So here we are! It's Christmas and it's time for the first chapter in this EPIC Doctor Who fanfic which next year, will help to celebrate 50years of the Time Lord known only as…The Doctor! Now, let's reveal the new OC companions as followed;


Name: Alokia Everglade

Species: ** Reptillia/Silurians

Homeworld and Time Period: Earth – 3030. (Born in 2007)

Age: 13 (well, she was in hibernation for a bit, so, that is how long she been awake in her lifetime)

Gender: female

Appearance: she is small, and green, quite skinny, doesn't look particularly powerful or dangerous (she is the same variation of the Silurian that you see in 'cold blood')

Personality: she is actually quite shy, but has a vicious streak, she is more brains than brawl, and very intelligent, she enjoys reading, especially, stories about the doctor, and legends about her own people.

Strengths: very smart, long life span, can fight (but not too well)

Weaknesses: she is deathly afraid of water, she hates it and prefers to stay on the ground, she cannot swim, and won't learn to. Nobody knows why.

Weapons (If they use one): The typical Silurian gun that can fire fatal energy beams,

Gadgets (If they have one): standard communicator, (but maybe it could be enhanced to call anyone anywhere any species, by the doctor (like he did with Rose and Martha's mobiles, its up to you))

Power (If they have one): none, just typical Silurian abilities

Date and Circumstances of First Meeting The Doctor (NOTE: If the Doctor met them BEFORE his current incarnation, then you MUST add in what happens when he returns to recruit them AFTER The Angles Take Manhattan and why your character decided to join then.): She first met the doctor during the episode 'cold blood' Well, he saw her, or at least she saw him, but they never spoke. She did not think that the humans and Silurian's should go to war. The doctor went forward to when the Silurian's were to wake up after they went back to hibernation. She had been told stories about the legendary doctor and she had dreamed about him during her hibernation, wishing that she could go on adventures instead of being stuck down here. When she saw the TARDIS materialise outside her room, she stowed away. Desperate for adventure. (Created by Ood Sigma.)


Name: Elfrieda MacTavish (Elfie)

Species: human

Home world and Time Period: Earth, Scotland,

Age: 9

Gender: female

Appearance: amber eyes, amber hair, small, slight

Personality: fiery, easily angered, short temper, impatient

Strengths: very good at solving riddles, fast, strong swimmer

Weaknesses: her temper

Other Information: left handed, and dyslexic

Weapons (If they use one): none, if she has to, she uses a dagger

Gadgets (If they have one): none

Power (If they have one): none

Date and Circumstances of First Meeting The Doctor (NOTE: If the Doctor met them BEFORE his current incarnation, then you MUST add in what happens when he returns to recruit them AFTER The Angles Take Manhattan and why your character decided to join then.): Elfrieda was born and raised on the parallel world in their Scotland, in the highlands, and ended up in our world during the episode 'doomsday' when Pete and them came through, she had no idea how, but one minute she was sitting in the park, the next she was in a library in London. She was taken to an orphanage, and deemed almost clinically insane, until she was adopted by one of Sarah Jane's neighbors. Sarah Jane realized that she was telling the truth and contacted the doctor. (Created by whovian-halfbloods.)


Name: Alfred (Alfie) Olfasson

Species: human

Home-world and Time Period: earth, current time

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: emerald green eyes, short chocolate brown hair. Medium height, fairly skinny. Tends to wear jeans and shirts, preferably blue.

Personality: Alfie is loyal, and a bit weird, enjoys coming up with random inventions, his hero is Albert Einstein, he hates music, but enjoys writing. he likes jelly beans. He is kind, but quite impatient.

Strengths: he is quite good at inventing stuff.

Weaknesses: his inventions can be a bit crazy, afraid of Silurians, can be very random, and his inventions don't always work.

Other Information: none

Weapons (If they use one): he does not own one, but if he has a choice, he doesn't mind using a sontaron Rheon Carbine

Gadgets (If they have one): none

Power (If they have one): none

Date and Circumstances of First Meeting The Doctor (NOTE: If the Doctor met them BEFORE his current incarnation, then you MUST add in what happens when he returns to recruit them AFTER The Angles Take Manhattan and why your character decided to join then.): Alfred first met the doctor during a Silurian attack. Three Silurians had evaded the hibernation, and had decided to try and take over the planet. Alfred had been one of the captives, and had been tortured. The Doctor came and freed him, once the world had been saved, he was given the opportunity to travel with him. He accepted, because he was amazed by the doctor's technology, and wanted to learn more about it. (Created by whovian-halfbloods.)


Name: Simon Cinti

Species: Human

Homeworld and Time Period: Earth, London, 2012

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Horn-Rimmed black glasses, usually has a t-shirt worn over a jean jacket, with blue jeans. Has brown messy hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Simon is a gentleman, and is also very trustworthy of The Doctor. He obviously has problems whenever The Doctor gets them into a trap, but always trusts The Doctor to give him and the other companions a way out of danger. Though sometimes he does tend to have problems with some of the rest of the companions.

Strengths: Simon has excellent wit and distractions. He is also very handy when it comes to repairing things. He also seems to be very caring for the other companions as well, and The Doctor would trust him to fly The TARDIS at some point.

Weaknesses: Simon, like most of the other companions that travel with The Doctor, is always worried by what they will encounter next. Even though he asks The Doctor for help most of the time, Simon is unprepared for what WILL eventually become of the next adventure they have.

Backstory: Simon was born on the 23 of September, 1993. He was orphaned as a child in Islington, UK, and spent most of his life growing up as an orphan in The Sisters of I.M. Forman Orphanage, until The Doctor arrived one day.

Weapons (If they use one): None.

Gadgets (If they have one): A sonic gadget given to him by The Doctor during their first encounter.

Power (If they have one): None.

Date and Circumstances of First Meeting The Doctor (NOTE: If the Doctor met them BEFORE his current incarnation, then you MUST add in what happens when he returns to recruit them AFTER The Angles Take Manhattan and why your character decided to join then.): On December 24th, 2012, Simon was walking along the streets of Islington when out of nowhere, Autons began appearing. Simon attempted to hold out in a nearby tailor shop, but The Autons broke in. Before Simon knew what was happening, a blue police box appeared out of nowhere and a man in a twead jacket and bowtie stepped out, referring to himself only as 'The Doctor.' The Doctor helped Simon fend off the Autons and brought him inside the Police Box (which was actually bigger on the inside.) The Doctor, Simon, and a handful of companions The Doctor had met before arriving, traveled to Earth's past, and defeated The Auton threat. Afterwards, The Doctor offered to take Simon with him through adventures in time and space. Although he warned Simon it would be dangerous and he might end up dead, Simon agreed to go, feeling there was something greater out there for him now. (Created by Myself.)

