With a flash of bright light blinding me due to my visor not being tinted, I staggered back, raising my arm to shield me from the powerful glow. When the light receded, I lowered my arm to reveal an unusual sight.

A man stood before us, wearing what resembled a white karate outfit and a blue vest, complete with gilded shoulder plates and gleaming white eyes. However, the most bizarre part of his attire was his bamboo hat. I sincerely struggled to not laugh at how ridiculous he looked as the man turned, looking at me.

"You! You do not belong here!"

His voice was booming, something I didn't expect from someone who looked so ridiculous.

"What the heck are you going on about, dude?"

I crossed my arms at the weird man as he looked at me, a clearly frustrated look on his face.

"My visions... My recollections. You were in none of them!"

Before I could respond, Mileena interrupted.

"And what dare gives you the right to intrude into my realm, Raiden? Do not think that you have the right to enter my domain merely because my boyfriend is from Earthrealm, thunder god.'


"So let me get this straight... You're Raiden?" The man nodded, with a now-emotionless face. "Where were you when I needed you back in Earthrealm? I didn't see you saving me back when Mileena and I first met and she beat the heck out of me..."

With a look that appeared indifferent to my plight, the so-called 'thunder god' responded. "I had more critical things to focus on, such as the protection of Earthrealm's chosen warriors and the defeat of Shao Kahn. With him gone, Earthrealm is safe once more."

I sarcastically nodded. "Yeah, of course it is... Not like we still have terrorist organizations killing people, imbecilic nutjobs as heads of state, and mental cases running around on the streets. No siree..."

Ignoring me, Raiden pointed a finger as he continued. "You will come with me back to Earthrealm. With you here, the remaining future victories that have been preordained for Earthrealm may not occur."

"And we are supposed to believe that your mad visions mean anything, protector of Earthrealm? You were responsible for the deaths of almost all of the Earthrealm warriors." Mileena did not seem impressed with Raiden's reasoning, and neither did I.

Growing more agitated at myself and my girlfriend, the 'thunder god' had a quick eye change to red before they returned to their original color. "If you refuse to come with me willingly, Markus, I will have no choice but to return you to Earthrealm by force." Stepping into a fighting stance, the crazed being began to radiate lightning, still a suicidal move considering those who surrounded him.

"I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, since you don't get the picture anymore, 'thunder god.' I am perfectly happy here, without your intervention. I have a good life, good girlfriend, and a good existence, and I will rot in the darkest depths of hell before I ever give up what I quite literally have fought to gain!"

Saying nothing, a ball of electricity formed in Raiden's hands. As the other Outworld warriors rushed to attack him, he threw the sphere of energy into the air. When it hit the ceiling of the throne room, the globe of electrical energy shattered, sending lightning bolts melting at every single kombatant, including myself and Mileena. Wanting to protect her from harm, I lept in front of the lightning meant for her... And immediately felt myself go unconscious.


I watched Raiden's attack on my warriors as the magic of my throne rose up to defend me from any attacks. Unknowing that I had protection, though, Markus jumped in front of a bolt that was aimed straight towards me. With a flash of energy, he fell limply to the ground, occasionally spasming from the remaining energy in his body.

Raiden had killed my boyfriend. In my own domain, no less! How dare he do such a thing! God or not, he would suffer for his crime.

Standing from my throne, I summoned my sais to my hands, their purple essence sliding out from underneath my sleeves as I lept towards the thunder god. His soul would be mine.

Dodging a strike from his summoned lightning staff, I stabbed a sai into his chest, which he pulled out and threw away. With a quick combination of moves, I rolled under him, teleport kicked him from both sides, and lept on him, tearing off my veil as my mouth shifted to that of my Tarkatan side, munching on the flesh of Raiden's neck and shoulder as I stabbed him several more times before getting off.

As I did so, Raiden grabbed my arm and shocked me before teleporting behind me and hitting me in the spine, then hotels porting back and hitting me in the skull with a chop. Both times I heard painful cracks as my bones gave a bit under the stress. With myself having suffered some critical interior wounds, I fell to the ground, struggling to get up. I would not let him take my Teddy!

