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Hey guys I know I have another story (well 2) that haven't been updated in a while but I will get on it. But anyways me and my manz are making this story together and well we hope you guys like it.


Alice's POV

As I was setting my bags down the living room floor, my sister walked in follow by our cousins. The four blondes come in carrying a few bags with their desired purchases. Since, the day I've told them that I was having trouble with my visions, Rosalie, my sister has been more moody more so than usual. Anyone could sense that from a mile away she was unhappy.

As we all settle in, Carlisle appeared in with Esme, Eleazar and Carmen behind them.

"Children; Esme, Eleazar , Carmen and I have decided it is time for us to move. The people here are getting suspicious of our ages. It's been 6 years, so we think it's time for us to move, any suggestions?" Carlisle asked.

"Forks, I have a feeling there is a lot in store for us there. Also, I had a vision Jasper would find his mate, although I did not get a clear look at her." I said and watched each one of my family members' reactions. Tanya, Emmett, Edward, Irina, and the parents were very happy with this. Jasper was so surprised with the news, shock evident on his face. Rosalie, his twin was not happy. I could see she was livid and I was a little scared of what she would say.

Rosalie's POV

I cannot believe they all want to move back to Forks where those mutts live. Oh, on top of that Jasper gets to find his mate, this is such bullshit. Everyone is looking at me for my response. I glare at all of them and said...

"Do what you want, just know if this all backfires it's all on you Alice." I sneer at my pixie like sister, who flinches slightly then smiles a 1000 watt smile at me. I roll my eyes and turn to look at my twin. Who seemed to still recovering from the news.

"And congrats you finally get a mate Jas." I say in a jealous tone and I know he can feel the anger and jealousy coming off in waves from me, so he excuses himself and runs in the direction of the forest. Esme looks sad as he leaves. Carlisle turns to me and says-

"Rose, we know you do not like the wolves but you must put that aside for your family, ok?"

"Whatever." With that I run to room and look out of my window at the clear blue sky and think. Tanya has Emmett my best friend, jasper is getting his mate, when the fuck will I get the person I can call mine? I asked. Silence was the answer I got. I sighed and kept looking at the darkening sky.