Not my first fanfic, but my first fully published one on here. Will interlock with a story I intend to publish later on here. This story occurs during Shao Kahn's invasion into Earthrealm during MK3/End of MK9. Please R&R if you can! I love feedback after all...


"Wow," I said to myself, "and I thought things couldn't get any worse..."

I had taken a trip to New York City in order to relieve the stress from some of the work I'd been doing. Having purchased myself a specialty suit of bulletproof armor from a notable Canadian inventor, I had been fitting it with some simple cybernetic augments so the suit wouldn't be as heavy. Despite my intentions of this being a holiday from work, I had brought the freshly-painted armor with me in case of any trouble, and considering what I was seeing right now, that was a good idea.

As I was about to put my helmet on, I saw several US Army soldiers running away from something. Chuckling at their apparent misfortune, I stopped laughing after seeing what they were running from: a massive, fifty to sixty foot tall monster. Its footsteps were heavy enough to make the ground underneath my feet rumble as I watched it walk past, my jaw wide open. Staring through the damaged glass window as the beast turned the corner to go down another street, I put on my helmet, cocked my pistols, and readied the suit's other weapons.

"Pressurized propane flamethrower? Check. Wrist blade? Check. Magnetically holstered pistols? Check. Ability to fight well in hand-to-hand..." I paused, doing a quick pep-up dance that looked like a clunky version of the Gangnam Style dance, "...not so much."

Grabbing a Beretta 92 with extended magazine holstered to my right hip, I ran across the street, finding myself on a bridge as a burning car flew by ten feet away, smashing through the front of a first-story flower shop. What I saw slightly befuddled me.

A large, four-armed, tiger-like creature was taking a very badly burned person with him through a portal. Watching stood a woman clothed in a pinkish-purple outfit I could only describe as some sort of bizarre swimsuit from the latest Miami fashion show. Knowing that I had to do something to prevent this beast from taking a gravely injured man to his death, I ran out towards the pair of unusual beings, firing a couple of rounds into the air.

"Yo, Cat-man-du! Looking for a new playmate? Well here he is!"

The woman, who I now realized was accompanying this creature, turned and looked at me with sharp reptilian eyes before speaking to her partner.

"Take the former Black Dragon back to Shang Tsung. I will deal with this Earthrealmer myself!"

The cat-beast nodded to her before passing through the portal with the dying man in his arms as the woman stepped towards me, brandishing a pair of sharp dagger-like weapons with blade guards as she twirled around, laughing.

"Let us dance!"

I smiled at her, though she couldn't see it under my helmet. "Sure thing, sweetheart."

The woman dashed towards me, weapons pointed point-first at me. I aimed my gun and fired a round at her forehead, but she disappeared in a glowing purple aura before reappearing in front of and above me as she kicked my head. I was glad that this suit provided some protection, otherwise that kick would've hurt like several hundred needles sticking into my face. As she landed, I moved forward with a shoulder block, knocking her down to the ground with myself on top of her. As she attempted to stab me with her weapons, I merely pounded on her wrist with my armored fist, forcing her to let go of them before I tossed them away. Staring into her searingly barbed yellow eyes, I smiled behind my helmet, intending to get an answer.

"Well," I began, "it seems I'm on top of this fight at the moment. How about we play a quick game of twenty questions?"

She appeared to give a smile from underneath her mask. "A game? I love games! Here is one you probably have not heard of: LUNCHTIME!"

Pulling a hand to her mask, she ripped it off, revealing a massive pair of razor-sharp chompers that any dentist would pay a fortune to have resting on their desk. With surprising force for a woman, she pushed me off of her before rushing at me, leaping onto me, and trying to bite through the fabric covering my right shoulder. I yelled in pain as some of the longer teeth she had penetrated the basic kevlar, stabbing my shoulder. "Great," I thought, "Now I'll have to get tetanus shots after I finish this fight."

The woman eventually got off of me as I stood there, some of my shoulder fabric turning red from the blood. She spoke in a seductively sympathetic voice to me before giggling. "Did it hurt?"

I raised my right arm, ignorant of the burning sensation in my shoulder as the morphine styrette built into the suit began its job of relieving the pain. Firing another round at her, I immediately pointed my pistol at where she had teleported to last time, only to get hit from behind. The blow knocked me on top of the gun I had been holding, and a round went through it, bouncing off of my helmet and leaving a noticeable scar. Getting back up, I turned around and looked at her, now re-veiled after munching on me.

Giving me a swift kick to the chest, she pinned me down to the ground with her heel, her foot and the weight of my armor preventing me from getting up. Looking down at me, she purred with an inquisitive question I didn't really understand.

"What do you know of Raiden and the Earthrealm warriors? Where are they?"

Unsure of what she was talking about, I responded as bluntly as I possibly could. "Lady, I don't have a clue what you're going on about. I've never heard of a guy named Raiden, or of these 'Earthrealm warriors.' I'm just a guy who decided to try and help someone in need, only to get attacked and nearly killed by a smoking hot babe. This is NOT what I was looking forward to on vacation!"

The woman paused, staring at me before crouching down and again ripping off her mask, revealing her massive maw and needle-like teeth. "Am I still pretty now?"

In my head, an orchestra was playing the theme from 'Jaws' so loud I could barely concentrate. However, I could still put up an emotionless facade and give her an answer.

"Personally, I think your face is so-so."

She raised an eyebrow before kicking my guns off the bridge and letting me up. "What do you mean by 'so-so?'"

I felt comfortable enough to ease this into a conversation. "Well, if you're thinking I'm saying you're so-so because of the big teeth, you'd be wrong. It's more the nose." I raised an armored finger and pointed at her nose. "It's just a bit too angular to fit with your body and teeth. You're not ugly or anything like that. It just doesn't want to fit together that well." Pausing a brief moment as I let my words sink in, I decided to add one last comment in. "But then again, with a toned and curvy body like yours, I could easily forget about the nose."

If I didn't know better, I'd day I saw a bit of red form on her cheeks. "You... you are the first person from Earthrealm to not call me ugly."

I froze before raising a finger. "I know!" Reaching up to my head, I took my helmet off, revealing my own face that was not exactly blemish-free itself. Small scars revealed themselves on my forehead and right cheek, scars from troubles in my past. It's a good thing I'd made friends with Parsek back in the day, otherwise there would've been even more of them. Eying her over with my blue eyes, almost entirely turned steel grey from wear and tear, I grinned. "Ugly? No. You're definitely an A+ in my book."

She and I stared at each other for what felt like hours before she bent over and picked up her mask, motioning to me with her hand. "Follow me if you want to survive this conflict."

Thinking to myself, I nodded and began to walk towards her when she motioned to me to put on my helmet. "You are to follow my lead. Do so, or I will not be able to guarantee your safety."

Doing as she said, I put my helmet on. "Just call me Trojan for now."

Her eyes twinkled. "And just call me mistress, cyborg."

Reaching a hand up to the side of my helmet, I activated the voice changer. "Yes, mistress."