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Much time has passed since I've last been here. Let's just say that I was going through months of darkness with no inspiration to do any kind of writing. Most of it has to do with tough times on other sites, not so much on this one. There is finally hope within me that if I'm meant to be doing this, then it will happen somehow. Maybe my fan stories have some purpose to them and are not meant to compete with any others.

It is only fair to mention my Vengeance for the Innocent story for those that are interested. I intend to start another volume still if this is what readers want. There has been a lot of analysis of earlier chapters, and to be honest, it's been so long since I wrote those chapters that I don't remember all my reasoning back then. I was still learning of course and wasn't as perfect as I would have liked. And I know I've included so many scenes, both cute and violent, so continuity may be hard if I have to recollect every single one. The major plot points will be continued though.

The Friday the 13th movies didn't always follow through with continuity either, but we still love them. :)

If you ever want to have specific Jason and Dawn moments mentioned in the second volume, then I can do that. :D

Now, back to Jason vs. Diana

Jason rules!


The shadow of Jason filled the dismal kitchen. He crossed to the other side and towered in the doorway, taking in the human endeavor before him. Two young males were fixated on something insignificant playing across their screen. Once in awhile, one of them would comment on the game they were playing in rising tones of anger or joy. They were so carefree, so moronic, so susceptible to the mark of death. Jason crept across the remaining space between him and this idiotic pair. Now only a breath away, he readied his blade to drive through the supple flesh.

An inner voice beckoned Tyler to turn attention away from the game. He saw Diana, who had emerged from her room and was standing at the top of the stairs. The girl was statuesque, completely enveloped in a trance, unable to break eye contact with the danger lurking nearby. Tyler's blood ran cold in his veins. He followed her gaze to the masked giant behind him and Chris.

"Oh fuckā€¦"

Tyler bolted from the couch and left his friend behind to suffer the wrath of the evil presence. Jason struck Chris at the back of the head, which easily left him crumpled on the floor. As he had done before ending so many lives, he studied the setting for a handy item to use. Creativity was not Jason's objective, though he still accomplished this time and time again. Jason laid his hellish stare upon the device Chris had been utilizing for his entertainment.

This was new... The fact that it was a game controller did not register in Jason's understanding of the world. All that mattered was if it had the capability to destroy a human soul if handled with the most sinister intentions.

Jason Voorhees grasped it and repeatedly brought down the controller. Each heavy blow was followed by the sickening crack of the boy's skull. The blood, mixed with bone fragments and brain matter, flowed thick onto the undead fingers of the psychopathic killer. This unique murder implement was as effective as a sledgehammer when wielded by someone with Jason's power.

Chris gave a few last minute twitches, barely hanging onto the thread of life. Jason was not okay with this. Only he could cheat death, nobody else.

Jason grabbed him and hurled the brain damaged teen at the television. The TV toppled backward, exploding in a mass of electrifying currents. Chris's body was set aflame and scorched like a human inferno. Jason watched the fire lap at his melting flesh. It was so eerily beautiful.

He headed for the staircase and made his ascent. The dead Chris's comrade had disappeared, probably curled up in a hiding place somewhere. Jason showed little concern over his whereabouts. The Diana girl served as his prime target. Anybody else were just worthless bystanders, and he would readily dispatch of any that hindered his quest to seek Diana.

Jason started down the hall, attune to movement behind a door to his immediate left. He entered the room for a short time to find that the activity originated from an orange bundle hiding in a corner. A teeny meow drifted upwards from the figure. This whisper of life was Tyler's cat. Jason could have snuffed it out if he wanted to, but he was drawn to a stronger force on the other side of the wall. The animal zipped under the bed as the formidable man pulled the machete out of its sheath.

Henry pushed through the doors of the Crystal Lake police station. He stopped at the front desk. The whole place was a ruckus since Death had come to their town. Usually, the station only needed a couple of officers to deal with everyday scenarios. In this most detrimental case, the police force from Carpenter came to offer their aid. Alarmed voices spoke over telephones and to each other, all blending into one soundtrack.

"Excuse me," Henry addressed the nearest cop. "I'm here to report a few murders."

The officer, Sgt. Maxwell, peered down at the teen.

"What is it? As you can see, the town's in a panic. I'm sure you know about our situation."

Not really, I don't watch the news as often as I should. Not since I brought Diana back.

Henry swallowed a lump in his throat. He felt the waves of stark terror from each person there, and they gave him goosebumps.

"I know something you may want to hear. You see... I was just at the old camp and..."

This piqued the policeman's interest.

