This idea just happened one day and this came out. Might be a part of a bigger story, I still don't know yet ;)

Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling (and her editors, maybe).

I have always been a big dreamer. Dreaming of doing things that defy law of physics and live the greatest adventure of my life. Being surrounded by loyal and faithful companions, chasing villains and living in a grand castle.

I have been well served. I am a witch and have been performing science miracles since my earliest days. I did live in a castle for seven years and have chased pretend villains for as much time. But for now, life is trying to fulfil one of my last wishes: A great adventure… but without accomplishing the most important part of our contract. It didn't give me loyal friends.

In times like this, living in a war, which no one could tell when was going to end, the tiniest seed of hope, the slightest glimmer of faith was the only thing we have. Union is supposed to be strength. But how can we trust when we don't know who to trust? Once the seed has been planted, no one, nothing could get rid of it. The doubt can and will grow, little by little, like the plague. We can only watch. We can only endure. We can only pray for it to come to an end.

My name is Lily Evans and I have lost faith. May Merlin bless us before we all fall.

Short, isn't it? Well, the main idea was to guess what Lily could have been thinking at the end of her sixth year, with Voldemort running around and her best mate betraying her~ Hope you enjoyed it~