To Ood Sigma and Whovian-Halfbloods, thank you both! I promise to try my best to give you guys and the rest of you reading the most awesome Doctor Who fanfic ever. And of course, since we'll be celebrating 50 Years of Doctor who, I should get the thanks to the creators out of the way; To Verity Lambert, and Warris Hussain; thank you both for creating a key player in the sci-fi genre. And to all who have played The Doctor; William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith; thanks for your Eleven Incarnations of The Doctor and I hope to do them justice. With all that out of the way now, on with the story! Once again, I own NOTHING! This is for FAN-PURPOPSES ONLY, SO PLEASE DON'T SUE!



The Doctor is an Alien; the last of his race. He travels through time and space in his TARDIS armed only with his trusty sonic screwdriver, and fights the greatest evils this universe has created. Though he usually travels alone, he often shares his adventures with one or more companions. However, the last Time Lord (now in his eleventh incarnation) has suffered a fatal blow when his most recent beloved companions/mother-and-father-in-laws, Rory and Amy Pond, were taken from him during an encounter with The Weeping Angles in New York. The Doctor has been crushed greatly by this loss. However, a greater threat is about to begin…



The Doctor sniffled as he stood alone in his TARDIS, having just dropped off River Song. He was alone again. No River. No Rory. No Amy.

Once again, The Doctor's companions whom he cared for the most were taken from him.

The damned Weeping Angles. The Doctor said to himself.

They were no better than The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Master, and so on. They took a piece of his two hearts away again, and now, The Doctor could never see The Ponds ever again.

He wanted to be far away from here as possible. The Doctor would not even have the strength now to tell Rory's Dad about the bad news. He couldn't bear to show up after what he promised Arthur Williams.

For a minute, The Doctor almost considered removing his bowtie forever, but stopped as his hand touched it.

He tried to convince himself that bowties were still cool no matter what Amy and Rory might've said about it.

He'd keep the wardrobe then. He just needed to be far away from New York now.

As The Doctor prepared to take the TARDIS away again, the ship suddenly lurched from side-to-side, sending The Doctor crashing to the ground, bewildered. He hadn't even set the TARDIS de-materialization yet, so what was going on?!

Looking a bit closer at the info provided by the various computers, The Doctor realized what was happening.

"Ah, yes!" He declared, as he now realized the danger, "Time is unwinding. You big naughty ball of time. You had to do it today, didn't you?!"

He moved over to some of the pinball-machine-parts on The TARDIS as be began pressing the button flippers around.

"Maybe if I reverse the polarity of this time chromosome capsule I found recently," He said, to no one in particular, "Maybe this will stop you…"


The Doctor was greeted with a giant puff of smoke spewing out directly into his face.

The Doctor coughed loudly as his hair had been pushed back as if he had just been through a terrible wind storm. He looked around blankly, before sighing.

"Except it probably won't." He said, simply.

The Doctor then went over to the computers checking the new situation's data again.

"And it hasn't." He said, moving over to the other side of the console.

Pressing a few more buttons, he hoped to make something good happen before the problem got any worst…

And instead ended up with another blast of smoke in his face.

Coughing as he tried slicking his hair back into place, The Doctor leaned against the rail.

"Alright then," He stated, with a sigh, "It looks like I'll need some help. And when I say 'some,' I mean more than just two. I'm going to need the best companions I can get."

With that, he started quickly skimming through the records on his computer for various people from across time and space to recruit.

"And then I'm never doing this again." The Doctor finished.


BrenRome Presents:

Based on the Hit BBC Series…

Matt Smith

Jenna Louise-Coleman


Ood Sigma


DOCTOR WHO: Companions of Time

Episode One: The Attack of The Autons


Earth, 3020…

A young creature yawned as the rubbed the crust out of her eyes, getting up out of her bed.

This creature was a young girl who had green, scaly skin almost like a lizard. The back of her head was shaped almost like a fin-styled baseball glove, and she seemed to have no ears (although anybody who was anybody nowadays knew that her species could hear without ears.) Other than those features, she had a humanoid-like nose, mouth, and eyes.

The young, short creature was wearing a pair of pink-stripped pajamas as she sat up in her bed, reality starting to kick in with her again.

Her name was Alokia Everglade, a Reptillia/Silurian girl around the age of 13.

Remembering that today was the day that she started her first day of life on the surface of Earth for the weekend, she quickly raced into the shower, and started bathing herself.

About 1,000 years ago, she never thought she'd get the chance to live on Earth. With the plot that had transpired to keep Silurians off the surface of this planet, it seemed that the day might never come that she would be living here.

Then HE came.

The Doctor.

She remembered when she had been walking around the Silurian city around 1000 years ago, when she noticed The Doctor for the first time. She remembered how odd he looked; with his weird-jacket, and bow-tie, and other strange features. He had come with two humans; a redhead woman and an orange-haired man, to talk about peace between Silurans and Humans.

Yet as The Doctor discovered, there was a human already there who had plotted to blow up the whole Silurian City, but The Doctor stopped him, before leaving in his so-called TARDIS, a big blue box that as she had been reading in her books for the past few years, could travel anywhere in Time and Space.

As Alokia started to dry herself off, she suddenly heard something coming from outside her house.


She froze. She knew that sound from long ago.

It's him! She screamed in her head.

Quickly throwing her PJ's back on, (as they were the only thing she had to wear at the moment,) Alokia rushed outside and stared in shock and happiness. There was The Doctor's TARDIS, parked right outside her home!

She never really had any actual interaction with The Doctor, but after he saved them, the first thing she had wanted to do since re-awakening form her sleep was travel with the man on many adventures unknown.

Surely enough, The TARDIS Doors opened, and out stepped the doctor in a shock, looking around him. He was still the same as Alokia had remembered him from his clothes to his hairstyle.

Finally noticing her, The Doctor smiled, somewhat relieved but still with a tone of panic on his face.

"Good!" He declared, running up to her and shaking her hand, "Alokia Everglade! Good to finally meet you! How has life on Earth's surface been treating you so far?"

"Doctor?" She asked amazed, "You know my name?!"

"Of course," The Doctor said, "I was just reading up on you before I got here. I need your help you see; there's a problem going on in the universe and only you, me, and a handful of others from across time and space can fix together."


Alokia pulled her hand away and looked at The Doctor nervously. She was a bit shy around others and so far, the only people she was exposed to were humans. Oh she read stories about The Doctor, but she had also read stories about some of the deadliest creatures out there; The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Weeping Angles, The Space Vampires, and so on. She had NOT met one of them before, but she could only imagine what one would be like in real life.

"Doctor…" She said, rubbing her right arm, a bit shyly, "If you need others…why do you need me? I'm only a…how would humans say it? 'A bookworm' I believe. I'm not that much of a fighter so…"

"Alokia…" The Doctor said, "Believe me, the last thing I want is to put someone like you in danger. I just got through loosing…people very close to me, and believe me; I don't want it to happen again. But this is a problem that I'm going to need all sorts of help from. Not just fighting. Well, you might have to fight once or twice, but looking over your profile, you're the only one in your field of expertise I need for this mission. Please."

Alokia looked at The Doctor seriously, considering her options. She was supposed to start human classes on Monday, but she figured one little trip couldn't hurt. And besides, the thought recently crossed her mind that if others would join them, then they'd help keep her safe. But moreover, it sounded that The Doctor would help keep her safe also, and there was no other person she'd feel safer with than The Doctor.

