing Harry's eyes to widen.

"H-Hey, she's just my friend!" He said, as Marian, Gareth, and Travis all laughed. Sirius just grinned, winking at him as he pouted.

The Great Hall, End of Year Feast

The Great Hall was decorated in the scarlet and gold colors of Gryffindor, who had won the House Cup for the third straight year in a row. Students were happily chatting with each other, as life had returned to the school with the Dementors gone from the school, and the knowledge that Sirius Black wasn't a threat anymore.

At the Gryffindor table, Harry winced a bit as he shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. He had been released from the Hospital Wing, but as Madam Pomfrey warned, his body was still sore from the strain he had been through. Still, he smiled happily as Hermione passed him a bowl of mashed potatoes. Sirius had already moved in to the Battle Mage Sanctuary, and was getting settled in. Harry was eager to talk to the man about his real parents, and learn more about them. And Sirius was just as eager to get to know his godson. Even the knowledge that Pettigrew had escaped couldn't dampen Harry's spirits.

At that moment, Harry felt a gentle tap on his shoulder, and he turned to see Lupin standing there. The ex Defense teacher had a sad smile on his face as he spoke. "Harry…I wanted to come and apologize to you," he said.

Harry blinked at him in confusion. "Apologize for what Professor?" He asked.

"Please Harry, I'm not a Professor anymore. Call me Lupin, or Remus," he said. "As for why I'm apologizing…for several things. For lying to you, about my connection to your parents and Sirius. For not doing a better job of protecting you. And for putting you and your friends in danger when I transformed," he said softly. Remus's dark secret had sadly been exposed by the Daily Prophet, courtesy of an interview with fudge in the aftermath of Black's exoneration and Pettigrew's escape, and so the entire school knew that he was a werewolf. Happily enough though, the majority of the school actually seemed sad that he was leaving after Dumbledore had announced Lupin's resignation, as they had greatly enjoyed his classes.

Harry just stood, hugging the man, who seemed shock. "You don't have to apologize for anything Lupin. I understand."

Remus smiled, his eyes watering a bit as he hugged Harry back. When they separated, Harry grinned at him. "Be sure to come visit me and Sirius at the Sanctuary," he said, though in a voice that was low so only Lupin could hear.

Lupin just smiled. "I will Harry. And thank you," he said, before heading off out of the Great Hall.

Harry slowly sat back down, as Hermione, Neville, and Ginny smiled at him. Ginny leaned over the table to him. "He's not the only one who needs to thank you Harry. You saved all of us from those Dementors," she said, shivering a bit.

"You don't need to keep thanking me," Harry said, blushing a bit. "You wouldn't have been in danger if it wasn't for me anyways."

Neville just chuckled. "Harry, we would have been in danger regardless of you being a Battle Mage or not. So don't worry about it."

The young mage nodded, still blushing a bit at their praise. As his friends returned to eating and talking, Harry felt like someone was staring at him. Looking up, he found himself looking at the Head Table, where he saw Snape staring at him. The Potions teacher was staring at him intently, before nodding his head quietly, a small sign of gratitude.

Harry's eyes widened, before he nodded back. As Snape returned to eating, Harry's attention was pulled back to Hermione, who was asking him, yet again, about the spell he had used against the Dementor's. Harry just grinned as he tried to answer Hermione's question, feeling happy that things were returning to normal.

Unknown Location

Deep in a dark forest, a squirrel was busy chewing on some nuts it had found, its tail and nose twitching. The squirrel froze, looking up and cocking its head, as if it heard something. It remained like that for a few moments, before going back to eating, not noticing the shadow slowly rising up behind it.

Suddenly, the shadow shot forward with lighting speed, biting into the squirrel with sharp fangs as a scaly body wrapped around the squirrel, constricting and crushing the poor rodent's body. Within seconds the squirrel was dead, and the snake that had killed it, began the grisly possess of consuming its meal. As it did so, its eyes flashed red, as a sinister voice in its mind spoke.

"Soon, Potter. My return is at hand, and with it…your downfall," the voice said, before laughing evilly.

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