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Liz's POV

Being a famous person was not easy. It sure was fun, but it never was easy and it never will be. You have to stand in front of the paparazzi until they get a shot of you, you have to sign who ever asked you to sign something for them, and most important, you have to take pictures with your fans and you don't get to see them or ask them to retake it cause you look horrible in it. You have to go with it and let them post it where it goes all over the Internet. Sometimes, you just enjoy it when it's hard cause you feel like your fans are worth it. They support you and they're always there with you. That is how I basically feel, but I'm doing something I wanna do and be what my dreams are telling me to be.

I took the covers off of me where I was in my bed and made myself downstairs to make a cup of coffee and get ready to meet my co-stars in the movie I will be playing the lead with some other person called 'Falling For You' and it's basically about two people who fall for each other when they are both at a trip and you know, just drama and romance. It was my career and I had to be successful in it.

After drinking my coffee, I went upstairs and got ready to get to work.

Avan's POV

"Alright Zoey, I will babe don't worry." I tried to promise my girlfriend on the phone that I'd go and visit her after work.

I was starring in this movie called 'Falling For You' I was really excited I mean it wasn't my first time starring in a movie since I've been a famous actor for a long time now, but I just feel like this movie is a great romance movie out of all the ones I have stared in. Of course being famous wasn't easy, I mean autographs, pictures, paparazzi, crazy fans and all that but I was actually doing something I like. I have always wanted to become an actor ever since I was little, so I wouldn't wanna stop.

"Okay boo, will you be able to come back at 5?" Zoey asked through the phone. She was an actress too, but not that famous. She only worked in the TV show ringer but that didn't make her that famous so it's just working. She could be really annoying sometimes and she gets jealous when I hang out with some of my cast mates, thinking I like them. I like her anyways though. I don't know why I wished I didn't.

"I don't know, Zoey." I replied with a sigh and opened the door of my house to get to my car and head to work.

"Avaaaaaannn." She whined.

"Zoey! I'm freaking working! I don't know if I'll be there at 5 or not, now I'm driving so bye." I yelled and hung up as I continued to drive. That was what I meant by being annoying.

Just as I got there, some of the actors were already on set and they were all sitting at a table. I took a deep breath and started to walk over to the creator of the movie to say hi to him. It would be kind of awkward, I don't know most of the workers that work with me and it was new, just how I felt when I first go to a movie.

When I got there, there was a really pretty girl standing there. She was tall, perfect body, blue eyes, deep brown hair and small lips.

"Hello." I greeted as I shook Derek Wang's hand.

"Hi, Avan. Good thing you're here, this is Liz Gillies." He introduced me to her as I shook her hand and and she smiled, the most gorgeous smile I have ever seen.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you." I smiled

"It's nice to meet you, too." She smiled back.

"You guys will be playing a couple on the movie, so I suggest you guys go out later and maybe chat and know about each other." Derek suggested and I agreed.

Liz's POV

So Avan Jogia will be playing my boyfriend on this movie, how interesting. He was pretty hot and his hair just...oh my god! I just can't. He was really cute and now that Derek suggested we should go out and get to know each other more, it sounded great.

"Um, that will be good. Liz, wanna go out for dinner tonight?" Avan asked and agreed about what Derek suggested.

"Sure, we could at least know each other more than being awkward while filming." We laughed.

"Okay everybody!" Derek yelled and got us all to sit on the chairs in front of him. Avan sat next to me and the girl that plays my sister in the movie and is my best friend in real life, Ariana Grande sat next to me on my other side.

"So I will be calling out the characters names and I want you all to hang out around here, get to know each other and have fun!"

"I don't know most of them here." Avan laughed.

"Me, too." I laughed with him.

Ariana hit me on the elbow and I looked at her and saw her grin at me. "What Liz? Look at the hot guy playing your boyfriend, he might be single." Ariana whispered to me and I smiled. This guy was really cute, maybe he is single but come on, we're just co stars.

"Shut up."I whispered back.

"The lead, Emily and Andrew who meet and fall for each other and become a couple played by Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia." Derek announced and Avan and I smiled at each other.

"Emily's sister, Demi who is dating Andrew's best friend played by Ariana Grande. Andrew's best friend, Aaron who will be Demi's boyfriend." Derek continued.

The day went by fast and the work day was over so we were able to go home.

Before I could leave, Avan approached me.

"Hey." He smiled.

"Hi." I smiled back.

"So you wanna go now or you wanna go at 8?" He asked and I know that we were going to have dinner which was only 6 now.

"Um, I think we should go at 8. I need to get change my clothes." I replied.

"What you're wearing is great, but okay I'll pick you up from you house at 8?"

"Thanks, and I'll text you my address as soon as I get home." I replied.

"Alright, see you later." He smiled before leaving.


I started to make my way over to my car when Ariana came over to me.

"What?" I sighed.

"You guys going out?" She smirked. Seriously?! What is wrong with her? Avan and I are just going as friends and we're chatting.

"Ariana! We're just going as friends to get to know each other more, I don't want it to be awkward when I'm filming with him." I exclaimed.

"Okay okay! I'll see you later, bye." She replied and gave me a hug.

"Whatever, bye." I hugged her back and got in my car and started driving off to my house.

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