Alokia nodded.

"Alright, Doctor;" She declared, "Let me get some things together, though…"

Later, in The TARDIS…

Alokia descended from the stairs of The TARDIS leading to her new room, she was still amazed at how bigger this thing was on the inside than the outside.

She had just finished packing her other clothes and things she'd no doubt need for this trip in one of the spare rooms (which featured a hammock of all things as her bed,) and she was now fully dressed in the Human Clothes her parents had brought her. Currently, she wore blue jeans, hiking boots, and a green blouse. Alokia had left her parents a note at the house in case they came back early (as they were already making arrangement for her school when she woke up,) and had brought with her both an old Silurian Gun (which her father had kept in case they "would ever need one if another alien invasion happens on Earth,) and her cell phone in addition to extra pairs of underwear and socks which she would no dobut need. She noticed The Doctor was tinkering with her phone, seeing that he had removed the back part and alternating between moving around some wires and flashing his sonic screwdriver at the exposed back.

As The Doctor noticed her coming down, he smiled at her putting the back cover on her cell phone into place again and handing the phone to her.

"Look at you," He smiled, looking Alokia over, "Now, I've modified your phone here so that you'll not only have wi-fi in space, but you'll also be able to contact The TARDIS even when it's in another time period."

"Thank you, Doctor." Alokia smiled.

"Now, then;" The Doctor declared, moving to The TARDIS Controls and pushing and activating different parts of the machine, "Let's get going, shall we?"

"Where are we going?" Alokia asked.

Bannerman Road, Ealing, London, November 5th 2012…

Margaret Chamberlain heard the doorbell ring repeatedly as she went down the stairs to open the door.

Opening the door, she saw a 29-year-old man stating in the doorway wearing a twead jacket and a bowtie with suspender pants.

"Hello," The man said, taking out a card that would appear blank to him, but instead showing credentials for child cares services on it, "My name is David Smith. I'm with A Charitable Earth Child Care Services. I'm afraid we're going to ask that we have Elfrieda MacTavish back. We believe we might have managed to locate her missing parents."

The woman looked Mr. Smith over before turning around and calling upstairs.

"Oi!" The woman called, in a thick Scottish accent, "Elfie! Pack your bags. Your real family's been found."

She turned back to the man who nodded, as she let him in. A few minutes later, the sound of footsteps could be heard moving around upstairs and then slowly, a young girl around 9 descended from there. She was small with amber eyes and hair wearing a blue T-shirt with the British flag on it and short blue jeans. She looked at the man standing there confused.

"Hello, Elfrieda." The Doctor smiled, "I'm here to take you to a real family."


Later, in the TARDIS…

"And you say this young girl came from a parallel reality?!" Alokia asked, as she stood next to Elfredia in The TARDIS.

"I don't know how it happened!" Elfredia exclaimed, "I was sitting in the park in the highlands and the next thing I knew; I was in a library in London!"

Alokia looked at her amazed, as Elfredia turned to her in a guilty-like way.

"I went around trying to make sense of things." She said, "I tried living off inside a school building, but one of the teachers caught me there one day and sent me to this Orphanage. Everybody thought I was crazy and it didn't help when Ms. Chamberlain adopted me."

"Fortunately, I was contacted by my old friend Sarah Jane Smith." The Doctor mused, "The bad part was that I would've gotten there sooner, but my list of things to do just kept getting bigger."

"How long is a Time Lord's list?" Elfredia asked.

She had been in here a few minutes enough to finally accept that what she was seeing was true and that Mr. Smith really was an alien being. The Doctor turned around at the question, and began counting his fingers, mumbling equations to himself.

Finally, he stopped and looked at her.

"Exactly 1,454 pages last I checked." The Doctor answered.

"Great." Elfredia smiled, sarcastically and rolled her eyes, "There's definitely a lot we're going to do."

"Right." The Doctor noted, as he set the controls for the next destination and nodded to them, "Hang on! This is our next-to-last stop!"

The TARDIS roared again as the interior shook causing the companions to hold on tight to the railings.


Bloomsbury, November 30th, 2012…

Inside one of the houses in this section of London, a young man was sitting down, reading a book on Albert Einstein. The man had emerald green eyes, short chocolate brown hair. His height was medium, and was fairly skinny. He was currently wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt.

This was Alfred Olfasson, local science wiz student at his school. Plus unlike many of the other kids there at his school, he had a unique experience that he was positive nobody else could come close to having.

Two years ago Alfred had been attacked by two humanoid-yet-reptile-like creatures that had threatened to destroy him and the rest of the 'apes on this world' according to the beings. Fortunately, Alfred had been saved by a weird-looking man who appeared in a Blue Box that seemed to teleport in on its own. The man called himself 'The Doctor,' and he easily managed to fend off the two lizard-like creatures which he referred to as 'Silurians.' The Doctor explained that he was an alien called a 'Time Lord' from an advanced civilized race, and that the Blue Box was his time machine called 'The TARDIS.' This blew Alfred's mind to learn that there was a thing as time travel, and he wanted nothing more than to go with The Doctor.

Unfortunately, The Doctor explained that he already had a companion, but he promised that he'd consider Alfred if there was an opening position next time.

Of course, that was two years ago and nobody believed anything about Alfred's story. But Alfred was studying hard now for school. He wanted to be an inventor and invent things that would be almost (if not equally) as great as The Doctor's technology sounded.

As he flipped through the book on Albert Einstein, he suddenly noticed a shadow over the page he was reading.

Alfred knew that his parents had gone for the weekend, and realized that somebody must've broken into his house!

Turning around, he was met with a heart attack as he noticed The Doctor standing behind him. Alfred was speechless. After all this time, The Doctor had come back for him!

"Hello, Alfred!" The Doctor greeted, picking up the book Alfred had been reading and skimming through it.

"Albert Einstein, eh?" The Doctor asked, nodding approvingly, "Very good friend of mine, you know. I actually spent one Christmas Morning with him, Father Christmas, and Frank Sinatra at Frank's hunting lodge. Had a really great Christmas that year."

He looked at Alfred who was staring at The Doctor amazed.

"Sorry." The Doctor stated, and then put his hand on his chin, "I'm guessing I didn't just appear at your house the day after I met you."

"Try two years." Alfred stated.

"Right." The Doctor noted, "Well, at least it wasn't bad the first time around. Anyways, that spot I promised you is open, so how would you like to take a trip through the universe with me and some friends?"

"Doctor…" Alfred said, a bit guilty, "I was actually studying for my final tests this December…"

"I promise you…" The Doctor stated, "Afterwards, you can be dropped off back home and you'll never have to worry about this again."

Truth be told, The Doctor just needed some companions to help fix the problem with Earth. As far as The Doctor was concerned, The Earth was all that really needed to be saved for him since he was planning on staying in Victorian London before this all happened. All he was going to do was just let them help and then get away from the madness as quick as possible.

