Beck's POV

Jade passed out in my lap. I shake her, trying to wake her up. She mutters, and gets up. She stormed outside, barley walking straight. She went out the back door, and she leaned into the bush, and puked.

"Oh, that's nasty!" Andre said.

"Ew!" Robbie yelled.

"Gross!" Trina yelled. Cat and Tori looked like they were going to puke after that.

"Shit." I muttered, and tried to walk to Jade. I hear Tori say something about her bushes, too.

I opened the door to be greeted by Jade puking again, and then sitting down. She sighed, and wiped her hands on her pants. She gave me a look. Part of it said "I'm sorry I just told everyone that I was almost pregnant that one time." Part of it said "Get away from me while I puke my guts up." So I just sat beside her and held her.

"I'm sorry about letting everyone know." She said. Jade was weird when she was drunk. She was nicer, and less angry. Sort of like everything was gone. And she could be the Jade only I saw.

The reason I never wanted anyone to know about Jade's scare, because I was an asshole. I walked out of that closet. Even if it was just for a second, I left her. Jade didn't hold it against me, but I did. I knew that if she had been pregnant and I walked out, that she would have been alone.

I rocked her, and she didn't puke again. We just sat. When she stood up, I gave her I hug, and we walked back into Tori's house.

"Are you OK?" Tori asks.

"I'M FINE." She yells. I rub, her back, and whisper for her to calm, and that Tori didn't mean anything. "I'm fine," She says again, "But do you have any gum?" She asks. Tori nods, and goes to her purse. She hands Jade some gum, and Jade pops it into her mouth.

Jade says there is nothing she hates more than a lot of things, so I can't tell when she is serious.

"I'm sorry I threw up in your bushes." She said to Tori and Trina. Jade apologizing? That was definitely coming from her drunk brain.

I remembered the first time we got drunk together.

-Beck's flashback-

It was the first weekend of summer vacation between 9th and 10th grades. Cat was throwing her birthday party, and of course Jade was helping her. I had just turned 15, but Jade, Robbie, and Andre were still 14. Cat knew everyone (No one was sure how) and some kids who were a couple year older than us brought a bunch of liquor.

I was worried about Cat, mostly, because she was so innocent, I didn't know what would happen to her if some guy tried to take advantage of her. Cat ended up not drinking, because she had to make sure no one got into her brothers room. Robbie was too scared to drink.

I was also worried about Jade, just because I loved her, so everything, even if it was only slightly risky, made me worry. Jade was getting pretty tipsy, and when we started to walk to Cat's couch from the kitchen, she tripped, and nearly fell on her face. I caught her before she could, and led her to the couch.

When we were sitting Jade kissed me really hard. I scared me at first, but I just kissed her back. With the music around us, and people everywhere, it was really public, but it felt like it was just us. Then Jade sat on my lap, and we moved into each other more. But after a few minutes, I was getting worried about where it was going, so I gently pushed her off of me.

"WHAT THE FUCK BECK?" She screamed. I didn't mean to make her angry, but I wasn't that drunk, and I didn't want her to think I was taking advantage of her.

"Jade. Calm down." I said, and wrapped my arms around her.

"Okaaaaayyyyyyy," She said, and passed out into my arms. "I love you." She murmured. That was the first time she had said that.

"I love you, too." I whispered to her.

I kissed her on the forehead, and carried her bridal style to Cat's bedroom, where I waited with her until the party ended.

Beck's POV

Jade and I sat back on the couch, and watched them play spin the bottle. They looked really stupid, and I was glad that Jade wouldn't let me play.

The weirdest relationship in our group of friends right now is definitely Tori and Andre. We don't really know what's up with them. They go out alone, and hang at each other's houses alone, and we all saw the guilty looks during Never Have I Ever.

Andre told me that they hooked up sometimes, but it was nothing serious. Jade said that Tori told Cat that she had feelings for Andre, but she didn't know what those feelings were. Andre tells me that he doesn't want a serious relationship, but then he always gets a bit... ticked off when Tori dates someone new. I think Tori gets upset when Andre dates someone, too, but she just hides it better. They are always very clear that they are not dating.

Jade is sitting so close to me that we are practically attached at the hip. Sometimes Jade and I just sit together, we don't talk, or look at each other, but knowing that the other one is there is enough. She kissed my neck, and I nuzzle into her.

Before we broke up at Tori's house, Jade basically moved into my RV. She slept there, ate at my house, everything. Her parents ignored her, and her brother is their little 'angel'. That is what I felt worst about… When she came to get her things. She looked so mad, but like it was a mask... for her sadness.

She came over one night… after my 'opposite date' with Tori. She said her and her father had gotten into a big fight and he had slapped her. Jade punched him in the stomach and left. So she came to my RV, saying she had nowhere else to go.

One thing led to another and… well, we did IT. But that time it was different. Usually it is really intense, but not kinky (that's creepy) and not lovey and sweet. But that night, it was soft, slow. It made me miss her so much. I don't think Jade told anyone about that night. I told Cat. Just because she had the right to know. And I needed someone to be there for Jade.

Jade got up to get us a soda, and Trina took Jade's place beside me.

"Beck, you have SUCH nice hair." She said, stroking it. I pushed her hand away.

