Hello, and happy Friday the 13th! Welcome to Chapter 11 of my Jasonette story.

Movie News: An origin story has been confirmed for the newest Friday the 13th story. Both of Jason's parents are supposed to play a role, though it's unknown what that will be as of yet. Jason's father has never been touched on except in deleted endings and comics.

Proposed date is still in January of 2017. That is subject to change depending on the movie's progress.


Jason towered in the wake of another bloodbath. The dark pentacles of his mask glowered at the car speeding off in a cloud of dust.

The one human he had wanted to kill more than any other had escaped. With two more unnamed intruders who had vanished as quickly as they had come. Unlike other Crystal Lake survivors, they had left him standing. It was a fatal mistake on their part. This meant that he could pursue them and seek the most torturous punishment possible.

His foot crunched inches from a flash of color on the dark earth. His gaze descended upon what looked like a girl's hair accessory. The giant stooped down and held it between his fingers. Jason's good eye narrowed to a slit. He had an inkling that this had been worn by the girl who had slipped away: the one who had left him in a state of degradation. And to add fuel to the fire was the likeness of his hockey mask as part of the barrette.

What was this thing? Why had she been sporting the look of something that held great importance to him? Was she mocking him?

He crushed the item in his fury. For some odd reason, he did not toss it into the black, instead inserting it deep in his pocket.

Jason proceeded down the road in the direction the three had headed. He stayed at the side, following the fresh tire tracks in the dirt. After that, he went by pure senses alone.

After a steady length of time, a town drew closer and closer to him. The dirt road changed to pavement and weaved its way through buildings that had been standing for years, never having lost their rustic charm. A few cars were parked here and there at the sides of the road. None of them was the car he sought.

Jason stopped and tilted his head in demented recognition. He had never needed to travel to his hometown before. Looking for this girl had changed his priorities.

A dark cloud of doom descended on the town upon Jason's arrival. Jason would find this Diana, even if he had to slice through all the flesh in Crystal Lake.

Tyler pulled the car into the driveway of his house and turned off the ignition. Henry broke the stillness with the most pending question.

"Are you hurt?"

The young woman neither cried, nor screamed, or even trembled as a matter of fact. No clues pointed to what lay beneath.

"I'm fine," she said in a flat tone.

"Are you sure?"

Diana nodded slowly and left the car with the same pace. Tyler led Diana upstairs to the guest room that she had occupied. Henry was close behind.

"I'm sure you need to recover for awhile. Go ahead and get some rest."

Maybe at a more opportune time, Henry could get her to open up. Tyler lingered in the doorway.

"Let me know if you need anything."

Diana murmured okay.

She absentmindedly removed her remaining barrette and let it fall to the bed. Tyler raised his brow. He shook his head and stepped into the hallway.

"Tyler, I'm...so sorry that I dragged you into this."

These words came across as a surprise. Diana was rarely apologetic to her fellow human, especially to someone who had just entered her life.

"It's okay, Diana. It's not your fault. Even you couldn't have known..."

Instead of finishing, he released a heavy sigh and disappeared down the stairs. Henry remained for a bit.

"Everything's okay now, right?" Henry gave it his all to sustain hopefulness. "Jason has never gone after the other survivors."

"Maybe not," Diana flopped down on the bed. "He could though. He doesn't need a reason."

"Well, if things become bad, I'll be here to help. I'm sure Lorne will too."

Lorne. Diana had forgotten about the guy trying to "court" her. She doubted he could do anything, including gaining her affections.

Her eyes shifted to the ceiling.

"I need some time alone. To think."

Henry obliged to his friend's wish and started for the door. He could only imagine what she was about to relive as soon as he shut it behind him.

The following day, Tyler let Diana sleep in as long as she pleased. He would intermittently hear movement from her room. No vocalizations, just thumps.

It was midday when the news shocked the household. Diana had yet to come down the stairs. Henry had left for the time being, but was more than willing to come back over if his friend needed him. Tyler sat down on the couch next to Chris.

"So I take it you're not in the mood to work on our project," Chris said.

"Not yet. I just feel responsible for all this. I'm the one that told her about that fan tour."

His guilt just poured from his persona.

"I know," Chris said in a way that was unconvincing. "What can you do about it now? It's over."

A breaking newscast took over the TV screen as if on cue. The female voice was full of urgency intermingled with stark fear. Tyler and Chris turned their heads to the screen. The background behind the reporter showed the old fashioned buildings of Crystal Lake.

