Plain Magic

Fandom: - Harry Potter/Anita Blake
Pairings: - Harry/?
Set: - After the end of the Harry Potter series excluding that travesty of an epilogue. And before
Warnings: - Violence, discrimination, bigotry, child abuse, sex, eventual death of a major character, will be slash.
Kinks: - Slight DS themes, rough sex,
Disclaimer: - both Harry Potter and Anita Blake are owned by J K Rowling and Laurel K Hamilton respectively, I'm just playing with the characters. This is a blanket disclaimer for the whole story.

Summery: - Several months the final battle Harry is sick to death of magical Britain, they haven't changed and the way things are going in ten years or less there will be another Dark Lord and why should he die for them again, why should he fight for the sheep who are too stupid to fight for themselves? St Louis here he comes, watch out.

Chapter One – Prayer of the Refugee

"I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it."
― Terry Pratchett

Harry watched silently as the new minister made his acceptance speech to the crowd in Diagon Ally, Dumbledore standing off to the side, his eyes twinkling as he nodded along with what the minister was saying.

Harry's face grew more and more impassive with each sentence the moron uttered. He scanned the rest of the crowd for their impressions of the newest puppet and only found approving and impressed looks, Harry sneered internally at their stupidity, the fucking sheep of the Wizarding world and as they started applauding the dipshit he made his way to the bank, it was time to finalise his plans.

He shifted his black leather shoulder bag on his shoulder and brushed his currently brown hair from his now light brown eyes before Harry headed further down the ally towards Gringotts. Screw them all. Harry shook his head as he passed people talking about the heroes of the war and all he could think was why couldn't they have fought for their freedom themselves? What gave them the right to expect children to fight and die for them?

Harry entered the tall white building nodding to the armed guards as he walked through the front door, he made his way over to the counters and waited in line for several minutes before one of the goblins were free to serve him.

"What do you want human?" he was asked rudely. Harry eyed the surly creature for a moment before speaking.

"My name is Harry Potter, I want to claim any and all vaults and possessions that are available to me," he said voice calm and cool, polite and formal, he had no love for the goblin race but he was glad that he and his 'friends' had never had to break into Gringotts after all, it would have been a complete bitch to get his money if he had made an enemy of the short bastards. The teller's eyes widened and he rang a small bell at his side, another goblin rushed over and the teller whispered some hasty instructions and the younger goblin ducked through a side door and disappeared. Harry raised an eyebrow, feeling mildly unsettled at the exchange.

"If you would wait over there for a moment, Shortsnout will be back to take you to a manager in just a few minutes," the teller told him almost nervously, Harry nodded and made his way over to where the goblin had indicated he wait. He leant against the wall and closed his eyes briefly, the weight of what he was doing weighing down his shoulders before he straightened, shoulders going back into perfect posture and his face setting back into impassive, he shifted his leather satchel so it settled more comfortably on his hip. Harry watched the customers curiously as he waited for his escort to come back, less than five minutes later Shortsnout was back.

Harry followed him down a hallway silently for several minutes, being led into the deeper levels of Gringotts; Harry wondered just what he had inherited to gain this treatment as he was shown into a large office. He looked around, quickly scanning his surroundings before he took the seat that the goblin behind the desk waved him to. The younger goblin bowed and closed the door behind himself when he was dismissed. Harry and the manager regarded each other for a long moment in silence before the manager pushed a pile of parchment over to where Harry was sitting.

"Mr Potter," he said as politely as Harry had ever heard a goblin. "I am Hanglok, you asked for a complete accounting of both what you own and what you can claim, is this correct?" Harry nodded and reached for the documents, he started to scan the top one when Hanglok spoke again. "The documents you have now are the vaults and items you have inherited by virtue of direct bloodline decent, these here-." He continued, shoving another stack of paper over to Harry. "Are the vaults and items you have been willed, gifted or left by people, mostly because of your triumph over the dark lord, a few I believe are more personal but most of the items were left to 'the defeater of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'," he watched Harry flick through the papers, scanning each of the documents before placing it aside, this continued for several minutes, the only noise was the sound of the parchment as it was moved. "And some of these you have earned by right of conquest."

After reading each bit of paper Harry sat back in silence as he contemplated his new wealth. He flicked his eyes over the manager and just regarded him for several seconds before clearing his throat.

