6The LoversErica and Boyd

Reverse: Unreliabitly, seperation, frustration in love

In a way it was their own fault..they knew Stiles had been in that basement with them and yet they said nothing. They kept there mouths shut and even encouraged the others to continue to be mean to Stiles when they had thought Stiles had known about Scott's plan. It had been a brief discussion when Scott admitted he hadn't told anyone about it and while the others stopped ribbing Stiles about it no one had aplogized.

"Bugaboo." Boyd said the moment the creatue lumbered out of the trees into their sight. It looked like a bear and yet..something was wrong it was much more...creepy and Boyd felt Erica press against him and shiver. It had several eyes, was bald in many places and with sharp claws some twisted other's clearly having been broken several times and just grown over. It took a moment for them to realize it was missing a few eyes...some not completely gone..some rotting out of it's head other's just hanging there. It was more gruesome than he'd remembered.

"So I see you two didn't learn your lesson the first time." it's gravely voice spoke, maggots dropping from it's mouth showing off a few missed and rotting teeth as it grinned at them.

"First time?" Scott said still a bit shaken by what happened with Chris earlier..no one had seen the man and it was clearly stressing Peter out but the elder wolf wasn't going to stop.

"We ran into him when.." Erica tried to say. "When we.."

"Say it little girl..when you ran away from your pack." The Bugaboo said laughing it's voice a wheeze making Erica whimper as Boyd pulled her closer to him.

"A bugaboo?" Scott asked unable to not.

"Bugaboo..boogy man..I have many names..used to scare children into staying out of the woods..into being good.." It said with a rumble. "Though old stories paint me differently now..though there are some who still see me as I am. Still the one who teaches when others fail..and you two..so selfish and needy that everything you wanted was right there in front of you but you were too spoild to see it. So scared to be pulled apart."

"We made a mistake." Boyd said.

"Yes you did..and now you will be facing it.." It chuckled

"So you're our...our."

"Your fear to face..yes..come along..the sooner we do this..the sooner you go home."


"No?" the creature rumbled stepping forward.

Erica made a face but didn't back away. "we're not leaving without Stiles..or at least without saying sorry."

"And what little girl makes you think he wants to see you. To listen to your words of false truths and half lies."

"They aren't lies!" Erica yelled causing the creature to step forward again but she didn't back away just glared at him. "We messed up..we know that now..and it..it sucks just now figuring that out that we screwed up. We were selfish..we..we need a chance."

"We...needs to be I.." Boyd said holding Erica's hand and squeezing it tight when she looked at him surprised. "We were so focused on us..on not being separate people..that we forgot..forgot we were ourselves..that each of us had a connection to him."

The bugaboo got closer to them standing up on it's hind legs and leaning forward into their faces..but unlike the first time they met..the two didn't back away or cry. He let out a breath his foul stench flowing over them making them want to cringe and back away. However neither were willing to let it go..not this time.

"Well well looks like he was right..you can teach old dogs new tricks. " It laughed making them startle "Your hearts in the right place..it will take much to earn it..you will see yourself..each of your own mind.."

"We..I will." Erica said with a nod of her head.

"As will I." Boyd agreed

"Then I wish you luck on your journey." It said dropping back down to all fours and disappearing into the shadows of the trees.

Upright: Love, Harmony, Trust, Honor

Stiles could hear his mother muttering words under her breath as she worked on whatever was on the table. The knife making a slient yet loud thud every time she sliced through the herbs she was cutting and adding to the pot on the fire. He looked back at the book in his lap and resumed reading it..but it was hard knowing the other's were in the forest..and on their way here..well..all but his Dad and Allision who they had been infromed hadn't been allowed far into the woods. He knew his father wasn't really welcome there..but it had surprised him a bit when Allison had been removed from the group and taking back to his father.

"Love, Harmony, Trust, Honor." Talia said aloud after a moment making Stiles lift his head and watching her. She repeated it several more times as the large spoon in the pot started to slowly stir as his mother continued to cut and dice more herbs and veggies.

Soon a foul smell came from the pot.

"Ew what's that?" Stiles said trying not to gag

"Sorry dear. The monkey drool always makes it smell."

"Just don't expect me to lick the spoon." Stiles said making her chuckle.

"Not for eating love..it's..it's to line the outside of the cave." Talia said. "It will prevent anyone whose intentions are not true from entering here."