So I wrote an entire chapter for this, but then I felt it was better for later, so I did this instaed. It's pretty different…

Tori Vega has opened a public chat 12:17 P.M.

ToriVega: Hi Cat!

HappyCat: Hey Tori! I can`t talk right now. I`m going shopping with Jade.

ToriVega: Tell me how it goes.

HappyCat: Kk!

HappyCat has logged off public chat 12:19 P.M.


Cat Valentine has opened a public chat 4:47 P.M.

HappyCat: Hey Tori!

ToriVega: How was shopping?

HappyCat: Fun. Beck came, too. Jade bought something not black.

ToriVega: Really?

HappyCat: Beck made her. It`s just a blue cami. I got a new dress!

ToriVega: Nice.

HappyCat: It has purple butterflies on it. Jade said it was ugly :(

ToriVega: I`m sure it`s lovely.

HappyCat: We only got kicked out of two stores!

ToriVega: Ohmygod!

HappyCat: We usually get 'asked to leave' like three or four.

ToriVega: What happened?

HappyCat: The first one Jade was rude to a sales lady because she flirting with Beck.

ToriVega: What did she say?

HappyCat: I`m not allowed to say those words.

ToriVega: Ok... what about the second store?

HappyCat: Jade and Beck got in a fight.

ScissorLuv has logged into public chat 4:56 P.M.

ScissorLuv: 1. The sales girl said that Beck was 'yummy', she deserved it. 2. We only got kicked out of the second one because it was a children`s store.

ToriVega: That raises more questions than it answers.

ScissorLuv: Cat wanted to look at the patterns on the clothes for ideas

HappyCat: We got kicked out because you and Beck started fighting!

ScissorLuv: It was because you passed out.

ToriVega: Please explain.

HappyCat: So we went in and I was looking at clothes, then Jade yelled at a little kid

ScissorLuv: He stepped on my foot!

HappyCat: Then Beck told Jade it wasn`t nice to call six year olds 'gank' and Jade said he shouldn`t start a fight... and well... they started fighting. It made the kid cry.

ScissorLuv: And then Cat started crying, and a sales lady came over to try to 'help' us

HappyCat: So Jade told her to 'butt out'

ScissorLuv: And then Cat got more upset and then she fainted.

HappyCat: I hate it when Jade and Beck fight!

ScissorLuv: And then security came and escorted us out. And Beck had to carry Cat out of the store. And the stupid six year old kept crying. Gank.

ToriVega: Holy crap.

HappyCat: Then Jade bought me frozen yogurt and her and Beck made out.

ToriVega: I thought that Jade and Beck were fighting.

ScissorLuv: We were.

ToriVega: But you were still making out?

ScissorLuv: Yes. I`m bored now.

ScissorLuv has logged off public chat 5:17 P.M.

HappyCat: I had fun.

ToriVega: That`s good. Did you do anything else?

HappyCat: After I finished my yogurt Beck saw a store with tee-shirts from a Canadian hockey team so he went in there.

ToriVega: Where did you and Jade go?

HappyCat: We went to build-a-bra. I got one with pink flowers!

ToriVega: That`s... nice?

HappyCat: Jade got one that`s black and lacy! And some of those panties that look like they would be really uncomfortable. I asked if they are and she said "It`s fine. They won`t be on for long." I don`t understand that.

ToriVega: Believe me, you don`t want to understand that.

HappyCat: And when we met up with Beck after and he saw the bag he looked really happy! And Jade asked if he wanted to see them and he said yes.

ToriVega: Uhm...

HappyCat: Then he looked in the bag and smiled really big. Then Jade whispered something in his ear and he whispered something back and... Jade giggled!

ToriVega: What? No.

HappyCat: She did! I promise! Then Jade said "So you`re not mad at me?" And Beck said "No way. Are you mad at me?" And Jade said "Of course not."

ToriVega: That`s sweet.

HappyCat: Then I asked if he wanted to see mine and he said no :(

ToriVega: Well, he is dating Jade...

HappyCat: They were both in a really good mood for the rest of the day, they held hands and didn`t argue. But they got annoyed with me a little bit.

ToriVega: Aww :( Why?

HappyCat: They made me go in a store that sold boots and plaid shirts for an hour. I got really bored and started bugging them. And they kept telling me to knock it off and I wouldn`t, so Jade made me sit in the corner :(

ToriVega: That`s too bad. What are you doing now?

HappyCat: I`m at Jade`s house. We decided to go out for dinner... wanna come?

ToriVega: Sure!

ScissorLuv has logged into public chat 5:29 P.M.

ScissorLuv: Don`t invite Tori!

HappyCat: One second Tori! Jade is yelling at me.