"What do you mean you were at the camp? What were you doing there?"

A young female officer, looking to be Diana's age, came over to join them. Her badge read Lucy Harley.

"What's going on? You know we're busy at the moment. A copycat killer has come to our town."

Henry's heart froze in his chest. An imposter? Are you sure? Diana would beg to differ.

Maxwell echoed this same skepticism.

"The media has reported that it's the real Jason Voorhees."

"And you believe this? They always exaggerate to get attention. There is no 'real' Jason," Lucy countered.

Henry piped up before this clash of opinions got too far.

"Yeah, well... This very same...monster, Jason or not, has just slaughtered a group of people on a visit there. I helped rescue the only survivor."

He provided a summary about Diana and the fan tour massacre. The officers listened intently the longer Henry went on.

"A tour?" Maxwell said, raising his brow. "No tour is licensed to go in that area. What idiot planned this?"

An idiot by the name of Isaac Richards.

Henry opened his mouth to reply, but Maxwell hastily interrupted him.

"Never mind. We'll worry about that later."

Officer Lucy bustled over to the sheriff's desk. He was on the phone, engaged in an argument with the FBI on the other end. They were exchanging heated views on how to defeat the deranged murderer in their midst. After finally hanging up, he turned his eyes to Lucy.

"What?" he said bluntly.

"Sheriff, you may want to hear this," Lucy spoke.

Diana could have kicked herself for running blindly into her room. That was something that clueless teens did which only resulted in them getting trapped. She had pushed the dresser to act as a barricade against the door. Backing away, she kept a determined stare upon it, waiting for Jason to crash through at any moment.

"Come on," Diana spoke to the presence of the murderer. "I know you're out there."

Nothing. She huffed and pressed against her Jason Takes Manhattan poster that Tyler had let her put up.

Where are you, Jason?

His machete struck from behind in response to her question. The wall was punctured as easily as if it were made of paper. When the weapon's steel tip emerged at the other side, it had come through in the same spot it had been depicted on the poster. Ripples of hot pain shot through Diana's shoulder to indicate where it had finally made contact. Diana slid down the wall with her blood dripping from the poster's tear and marking her slow descent.

The door and dresser exploded simultaneously as the power of Jason Voorhees entered the room. Splinters of wood blasted from the wrecked barricade and swirled in the air on both sides of Jason. His view, without haste, centered on the girl he had attacked, who sat in a rather pitiful position by the wall. Despite the stab wound he had inflicted upon her, Diana was too stubborn to scream. She gritted her teeth and took on the pain.

If I have to die, it won't be crying or begging. I won't be one of those teenagers who humiliates herself at your feet.

Jason only needed a few hurried steps to reach her. Latching onto Diana's throat, he lifted her, slowly crushing her windpipe with both hands. There was no rush for him. He savored every bit of the distress growing in her hazel eyes. This was what she got for thinking she knew him. Nobody was meant to unearth what lay beneath his glare. Well, maybe the late Pamela Voorhees had accomplished this, but what made this new girl so special? No victim could ever match up to the importance of Jason's mother.

Diana grabbed a replica knife from its display stand. to She raised it just above his mask.

"I'm sorry, Jason," she choked out for reasons unknown.

These words of remorse hinted at Diana's undying compassion for the man child. No pleasure was derived in attacking him. However, she still had to defend herself.

Diana jabbed the blade into one of Jason's eye holes. She twisted it deeper and deeper until his eye was rendered useless. Jason emitted a low grunt, dropping Diana and reaching for the embedded knife.

She quickly got to her feet, ready to bolt for the doorway. Even with temporary blindness in his only functioning eye, Jason sensed her life force and stepped over to block this route of escape. The giant pulled the knife out as dark, gooey blood dripped from the socket. Fuming with rage, he threw the weapon back at Diana. She instinctively ducked and jumped out of the way just in time.

Jason tightened his grip on the machete and stormed towards Diana. Her blood still trailed along the blade's length.

Diana took off across the room with Jason in close pursuit. There was only one choice, and Diana embraced it, whether it was out of foolishness or bravery. She intentionally crashed through the window at the other side. Voorhees crossed over to the ledge to see the girl's still body on the ground below. Shards of glass had showered down upon her resting place.

Jason knew she wasn't dead. It would take more than that to rid himself of her. He turned and headed for the stairs. Diana didn't move for several moments, groaning from the impact. Her eyes reverted upwards at the window to see Jason was gone.

Move. Now.