Considering the option, Alfred just smiled.

"Sure." He stated, "What's the worst that can happen?"


Later, In the TARDIS…

"YOU BROUGHT A SILURIAN WITH YOU?!" Alfred demanded, causing The Doctor to slap himself in the forehead, forgetting how uncomfortable Alfred felt around Silurians.

"Alfred," The Doctor explained, setting the TARDIS controls for the date of the disturbance, "This is Alokia; she's a Silurian from the year 3030 where Silurians and humans have made peace with each other. She's perfectly harmless."

Alfred sighed.

"Alright." He said.

"Good." The Doctor stated, "So now that we're all here, let's stop this disturbance."

With that, he pulled the materialization lever, and The TARDIS was off again.


Islington, December 24th, 2012…

'Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!'

The young man continued to walk through the snow covering the streets of Islington. His blue eyes looked ahead of him as he breathed into his scarf greatly. It was Christmas Eve and he had already missed the Orphanage Mass. The teachers would definitely have him for this one.

As he pulled his black winter hat over his brown hair and his Caucasian ears, he looked around.

There were very few people out on the streets with their families, but something felt a bit…off.

Oh well, He thought to himself, Nothing important, maybe.

The young man treaded on again back to the Orphanage where he would no doubt face the wrath of Mother St. Claire again.

His name was Simon Cinti; and all his life he had been an orphan.

He had been found at the footsteps of the The Sisters of I.M. Forman Orphanage, with a blue blanket covering his body. He grew up in the orphanage with friends, but longed for a mother and father of his own. But for some reason, nobody adopted him. As such, when orphan friends left the place, Simon began to wander out and sometimes could be found helping with fixed cars at the Hartnell Cars Auto Repair Center. Simon wandered by there one day and offered to pitch in even though he obviously knew nothing about cars. But the owner had helped him with what was what, and eventually he began working there for money of his own.

The Sisters of I.M. Forman were obviously not fond of this and so he had to go and work in secret. He had finished working late today, and now they would definitely suspect Simon of being at Hartnell Cars. Mother St. Claire would definitely have his behind this time.

Just then, there was a flash of light, as Simon was forced to cover his eyes.

When he removed them, he looked in shock at what just happened. Thousands upon thousands of glowing pink meteorite-like rocks were now slammed around everywhere and there were plastic mannequins running about, chasing people who were screaming for their lives.

"What the-?!" Simon asked, before The Mannequins noticed him.

They put their arms out, making Simon think they were going to offer him a handshake, but to his surprise, their fingers flipped open revealing a gun barrel inside of their hands.

With his eyes widened, Simon raced into a nearby Department Store's doors, and lunged forward as the maniquines opened fire.

Simon crawled towards behind the cash register, desperately not wanting to look up to have his head blown off. The Department store's windows were shattered and clothes gained new holes through them. Finally, just as Simon managed to duck behind the counter, he heard the gunshots stop.

Breathing slowly, Simon listened and heard the sound of feet crunching in the snow towards the Department store.

Oh, god! Simon thought to himself, They're coming inside to kill me for a reason I don't know why.

"Oi!" A woman's voice declared, "You!"

Simon looked up confused to see a black haired woman, holding the door halfway open and motioning for him to get behind the door. Simon crawled behind the door, not wanting to be seen, as the woman shut the door behind them.

"Good." She declared, "Now help me keep this door closed."

Simon kneeled and pressed both palms against the door as the woman did the same thing also.

"What the hell just happened?!" Simon whispered, feeling he should get an idea of what had happened, "I was just walking home tonight, and then these…things just popped out of nowhere!"

The woman turned to him amazed that he had no idea what was going on.

"Listen , young man," She whispered back, "I have no idea where they came from either so keep quiet before…"

She was cut off when a blast came through the door, sending her back as Simon looked at her helplessly in horror.

The door then flung open sending her next to the woman's dead body.

Looking up, Simon stared horrified at the plastic mannequins who were approaching him.

Closing his eyes, Simon was ready to accept his fate when he heard a weird sound from behind him.


Opening his eyes, he saw that the live plastic had stopped. Turning behind him, Simon stared in shock and confusion at what he was seeing.

It was a big blue police box, parked right behind him. Not only was it something you wouldn't normally find in a store like this, but Simon knew that box was NOT there when he entered, so how the heck did it get there?

Suddenly, the doors opened and a motley group of people stepped out. First, there was a man in a tweed jacket with suspenders and a bowtie, followed by what Simon could only describe as a lizard/humanoid-like girl probably around the age of thirteen wearing light-green clothes and a backpack containing a large-weird-looking gun, a 9-year old girl with amber eyes, amber hair, and finally a boy with emerald green eyes, short chocolate brown hair wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt.

The man in the bowtie stared at the living plastic in a non-surprised tone.

"Of course," He stated, "The Autons. I should have known it was you the whole time."

He then stared at Simon, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a weird-looking device. It was an orange-painted rod, with a metal spring attached to said rod that had a glowing green orb attached to the end of the spring.

"Hello," The bow-tied man said quickly, placing the gadget in Simon's hand, "I'm The Doctor. These are my friends. And those are The Autons. Very bad living plastic. That's also a plain wand you're holding."

"Woah!" Simon said, "Please slow down, because I'm kind of losing it today and…"

The Doctor ignored him as he pulled Simon up, placing his thumb over a part of the 'plain wand.'

"Now then," The Doctor explained, "If you don't want to die, I suggest you point this at the Auton…"

The Doctor demonstrated, by quickly taking Simon's arm and pointing it at the Auton.

"And press down on that wand."

He pressed Simon's thumb down as the green orb suddenly began glowing. Simon looked in shock as the Auton the Doctor had directed him towards suddenly began shaking as if it was having a seizure. The Auton then fell over presumably dead.

This was all too much for Simon today, and yet… this was pretty cool.

The remaining two Autons there prepared to fire, but Alokia took out her Silurian gun from her backpack holder and fired, hitting one of the Auton's dead in the chest.

The Doctor, meanwhile, took out a 'plain wand' of his own, but Simon noticed it was altered from the one The Doctor had given to Simon.

Pressing down, The Doctor aimed his wand at the Auton, and it fell over immobilized.

Now triumphant, The Doctor went over to the unconscious body and did a scan before looking at the results and turning back to his new temporary companions.

"Okay," The Doctor declared, "The good news is that I've managed to find the exact point at which this all went wrong."

"Okay." Alfred asked, "What's the bad news?"

"The bad news…" The Doctor explained, looking at Alokia seriously, "The time this happened was 200 CE, and it appears The Silurians were involved somehow."

Alokia looked stunned, as The Doctor knew she would.

"Alokia," He explained, "If you don't want to go on now…"

"I think we've passed that point, Doctor." Alokia stated.

The Doctor nodded at her.

"Then it's settled," He said, "We go back, stop the Auton invasion, and Earth is saved."

"Hey!" Elfrieda stated, "Where'd that kid who you gave that gadget go to?"

The Doctor looked around, and then noticed that The TARDIS doors were slightly opened.