"Does the Ministry get notifications when a vault closes?" He asked his most pressing question. Hanglok shook his head with a toothy smile.

"No Mr Potter, the Ministry has nothing to do with Gringotts except when it comes to felons, we're not required to tell them anything and more to the point – we don't want to." Said the goblin who was getting a good feeling about the teen. Harry nodded thoughtfully before he reached into a pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment, he unfolded it and looked back at Hanglok.

"I have some questions," he said and Hanglok nodded agreeably. "First, does Gringotts have any branches in other countries, which ones and can I access my vaults from them?"

"Yes we do, we have branches in most European countries, several in America, Australia has several too, New Zealand, several in Canada, a few in Africa – not many but we do have several mines there too, Egypt, several other middle eastern countries including Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Greece has one also along with several others scattered on various islands." Harry was told by the goblin whose smile had grown at the question. "All vaults and the items within them can be accessed and removed by the owner in any branch of our bank across the world." Harry's lips quirked at that and he relaxed slightly running a hand through his shoulder length hair. "Also in many of the other countries we have something called a 'debit card' which can be used in both the magical and muggle worlds,"

"Well that gets rid of half my questions," He said some amusement in his voice. "Ok, next question, can Gringotts organise the sale of the excess properties I have? Including stripping the buildings of any paintings, heirlooms, artefacts, books etcetera and destroying the ones that are cursed or – well overwhelmingly dark, as in harmful not banned by the morons?"

Hanglok nodded thoughtfully and wondered if this wizard would give them back whatever treasures he had that were Goblin made, he decided it wouldn't hurt to ask, he could always rip the teen off if he said no.

"We can, we'd also transfer the items from the properties into your vaults," He eyed Harry as he continued. "Our employees excel in breaking curses, we could uncurse some of the items if that was what you wanted – for a price of course." Harry blinked and he smiled slightly, there was always a price but at least the goblin nation was honest about it.

"Of course there would be a cost, what would Gringotts ask for this service?" he asked his eyes brightening slightly from the dull green they had been before, he had always liked bargaining.

"The return of the goblin made items that you now posses, in return for lifting all the curses on your items that we can and destroying the ones that we can't." Harry thought about the offer for a long minute before a thought struck him.

"I can agree to that but -." Harry started and Hanglok's eyes narrowed slightly. "There is one item I would like to keep for my lifetime, I'd will it back to Gringotts at my death but I would prefer to keep hold of it until then,"

Hanglok watched the boy and smiled inwardly as the teen negotiated, an idiot the wizard was not – good it would serve him well in his upcoming years. "What item?" he said shortly, it wouldn't do to act soft but he wouldn't scare the boy off, not yet any way.

Harry smiled slightly, not showing teeth (If any creature was born with that many pointed and sharp teeth then it was a predator and probably an effective one, so showing teeth could be shown as an act of aggression and Harry wasn't stupid, he had enough enemies already he wasn't going to piss off the people who controlled his bank accounts. Even if he didn't like them in general.) and explained to the manager.

"The sword of Gryffindor, it's saved my life several times and knowing my luck I'll need it again," he said pushing his hair back and deliberately displaying his empty hands in a casual position.

Hanglok thought about it for a minute, it was actually a generous offer and the boy did say that after his death it would be returned to them, he finally nodded telling Harry that the offer was acceptable. Harry though about his next question and glanced at his list before he looked back to Hanglok.

"Excellent. How long will it take to strip the houses? And do I need to sign anything to get the houses on the market?"

"Well Mr Potter, we can empty all the houses within a fortnight and to sell them we need you to sign-." Hanglok moved over to a filing cabinet and opened the second draw down, rifling through it quickly and pulled out a form, he handed it to Harry after sitting back down. "-this, and then we can do the rest, Gringotts will of course take six point five percent of the sale price of each of the buildings and when sold the money will be transferred into you personal vault. Do you have any other questions?"

The black haired teen thought about it and shook his head, the rest could wait until he was out of the country, Harry paused then opened his mouth. "One last question, can I open a new vault under a different name and get everything moved to that one?" Hanglok hesitated for a moment then spoke.