"Uh… yeah. Thanks?" I said, confused. Jade noticed Trina. She walked over, and tapped her on her shoulder.

"MOVE." She yelled. Trina jumped up, and sat beside Robbie. Jade sat on my lap, and kissed my neck. She kissed up until she was at my lips.

"Hey. Guys, let's go into the Jacuzzi." Andre suggested. Everyone nodded, and went outside. We all stripped down to our underwear and got in.

Jade gave me a look, meaning 'if you so much as think about looking at other girls boobs, they will be finding your body for weeks'. I smiled and put my arms around her waist. I moved Jade's hair out of her face, and I kissed her cheek.

So everyone started to talk to each other, yelling and gossiping. Jade and Cat talk about some girl in their science class, and Trina and Tori argue about a boy they both like. Robbie and Andre are talking about their classes, and the hot girls in them. I just rub the base of Jade's neck.

When Jade gets into making out, and someone interrupts her she gets really pissed. That's why we went into the bathroom. That is why Jade started to yell at Tori about the pizza. And she was mad after, too. That is why she didn't think before she started to say to Cat 'I was sucking Becks d-' before I stopped her. She doesn't think before she talks. That is what I find most annoying about her. But I also love it.

After 20 minutes of talking to Cat, Jade turns to me, and kisses me. She murmurs how she loves me, and that she will never let me go. I hope it is true.

Tori, Trina, Cat, Andre and Robbie go back into the house, so it is just Jade and I in the hot tub. She moves so that she is sitting on my lap, and we kiss like we will never kiss again.

Andre's POV

We all watch Beck and Jade outside. They are so in love, and we all wish we could have that. Eventually we turn away, because we don't want Jade to notice us watching.

We play a bit of truth or dare. Every so often one of us will look at them. I noticed the scratches on Beck's back, probably from Jade's long black nails. Ever since they got back together they have been doing it like bunnies. But that wasn't strange. They did it a lot anyways…

"ANDRE." Tori says. "Truth or dare?" She asks. She is so cute when she… No. Don't think about her that way.

"I'll go with truth." I say.

"Have you ever accidentally touched someone butt?" Tori asks.

"Uh… Yeah… in 9th grade I accidentally touched… A girls butt when we were jogging in gym…" I say, a bit embarrassed. "Robbie," I say, "Truth or dare?"

Robbie thinks for a moment. "Dare."

"Ok. Run outside and belly flop into the Jacuzzi." I say, pointing outside.

Everyone turns to look at Beck and Jade making out. She is straddling him, and his hands are underneath the back of her bra strap. They break apart and say something to each other, then continue to kiss.

"I'm not going out there! They'll murder me!" Robbie yells. Then we all yell at him and call him a wimp.

"Nope, NEVER!" Robbie says. Then Cat smiles.

"Please Robbie? For me?" She asks. He mumbles…

"I will n-" He starts, and then trails off.

"You will?" She asks, and he nods.

Robbie sands up, and tip toes outside. He quietly opens the door (as if they would hear him, anyways), climbs up the side, and jumps in. Water splashes on Jade's back. She jumps a bit, and then slowly turns around.

"ROBBIE!" Jade yelled. She slapped his back, causing him to cough.

"Dude, get out of here!" Beck yells, and stands up, Jade sliding off of his lap. He puts Robbie in a throat lock, and drags him into the house.

"Stay the hell away from us." Jade yelled from behind Beck, sitting in the hot tub with her arms crossed in front of her.

Beck walked back to Jade, and he lifted her face to his, and gently kissed her.

"Thanks. Now Beck and Jade are going to take turns murdering me." Robbie says, and looks like he will cry, so Cat jumps up, and kisses his neck.

"Did that make it feel better?" Cat asks.

"Yeah. But my lips hurt, too." Robbie says.

"Oh, Robbie." She says, tapping his chest. We think Cat and Robbie would be adorable, but it really hasn't been going on. I mean, they kissed at the Cow wow. But Cat didn't even want to come tonight, because she was too nervous to see Robbie. She told Tori that she didn't mean to run away, it just happened… We don't know what to do with that girl.

Cat has broken Robbie's heart too many times to count. She is such a tease with him, but she can't stop. It is like she doesn't even know what she is doing to him. It is so sad to watch him suffer like that.

He walks, beaten down to the couch, rubbing his neck. I pat his back.

"Eh, you ok?" I ask, and he nods.

"Look at Beck and Jade." They were getting out of the hot tub, but now Beck is standing outside the hot tub, and Jade is sitting on the edge, her legs dangling on either side of Beck. He is kissing her neck, and her back is facing us.

Trina sighs in disgust. She has liked Beck since forever. But Beck just thinks she is an idiot and untalented. Which she is. Trina gets up and looks out the window, then 'accidentally' knocked on the door. Beck and Jade both look at her, and roll their eyes. Beck says something to her, and I think Jade starts to protest, but Beck says something else and she nods. They come back into the house.

No matter what some people say, they really are a nice looking couple. With Jades pale skin, and Becks dark skin, they make a really nice contrast. Beck swung his arm around her, and I realize how much I want to hold Tori like that.


Dude. Snap out of it.