"Oh no." The Doctor whispered.


Meanwhile, in The TARDIS…

Simon could still not believe his eyes. When he had entered the police box while everyone wasn't looking, he was expecting to find something big on the inside, but not as big as what he was seeing.

Inside this box was a ginormous hollow room that seemed to have a sort-of Pee-Wee's Playhouse theme to it with a big console in the center that had different machine parts from pinball flippers to a typewriter.

Simon didn't have time to take this all in though, as he knew he had to hide. It was only a matter of time before this Doctor and his companions found him and kicked him out. Simon wasn't going to forget about this and he needed some answers so he had to find a place to hide.

Of course, the problem was that once he went down one hallway, he soon discovered this place was like a maze that never ended. Every time he went down one hallway, he ended up in another. He wasn't even sure which way it was he went in anymore!

Just then, he heard an echo that sounded like The Doctor's Voice.

Quickly noticing a nearby room, he ducked inside, shutting the door and locking it praying that nobody would look for him there.

Once he turned around, he suddenly took notice of the room he was in. It seemed to be a drawing room of some sort, that had strange items lying around in this room including a cricket ball, a weird multicolored scarf, and a lot of other interesting items.

Simon almost forgot about his troubles for a minute as he decided to see what was in here.


"No time to look for that young man," The Doctor explained, setting the coordinates for their next trip, "Although I will have to remember to get another plain wand at some point. Anyways, next stop; 200 CE!"

With the coordinates set, he activated The TARDIS dematerialization, and the ship rocked once more leaving the current time to go to the past.


Upstairs, Simon was trying on an interesting long brown trench-jacket when he was suddenly sent to the floor by a sudden tremor in the ground.

Pushing himself back up, Simon looked around scared and confused.

"What's happening?!" He asked to no one in particular.

Just then, he noticed a weird-looking device similar to The Doctor's gadget he had used on the Autons drop in front of him. Simon was quick to notice though that this was bulkier than The Doctor's gadget and rather than there being a little orb at the end, this device had three barrels almost as if they belonged on guns there.

"What in the-?!" Simon asked grabbing the device.

However, he must've hit another weird part of this gadget because at that moment, the barrels shot three glowing yellow lights out, and then a nearby cabinet was rocked hard by an unseen force.

Simon pressed everything he could until the lights were fully off. He then put the gadget in his pocket before moving to the door to take a quick peek outside.

As he opened the door, Simon could hear the echo of The Doctor's voice nearby.

"There we are then!" He declared, "We are now under Earth in the year 200 CE."

200 CE?! Simon was in 200 CE?! How was that even possible?!

Now definitely curious, Simon tip-toed quietly over towards the voices, seeing that he was now back nearby the hallway above the control panel he had seen coming in, listening closely to what was happening.

"So then," The Doctor said while Simon watched from above undetected, "Alokia; I am going to ask you not to reveal anything to any Silurian you might encounter at ALL!"

"Doctor…" Alokia stated, "My people are currently asleep…"

"Not in this timeline…" The Doctor explained, showing her the data on the computer, "According to this new history; The Auton Leader; The Nestene Consciousness made a deal with The Silurians before betraying them and using their resources and technology to enslave Earth."

"Then why am I here?" Alokia asked, confused, "Shouldn't I be dead? Shouldn't all of us?"

"Time hasn't caught up with you yet." The Doctor explained, "The TARIDS shields you from time and space, but it's only going to shield you for so long. We need something to stabilize you so that you all so that you don't end up disappearing."

Disappearing?! Simon thought to himself horrified.

"Doctor;" Alfred stated, "If I may…I might be able to make something."

"It's okay, Alfie!" The Doctor smiled, handing them each three weird-looking sphere-like devices made from different machine parts.

"I made these after two incidents I had with my…last companion. This should keep you all safe for now. There's another one in my drawing room, but that one only lasts so long before it goes dead."

Upon hearing this, Simon quietly turned around and went back into the drawing room again.

Once inside, he quickly rummaged through the stuff there before coming across the item.

I guess I just put this on, and that's that. Simon thought to himself, putting the device in his coat pocket, and then quietly moving back to the hallway upstairs.

Looking down, he saw the others finishing gearing up for this mission.

"Now then," The Doctor declared, "Let's remember our mission; we find The Nestene Consciousness, put him out of commission, make sure The Silurians sleep for another thousand years or so and thus save the universe."

"Right." Elfrieda nodded, putting a dagger she had in a pocket.

"Where did you get that?" Alokia asked.

"Does it matter?"

"Let's get going." The Doctor stated, as they all exited The TARDIS.

Once they were completely gone, Simon quickly went down the stairs and opened the door just a crack open to see what was happening.


The group now stood bellow the Earth in the long, carved-out caverns below the surface.

Simon's jaw was literally almost dropping off in shock. It was true then! He truly was back in time! He was actually in the past millions of years before he was even born!

"This is amazing Doctor!" Alfred stated.

"HALT!" A new voice declared.

Everyone turned to see seven Silurian guards approaching them.

"Oh dear." The Doctor exclaimed, turning to his new companions, "Run!"

But The Doctor was quickly stunned by a blast from one of the guard's guns. As the others ran, The Doctor managed to call out a final instruction to them.

"Find the Nestene Consciousness!" The Doctor declared, before The Silurians knocked him out.

"Take him to the master." One of them declared, as they went down another cavern.

As soon as they were gone, Simon stepped out of The TARDIS, suddenly feeling a bit queasy before recovering himself.

Figuring it was nothing, Simon raced down the corridor after The Doctor with the intent of rescuing him.



Alokia, Alfred, and Elfrieda were running down one of the caverns as fast as they could.

This was certinately the best way to start being a companion of The Doctor's; just running for your life with only with the instruction to destroy a giant mush of dripping plastic goop that Alokia had read in a book once.

Although come to think of it, there was a question on Alokia's mind; where were his other companions? She remembered The Doctor briefly referring to the Redhead woman as 'Amy' and the man with him as 'Rory.' So where were Amy and Rory then?

Her thoughts, however were suddenly put to mute when she accidentally ran into another guard sending her back to the ground as the guards noticed them.

"HALT!" The head of the Silurian soldiers declared, "Do not advance any further!"

Alokia studied the head soldier's features and then suddenly remembered where she had seen him before.

"Omigod!" Alokia declared, "You're Sergius Everglade!"

The head looked at her confused and motioned to his men to stand down for a minute.

"How do you know my name?" He asked, looking at her confused, "Do I know you from somewhere."

Alokia silently cursed herself for letting slip that name. What was she supposed to say? That he was her great-grandfather?!

"I can't tell you exactly how," Alokia explained, "But for now, all I will tell you is that we're related in a sense. Now, my friends and I are here trying to stop this Auton invasion, and we would like it if you could help us. Please."

Sergius inspected the woman, and then at her friends. After thinking, he nodded to his men as they stood less tense now.

"Then, young lady." Sergius explained, "It seems we have a common goal then."