"Today showcases the terror striking this poor town that many thought would never come to them."

The eyes of the two friends widened synchronously.

There was a long pause as the reporter took a deep breath, attempting to settle her nerves. Each distinct word that followed made heavy pits grow in their stomachs.

"Jason Voorhees has paid a blood soaked visit to his hometown. Why after all this time, we don't know."

Tyler knew. That reason was coming up behind him now. Diana intensely studied the news screen like its answer was the meaning of life. Or death. Her slender arms were crossed over her chest. Anybody else would be greatly distressed by this report of a massacre. A massacre committed by the king of such carnage.

"Turn this off," Chris finally chimed in.

"You think turning it off is going to make him go away?"

Diana had to speak the logic with such brutality. The news reporter carried on.

"We advise everyone to stay inside and lock your doors. An evacuation of the town is possible. The police have sought help from the authorities in Carpenter. This very well could turn into a FBI situation."

Chris switched off the channel and turned to Diana. He showed a scathing glare.

"You know this is your fault, right?"

"Chris, stop it. Let's not be quick to judge..." Tyler was cut off.

Chris typically sided with his friend. Not this time.

"You and I both know that Jason followed you on your way back. If you hadn't had to go get Diana, this never would have happened. Pretty soon, he will be knocking down our door."

His accusation returned to Diana.

"Is this what you want? Is it?"

He struck a nerve below Diana's calm outer shell.

"Of course not."

"Yeah, you don't know what you want. Maybe he'll give you an autograph. And then kill you."

Tyler and he bantered back and forth in a heated exchange of words.

Diana left them, retreating out the front door and slamming it behind her. Maybe there was a dark pit where she could hide and just forget the rest of the world. She could only hope there was an escape.

The walls of the farmhouse were layered in thick blood and human tissue. Jason threw the last victim on a coffee table, shattering the fragile wood. He surveyed the living room briefly. The only thing left alive was the fury that Diana had not been here.

Jason normally had no real reason to rampage through the homes of the small town. Most stayed clear away from the camp, and that was good enough. But the desire to destroy the trespassing girl, the one who thought she knew him, encompassed every part of his bitter mind. As such, nobody was safe.

He took a giant step over one of the slain family members; a young woman who at first glance had resembled Diana. She had the same cascading, golden brown hair. Maybe that was why a brutal death for her and those around her had been plausible. Blood from Jason's evil hands dripped into her open mouth of terror.

Jason burst through a side door and continued his quest for vengeance. Currently, he was on the outskirts of the doomed town. Several steps later, quaint, little homes and businesses edged closer in his field of vision. All was still for this time of night, except for the occasional passers-by.

He halted in his tracks. A young male was hurrying into the Crystal Lake police station. Someone that he recognized instantly.

Jason's work was far from done.

Another night fell upon Tyler's house. He and Chris were engrossed in another video game. Upstairs, Diana was sitting on the bed, staring imploringly into something only she could see.

You belong to me, my snow white queen. There's nowhere to run so let's just get it over…

The song from her favorite group, Evanescence, flowed throughout the room. The melody played as a background to the refuge of her mind.

Her only movement was her finger on the remote for the fish tank. The beautiful, multi-colored aquarium was on a table across from her, snuggled in with her various Jason paraphernalia, and next to a Jason Takes Manhattan poster that she had hung upon the wall.

Soon, by now you'll see… You're just like me. Don't scream anymore, my love. Because all I want is you.

Diana's heart interpreted the lyrics as bearing a similarity to her interest in Jason. She would not play the screaming victim. Instead, she yearned to be the beloved during the horror that was Jason's wrath.

Why am I hanging on to a dream that won't come true, she thought.

She pressed the button, the tank light turning off. Then on. Off, then on. Her intense face was bathed in the neon glow every time she flicked the remote to ON. That and the necklace that she refused to remove, even after what the monster had done to her fellow fans. Diana still could not let her treasure go.

All I want is you… All I want is you…

Outside, Jason stood at the end of a path winding to the front door. He looked up to a window on the second floor. A colorful light was flickering on the other side.

That music… The killer was a brick wall to its message. It only served to confirm his suspicions of human activity.

Closer and closer, he stepped. Jason walked along the edge of the yard until the back door was in view. He placed his massive hand on the door knob and turned it ever so slowly.

A sliver of pale moonlight… The tone of excitement in the voices… Their hunter was ready to end them. They all were enemies to Jason's fractured soul.