"Once you have an established new identity we can do that but until then we cannot allow vaults under false names," Harry nodded his understanding, so that had to wait but he could still make his money more secure.

"Ok, can I block all access to my vaults except for myself? And can I have a control question to access them?" he asked, Hanglok nodded but Harry could tell he was confused by the question so he elaborated. "I'm concerned about Polyjuice or Metamorphs pretending to be me, and I know that at least one other person has accessed my vaults without asking, I'd rather not have that happen again," Harry told him.

"Ah, I understand, what question would you like to use?" Harry though about it for several moments, thinking of questions and people who'd know the answers before deciding on something he had never discussed with any one in the magical world.

"The question is 'What's your favourite song by Shinedown?' and the answer is 'Burning Bright', is that ok?" He asked and was given an affirmative answer, Harry smiled relieved that things had been going well so far. He stood and glanced down at the papers. "Can I take these with me? Oh and don't tell whoever tries to access the account the question, just ask them for both the question and the answer, anyone who can't answer both charge them with attempted theft."

Hanglok nodded holding out a hand to shake, another test – most wizards wouldn't even think about shaking hands with a being that they deemed so inferior but Harry just reached out and shook before gathering up the papers and placing them in his bag. Harry's eyes swept over the room again and returned to the manager.

"Thankyou for answering my questions," he said as Hanglok showed him to the door and his guide to the main halls of the bank. Hanglok with a toothy grin nodded.

"No, Mr Potter, thankyou," He told the young human. "It's not often we get to piss Dumbledore off, and this? – this will ruin many of his plans," he said showing his teeth off to the full extent. "May I make a suggestion? Go to the post office and get one of their post boxes, they can give you more details but I believe that having one would be in your best interests." Harry nodded thoughtfully and followed his guide back through the corridors.

"Do you have any other business here today Mr Potter?" Harry was asked and he nodded.

"Yes, I need to get some money from my trust vault and exchange some for muggle money," With that Harry was escorted down to his vault, where he gathered up a reasonable amount of galleons into his money pouch and exchanged some of it back on the banks main floor for a sizable wad off cash which both of which went into his bag, making him glad once again that he had a feather-light charm on the bag.

Well, he might not like the Goblin race but they were damned efficient.

Harry left the bank with a nod to the guards and with his head held high he followed the twists and turns of Diagon Ally to where the post office sat, owls coming and going from the high windows. Harry felt his heart clench as he watched them for a moment, the loss of his beloved friend and pet Hedwig still hurt even after nearly a year.

He entered the business with an impassive face and a confident air; he looked around the store quickly before he moved to the front counter where a man only a few years older than him was filling out paperwork. He looked up and smiled politely at Harry who mimicked the fake expression.

"Welcome to the Post Office, owl can I help you today?" Harry's lips quirked just slightly at the memorised greeting and kept his eyes slightly to the side of the young man, he was taking no chances, and no-one was going to read his mind again.

"Hi, I was talking to a – friend and he mentioned something about post boxes. Could you explain what they are?" Harry asked.

"Sure," He said, he turned and grabbed a box off one of the shelves, it was a bit bigger than a shoe box but not as deep, made of a deep rich reddish wood. He placed it on the counter. "This is the deluxe model, the way these boxes work is that you have a box that corresponds with one here, letters get sent to you but come here where we place them in your box. The letters that are placed in your box here get transported through to the box in your possession, the deluxe model strips all charms, hexes and curses from the letters placed in the box and gives you a summery of what was sent written on the envelope that the spelled object is in." he pointed at a silver medallion imbedded in the lid of the wooden box. "This glows when a letter comes through and will continue to glow until you take the letters out. To send a letter back you place it in your box, and it gets transferred to us and we send it with one of our owls. For the deluxe model you pay a yearly fee of 100 galleons," Harry blinked shocked at the price, you could by a decent broom with that amount but for what you were getting it seemed to be a good deal.

"So if I had one of these, would it work in a different country? I plan to go travelling for the next year or so," Harry told him with a tilt of his head.

The store clerk nodded brightening at that. "Yeah, but only the deluxe models, the others don't have enough spells on them to work out of the country," Harry nodded thoughtfully then thought of something else.

"What about packages? How do they get sent through?"

