It was a dark, cold night. The kind of night that kept everyone
inside, even those who preferred darkness. The chills of the wind were
continuous, and the heavy amount of clouds barely allowed the moon to
show any light. This was the case for the Surface World. Skyworld, on
the other hand, was of a brighter color. Being above the clouds, the
moon could be seen in all it's glory, but the cutting winds were only
more powerful at the higher altitude. Every light in Skyworld had been
turned off, as it was 10:00 PM at night. The only lit building was on
a small island secluded from the rest of Skyworld. It's great distance
from the rest of the town was far enough that hardly anyone stopped
by. The perfect place for a secret meeting.

Beyond the dim lantern hanging by the doorway, and the thick stone
walls of the building resting on the island, was a small desk. Two
individuals sat on each side, going over various pictures.

"Hm, very good..." one of the figures said. He went over the photos,
each one showing great legendary warriors, and tossed them onto the
desk, one by one.

"This one's gone... this one's gone... he's gone..." the figure
counted. Each time he announced someone was "gone", he would toss
another picture on the desk. After going through each photo, he put
the large stack of pictures down in front of him. He looked up at the
taller figure on the other side of the desk.

"Well done. All of your targets have been properly disposed of." he
congratulated. He handed the taller figure a stack of money.

The taller figure took the payment and looked up. "Who shall I go after next?"

"Well..." the other first speaker began, "There are only a few victims
left. Here's your next target." he slid a picture of a young angel
across the desk. The tall figure stared at it.

"This is..."

"Pit, captain of Palutena's guard, or whatever."

"...This is my next target?"

"Well, yeah. Why else do you think we're in Skyworld?"

"I... I thought angels couldn't be killed..."

"They can't be killed for good. They can get revived after a while,
but we need him off the chart. I'm offering a high payment if he is
properly assasinated."

"Very well."

"So... you'll do it?"

"Consider it done."

The two figures stood up and shook hands. "It's been a pleasure doing
business with ya'." the first speaker said with a grin. "I hope this
last mission won't be too difficult for you."

The taller person turned to walk out the door. As he left the room, he
spoke to his partner.

"I am an assasin. I never fail, and this 'Pit' will not escape."

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