Simon crept behind a wall as he saw these 'Silurians' who were dragging the Doctor were literally just a few inches ahead of him.

Getting ready, he pulled out the spare wand-like device he had gotten from the drawing room and pressed every section on there until finally, the device let out another big gust of wing, knocking the guards out and sending The Doctor to the ground.

Simon smiled to himself.

Simon 5. Silurians 0. He said to himself as he went over to The Doctor who was coughing from having himself shoved face-first into the ground.

As he helped him up, The Doctor looked at him surprised.

"Hey!" Simon said, innocently before speaking in an embarrassed tone, "Sorry about stowing away here like that. I just…"

"What's your name?" The Doctor asked.

"Simon. Simon Cinti."

"Simon…" The Doctor smiled, "Thank you."

Simon looked proud at his work when suddenly, the queasy feeling returned and The Doctor stared at him in shock.

Looking at himself, Simon was amazed to see that his body had started to become transparent, making him seem almost like a ghost.

"Simon." The Doctor explained, "I don't mean to alarm you, but you're becoming a paradox now. Unborn, if you will."

"What?!" Simon declared, reaching into his jacket pocket and handing him the sphere-like device he had also taken from the drawing room, "But I thought this thing was supposed to protect me!"

The Doctor looked at the device and flicked something before handing it back to Simon. Upon receiving the device again, Simon's body became clear and full once more and the queasy feeling was gone.

"It would." The Doctor told him, "If you had turned it on."

Simon laughed uncomfortably before the two got up with The Doctor grabbing his arm and running away with him.

"Now come on," The Doctor declared, "That thing's not going to last for long and we still have to find my other companions. I'll explain everything once we get back to The TARDIS."


"And you say that this… Nestene Consciousness is behind this plot?" Sergius asked.

"Yes." Alokia stated as they reached the entrance according to Sergius's directions.

"I had a feeling something was wrong with some of my troops behaviors when we woke up." Sergius explained.

The group then stared ahead at the almost ancient-yet-also-futuristic-like-door in front of them.

"I guess this is it." Alfred stated.

"Indeed." Sergius agreed.

Just then, they heard a familiar whirling noise behind them. Spinning around, they were met with another group of Autons this time dressed in Silurian gear.

"DOWN!" Sergius declared.

Nobody argued as they all ducked, barely missing the Auton blasts.

Sergius, Alokia, and the other soldiers took their guns out and fired at the Autons until there was none left.

Afterwards, Sergius looked at Alokia. He noted that she had been firing her gun around like an infant.

"I think you need better discipline than that." He pointed out.

"Sorry." Alokia apologized, "I'm more of a reader than a fighter."

"Very well." Sergius declared, pointing his gun at the door and firing, creating a hole big enough for them to enter through.



"…and that's how I recalibrated The Master's sonic laser to respond to others besides him!" The Doctor finished, explaining everything Simon needed to know.

"Wow." Simon breathed, taking everything The Doctor had told him in while the self-proclaimed 'Time Lord' moved around The TARDIS control console, "So you travel alone, then?"

"Usually." The Doctor explained, "I am planning to take a holiday after this, though. I'm thinking about settling down in Victorian England."

"Can I come?" Simon asked, eagerly.

All his life, he had felt as if there'd be nothing beyond the I.M. Foreman Orphanage, but now he had a chance to live the rest of his life traveling through time and space!

The Doctor, however, looked at Simon uncomftorably. He didn't want to risk Simon getting hurt, but at the same time, he felt as if telling Simon the truth would actually hurt his feelings.

Fortunately, at that moment, The TARDIS scanners kicked in, revealing the location of Alokia, Alfred, and Elfrieda.

"Ah!" He exclaimed, "Found them. Let's join them, shall we?"

"Yeah." Simon said, as The Doctor started working all the controls, "Something tells me they're going to need our help soon."

"If I had a nickel for every time I said that that." The Doctor smiled, trying to mask his own fear.



The group now stood in a giant carved room that had a giant Silurian-styled monitor on it. But the main focus was the giant metal-like tub in the room that had a giant molding-gooey-plastic in there vaguely resembling a face. Above the creature was a silo-like device, with green wires attached to it.

"There it is." Alokia stated, pointing at the giant clay-like blob, "That's The Nestene Consciousness."

"Indeed I am, young Silurian Traitor." The Nestene Consciousness spoke, it's voice powerful and commanding.

"Sergius…" The Nestene Consciousness said, "You do realize that these humans will eventually destroy the planet; correct? Alokia is a traitor to her own people. Allow me to demonstrate."

With that, the computer turned on to reveal a devastated Earth with thousands of meteor impacts scattered around there along with a foggy sky.

"This is what Alokia is fighting for." The bloby formation stated, "But if we work together, Sergius," We can create so much more. We can rule together."

"You're right!" Sergius stated, turning to the others, "I was a fool to trust a traitor who would put their trust in humans!"

"Wait just a second!" Alfred stated, "You don't expect to listen to the guy who's been 'suspicious looking' to you, right?"

"I will create thousands of armies for him." The Nestene Consciousness declared, "And together we will rid the Earth of the fleshy-type.

Before Sergius could order the attack, however, there was a familiar noise that filled the room.


Suddenly, The TARDIS re-materialized before them and from within the big blue box stepped The Doctor followed by that young adult the others had helped earlier.

"Ah." He stated, "Looks like we arrived just in time, Simon."

"Yes, Doctor." Simon stated, taking notice of The Nestene Conscioussness, "Hey; who's this guy?"

"Hm?" The Doctor asked, looking at the leader of The Autons, "Oh; that's The Nestene Consciousness. He controls the Autons. The whole reason this mess started."

"Right." Simon nodded.

"Yes." The Doctor said, taking his sonic out and pointing it at the computer.

"You might say this is what humans will do in the next million years," He said to Sergius, "But why don't we take a look at what The Autons will do, shall we?"

With that, the screen suddenly changed to London as it was when the time-traveling group had left.

"Those are Nestene Eggs," The Doctor stated, as the computer showed different images around Earth, "But what's this? I don't see any Silurians!"

He then turned to The Nestene Conciousness, looking at it seriously.

"Unless of course, The Autons wiped you all out." He declared, eying Sergius.

"The Nestene Conciousness lied to us!" Sergius explained.

"Very well, Doctor!" The Nestene Conciousness declared, "You may have stopped me from allying myself with the Silurians, but even as we speak my soldiers are attacking Sergius's men!"

"No!" Segius declared, running off with his me.

The Nestene Conciousness laughed as the companions looked at it with utter disgust.

"Do these things usually laugh?" Simon asked, and then felt queasy again.

"Oh no…" The Doctor declared, as Simon suddenly started fading again, "What's happening?!"

"I still have many of the Silurians inventions to play with," The Nestene Conciousness declared, "Such as this one; The Molecular Disperser! Within five minutes, your lives will come to an end!"

The Doctor quickly opened the hatch to the machine the Nestene Conciousness was positioned with his sonic screwdriver only to realize that the wiring was NOT something he recognized.