As I tried to take a step towards Raiden, already tugging my boyfriend towards the portal to Earthrealm, he stopped and fired a ball of electricity at me, knocking my body back down to the ground. With myself incapacitated, I could only watch as the most important thing in my life was stolen by the 'protector of Earthrealm.'


I awoke to a familiar sight: my workshop, back home... Did I dream this entire world up?

Evidently not, as the remains of Cyrax and Sektor's weapons were still on my arms, underneath a burned white kimono. I facepalmed, having left my armored suit back in Mileena's room.

Turning towards my other prototypes which I had abandoned, I shed my kimono and put on a long-sleeved shirt that had been impregnated with nanites to increase the durability and strength of it. As I did so, another shock was heard as Raiden reappeared.

Still infuriated at the 'protector of Earthrealm' having taken me away from the only thing that had made me happy long-term in my entire life, I ran towards him, but stopped as he threw a ball of lightning at my feet. "How dare you! And you have the audacity to call yourself a god? I call you pathetic!"

He turned away from me. "It is for your own good that you remain here in Earthrealm. I need new warriors to defend our realm from the invasion of Shinnok, considering the deaths of the warriors predestined to stop him."

I crossed my arms at this clearly imbecilic being. "Uh, hello? Is there a brain inside that head? In case you forgot, my girlfriend pretty much runs Outworld now that Shao Kahn's gone. Did you ever think that maybe I'd be able to have their support if any so-called 'invasions' occur? I am the only one Mileena listens to in a loving manner, anyways..."

"Outworld will merely return to their treacherous state. If Quan Chi succeeds where I saw him succeed in my visions, no amount of favor with Mileena will save you and any friends you have in Earthrealm from utter annihilation!"

Looking over, I spotted one of my spare pistols, a slightly rusted Colt .45. Quickly grabbing it, I fired a shot through the top of Raiden's hat before aiming it at his head.

"Stay away from me. Stay away from my stuff, my land, and my friends. And most importantly, stay away from Mileena! If I ever, and I mean EVER, see you again after today, I swear to God that I will blast your head off your body, chop your remains up, and feed them to the vultures! I don't want to run into you for the rest of my now-miserable existence! DO YOU HEAR ME!?"

Without a trace of emotion, Raiden nodded as the bullet hole in his hat disappeared, he himself vanishing in a small torrent of lightning. Firmly putting the gun down on the table, I sat down on the floor, motionless for a few minutes before I did something I regret to this day.

I cried.

Pulling my knees to my face, tears began to run down my cheeks as I bemoaned my very existence. I had finally found my place in existence, only to have it ripped away from my grasp. I had so many things I had never expected before: a girlfriend, fame and glory, someone who cared about me that wasn't a direct family member... and then Raiden stole it. The malicious entity intentionally ruined my own happiness just to satisfy some pathetic portion of his own agenda. If I ever saw him again, I would swear that the resulting battle would leave him dead. Or worse, me dead. Life sincerely didn't feel like it was worth living anymore, and I reached for the gun again, considering whether or not I should end it all and be done with this foolishness.

Fortunately, my choice was made for me, as I heard someone outside. Stepping into my workshop was a man a good six and a half feet tall, wearing a sweaty karate outfit with a black belt on it. Also around his waist was a belt that had the scabbard for a katana on it, the blade itself currently held in his hand. It was Parsek...

"I was coming over when I heard a loud noise coming from the garage. I stopped and came in here, only to find you and your old Colt. What's wrong, man? You can tell me."

Wiping the tears from my eyes, my body suddenly assumed a rigid composure as I slid the gun across the smooth concrete floor, a small dent in the ground causing it to slide up onto a bottom shelf. "Nothing. I do however need some help with my next piece of technology..."

"Well, what are you working on now, Markus?"

I smiled, a someone devious grin on my face as a plan to defy Raiden formulated inside my head. "Oh, nothing much... Tell me, how much do you know about making rifts in space-time?"

His face turned to that of utter shock as he saw my facial expression. "You're kidding... You want to make a..."

"That's right. We're going to construct ourselves a portal."

Thanks for reading my first fic on here! Was going to complete it on Christmas, but I came down with an ear infection and some pretty bad allergies, so sadly I couldn't do it. Really appreciate your feedback, and I'm looking forward to making more fanfics as 2013 comes our way.