"The brat really shouldn't be wandering the streets at night."

"He commands an army, dolt. It's what he's supposed to do."

Several figures were crowded around a table, going over various
profiles. They had been discussing Pit, an angel hailing from
Skyworld, for some time, as one of their assasins had just been
dropped off there.

"Seriously though, does he give a darn about his own safety? It makes
our jobs so easy. It's not even funny."

"You seem to be forgetting that this is Skyworld's top warrior, Metal.
There's no telling what he might have in store for us. It is for that
reason that he needs to be killed quickly. Our client wanted the job
done fast."

"So how powerful to you figure he is?"

"Well for starters, he killed Hades."

Gasps were heard around the table.

"You're kidding! How did we never hear about this?"

"Affairs of the gods have never been a matter worthy of our
discussion, but yes, this 'Pit' is EXTREMELY powerful."

The figures fell silent. They remained like this for several minutes,
not a sound to be heard within the tiny hut in which the table had
been positioned in.

If this angel was as powerful as the profiles had read, would they
even stand a chance?

Even if they did, why did he need to be killed?

The boy was most definately dangerous, but what acts had he commited
that made their client so eager to have him dead?

"...Who did we send in to obliterate the victim?" an older figure asked.

The one that had been going over the profiles grinned.

"Only the best. A highly trained ninja hailing from the Yotogi Clan.
He's silent, he's quick, he's got a wide arsenal of weapons, but most
of all, he can have Pit dead within a matter of hours."

The figure stood up.

"My friends, we have sent in the Nightstalker. He is preparing to
assassinate the angel as we speak."


Pit yawned as he walked back from the centurion training grounds.
Today had been a fine day, he figured. The centurions had done well in
training, nothing seemed off in Skyworld, and nothing too bad had

...Well, okay, he did accidently break a window in archery practice...
and he also tripped while running up the steps to Palutena's Temple,
resulting in a bruise to the side of his face, he and Dark Pit got
into a fight concerning popcorn, he tried to help Palutena cook
dinner, in which he failed miserably, a centurion strongarm broke one
of the benches in the training grounds by simply taking a seat, and
Viridi had come for a visit (which, according to Pit, is never an
enjoyable experience).

Now that he thought about it, the day actually stunk. Well, at least
he managed to keep a chirpy attitude.

The building in which he stayed in came into view. His tired eyes
happily took notice of the building's door. He needed to get some
rest. He yawned as he made his way through the doors. The building was
actually a branch off of the temple, so that Palutena's top angels
would stay near their goddess. It didn't seem like any other angels
had gotten back yet, but that didn't bother him. He walked through a
large empty room containing a few couches and a TV, making his way
towards a staircase. He began to ascend up the first few steps,
nothing to be heard but his own footsteps...

...Well, at least for the first few moments.

Pit suddenly stopped. He already figured that he was the only one
there, but why was he hearing footsteps behind him?

He turned around. Nobody was there.

"...Pittoo? You here?"


"...Okay..." Pit mumbled to himself, continuing up the stairs.

It was strange though, that whenever he took a step, he would hear a
lighter step behind him. When he turned around, however, there was
nothing to be seen.

Pit gulped, slightly nervous. This was an unnerving experience. He
climbed up the rest of the stairs and made it to his room.

His room was rather simple, having no more than a bunk bed and a
bookshelf, along with both a Palutena Bow and a Silver Bow mounted on
one of the walls. He and Pittoo kept those there because, well, it was
always good to be prepared.

The angel yawned and hopped up onto the top bunk. He sat there for a
minute, deciding if he should head straight off to sleep or read a
comic book first. He decided on the latter, and hopped back down to
the floor.

Pit walked over to the bookshelf and began looking over his collection.

Searching for a comic book amongst his massive stockpile of junk he
had for a bookshelf turned out to be harder than he imagined. He
couldn't see any sort of reading material amongst the tangled weapons,
half-eaten donut, an old basketball net, a Light vs. Dark jersey, a
collectible Hatsune Miku figurine, and just about every other thing
you could imagine.