"Blast!" He declared, turning to the others, "I don't recognize this!"

Simon, however, looked closely and suddenly all those years he spent working part-time at Hartnell Cars Auto Repair Center truly seemed to pay off now.

"I can do this!" Simon said almost in disbelief as he went over to The Doctor and began to pull some wires apart, "Help me out, Doctor! I can do this!"

"How?!" The Doctor asked.

"When you've worked at an auto repair shop for a while, you pick up a new thing or two." Simon said, "Now help me out!"

The Doctor did so as more Autons suddenly popped up.

"Keep them busy!" The Doctor declared.

Alokia readied her blaster, Elfrieda took out her dagger, and Alfred took out his Sontaron Rheon Carbine that the Doctor had given to him when they had landed here.

The three of the companions began shooting and hitting the Autons, but it seemed as if nothing could penetrate them.

"What's going on?!" Alokia asked, concerned and scared now.

"More Silurian technology!" The Nestene Conscioussness declared, "We have everything we need now! Nothing can…"

At that moment, Simon and The Doctor had rewired the wiring, as Simon prayed this worked.

Fortunately, he heard a humming from the silo-like device above The Nestene Conscioussness, as the being suddenly wiggled around as if it knew what was coming next.

"NO!" It declared, "This isn't happening! Noooooooooooooooo…."

With that, a ray-light slammed into the Nestene as it suddenly melted away until it was nothing more than a big pile of goop on the floor.

The Autons suddenly fell over and Simon sighed with relief as be became solid and whole again.

"Look!" The Doctor declared, pointing to the screen.

Eveyone turned and saw Earth was fine again. Everything was how Simon had remembered before all this madness happened. There were no giant pink meteorites, no Autons, none of those alien signs whatsoever. Just a snowy Christmas in Islington.

"We did it!" The Doctor declared.

At that moment, Sergius entered the room looking at them proudly.

"Indeed you have," He smiled, "Now we Silurians can continue to sleep in peace. Thank you…friends."

"Just one thing," Alokia added, "Don't mention anything about me for about another 2830 years, okay?"

"Are you afraid of what people might think of you?" Sergius asked.

"Something like that." Alokia nodded.

"Then it shall be." Sergius declared, "Thank you…friends."

With that, he left as The Doctor walked towards The TARDIS, opening the doors and smiling at them.

"Now…" He stated, "Let's celebrate Christmas in Islington, shall we?"

"I thought you said you wanted to spend a vacation in Victorian England." Simon pointed out, "Are you still doing that?"

The Doctor mentally hit himself for forgetting about that, but quickly played along. It was definitely time for the hard part now.

"Yes." He smiled.

He would now definitely have to leave them together here. But hopefully they seemed as if they could stick together. The Doctor's granddaughter and all of his other past incarnations had done it before so it could be done with them.


Islington, December 24th, 2012…

As the four stepped out of the TARDIS, they all gazed in awe at the sight of the night. It had begun snowing again on the surface of present-day England and everything was back the way Simon had remembered it before this Auton Invasion.

As the four heroes of tonight looked around in pride at their job well-done, they suddenly heard The TARDIS doors shut and looked back in horror.

"Doctor wait!" Simon called, as he, Alokia, Alfred, and Elfrieda continued to pound at the doors, "Doctor let us back in!"

"Doctor!" Alokia called.

Suddenlly, they could hear the familiar sounds of the TARDIS engines.


And just like that, within a millisecond The TARDIS was gone, leaving the four alone in the snow.

"He…" Alokia said, dropping to her knees in the snow, "He left us alone here…"

Alokia was saddened beyond belief. If she could shed tears, she would create an ocean by now.

The others went over and helped her up.

"I'm sorry, Alokia;" Alfred said honestly, "I really am."

"I might be able to get you guys into the orphanage." Simon said, turning around with them, "Although it might be tough and unfortunately; I don't know how I'm going to explain Alokia to…"


The group froze as they turned back in amazement to see The TARDIS parked right behind them again.

"He…" Simon said, in disbelief as a happy feeling washed over the four again, "He came back for us. He came back for us!"

The four rushed back over to the TARDIS and out stepped The Doctor. He was no longer wearing his tweed jacket and suspenders, but now he wore a Victorian-styled coat and blue bowtie.

The Doctor noticed the companions and smiled nervously, as he approached them.

"Hello." He said, trying to sound as if nothing happened.

Simon responded with a punch to his face, sending him into the snow.

Almost as hard as when Rory hit me that time at Stonehenge. The Doctor thought to himself, getting back up and brushing the snow off him.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" Elfrieda demanded, "Why did you leave us?!"

The Doctor kneeled down and so did Simon so that they could all be at eye level.

"I'm sorry." He said, sympathetically, "I really am. This is the second time I've left somebody behind thinking I'm sparing them trouble. But as always, I'm back to make it up."

"What are you talking about?" Simon asked confused.

"Wait!" Alokia realized, "Does this have something to do with that couple who was with you? The Ponds?"

The Doctor fell silent. He knew he had to tell them the truth.

"In October of this year," The Doctor explained quietly, "We all went to New York City and had an encounter with the race known as The Weeping Angles. They're a group of quantum-locked beings who take the form of statues and freeze only when someone looks at them. They sent Rory back to 1930's New York and then sent him back further, leaving Amy to follow him. They both ended up stuck in the past where they lived the rest of their lives out until they both died."

"So…" Simon said, confused, "Why can't you just go back and see them…."

"Because we created a paradox!" The Doctor yelled, taking the four young heroes who stopped tonight's invasion off-balance, "We created a paradox to free Rory the first time in 1930's New York, creating another will destroy all of time and space!"

The four stood silent before the madman in a blue box as he calmed down, looking at the ground sadly.

"I will never be able to see them again now." The Doctor cried, before regaining himself, "But fortunately, I took a holiday after I left you a few…how long has it been since I've been gone? Seconds?"

"Yeah." Simon said, "Or about a minute or thereof."

"Right." The Doctor said, "So as I was saying; after I left you here, I decided I could take a holiday in Victorian England where I met a woman named Clara. We encountered a group of mind-feeding snowmen that tried to destroy Earth back then, and she reminded me I'll always need companions. I'm just about to find her now to travel with me."

The four remained quiet before Alfred spoke.

"So what do you need?" Alfred asked, "You have her now. You seem to have everything you need."

"No." The Doctor explained, "Because after I discovered this, I realized that the paradox is still going on all over the universe."

"Where?" Alfred asked.

"Everywhere." The Doctor said, "Every nook-and-cranny of this universe is under threat and me and Clara can't do it alone on top of all the other untold adventures I'm sure we'll have."

The Doctor looked at them, seriously.

"It's not Christmas yet," The Doctor explained, "But I can give you a gift now; to travel with me. It'll be dangerous. More than what you all just experienced back a few thousand years ago. But it's your choice. Don't let me try to persuade you not to go."

The four looked at him, before Simon spoke.

"I guess…" Simon explained, "If you need help, but you're feeling bad about risking our lives…I might as well go."