"Oh! That's easy, there's an automatic shrinking charm – once the package is lowered into the box, it's shrunk into a size that fits into the box and when you take it out of your box it regains its original size." He said cheerfully and pointed at the lid. "Oh, and when you send something back through your box to here you need to shut the lid for it to go through. Do you have any other questions?"

Harry double checked about tracking charms and what would happen to charmed items when they went through the box before picking a box made of a deep polished brown oak with a silver crescent moon medallion. Harry had to tell the older man who he was to get the box tied to his name but everything happened quite quickly after that and with minimal gushing.

Harry left the Post Office with his new post box slipped into his bag and quickly made his way out of the heaviest foot traffic and wandered down the ally looking around with jaded eyes, he wished faintly that he was more comfortable with magical Britain but he wasn't, he didn't like the rampant prejudice or the sheer stupidity of the majority of the wizards that he had met.

He shook his head and smiled bitterly as he murmured one of his favourite quotes from Albert Einstein. "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." He snorted quietly; any wizard raised in this world wouldn't have a clue about who that was. Harry was about to leave the ally when a thought came to him and he turned around and started down the street, eyes scanning the people around him as he moved purposely through the crowd until he came to a large building. Harry regarded the building with a faint sneer before he entered, schooling his face into his customary neutrality.

Harry glanced around the front room and made his way over to the receptionist, he smiled at her and did his best to hold back his sigh of annoyance at her blatant once over.

"Hi, I'd like to get a years subscription of the paper, paid for right now if possible," Harry told her and she nodded brightly, she grabbed a form off the side of her desk and started to fill it out.

"So the price for the whole year, if you pay up front is 43 galleons and 7 sickles, if you pay for each individual paper the overall cost is 3 galleons more," She said and Harry nodded his understanding and pulled out his money pouch, said the amount clearly and upended it onto her desk. She counted it quickly and wrote him a receipt. "Ok, so I just need your name and your paper will be delivered tomorrow," Harry smiled at her and leaned down to whisper.

"Harry Potter," he said quietly and she gasped. "Shh, I'm in disguise," he told her and she nodded glancing over her shoulder before looking back at him.

"I – Could I get your autograph? I promise I won't tell anyone you're here," she asked and Harry nodded, she passed over a piece of parchment. "My name is Rebecca Jones, thank you for this," Harry signed the parchment (To Rebecca Jones, may your life be peaceful and full of joy, Harry Potter) as she finished the form. Rebecca smiled at the autograph then back at Harry who smiled back at her. After exchanging pleasantries Harry left the building quickly and headed back to the pub. Time to leave the British Magical world.

He wouldn't have bothered with getting the Daily Prophet but knowing how Britain would react to him disappearing could be important.

With a sigh Harry made his way out of the ally and back through the Leaky Cauldron, he wandered down the street until he got to a phone booth that still had the phone attached to it, he pulled the business card out of a side pocket of his bag and dialled the number on it, it rang twice before someone picked up.

"Hello, this is the American Embassy, how can I help you to day?" said a polite female voice and Harry straightened and braced himself for what he was about to do.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter, I'm calling to speak to Mr Field," he said his heart thumping in his chest as he tried to keep his breathing calm.

"Is he expecting your call?" she asked him with a reserved tone.

"Not today but he was expecting one from me within the next two weeks and I didn't want to keep him guessing about my answer," he explained trying to keep his nerves out of his voice. She hummed for a moment before she placed him on hold for a minute; Harry stuffed a few more coins into the phone box while waiting. Her voice came back on the line this time with much more respect in her voice.

"I'll put you through right now Mr Potter, have a nice day," she said and Harry thanked her for her help. It was merely seconds before a cheerful male voice came through the line.

"Harry! I wasn't expecting your call for at least a week, is everything ok?" There was genuine concern in his voice; it made Harry smile through his nerves.

"Everything's fine, I've just made up my mind and well – I didn't see a point in waiting,"

"Oh? And what's your discission?" Harry took a steading breath and breathed out before he answered.

"Yes," He said voice shaking slightly. "My answer is yes." Harry felt tension draining out of him with those words and he slumped against one of the plastic walls of the booth.

There was a stunned silence for a moment then the older man laughed appreciably and Harry could hear the chair creak as if he was shifting in his seat. "Well then Harry, when you like to leave?"

End chapter one