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No noticed. If they had they could have stopped it from happening. Not even his dad noticed until it was too late. Stiles had started to drift from them, the pack. He had spoke less and less til he was completely silent. An still no one noticed. Stiles had been missing a week before someone noticed. Every one remembered the last time they had seen him and all of them regretted the words they had said. The pack showed up at the house the sheriff was sitting in one of the living room chairs several shattered bottles of alcohol surrounding him. The first thing Derek noticed was the smell of brimstone.

"he's gone." the sheriff said softly. "I knew she would come for him eventually."

"Who?" Scott said feeling fear that all the pack were starting to feel.

"Demon," Derek growled causing the sheriff to look up.

"Yes, demon." he said softly.

"Explain." Derek replied.

"My wife and I, we always wanted children but every time we tried we lost the child."

"But Stiles," Scott started.

"Shut up McCall." Jackson snapped.

"Stiles wasn't technically ours by birth. He looked like us but he wasn't of us." the sheriff said softly admitting this secret was painful. "We were desperate, and I should have told him and all of you from the beginning I was aware of werewolves and other supernatural and maybe Stiles would still be here."

"So Stiles is adopted." Jackson said softly.

"In a way yes. Marion and I were desperate for one of our own. An we'd known she lived near here for years. "

"Who is she?" Derek asked. "I don't remember my parents mentioning any demons living around here."

"They wouldn't have the supernatural around here like to keep their lives as private as possible. An her ex had put her off werewolves in general so she kept away from your family. I do know Peter was aware of her. " the sheriff replied. "We went and asked. She refused, finally after being refused too many times I did research on her."

"Stiles always talks about getting his mad research skills from you." Alison added softly.

"an he dose." The sheriff chuckled before his smile became slightly bitter. "I tricked her and bound her. Once Marion found out how I had got her to agree, she never forgave me but by the time she found out Stiles had been three years old. Or she would have never gone through with it."

"You bound a demon and didn't expect repercussions?"

"I expected them but by the time Stiles was born she was too tired and just wanted for me to remove the bind."the sheriff said.

"You stole him." Jackson said somewhat horrified as the others. "You forced her to give you a child and then when she couldn't defend herself you stole him from her."

"Technically yes." the sheriff said softly. "The bind actually drained her life force. She nearly died and Stiles would have died with her. Honestly I was surprised once she got her strength back she didn't come back and kill us to take him back. Since she never willingly said yes and I forced it on her. There was a reason Marion never forgave me. She yelled for hours how we stole her child, how we were worse then most monsters. I learned later Marion went out there and spoke to her, even offered to return Stiles." his face looked pained at that.

"He is our son but she was right we stole him from her, we forced her to give birth , she made a deal with Marion one she didn't tell me about til right before she passed. I never told Stiles, I never intended to. I knew once he was 18, she couldn't take him back. Couldn't force him to stay. I know how selfish I sound and I was amazed when she showed up she didn't kill me. Said she could feel his pain. She said she wouldn't take him that he had to come willingly that she had given Marion her word she wouldn't take Stiles away that her son had to come willingly."

"Stiles went to her." Derek said simply. "I thought he didn't know."

"He didn't know but he was aware something was off." the sheriff replied. "I found letters Marion had addressed to him that he had only recently opened, she explained everything to him, it explains the look of disgust I received when we got into a fight before he left."

"He went to her and most likely will stay. Especially if he feels unwanted or unloved by those he cares for most. Because now he knows that the one who gave him up wanted him all along and wants him even now." Jackson said his voice ruff and thick with an understanding he shouldn't have, the emotions of knowing that he would never know his own parents who gave him up. "We fucked up."

"What do we do?" Scott asked feeling completely hopeless.

"We get him back." Derek growled. "an we fix this."