She had to recover for the killer didn't need long to move from one place to another. The throbbing in her shoulder intensified because of the fall. Crimson blood made a puddle beneath Diana. The damage done to her needed attending to, if she ever survived long enough.

2 men, both from opposite worlds, appeared on the scene at practically the same time. The one known as Jason Voorhees materialized closest to Diana. The rage, growing stronger by the second, erupted beneath the mask of the maniac. He was pondering the most grisly death possible for her.

"Leave her alone!"

Jason turned towards the voice. It was Tyler, the human he had assumed had taken off into the darkness. No, he was right here. Tyler DeLynn presented a gun that had been acquired from his father's cabinet.

He pulled the trigger and fired two shots that cracked the still air of the night. They left ineffective markings in the broad chest of Jason. If the rounds had lodged anywhere within him, there was no painful reaction. Jason had been riddled with bullet holes so many times throughout his killing years, and never had they slowed him down.

"Tyler, run!" Diana shouted.

Jason was furious that this obstinate young man was trying to deny him of his prey. Why couldn't he stay out of it? If he just left Diana to him, there was a chance he could have lived.

He charged forward with the action of a bulldozer before swiping the gun from Tyler and throwing it aside. Jason wrapped his vice hands around the human's neck, akin to what he had done to Diana just moments earlier. Only this time, there was no reason to savor any of it. He just wanted Tyler out of the way. The thick fingers sank further and further down into Tyler's carotid artery. With each pulse of the vessel, more blood sprayed out onto Jason's ragged form.

Everyone around her was dropping like flies, and yet Diana was still breathing. She had to witness it all. Guilt was steadily rising to the surface. She crawled away amid Tyler's death throes. Diana heard him fall to the ground with a thump. That deafening silence cloaked them all. His glassy eyed stare scolded Diana for not seizing this chance to run for freedom. Further down, her cousin's remains were ravaged and gore drenched, similar to a fierce wolf taking hold of him in its jaws and tearing him apart.

There was some twisted sense that left her unable to look away. What had motivated Tyler to sacrifice himself for her? Perhaps people like him cared more than she realized. But if that resulted in their deaths, then what was the point? Now, it was just her and Jason. And it was unmistakable who was dominating this showdown.

The girl struggled to stand, her knees buckling. Jason jerked in her direction and sent her tumbling back down with a mighty fist. It knocked the wind out of Diana's lungs even if he had only used a fraction of his strength. He latched onto her before she could move again and started to drag her through the pitch darkness. As a reflex, she kicked frantically at the earth, stirring up dirt and debris. Internally, she was fuming at herself. After everything that's happened, this is all that's left to do?

Diana didn't have to question long on where he was taking her. Jason had a homing instinct to his beloved Camp Crystal Lake. There would never be a preferred place for him to do what he did best. The death of Diana on his own turf would bring more satisfaction than if he simply finished her off here. It would be far more personal...

The only vocals from Diana were weary moans, not much else. No use in talking to him for he would not reciprocate. All the plans of what she wanted to say to this notorious killer were swiftly dashed away. The fantasies her fan girl mind had conjured up about him kidnapping her seemed so ridiculous now.

Before long, he must have gotten irritated over her flailing movements of resistance. Dragging any human only fit if they had already passed on. Jason scooped up her battered body and slung her over his shoulder. The weakened look on Diana's face was fixed downwards from this lofty height. She must have been at least 6 and 1/2 feet off the ground.

The coldness from Jason's grip rushed through her body and rattled her spine. The young woman couldn't bring herself to move anymore. An unusual sense of security coincided with this icy sensation. At least nobody else would mess with her now. No more condemnation, no more vulgar labels being attached to her. This titular character would set her free from all that.

Jason carried her along an isolated route past the town and in the direction of the woods he called home. He was not so willing to meet other potential victims at this time, already having been slowed down more than he would have liked. The lives Jason had eviscerated were enough for the town to remember who he was and to respect the legend associated with his name. Maybe then would these people learn to leave him alone and not to intrude upon the camp.

Diana rested against him in a crushing defeat. There was a sign she managed to glimpse before her vision faded: Camp Crystal Lake.

All the harm that had been delivered to her finally took its toll. Diana was a walking battleground of affliction.

Only momentarily did she retreat to the confines of her mind, wondering if all this obsession was worth it. Jason apparently didn't give a damn so far.

Finally, she allowed herself to pass out.

I must confess that I haven't thought much of what will happen beyond this chapter. I'll try and come up with something soon. Hopefully, it meets your standards. If I made any mistakes, let me know. I try to remember as much as possible.

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