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"Max! Get your ass out of bed!" Jeb roared from downstairs. I groggily blinked awake and glanced at the clock. 6:30 a.m. "Maximum!" "Coming!" I called back, and scrambled out of bed. I glanced in the mirror as I passed it, wincing at what I saw. I saw a skinny, pale girl with empty brown eyes and a tangled mane of dirty blonde hair, with several bruises on her face.

I sighed to myself. Its been four years since my life went to hell, and my appearance has grown steadily worse. "Yes?" I asked quietly once I had trudged into the living room, still half asleep. "You have school today." He said, glaring at me. "I just wanted to reiterate what will happen if you tell ANYONE what goes on in this house. Are we clear?"

I nodded my head fast. He grunted and nodded once, meaning I could go. I sprinted back to my room and sighed again. Today was going to be a long day.

I quickly got dressed in my usual jeans, ratty t shirt, combat boots, and oversize hoodie. I yanked a brush through my hair. Then I had to put the concealer on my Jeb induced bruises so that noticed. Without that gunk, it would have taken me about ten minutes to get dressed. But instead it took me twenty.

I snatched my back pack from the corner and practically flew out of that house, eager to get away. I slowed to a walk about a block from my house, the cold air biting at my cheeks. If you haven't gathered by now, my name is Maximum Ride, and Im abused by my father, Jeb. (Honestly, if you didn't get that, you are hopelessly lost.)

No one knew about it, because I didn't have any friends. There was this one group of kids at school I thought I might have fit into, if I could risk it. But I cant. Theres one guy in that group, really dark, and I can feel that black gaze on me a lot. I don't know what his deal was, but I avoided him as much as possible.

I started to slow as I got closer to school. As hellish as my house is, school is a close second. Why you ask? Well, because it is home to the Red-Headed-Wonder. She's the resident slut here. Pretty much every guy in the school has slept with her, except one. That's right, Mr. Darkness. I sometimes notice her hovering next to him hopefully, and I have to suppress my laughter.

I was pulled from my reverie by the obnoxious clacking of high heels. Frowning, I looked down at Lissa, who had somehow materialized in front of me. Yes, even in 4 inch heels, she is still shorter than me, because I am 5'9. Pretty good for a 14 year old.

"Hey, freak." She snarled. "Hey, whore." I replied without missing a beat. Her prissy face blanked for a minute, but she recovered quickly. "Aw, Maxie. Your just jealous because you cant get laid." She said with a sneer. "Lissa, im 14. Theres no point in getting laid yet." I responded, then pushed past her towards my locker. She stuck out a foot, tripping me. I crash against the lockers, managing to not land on the floor. I winced as some of my bruises screamed in protest.

Ignoring Lissas snickers, I got what I needed from my locker and slammed it shut. My day had barely started and it was already crap.

As I walked towards homeroom, I felt the familiar dark stare on my back.

"Max Ride?" I raised my hand, and the teacher continued down the roll call. I yanked down my sleeve, which had ridden up to expose my bruises. No one could find out.

Im sure you don't want to hear about my boring school day, so lets just say I sat alone at lunch, as usual, and that's it. At the end of the day, I slowly dragged myself home. I didn't want to go back. I didn't want to go back.

Even as I thought this, I arrived at Hell. I gulped, put my shoulders back, and forced myself into the house. I glanced around warily, and didn't see anything, so I went for the stairs. In seconds, I was on the floor holding my cheek.

"You know better than to try to avoid me." Jeb hissed at me. I slowly nodded, trying to avoid being beat especially badly. Jeb roared and kicked me nard in the stomach. I fell onto my back, all of my air gone. Apparently I would not be getting an easy beating tonight.

Jeb grabbed a bat from a corner of the room. I curled into a protective ball, trying to protect myself as he brought it down on me over and over. I could feel the bruises forming already. With each hit, he ground out another insult. "Stupid. Worthless. Ugly. Bitch. Slut." Etc. etc.

After an excruciating hour, he tossed the bat away. I thought it was over. Until he smashed his bottle down on my leg. I almost cried out, but managed to bite it back at the last moment. I waited until Jeb fell asleep on the couch before trying to move.

The pain spiked, and I froze. I kept trying. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started moving towards the stairs. It took me forever, but I eventually got to my bed without screaming in pain. I collapsed onto my bed, a few stray tears streaking my cheeks.

The worst part of this wasn't the pain. I was used to the pain. The worst part was the words he had called me. How all of them were true.

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