The Doctor looked at him with happiness.

Alokia, seeing that Simon was putting trust in The Doctor, spoke as well.

"I'll go to." She said.

"And I guess we'll go too." Elfrieda said, holding Alfred's arm, as he looked at her confused.

"What?!" He asked.

"It's settled!" The Doctor smiled, and walked with them to The TARDIS as he held the doors open, "So why don't you step into the old girl and I'll show you what I've done with her."

The others smiled as they went in, only to be shocked again.

"Wow…." Alokia declared.

"It's…." Simon continued.

"Completely…." Alfred noted.

"Different." Elfrieda finished.

The TARDIS inside had changed dramatically from the one they were in a couple of minutes ago. It was no longer an orange interior that looked like it had been built from garbage parts, but now it looked….a bit more like a retro-feeling to it. With different parts as if it were made from the 1960's. There were no more wires around the interior, but there was an interesting spinning top to the TARDIS with weird-looking symbols on there.

"So," The Doctor declared stepping inside, "Say your goodbyes now if you have to."

Simon moved halfway outside the door as he waved outside. Satisfied, he went back in and stood inside the new TARDIS around his new bunkmates as The Doctor went over pressing the new TARDIS controls.

"Here we go!" The Doctor declared, as The TARDIS began moving again.

Everyone laughed as they all shouted out one word.


To Be Continued…


Next Year…

(Flashes of The Doctor, Alokia, Elfredia, Alfred, and Simon in a white space with the TARDIS behind them. Pulling back, we reveal that they are surrounded by millions of Weeping Angles, their hands outstretched towards them as if they were asking for something.)

"Doctor?" Alokia asks, nervously, "What is it?!"

"I think they need help." The Doctor says, in disbelief.

(Flashes of various clips. Alokia, Elfredia, Alfred, and Simon being chased by Daleks on Skaro, with the buildings in perfect working order.)

"EX-TER-MI-NATE!" The Dalek screams.

(Cut to The Doctor and Elfredia in Ancient Rome, helping a woman dressed in robes of high Roman Royalty out of a building and descending from a ladder. Then a cut to people working everywhere on Earth, building some kind of alien device, as The Doctor and his companions walk past them.)

"Labor Day seems to somehow be affecting people in a way I never thought possible for your species to be able to function." The Doctor muses to Simon.

(We then see The Doctor and his companions on a planet full of deep moon trenches, with Halloween decorations around homes built into these trenches. Around them, millions of vampire bats are descending around everyone as The Doctor and his companions look in horror and disbelief. We then flash through different scenes of The Doctor, Clara, Alokia, Elfredia, Alfred, and Simon racing through different locations such as The Starship UK, Simon's Neighborhood, and a shopping mall planet. We then fade to black, and we get various flashes of Doctor's 1-10 from various episodes of each Doctor's Era [8 is seen during the TV Movie.] We then have a tight shot on The Doctor, Clara, Alokia, Elfredia, Alfred, and Simon standing close together.)

"Doctor?" Simon asks, now greatly terrified, "Who are these people?"

(Pull away revealing Doctors 1-7 and 9-10, standing around them with Susan Foreman, Jamie, Zoe, Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, K-9, Tegan, Turlough, Ace, Rose, and Donna standing around them also. Close shot on The 11th Doctor's face as he shows great concern on his face.)

"I think you're going to have an opportunity to get to know me even more now." The Doctor says.

Doctor Who:

Companions of Time

Will Return This January


Matt Smith as The Doctor

BrenRome as Simon Cinti

Ood Sigma as Alokia Everglade

whovian-halfbloods as Elfrieda MacTavish

whovian-halfbloods as Alfred Olafson

Nicholas Briggs as The Nestene Consciousness

So there you go, ladies and gentlemen. The First Chapter of Companions of Time is here! Now, let's take a look at the episode list to come next year in chronological order of the month they will be released by:


The Laughing Gargoyles- The Doctor and his new companions are captured by the Weeping Angles…who need The Doctor's help to defeat a new alien menace known as The Laughing Gargoyles! Plus, in a special back-up story; The First Doctor and Susan face The Death Orphans!

Carmina and a Beast- The Doctor and his companions travel to Ancient Rome to discover a royal family daughter is being watched by a deformed alien. Plus, in a special back-up story, The Second Doctor confronts The Madness of The Laboratory!

Back in the S.S.U.K.- The Doctor takes his companions to Starship UK…only to discover it's been overrun by The Cybermen! Plus, in a special back-up story, The Third Doctor must lead UNIT (and Sarah Jane Smith) through… The Mists of the Nemesis!

Reunion- Simon convinces The Doctor to go back to his orphanage in England, only to find that everybody in the town is drawn to him for some reason. Plus, in a special back-up story; The Fourth Doctor (with Leela and K-9,) face The Family Minds!

Perchance to Sleep- The Dream Lord returns with a new challenge; he's taken the Doctor's companions and placed them each in their own dream-like world where they must each escape on their own without direct help from each other. Plus, in a special back-up feature, The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlourgh encounter a close-encounter with The Space Warrior Games!

For A Day- The Doctor and his companions come across a new 'Plastic Surgery Space Store' that supposedly allows anyone to live their lives as someone else. Until they realize that process involves taking brains out and switching them with others! The Doctor and the group must find a way to stop these aliens now! The only problem is that thanks to a screw-up by Elfredia, it seems that Simon and Alokia have switched minds and find it difficult to adjust to these new bodies. Plus; in a special back-up story, The Sixth Doctor and Peri fight The Autons in Sticky Solutions!

Tyrant of the Time Lords- The Doctor and his companions encounter River Song again…except it's not the River The Doctor knows…and not in the way you think! Also, in a special back-up story, The Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter The Cyber Spiders!

The Whispers of Gamidvin- The Doctor takes his companions to Gamidvin, a planet in which mafia mob bosses have put together an enslaved army of alien races, in an attempt to overthrow the other family for a bountiful reward. Plus, in a special back-up story, The Eight Doctor discovers The River of Melody!

Pax Skaro- The Doctor and his companions travel to the planet Skaro…which is somehow fully operational again! The Time Lord and co. must put together how this happened, and how they can stop it! Plus, in a special back-up story, The Ninth Doctor and Rose try to survive The Ice Age of Islington!

The Horrors of the Space Vampires- The Doctor and his companions travel to a 'Horror-Fest' planet only to discover it's under attack by a legion of Vampires…led by the worst vampire of all; Dracula! Plus, in the final back-up story; The Tenth Doctor and Donna discover The Cave to Time!

The Eleven Doctors- The Doctor and his companions travel back to 1963….only to find that all of The Doctors past incarnations (and various companions) are somehow there as well! It's a special chapter in celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who as this chapter pays homage to the being known as The Doctor in a wibbly-wobbily, timey-wimey adventure so big; the author had to make it a single mega one-shot chapter!


Hope you all enjoy and stick around for the ride! Once again, I own NOTHING. This is for fan-purposes only, so please don't sue! Until next time, say it with me now; "GERONIMO!"