ToriVega: Sure...

HappyCat and ScissorLuv have logged off public chat 5:31 P.M.

GotBeck, RockRobster and AndreHarris have logged into public chat 5:31 P.M.

GotBeck: Cat told you about our shopping trip?

ToriVega: Sounds like you were very happy with some of Jade`s purchases.

RockRobster: What did she buy?

AndreHarris: Yeah.

ToriVega: Scroll up to where Cat and I were talking.

RockRobster: Alrighty

AndreHarris: Sure thing.

GotBeck: No. Don`t do that!

RockRobster: Too late.

AndreHarris: Lacy, huh?

ScissorLuv and HappyCat have logged into public chat 5:34

ScissorLuv: CAT! Did you need to broadcast my underwear choices to the entire world? And they ARE NOT panties.

HappyCat: I said mine, too!

ScissorLuv: No one cares about yours.

RockRobster: I do!

ToriVega: Creepy much?

AndreHarris: A little bit.

RockRobster: Beck, what could you possibly have said to Jade to make her giggle?

GotBeck: Nothing that you need to know.

ToriVega: Dude...

ScissorLuv: Stay out of it. All of you.

AndreHarris: I hate shopping with Beck and Jade.

RockRobster: Me, too.

ToriVega: Has everyone been shopping with you but me?

GotBeck: Yup.

HappyCat: I like shopping with them! Even if they do stay in boring stores for a long time. And even if Jade makes us give opinions on scissors.

ToriVega: That doesn`t sound so bad...

AndreHarris: They always hold hands and it feels really third wheel-y.

RockRobster: And they make out in elevators and mothers of small children yell at them when the doors open.

GotBeck: Hey! That doesn`t always happen.

ScissorLuv: Yes it does.

HappyCat: It happened today. It`s worse when they fight.

ToriVega: How?

AndreHarris: One time Jade kicked a mannequin over. And then her and Beck left and I had to pay for the replacement head. You still owe me like 50 bucks for that.

ScissorLuv: I will never pay you.

GotBeck: Sorry.

RockRobster: I only went with them two times. And one of those times Cat was there.

HappyCat: That was fun!

ScissorLuv: Not really. Cat and Robbie looked at outfits for Rex for forty-five minutes.

ToriVega: Uh-huh... is everyone free tomorrow?

HappyCat: Yep!

AndreHarris: Yeah

RockRobster: Yessir!

GotBeck: Probably

ScissorLuv: No.

HappyCat: Jade! What are you doing?

ScissorLuv: Returning underwear.

GotBeck: NO!

AndreHarris: No

RockRobster: No.

ToriVega: ...?

GotBeck: Dude.

ScissorLuv: DUDE!

AndreHarris: I mean that Jade should totally return them.

RockRobster: Right. That`s also what I mean.

ScissorLuv: Idiots.

GotBeck: Seriously.

HappyCat: I`m confused.

ToriVega: That`s ok, Cat.

ScissorLuv: Cat is my best friend and I love her!

AndreHarris: Jade?

HappyCat: Get the hell off of my account and give me my phone back!

ScissorLuv: Yay! I`m Jade! I love Beck!

GotBeck: Love you, too...

RockRobster: I think Cat hacked Jade's account.

HappyCat: No shit. Just give me my mother fucfjfhvolsak

AndreHarris: What the hell?

ScissorLuv: Cat stopped me from typing that and gave me my phone back.

ToriVega: That was odd...

HappyCat: Jade was going to say something inappropriate!

ScissorLuv: Yup. I'm hungry.

ScissorLuv has logged off public chat 5:47 P.M.

GotBeck: Bye, babe...

HappyCat: Tori meet us at Nozu in 15. Beck, Jade said to tell you that she says bye.

ToriVega: See ya there!

ToriVega and HappyCat have logged off public chat 5:47 P.M.

AndreHarris: Wow. Beck, you're lucky.

GotBeck: No, I WAS lucky.

RockRobster: You were lucky?

GotBeck: Yeah. I WAS. But now Jade has no new underwear and I have wayyyyy too much homework. Can one of you explain the stupid math homework to me?

AndreHarris: I thought Jade was good at math.

GotBeck: Oh, she is. Just horrible at teaching it.

RockRobster: What`s so awful about her teaching?

GotBeck: She just... yells.

AndreHarris: Jade is always yelling.

GotBeck: That`s not true.

RockRobster: What doesn`t she yell about?

GotBeck: A lot of things. So can one of you guys come over and help me?

AndreHarris: Sure, see ya in 20.

GotBeck and AndreHarris have logged off public chat 5:56 P.M.

RockRobster: Now I`m alone.

Robbie Shapiro has closed public chat 5:57 P.M.