Pit sighed and turned away from the pile of junk, giving up on his
search. He figured he should just head to bed then, as he had nothing
better to do. He yawned and turned back to the bunks.

It was then that something caught his eye.

A small silver object had been set (or thrown) onto the top bunk. It was of a
rectangular shape, and a small red light was blipping on and off in a
continual pattern.

Now, Pit might not be the brightest angel, but it didn't take a lot of
brains to tell that he was looking at some type of bomb.

...And it was going off.

Pit jumped back and blindly reached for his Palutena Bow. A loud boom
sounded as a powerful, hot blast rocked Pit out of the room and
through the wall. He managed to grip onto a bow, and prepared for a
rough landing.

The explosion hit him hard enough that the angel was flung to the
other side of Skyworld.

"L-Lady Palutena!" Pit shouted in desperation as he soared through the
night sky. He began to descend. Pit shut his eyes tight as he prepared
for a long fall.

Luckily for him, he managed to land on one of Skyworld's outermost
islands. He gritted his teeth as he took in the impact, violently
slamming onto the island.

"Oww..." he groaned. "L...Lady Palutena... can't you here me?"

He was always able to speak to Palutena no matter where he was, but
why wasn't she answering. It was then that horrible realization struck
him: His laurel crown was gone.

Well, no communicating with his goddess, then. Hopefully that
explosion attracted enough attention. He held up his bow, and grumbled
upon seeing that he had grabbed Dark Pit's Silver Bow. Darn it, he
always hated the Silver Bow. He prepared for any kind of conflict and
began running across a bridge to another island, so he could make it
back to his small apartment and find out just what the heck was going

His feet trotted across the bridge, the wood lightly creaking under
his weight and the bridge shaking as he ran across. It was then that
he noticed a dark figure on the other side of the bridge. Pit squinted
his eyes to get a better look. The figure was completely covered in
what appeared to be a black ninja outfit. He was also wearing a black
ninja mask, with a black hood hanging low over his head. A long white,
glowing scarf hung around his neck and dangled in the wind about five
feet behind the figure. He was holding a long katana, and some sort of
rope hung at his side. What really made Pit stop, though, were his
eyes. They were red, and glowing, peering through the eye slit in the
mask and piercing the darkness of the approaching light.

Pit knew just by looking at him that he was dangerous, and fired an
arrow at the newcomer. The figure just stood there as it flew forward.
His scarf suddenly moved on it's own, and raised up into the air. The
light-made arrow sunk into the scarf, and disappeared.

"Hey, that's cheating!" Pit shouted angrily, rushing forward to take
the guy head-on. The figure didn't even blink, and raised his katana
silently over the ropes suspending the bridge in the air. This made
Pit stop. He knew that if he were to take another step, this new enemy
would cut the ropes currently holding his life. He was at the figure's

...And Pit hated the idea of that.

"Good little angel..." the figure said calmly. "Now please don't fight
back, and let me finish my job." he pulled out a kunai and aimed it at
the angel's head.

"Whoa, wait! You're just gonna kill me if I move or stay put? What am
I supposed to do?" Pit asked uneasily.

The figure looked at him calmly, the piercing red eyes stabbing his vision.

"You're supposed to die."

Pit blinked. "Wha... why? Did I offend you or something?"

"I'm getting payed."

"Uh... by who?" Pit asked. He was admittedly stalling, but at least it
was working so far.

"Classified information." the assassin replied.

"Oh... what does classified mean?"

"It means that it can't be told to anyone but- wait, why am I telling
you- UGH! Just shut up and die!"

"Whoa, hold up! Um, I'm Pit! What's your name?"

"...Your stalling."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am no-"

"WILL YOU STOP THAT?" his attacker shouted angrily, alerting every
nearby centurion.

Pit smiled. "You just gave yourself away, buddy."

The figure sighed. "I'm not leaving until I finish my job." As he
turned to leave, he whipped his katana over the ropes, cutting them
and causing the bridge to fall. Pit screamed as he clawed at the air,
and began a dark descent.

The figure smirked. "...Nice to meet you, Pit. I am the Nightstalker."

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